Mum in the hotel sauna

It was the middle of july and we had been invited to an old friend of mums wedding. She hadnt seen this friend for over 5 years. I was quite surpised to find i had been invited to the wedding as i hardly knew this lady.

The week before dad hit mum with the story he had to work and couldnt get out of it. I just thought he couldnt be bothered like me but i couldnt let mum down now, as i was going to the day after dad did. The wedding was far away on a sunday afternoon as we had already pre booked in a hotel. Found a nice cheap hotel which had a spa factility in it aswell, so we was going to go saturday morning to relax and head home sunday after the wedding.

The night before the saturday we was going to leave i was packing my bag dreading the boring weekend ahead of me. Mum came knocking on my door
'joe dont forgot your swimming wear as we can make use of the hotel pool',
'i wont, are you taking yours?' i replied
'yeah might aswell'

So saturday morning came round and after 3 boring hours in the car we had finally made it to this hotel, which i must admit it looked rather crap from the outside. More of a large mansion type bed and breakfast.

We had just got out of the car without our bags to go to the reciption when this guy in his late 50's with a mustache greeted us and welcomed us to his f****y run hotel. We got chatting and he eventually handed us our keys to our room. i had a different room to her, but was next door.

The reciptionist simon was very helpful offered to take in our bags whilst we went and got a drink. So we did excatly that.

'please fell free to use the hotel sauna and swimming pool' simon called in.

'thank you very much,' mum replied

'oh i do apollogise that the ladies changing room area is out of bounds due to a burst pipe' so you may wont to change in your room, ever so sorry' simon said to mum.

'oh ok thank you'

'doesnt seem that busy this place does it' i said to mum
'no rather quite indeed'
'right im going to get ready and ill meet you at the pool in 30 mins'

So off i went to my room quickly got undressed as i had the room to myself i jumped staight on the bed for a wank. Butt naked i started stroking picturing mums lovely big tits and that i saw down her top on the way up to the hotel, seeing her red patterned bra. Didnt take me long to cum, never does!

Id taken a little bag down to the mens changing room and walked in there to see and guy in a pair of y front pants getting un changed.

'hello' this guy said
'hi, hows things'
'very well thank you' he repiled back

He looked early 60s looked like he was on his own. All off a sudden there was a knock at the changing room door, it was an open changing room with a bench in the middle with a couple of hooks.

'hello, anyone in there'

it was mum. both me and this guy looked at each other and i called out

'come in'

'hi sorry do you mind if i come in as the ladies is out of use' mum said to this guy.

'no no, no problems'

By now this guy had his swimming shorts on and was ready to go to the pool area,

'ill leave you be madam; he said to mum

On the other hand i hadnt changed yet but were i was open with mum i just got naked, was pretty normal, not like she hadnt seen it before. She did the same, but me on the other hand i tried looking at every point i could.

'im going in mum ok,?'
'yeah see you in abit'

The pool area was empty apart from this guy swimming. I got into the pool shortly followed mum in a white bikini, tits looking big. She got in and we was just swimming in lanes by our selfs. after about 5 minutes that guy from the changing room got out and went into the sauna. I called to mum and said i was going to get in there too. She explained she'll come in soon.

'wow its hot in here' i said to this guy as i walked it.

We got talking and i found out he was called barry and was married but here by himself, as was going through a tough time, he was 63 years old.

'is that your mum your with?'
'yeah it is we going to a wedding tomorrow' i replied

we was just making small talk when mum walked in.

'mum meet barry' as i introduced them
'hi nice to meet you'

We was sitting there talking and i noticed barry was abit forward and open and alittle bit cheeky, would say things to mum like ' you look more like his s****r than mum' things like that.

'i dont no if i can take it much in here' mum said
'its a hot one isnt it' i said
'your not ment to wear clothes in here' barry said pointing to a sign
'oh really'

we both read the sign and he was right,

'so how comes you are?' mum asked barry
'i never do but as you too are here, i dont no how you would take that'
'fine we us, dont let us make you fill uncomfortable' mum said back

'oh so you dont mind?'
'no course not' we replied at the same time.

Just then barry took of his pants and sat back down on the top half with his cock out. Must admit we both didnt no were to look. But i caught a glimspe of it and it was pretty average. The talk carried on mum was on the bottom part and i was at the top a couple of foot away from barry. Mum kept arranging her top,

'bl**dy bikini, its new, so itchy' she said out loud.
'its the heat aswell' barry said.
'im going to remove it'

And just like that she took her bikini top off and let her 34dd tits hang out. I could fell myself getting abit of a semi on. Barry just chatted normally.

I was quite as they was talking about there partners and barry was explaining his sex life was over 3 years ago and how unhappy he was. i was just listening and peeking down at mums tits every now and then. When all of a sudden i heard the word 'blow job' and it came from barry.

'what was that?' i said turning to him shocked
'my wife has not given me one for over 10 years'

i couldnt help but laugh. i just thought how random this was sitting in a sauna with a stranger who was naked, mum with her tits out and him talking about blowjobs.

