Mum gets to see and help me wank.

Finally the week had come and i was away on holiday. I went away with my parents as a little break to get away from work. We was staying in a apartment on the 4th floor of a block right on the beach front in turkey. This had all been booked on the internet as a apartmen let.

The first day we arrived dad done his usual and wondered off to see what was around us, where to get the food shopping, where to eat and all that. Which left me and mum lazy round the pool area. This was ideal for me cos i could check mum out and not worry about getting caught. So knowing dad was out for a few hours, my sunglass where on and i was ppeking at everytime she jumped in the pool and getting out.

'this is to hot for me!' mum said getting up from laying on her stomach sunbathing. I loved it when she sunbathed on her front as she un-does her bikini top strap so she doesent get the white marks. Great for me as i see side on of her big 34dd tits.

Sitting up and cupping her tits mum says
'im gonna cool of, you coming?'
'no im ok thanks, going to read a few more pages'
'ok no problem' she replied

Time to sit back and pretend im reading! She walked over to the pool pulling her bikini bottoms out of her bum, i watched as she walked down the steps into the pool. Nothing horny yet which was disapointing. All she was doing was swimming around. Then she started to swim over to me.

'What do you fancy for dinner tonight?' She said tits squashed up on the side,
'im not to sure, anything will do me' i replied.

I couldnt help but stare at her boobs resting on the side of the pool.
'im going to have another 30 mins out here then go back' mum said.
'ok im going to go now' i replied.

Time for me to have 30 mins peace and quite, that means a 30 min wank! So i took my towl and went back to the apartment. As soon as i got in i layed back on my bed naked slowly wanking thinking of her tits! About 20 mins into my wank i shot my load. Luckly for that the buzzer went and i looked down and she was waiting to come in.

Where quit a comfortable f****y so when we get ready mum will walk round in her panties and bra and ill walk around in boxer likewise dad would. Dad had come back and was in the bath, i was on the sofa in my boxers watching some crap on t-v and mum walked past with her towl to hang up. She only had on a pair of french knickers and a matching white bra. Slight twice in my boxers i felt!!
She has a nice body for 50, slimish but best of all i big bust. Although a little bit saggy in her age.

Any way the night went on and we had our evening meal, nothing excited happened and we came back and went to bed.

The Following morning i woke up dad had already disappeard for the day.
'morning' mum said walking past in her bikini
'morning, fancy a cuppa' i replied.
'no thanks, im going to the pool'
''wait for me ill be 5 mins' i said.

So down we went usual spot, sunbathing and me perving. Mum was in the pool and i was pretending to read my book again. She started to swim over and as i was watching as she attempted to left her self from the pool. She was laughing as you could see she wasnt strong enough. I found it quite funny but i was pretending i wasnt paying attention. Then all of a sudden i noticed one of her tits had fallen out of her bikini top where she was trying to get out. Perfect view.

'that was hard work' she said to me walking over not realising her boob was out.
'i didnt see, was you struggling' with my head down looking into my book, but actually my eye glancing up and her tit on show.

'bl**dy hell i was'
'look how bad i was struggling' she said laughing pointing at her big boob on show.
'oh how embarasing' i said prentending not to care when i just wanted to reach out and grab it.
'your telling me' mum replied adjusting her self.

'im going for lunch', 'fancy anything?' i said
'ummm ill be up in 10 minutes!'

I rushed back to the room 10 mins to wank over what ive just seen. had to get back quick. I walked in and straight away pulled down my shorts. My phone started to ring from across the other side of the room. so i went to get it and it stop. I was checking who it was and seeing if i had any messages when i heard.

'you alright there' it was mums voice.
'yeah, just going to have a could shower, before lunch'Qickly thinking of what i could say as i was butt naked.
'what do you fancy for lunch' mum said to me
'anything will do im hungry, i replied having a converstation whilst i was naked.

I was horny so i sat down on the sofa cock hanging out turning the tv pretending i was interested in the news when mum came and sat on the other sofa.

'anything interesting on?'
'no not really' i replied.
'what r u doing sitting the naked for'
'oh sorry i totally didnt realise' i said about to get up and go the the shower.
'no you fine not like i havent seen it before' mum said grining.
'although it looks alot bigger now your cock'
'mum stop embarasing me' i said back but not actually belivnig what ive just heard. I was so horny i was hoping i wouldnt get hard as then she'd laugh.

