Mum at the public toilets

It was that time of the year when had to visit mums old school friends.. As they lived far away i would go with her for the journey to make sure she was ok.

We set out early saturday morning, the sun was shinning i was in my flip flops shorts and t shirt, was feeling fresh and ready for the long boring journey.
Mum came down wearing a plain red t shirt and a skirt. Was a good look, nice tight top showing off her big busty boobs and tanned legs.

Let the journey begin she said!! We was going to take it in turns to drive change every hour. She was behind the wheel first and i just couldnt help but look at her busty tits.

By now 2 hours into it i took over and started to drive. As we was on the motor way i noticed a lorry driver trying to look in at mum in the passenger seat. I dont think she had a clue but he really was trying to look down her top!! Then all ive a sudden HONK HONK he was on his horn..

'Get your tits out love' this lorry driver screamed. Mum laughed which wasnt the reaction i thought he was going to get. But to my great excitement she pulled her top down and showed her black patterned bra. She was loving the attention giggling away.

'Dont tease me' he shouted through his window at mum. Mum looked and me and said 'this will be a laugh shall i show him' i couldnt believe what i was hearing. i should of said no dont be so stupid but i was gagging to see this.
'Why not, poor bloke is probably bored stiff driving on his own' i said.

Before i could say anything else she pulled her bra down and let her big floopy 34dd tits hang over her bra. 'yeahhhh' laughing the lorry driver.
'I thinked you have made his day mum' i said as he drove off. 'Well that was rather funny, and i like teasing them sort of guys'

'Wow mum dont be so cruel, his probably going to wank whilst driving now' i said.

'well by your bulge in your shorts im surpised you aint my dear,'

'Mum you shouldnt be looking'

'Its hard to miss' mum said looking down and my hard cock in my shorts.

I was so horny by now, couldnt believe what just happened i was itching to get to mums friends so i could sneak off for a wank. 'Must pull over soon, i do need a drink and a wee' mum said. 5 minutes later we drove into a real horrid looking destered car park with a tuck shop and a small block that was the public toilets.

'What a shit hole' mum said. As i pulled up i looked over and all the other cars and ntoiced the same flower disturbution company that was on the guys lorry who mum flashed her tits at. No way i thought how embarasing if his here.

So as i got a drink mum was waiting by the car and wouldnt go to the toilet by herself as it looked real sanky. As we walked over i noticed a lock on the womens toilet.

'Oh mum what are you going to do??'

'im bursting im going to have to go in the mens'

'ill check if anyone is in there ok mum?' i said hoping the was going to be some guys in there!!

'Coast is clear' i said to mum as we was walking into the mens toilet which was stinking storngly of piss!!

'Errrrr, so this is what a mens toilet is like, piss everywhere, errrr all over the floor' mum said looking at the toilets.

As i walked over to the the stand up toilet and pulled my cock out to go to the toilet i noticed mum walk over to the cubical to have a wee her self.
Just and she sat on the toilet a guy in his 40s walked in.

'Woah was not expecting to see a lady in here' this guy said.

'sorry i hope you dont mind the ladies is locked' mum repiled.

'no course not! do you want me to wait outside'

'no your ok' mum said

Wow she wasnt bothered that another guy was in her looking and her whilst her skirt was down and knickers w****d round her knees. This guy walked over and stood next to me as i was having a piss.

'oh no for god sake' we heard.

We turned round and noticed mum looking at her skirt. she hadnt realised it dropped all the way down and was touching the piss covered floor.

'im going to have to dry this now'

'the dryer is there' i pointed it to mum as she got out of her skirt and stood up.

I couldnt believe this mum was in a public toilet t shirt rolled up walking over to the dryer in a pair of black patterened knickers whilst a complete stranger was standing there.

'Wow' 'hot body' this stranger said

'thank you' mum said.

Then all off a sudden this guy was drip drying his cock like i was as we just finshed having a piss and turned round holding his cock in mums direction.

'oh sorry' do you want me to turn away' mum said.

'well im sure you no what a cock looks like by now' he cheekly said.

This guy started wanking standing only about 2 foot away from mum, she stood there drying her skirt whilst looking at him wanking.

'join in' this guy said not knowing that i was her son.

i looked at mum and she just smiled. fucking hell i couldnt believe my luck here.. this was so random. I walked over and pulled my cock out standing next to this bloke look at mum wanking my dick.

'nice hard cocks youve 2 have got' mum said

mum was looking at us both standing there in her knikcers and top, just then she lifted her top up and un done her bra. letting her bigg 34dd tits out again for the second time today.

'Wow they are lovely' this stranger said. reaching out to touch them.

Just then he starting fondling mums tits. As he played her with tits i see her drop her skirt and reach out and grabbed his cock. I couldnt believe it she started wanking this stranger. That was it for me!!

'im going to cum' i said

'dont waste it' replied the stranger.

'spray it on her face and tits'

just then mum dropped to her knees on this piss covered floor and tilted her head back. in no time i spunked all over her face and tits.

'Wilst ur down the love' the starnger said looking at her this his dick.

To my disbelif mum starting sucking his cock. For about 5 mins she was sucking his cock like a pro. i was just watching now hard on back on wanking.

She stopped all of a sudden. i was thinking to my self dam i dont want this to end.. Then she took her knickers off so she was but naked and got on all fours on the piss covered floor..

'Cum inside me' she said looking like a slut

Then this stranger didnt have to think about it went staight behind her and started fuckign her from behind. great view i had mums saggy tits bouncing all over the place, but naked on a public toilet floor getting fucked by a stranger.

'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh' he screamed as he pulled his cock out and spun mum over so she was on her back and let the biggest load of cum spray over her pussy tits and face.

'You dirty slut' he said!!

mum was laying there covered in cum but naked like a real whore. i was stunned in what just happened but loved every minture of it.
This guy put his cock away lent over kissed mum and said thanks you whore and walked start out. She had just be used but she was smiling.

'wow that was great' she said laying the.

Come on put your clothes on and lets go.

She started getting dressed and left her knickers behind.

' i wana contuine you the joruney without my knickers im soaked' she said

'if you want' your driving im gonna have a wank' i said.

'as long as you cum on me again you can do what you want.'

What a slut she was couldnt believe she was like this. i was lovely every bit of it. Just the we got back in the car and headed off. One last look at mum face was glowing where the cum wasnt fully off cum stains on her top. Wow she looked proper slutty.!!!!

96% (90/4)
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10 months ago
Damn hot good story! thanks for writing and sharing!
2 years ago
Just what Mum`s are for!
2 years ago
got me hot! Lol
2 years ago
very hot
2 years ago
i luv your mom in these stories 5X
2 years ago
why cant life be this intersting?
3 years ago
Naughty story!
3 years ago
hot story!
3 years ago
really hot!
3 years ago
True or not, thats a hot story!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sorry to disappoint this is not a true story guys!!
3 years ago
very naughty mum
3 years ago
I hope he fucked her also
3 years ago
you have her on the edge,go for it,get some pussy
3 years ago
Nice one, I hope you get to fuck her.