'my husband doesnt like them'
'arrrrr mum, i dont want to hear that'
'its true' she said laughing

'i would never say no' barry said smiling

mum looked at me and said ' you wouldnt mind if gave barry one'

I just sat there and within a point of a second i got an instant hard on,

'no' is all i could say

'well barry' mum said

'if you want' he said with a massive grin.

'how do you want to do this' mum said

'come and sit infront of me' barry replied

just then mum moved over between barrys legs and sat herself down.

'i cant believe im going to do this' mum said
'no i cant either' i replied

just then i watched over as she reached out her his cock with her right hand and gently started wanking it.

'here goes' mum said leaning foward to put her mouth round his cock.

'oh wow that fills so nice' barry said

all i could see was her was her bare topless back and her head going up and down where she was sucking his cock.

'oh i love the taste' mum said taking her mouth away.

'your doing a good job'

She went back to sucking his cock i caught a glimpse and barry was hard.

'can you see' he said to me

'no not really'

'come and sit closer' he replied

just then i got up and removed my swimming trunks to reveal my hard cock and sat next to barry.

'christ mate, your horny too' he said to me.

mum looked over and smiled as she noticed i was naked aswell now.
I just sat the watching as her head was going up and down on barrys cock sounded like a wet blowjob too. she was moaning every now and then as she was sucking it. I couldnt help myself i slow started wanking myself off.

'well well well, whats going on here'

we looked over to the door of the sauna and the recpitionist simon was standing there naked. Mum turned round still holding barrys hard cock, as i tried to cover up.

'hi si, she gives good head' barry said to simon
'im sorry i can stop' mum said to simon looking at him.

'no no carry on, ill just wait my turn' he said smiling
'ill be with you in a minute' mum said going back to sucking barrys dick.

simon had come at sat next to me and was wanking himself aswell. He was abit bigger than barry in length but was really fat.

'your turn will be very soon si, barry said to simon
'im gonna cum any minute if she carrys on'

'not yet' mum said pulling away from barrys cock.

'im so wet and horny' she said looking at them both.

Just then she stood up and bulled her bikini bottoms down to reveal her bald pussy.

'oh good' im throbbing' she said standing in the middle

She sat back down learning up against the wall and spread her legs and started to rub her pussy. Simon got staright up and walked over to mum sitting there. He mouth just opened

'christ, thats like a coke can' she said looking surpised
'you'll manage it' simon said to her.

He put his cock start into her mouth, she was sitting the right height for him to stand and get sucked off. She looked so slutty there naked cock in her mouth and simon learing back with his fingers in her pussy. I carried on wanking likewise barry did.

'your mum is abit of a wild one' barry said to me
'your telling me, i never knew this'

mum took simons cock from her mouth and said ' i love sucking cock'

'joe fills left out' barry said to mum
'no im fine thanks' i replied laughing
'go on, im sure she wont mind'
'i duno if i can do that, his my son' mum said looking over wanking simons cock.

'its up to you' i said to her
'come here then'

i couldnt believe it she actually wanted to. simon moved out the way and carried on fingering her pussy, as i walked over.

'oh dear im so bad' mum said as i was getting closer.

just then i aimed my cock straight for her mouth as she took it all in. after 5 seconds she pulled out,

'i cant believe im sucking my sons huge cock' she said
'i cant believe im going to cum' i replied
'oh cum on my face if you want'

without being asked again she wanked me really fast until i shoot my load over her face.

'crist that was alot, simon said as he walked back over to let her suck him off.

i stood back as i watched her then carry on sucking both there cocks for a further 5 mins, taking about 5 sucks then swapping cock.

'god im loving this' she said

barry was fingering her fast and hard and she just sat there.

'come on, cum for me'

She was wanking both of them off and barry started cumming on her face simon stepped back as she was sucking barry to, cum all over her face and in her mouth. dripping down onto her tits.

'can i cum on your tits' simon said

'yeah sure, let me lay back' she replied

just then she layed on the wooden beach and simon stood next to her wanking himself off, i felt as if i was ready to cum again so i walked over too.

'wow your going to cum again'
'if i can' i said back

So we was both wanking fast ready to cum on her big tits spread across her chest. within the minute at the same time we starting cumming, both our loads was like a mini water full. she was covered.

'wow that was fun' she said looking down and her cum drenched tits.

the 3 of us sat back down as she just layed there naked, and talked as if nothing had happed.

'well guys im fully cum covered im going for a shower,' give it an hour or so, you no my room number we could go again if you like' mum said walking out.

'you whore' barry said laughing
'can we use your dildo on you' simon said smiling
'how did you no about that?' mum said shocked.

Simon explained when we took her bag up he had a quick peek in there, and went though her underwear too, explained he had rubbed his cock on them also.

'to answer your question simon, you can use it but i prefer the real thing' mum said winking as she walked out.

Sorry to disappoint again but this is not a true story. !!

Hope u enjoyed !!
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another awesome story!
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great story...would love to see a part 2 of what happens in the hotel room
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Nice story
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Nice story. What happens in the room? Thanks for posting.
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Not to bad of a story.
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Great story, even if untrue.