tricking mum into gloryhole.

It was a saturday afternoon and me and mum was heading for a shopping centre about an hour out of town. This was just going to be a simple couple of hours shopping and home.!!

But.. As she was driving i was on my phone in the passage seat just broswing on the internet looking a porn pics as i was finding it horny she didnt no and she was only next to me. Browsing my phone i came across a uk gloryhole website with locations on where there are gloryhole toilets. I didnt think nothing of it untill i notice where we was going there was one about 3 minutes away from where we was going shopping!! Wouldnt it be funny i though to myself if we went.

Me and mum had a close realationship as dad worked away alot, i could talk to her and be open. Likewise i believe she could to. Little did she no and every chance i was trying to have a peek at her! So walking round the shops in white tight trousers which you could make out that underneath she was wearing a thong. and up top she was wearing a cardigan and a black t-shirt that every time she bent down you could see her big clevage and black bra, was really not a bad sight at all.

After a few hours shopping we was looking around to get something to eat when i noticed a road sign 'Cart Street' The road rung a bell but where from??
Then it hit me, the glory hole was on this street. I dont no why just then i though i want to see this. This could turn interesting i though to myself.

'Looks like theres something up there were we can eat mum'
'are you sure, looks about out the way' replied mum
'whats that building that has chairs outside, maybe can get a coffee'
'ok lets see' she said back to me.

I pointed out this block as i had a funny feeling this could be the gloryhole place. Just as we got outside there was a few guys sitting on the chairs drinking coffee, but no shop there. It was what i thought. Toilets!

'Where now' mum asked me
'it looked like a cafe, never mind' i replied
'just going to use the toilet though whilst im hear', i said to mum

Just then mum took a seat on one of the chairs and i went in to use the toilet. Looking around it was a wierd set up but looked totally normal. I was alone in there so i checked the cubicals to see if there was a gloryhole.
The 1st 2nd and 3rd cubical where normall untill i got to the end one.

bl**dy hell i thought to myself it actually is, there was a hole that was open but covered from the other side, Wow i couldnt believe i was standing in a gloryhole. Id watch it many of times on pornos never thought i see it for real.

'Are these mixed toilets' i heard.
As i turned round it was mum,
'yeah they are mum' i replied
'this looks the cleanest' i called out to her.
'ok' she said walking over to this toilet i was standing at.

I walked over to the sink to pretend to wash my hands as mum went into the glory hole toilet. I had to re arrange myself as i had a massive hard on.
Just the mums door opened and she walked out and waved to me to come over.
As i walked over she whispered to me,

'look, what do you think that is? a spy hole?' she said
'i dunno about a spy hole mum, its abit balentent is it' i said back

Just then we saw the hole open, someone was on the other side and had moved the cloth covering it.

'look look' mum said stepping inside the cubical. i was close behind.

She was bending down quite curious as what was going on with this whole, when a guys finger appeared. Mum scream and step back laughing. By now i had shut the door.

'Are you nervous' a voice said from the other side of the wall.

Mum looked at me with her hand over her mouth and whispered 'can he see us?'
i laughed back as i was nervous now and replied 'i dunno'

'Come closer and take a seat' this voice said
We both looked and each other, i knew what this was but mum didnt so i played along to being in shock and not no what was going on.
And just then we heard the noise of flies being undone.

Mum still standing there with her hand over her mouth it total shock, but both of us looking through the hole. The unthinkable happened.
A tiny cock appeared.

Mum stepped back hand on mouth laughing quietly. I did the same.

'dont be shy i no you want to touch it'

Mum giggled and looked at me and looked back.
'this is wierd' she whispered.
'your telling me' i replied
Still this guys tiny soft cock was peeking through the hole.

'Shall i touch it' mum said to me. I couldnt believe she said this
'He dont no you does he' i replied so horny.
'please' this voice replied.

Just then mum started walking over slowing look and this tiny cock. She closed the lid on the toilet and sat on it face level with this cock.
'this is our serect' she replied.

She reached out and touched his cock cock with one finger and then pulled her finger away giggling.

'come on babe' this guy said through the wall.

She then put her two fingers around it as it was to small to wrap her whole hand around it. She looked up at me and said ' i cant believe im doing this'

She then started wanking this tiny soft cock with her 2 fingers.

'its getting harder' she whispered looking at me.

She had a smile on her face, wanking this cock whilst we could hear this guy moaning. By now my hard cock that was up on waste band had dropped and you could see a huge bulge in my jeans.

'mmmm' this guy was moaning
'do you like that' mum replied talking through the wall.
'oh yes baby dont stop'

just then no warning this guy started cumming. Mum pulled her hand away realising he was cumming.

'dont stop' he said. So she held his tiny hard cock and let him his cum go on the floor. Although bits of it was on her hand.

'Mmmmm that was great' this stranger said pulling his cock away.
'thank you'

I couldnt believe she had thanked him.