'so how big do they grow when aroused' mum asked me looking at my cock.
'mum shut up thats embarasing'
'im only curious, anyway no need to get embarased, its only you and me' she said

Well now i was so horny i had gone beyond pretending i was embarased.
'i dunno men are all different'
'i no that david' Does yours grown much bigger?'
'not massive i havent got a large cock' i replied looking at mum studying my cock from across the room.

'it looks huge'
i laughed a replied 'how do you no have you seen alot then?'
she giggled back and said ' well yes in my time i have' and laughed.

'come on then let she it get bigger' mum said sitting back on the sofa oppisite me.

'what you want me to get hard?'
'yeah why not, harmless fun'

I couldnt believe what i was hearing my mum wanted to see my cock hard. This was fantastic.

'ok if you what' i said grining.

mum was sitting back on the oppisite sofa in her bikini i was sat the cock out so horny but pretty nervous, i opend my legs alittle and reached down to my cock holding it in my right hand.

Mum sat the eyes wide open looking down and my dick. I gently stroked it and it didnt take no more that 3 strokes for me to fill it bursting hard. So i let go of it and sat back.

'holly shit' 'thats huge!!'
'no its not' i replied back embarased.
'it is' one of the biggest ive seen' mum replied.
'er mum'

I was not going to let this chance go so i grabbed my cock again and started wanking it gently, could go to fast i was bursting to cum.

'looks like your enjoying that' mum said giggling
'well who dont enjoy masterbation' i replied.
'your right there'

couldnt belive i heard that now i no she finger fucks her self. I carried on wanking as she was watching. Getting faster and faster.

'are you going to cum'
'its a bit tricky, no porn to look at'
'oh so is that what makes you cum?'
' its quicker yes'
' i no there not a 21 year olds set but do you want to see my boobs'

My face lit up and i just nodding whilst wanking looking at mum taking her bikini top off.

'there nice for a 50yr old' i joked.
'not as firm as they use to be' she said looking down.

So now i was sitting oppisite mum i was hard as nails wanking whilst she was oppoisite me with her large tits out. Didnt expect this when i woke up.

'they look firm' i said getting back on to the topic of her tits.
'not that as firm as they look' she said holding her tits.
'have a fill, if you want? mum replied.

I was gently wanking now as i didnt want to cum yet.
She came over and sat next to me and i let go of my cock and craddled her large 34dd tits.

'they not so bad' i said massaging her tits.
'thanks' she replied.
'you getting carried away there david' aint you?'

I laughed 'sorry'
'you ok, do you mind' she said looking down and my cock.
'no your ok'

I was so hard mum was about to reach down and grab my cock. The i felt her cold hands on the tip, moving my dick about studying it.

'wow its huge' she said holding her hand round my cock. Dam i was thinking to my self as she let go of it!!

'wank it if you want?' i said with a grin on my face.
'you dont need to ask twice,' she grinned.

Then she grabbed my cock again as i sat back and she slowly grabbed it gently stroking it.

'that fills nice' i said
'you like that'
'mmm yeah' rolling my had back.

I could fill her strokes getting faster and faster. i looked down and her tit bounching where it was touching her arm. I said back a rolled my head back enjoying the fact i was getting wanked off, when all of a sudden a shadow past my light. I opened my eyes to see her head going down as if she was going to suck it. I just froze, then i felt a warmth round my cock, it was her mouth.

'oh i love sucking dick' mum said looking up at me
'oh mum dont spoil it, i dont want to no you suck dads cock'
she smiled 'i dont suck his'

i looked at her inbetween my legs on her knees on the floor, and i had to tell her

'mum im going to cum' its going to bea load'
'ok do you want to do it on me?'
'if you want' i grinned

'ok 1 second' follow me'

I watched as my mum got up and went into her room and layed on her back. i was close behind.

'ok, go for it when your ready!'

I stood over her and she was on her back waiting for me to cum. I kneeled over her, round her waist and wanked as she tilted her head up to look.

'here comes' i said

Just then i shot the biggest load, spraying her tits her face, i just couldnt stop cumming.

'thats load' mum was laughing.
'i cant stop' as i learnt to her face to get the last drop out.

'bl**dy hell' 'thats a huge load'

Id finally stopped cumming as i looked down cum was round her mouth, cheeks, hair, chin and all over her tits.

'thanks' 'that was great' i said getting up.
'your welcome, she grinned at me as i walked out.

The End

Not a true story sorry to disapoint again :-(
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a family that vacations together, stays together
2 years ago
True or not it's great.
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Very nice. Too bad she didn't offer her pussy ;))
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nice mom
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good work
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very nice
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i had a nice wank over that good work
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nice, real nice
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It couldn't have been any hotter if it had been real. Excellent work.