A trip on the train with mum turns horny.

It was a saturday morning and me and my mum was heading up to scotland via train to meet up with some distance relatives. We was getting a train and had this booked for a few weeks. Boarding the train i couldnt help looking at mum whos 51 and still in good shape. Carry her bags on board i let her go infront of me to look for our seats. I didnt mind walking from bedhind as she was wearing tight deniem jeans with a white tight top showing off her big 34dd tits, and a navy cardigan. I loved it when she wore these tops as not just me looks most mean as its quite a low cut top.

We finally found our seat which we was lucky as it was a quite carraige. A f****y sitting at the other end and a few men dotted about who looked like they were going for business. As the train left we was talking for the first 15 minutes but after that mum got her book out and i got my mens mags out. They wasnt pornos they were your 'fhm' type magazines.

Flicking through the papers i was getting horny looking at the pictures and reading the stories.

'what you looking at son' mum said
'oh just one of my magazines'
'nearly every page someone has the boobs out' she whispered

i flicked through the papers saying it wasnt all that bad but she wasnt wrong.

'lets look' she said
'ok' i replied.

Flicking through the mag together mum was studying each perfect body and commenting and then heard her say,

'my boobs are not that bad for my age, i could pose in here' looking down at her breast laughing.
'dont be so silly, you old bag' i replied laughing and thinking i would love to see them in magazines.

Just as we was pulling up to the next stop mum took of her cardign. what a site her tight top pushing against her boobs reveling her lovely clevage.

'is this seat 32a' and guy had said
'oh sorry im in your seat' i replied to this guy.
'no problem'

me and mum had been seating oppoiste each other whilst 2 seats were spare. now this guy had got on i sat next to mum with the guys opposite from us.

'whats the purpose of your travels today' this guy had said to us.

And then we had got into convostation with this guy whos name was tony was 54 and heading up to scotland for weekend away by himself away from his wife.

Getting into a 3 way chat i could help noticed tony looking at mums boobs, he couldnt of made it more ovbious. Mum was getting all giggly chatting to him aswell. So i thought to myself ill sit back and ready the rest of my magazine and let them talk about boring old peoples stuff.

'tony, what do you think of these mens mags then' mum had said to him
'well i read them they have everything a guy needs'
'and whats that' mum replied
'well a sports section, stories, the lot really'
'oh so the topless women dont make you get it' mum said laughing
'course it doesnt' he replied being cheeky'
'in that case im not going to lie, thats the only reason i buy it' making the pair of them laugh.

'david thinks i wouldnt be able to pose in there' mum said to tony.
'well why not?'
'because shes old tony, and saggy' i teased.
mum laughed 'no i am not thank you'
'you in good shape for you age' tony winked.
'ah thank you' mum replied blushing
'but saying that i wouldnt no, lots of push up bras out there' tony cheekly said
'well mine isnt' she replied
'i bet they hit the floor' i said knowing full well they dont as i have peeked on her and seen them before.

mum laughed and said 'i bet you all the money in your pocket they dont'

just then tony sat up and put his hand in his pocket and said 'i have a fiver' laughing.

He was quite clever in his little flirty come backs. making mum laugh and blush. No im sitting feeling my dick starting to grow as were talking about mums boobs.

'ill prove it to you then' we had heard mum say
'really' tony replied in shock
'you wouldnt' i said.

mum was looking around and said 'well theres no one behind us and they infront cannot hear or see us' i couldnt take her for real was she thinking this? was she getting horny of the fact were in a public place?

'well if you want' tony replied winking at me.
'oh no i cant' mum said biting her lip.
'but i want to prove you wrong so bad' she said
'oh my oh my, i cannot believe im going to do this.

Just then mum sat up right and lifted her top above her breast to reveal her black bra. her tits looked even bigger, squashed together.

'oh my,' she said looking round ' you ready'

and just then she pulled her bra down and showed her big juciy tits.
within seconds she put them back in her bra and pulled her top down smiling like a little k**.