'what a random toilet this is' mum said to me.
' tell me about it' i replied looking at her sitting on the toilet.
' i wondering if theres any more' she replied.
' mum dont say that, you shouldnt be doing this'
' its only abit of harmless fun'.
' your right' i said.

mum was looking through the hole at this point and then she suddenly jumped back. pointing and said ' some guy has come in'
The we heard the flies opening.

'hi' this guy said
'hi' mum said back.

Just then his cock appeared through the hole. quite a decent size this one was.
'thats big' mum said talking through the wall.
'thanks' relpied the stranger. He seemed more shy.

As his 5" soft cock was poking through the hole mum reached out again and wrapped her hand round it and started wanking him off. For about 3 minutes she was wanking this guy off, when out of the blue i undone my jeans and pulled my cock out. She heard my flies undoing and looked and me and gasped 'wow youve got a biggen to'

i didnt say anything i just laughed. She looked and my cock looked back at this guys big cock through and put her mouth round it. i couldnt believe i was watching mum suck a cock through the glory hole.

'mmmmmmm' the moaning from this guy.
' oh god im going to cum' he said
' wait wait' mum replied.
' let me take my top of i dont want cum on it' she said back to him.

Just then mum removed her top and was sitting on the toilet in her bra. Wow this was a great sight her big tits in a bra.

'can i cum on your tits' this guy said
'if you want to' she replied
'can you undo my bra strap please' she said to me. i was gob smacked.

so i went behind her cock hard as anything and undid her bra strap. Straight away i through it and went round the front of her so i could she her big 34dd tits.

She lent back over and sucked his cock.

'mmmm yeah im gonna cum'

She took his cock from her mouth and wanked it really fast then wallop, and load of cum on her tits.

'ahh yeah' the guys moan was
'mmmmmmm that was hot' she said back.
'thanks honey'
'no problem'

She turned to me and said 'wow he was alot bigger and cummed alot more'.
'i no'
'dont be shy you can wank there if you want' she said to me

so just then i started wanking. she got on her knees and looked through the hole. tits hanging out she looked like a slut.

'oh hiya' i heard her say looking through the hole.

she turned to me and said this a black guy in there now.
'what you going to do' i said
'this can be the last one'
'ok if you must' i said wanking my cock.

before his cock appeared his hand came through and reached for her tits. She looked and me and giggled he was rubbing her tits like they were jelly.

'can i feel you pussy' this deep voice said.
she looked at me and didnt no what to say. so i just nodded.
Just then she undid her trousers and pulled them down. just standing there in her black thong. she stood by the hole and his big dark black hands was rubbing over her thong. He was trying to move his hands about so he could get under her thong and touch her bare pussy.

'you wet' this voice said
'oh yeah i no'
'put your cock through i wanted to suck it' she said.

She was gagging for this now. she was loving every minute of it. Then appearred a dark black cock. she went straight for it grabbing it. wanking his cock slowly licking the tip of it. she then put her hole mouth round it sucking his large black cock.

'oh yeah his is so nice' she said.
with one hand w****d around his cock i looked and her other hand and she was rubbing her pussy over her thong. Then i see she was trying to take it off.

'wait there baby' she said.

she stood up and took her thong of. by now she was butt naked.
'What u doing' i said to her
'im gonna fuck his cock' she said back

this hand cock was hanging through this hole and was wanking it.

'do u want to fuck me' she said through the wall.
'sure baby' this deep voice replied.

Just then she back up against it bent over and moved herself onto it.

'oh wow thats big' she gasped as he enter her from behind. i was now watchign her fuck his black cock, she was bent over trying to hold heself up when she said to me 'come here'

'what' i replied
'sit down, i need to hold onto you to hold myself up' she said

i couldne believe she wanted to use me as a post. so i walked over to the seat and sat on it with my hard cock still out. she then put her hands on me and was using me to push back harder on this strangers cock. They had been fucking for about 5 mins, i was full view of her moaning face and he tits bouncing as she was bent over. My cock was inches away from her face. She was looking away everytime she caught glimspe of it.

'thats getting in my way' she giggled looking at my cock.
'let me stand up ill put it away' i replied
'im only messing its nice to look at' she said smiling back at me.
'this is so nice him fucking me'
'looks like your enjoying it'

she was boucing back on this guy looking down and the floor, not catching eye contact with me. just the i edge foward and pressed my cock on her head.
Straight away she looked up.

'sorry' i said
'dont be' she replied
'we got a problem'
'whats that hunny' she replied
'im gonna cum'

just the she pulled away from this guys cock, i thought she was going to go mad but she said 'one second' to the stranger and got on her knees infront of me and grabbed my cock.

'come on cum on my tits' she said wanking my cock.
within second i shot my cum over her tits. the biggest load ive ever done i think.

'oh nice' she said

i was speechless. she went straight back over and started sucking this large black cock. i didnt hear anything she just turned round and looked at me and opened her mouth. Full of this guys spunk. the in one she swallowed it.

'lovely' she said
'you whore' i giggled.

'come on the meter ticket is going to run out on the car' she said
'same time next week' she giggled.!!!
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