Mum and Friend Part 2

After a horny afternoon we had playing cards, time was getting on for the evening.. Both me and craig could not wait.!!

Both horny as hell we was sitting in our room and mum walked past the door and then poked her head in.. Be ready for 7.30!! after this afternoon she had no shame she was walking about in a black thong and bra. This was going to be a laugh!

Bang on 7.30 mum walked out her room.. Wow couldnt believe it she had a tiny tiny skirt on which ive never seen her wear and a low cut white top with no bra!! me and craig couldnt believe it.. All i could say is are you going out like that?? Why not she said be a laugh.

Normally she would be in jeans and not relavling clothes, she must be horny.!!
Anyway we went out had a meal drinks were flowing!! Craig said come on lets get things going lets play truth or dare!! WE all argreed it would be a laugh!!

Right whos going first.. Craig u sugguested it your up first!! Mum said laughing.. ok ill have a dare, sitting round the table it was up to us to think what he could do, right mum said i want you to go to the toilet and take you boxer shorts off and come back out and the show us under the table youve done it!! Easy he said so off he went!!

2 mins later craig was back laughing walking over and as we both looked under the table he had his cock out. Great sticking to the rules i said!! Mums goes next what u having we asked her?? Dare please!! he both smirked as now most people were gone and we was in a coner!! Right got one for u craig said!!

Take your panties off from under your skirt and show us ur pussy!! Mum grinned im soaked she said but actually standing up and pulling her thong down and showing us her pussy!! Jesus youve got bottle!! you could see the glow on her cunt in how wet she was..!!

Ive had enough she said come on back we go.. As we started walking back total strangers were looking at mum probably cos how short her skirt was!! so i said to her next person to walk past pull ur top down and show ur tits.. Easy she said!! trust our luck the next guy to walk do was the black loki loki mean who sell fake stuff!!

AS he got closer she lifted her top up and he went start for the grab she loved it the fact he was really black made it so much hornier!! lets go to that alley he pointed.. mum didnt no what to say standing in the middle of the road with her tits out getting man handle by a black guy!! quickly she said!!

We all went over and we in seconds mum lifted her skirt and let this guy finger her.. Wank me off craig said! so now im hard as hell watchign as shes wanking my mate off we these big black fingers up her cunt!! She couldnt stop moaning this guy was sending her wild!! quick he said i must go suck my cock!!

Straight away mum dropped to her knees and out he flopped his cock!! Fucking hell she said its huge.. to be fair it was massive and fat!! she sucked him off on her knees tits out over her top and skirt hitch up!!! This was a dam good sight.. i was on watch out but just watching them!!

We must go now craig said he was dying to get her back to the apartment!! so off we went giggling at just what happened.. Craig said to mum so we still having fun?? she didnt answer and just grabbed his cock.. what do u think smiling. getting to the apartment we was so horny u could tell. we was top floor and had to walk up 5 stories!!

mum said watch this and stripped naked and strolled up the stairs!! Wow shes up for it we said looking at each other!!

Get ready for part 3 :P
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3 years ago
next part please
3 years ago
She's certainly a horny slapper, I hope you both manage to fuck her.
3 years ago
very good