'i cant believe i done that ' she said going red.
'nor can we' i replied
'but you still cannot tell as the wire in your bra could be holding them up.
'what so i have to take my bra off'
'yes' we bother replied.
'oh christ, thats so risky, can i get in trouble for this'
'not if your caught' tony said smiling.
'oh what the heck' ill be quick about it.

mum seemed really up for this. Just then she pulled her top up again and this time reached around and un clipped her bra talking it fully off chucking it on the floor.

'oh my god' she said with a big grin on her face.

But again straight away pulled her top down.
'see they are firm'
'yes they are lovely indeed' tony said

mum was now seating the with no bra on and you could see her nipple arection poking through her top. she bent over and put her bra in her bag.

'wow they really are nice' tony said
'i must agree' i replied
'but the best way to see is when you lay back and they hold well on your chest'
'i havent heard that one' mum replied 'you just want to see them again you devils'
'yeah your right' we both said looking at each other smiling
'oh what the heck'

mum sat up right peeked over and could see no one had a clue in what was going on and slid her bum down the seat, knees touch tony's and pull her top up again and had her beautful big white tits out on show.

'this fills nice and airy on my chest' mum said
'i bet it does'

i couldnt believe it mum sat back and just left her tits on show.
'i cant take this' tony said rubbing his eyes
'whats wrong tony' mum said smirking
'what do you think?'
'im sat on a train and have this huge sexy tits in my face'
'your not the only one' i said laughing
'are you turned on' mum said looking at tony
'fuck yes' he replied
'have a fill' mum said looking down and her boobs.

I couldnt believe this mum was seating there with her tits out asking a stranger to now touch them. I dont think he realised i was her son maybe thought i was just another passenger. Tony just froze but then all of a sudden said 'well you asked me to' and lent forward and cupped her large soft tits.

'oh wow you have to have a fell' tony said looking at me

Shit i thought to my self what do i say, mum looked at me, it felt like we had being staring for ages as i so badly wanted to but didnt no if she would have any of it.

'go for it' i then heard mum say

i didnt need to be told twice and sat up and cupped her right tit.

'oh yeah there great' i said feeling akward.

I had now had a ragging hard on and i bet tony did too. I coouldnt believe we was stilling fondlin her tits whislt she layed there. Tony sat up and peeped over the seats and still no one was aware of what was going on.

'what the heck' tony said leaning in and going straight for the suck on her left tit. Mums mouth just opened wide with a huge smile i dont think she expecpted that.

'ooooohh that nices' she said
'you like that' tony replied looking up at her.

Just then i looked up and said stop as one of the connecting doors opened and a women was waiting to come through our carriage. Everyone jumped and re arranged them selfs. Yet mum still sat there bra less and nipples bursting through her top. The lady looked to be looking for the toilet.

I could believe my eyes when mum had whispered to tony 'im so horny' and reached her hand down to her tits and begun rubbing them. We just said there stunned and that she knew full well she was turning us on but was just being a massive tease. Then all of a sudden she undun her zipper on her jeans and button in which we saw the top of her red underwear.

She begain to rub her hand round the waste band putting one finger down it and the bringing it up. Being such a tease. she then adjusted her self position so her jeans wasnt so tight and started to finger her self. I now moved and sat next to tony just in pure shock. We were both so horny just staring. I peeked round this women was still standing there. Hurry up and go away i was thinking.

And then i turned round and she had gone. mum had noticed this and teased us even more by now pulling her jeans down alitte bit to show her hand in her red patterned knickers.

'jesus christ' tony said

she was 100% fingering her self in public on a train. She then pulled her knickers to the side and showed us her bad soaking wet fanny. She had to fingers massaging her wet pussy.

'may i' tony said
'your married' mum replied
'not today i aint' he said smiling
'go for it'

Just then tony put his hands out and put 1 finger straight in her pussy.

'oh fuck yes' mum moaned

Tony begain to finger her pussy whilst she held her knickers to the side. Tony kept peeping his head over making sure that no 1 could see. Then tony tooks his 2 fingers out and moved back on the seat to bend over and put his head between her legs and started licking her wet bald pussy.

'oh wow' mum moaned
'you like that' tony said looking up.

I couldnt take it anymore i begain to rub my cock through my jeans, mum had looked over and noticed. She just smiled and carried on enjoying what tony was doing to her. beacuse of that reaction i thought to my self sod it, i undone the button on my jeans and un zipped my flys. I then pulled my hard cock out and begain to wank myself off.

'woah, thats big' mum said

I just smiled, tony looked up and over at me and said 'jesus k**do thats a biggen'.

'thanks' i said slowly wanking myself off.

Tony then sat back whilst mum was still sitting there with her top pulled up showing her tits and her jeans slightly down. She let go of her knickers and you could see how wet she was. Tony started moving about he was getting his cock out too.

'go on let me see' mum said
'you will' he replied un buttoning hiself

Then tony had pulled his uncut cock through his trousers, it was the biggest maybe about 6" hard, which he certianly was. He started to wank his cock staring at mum.

'bl**dy hell, im going to cum soon' tony said
'can i have a stroke before you do' mum said

mum leant over and grabbed tonys cock and started tugging away at his hard cock. 'mmmm thats nice' she said mum carried on wanking tony of only going slowly as she could see he was going to cum shortly.

'he fills left out' tony said looking at me.

I didnt no what to say or do he didnt no she was my mum. I couldnt say now. I went along with it hoping mum would too.

'ok let me pull my jeans up'

Mum then let go of tonys hard cock and adjusted her self incase we had to stop doing this incase someone came. She had also pulled her top down and covered her tits up too. She then stuck both hands out and started wanking us both off.
I was within seconds on bursting my load.

'oh wow ive never wanked to dicks together' mum said smiling at us both studing our cocks. She begun to wank us of faster i was there just before i could say anything as i was enjoying it to much i started cumming, mum jumped back laughing in shock,

'oh wow no warning' she said looking at the cum round her hand
'sorry i couldnt help it'
'im nearly there aswell' ill warn you' tony said smiling

But just then mum had stopped wanking tony off, I was hoping that wasnt it, but it wasnt she moved down inbewtween tonys legs and held his cock again, she was going to give him a blow job. She kneed on the floor 'oh yes please do' tony said. And just then mum went straight for it and started sucking his cock. I was looking over with my cock still out looking at her head go up and down and she was sucking tonys dick. She was rubbing her tits whuilst sucking him off. What a slut i was think.

'oh yeah, yeah ' tony said quietly
she looked up at him and said are you ready,
'so close'
'where do you want to cum' she replied
'were do u like it'
'well i dont want to get to messy' she replied

Just then she sat back up looked over at the other people further down the train and pulled her jeans and red knickers down to her ankles,

'in me' she said rubbing her went cunt.

'oh wow' i said

Just then tony sat on the edge of his seat slowly wanking,

'can i' he said nodding his head at her pussy.
'sure, put it in me' she whisper back.

Then tony learned over and stuck his dick straight in her went bald pussy. It was quite a awkard position as the area wasnt big but tony had stuck his dick in her pussy. He must of pumped about 4 or 5 times and bought his dick out of her pussy, let it hang on top of her wet cunt and we all watched his cum coming dripping out of his cock onto her pussy flaps. It seemed never ending,

'wow thats alot' mum said smilling

' i needed that' he replied
mum sat the with cum all over her pussy. She just pulled her knickers and jeans up, she didnt even wipe it of she must of wanted it to be rubbing against her pussy.

'that was great' tony said
'thank you' she replied

We all put our bits away and looked respectful again when tony said 'my stop is coming up so ill say goodbye now. He wrote his number down for mum and also got 5 pounds out and gave it to her,

'that was for the bet to see if you tits were saggy or nor' he said smiling walking off the train.

'cheeky bugger'

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6 months ago
super story.
1 year ago
can't understand the other comments ? who wrote this, a dyslexic ten year old virgin ? i can excuse the odd spelling error seein g as it was probably typed one handed while jerking off, but the grammar, the spelling, the general pure shite standard of the whole story, fucking awful.
2 years ago
Wow, that was a fucking great stoty......
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
awesome should do a follow on with the son fucking his mum
2 years ago
please do more stories about her with strangers!! they are amazing
3 years ago
Amazing story you should do more like this!!!
3 years ago
That is really good story, I especially loved the bit about her pussy being filled and ocvered in cum and her just pulling her knickers up to keep all that lovely cum in her pussy and covering her pussy and soaking in to her knickers, I love doing that too so much