Mum and my friend...

My best mate had been like a second son to my parents, and was often round our house every other day.

This one year we went on hoilday with my parents and my mate. We shared a 3 bedroom villa but me and my mate craig shared a room whilst parents had there own.

It was like any other hoilday get up go down to the beach have a perv at the women topless sneek a peek at mums large tits when you could, wank when you could. So on the second week when dad had to fly home due to work it left us 3 pretty bored! Untill this one day.!!

We was on the beach having a snack and a few beers whilst mum was on the wine. This particular day was very hot so we decided to go back to the room and chill out. Me and craig both 24 and mum not long turned 50 chill out in our rooms. When mum said she was bored and wanted to do something.!!

Being the normal thing we got the cards out and started playing blackjack. When mum said come on lets play a game she used to play back in the day which was higher or lower and if you got lower you had to strip.

Fine by us we both replied, youve got more clothes on than us we said to mum!! Oh well you have to play now smiling. Me and craig in t-shirt and swim shorts while mum was in bikini and summer dress. Lets get started then:..

First card delt to mum was a 4 of clubs she laughed both me and craig got higher so both of us smilling she removed her dress. Could tell she was horny as her nipples were trying to burst through her top!!! The game went on and me and craig was down to just are shorts with big bulges in our shorts were we was getting hard!!

Next person loses has to remove and show something!! The game was heating up.. Mum turned a 9 i turned a 7 and craig turned a 4!! Oh no he said not really bothered as he took his shorts of and out popped his hard cock.. Mum was shocked wow thats big she said smiling. Just us to left i said. Yes i turned over a king and mum pulled out a 5 meaning off come her top !! comes on tits out!! Within seconds her top came out releving her 34dd tits.

Craig sitting there with a hard on and mine nearly bursting a hole in my shorts, last go.. i pulled out a 9 of hearts smiling as that was going to be hard to beat but mum turns over a 10>> she laughed and said well looks like i get to see another cock. just hearing her say cock made me even harder!!!

Off come my shorts and few them to one side. Wow you both really have hard cocks said mum!! Looks like you to are bursting to cum!! hearing that again i nearly cummed there and then. Lets see who cums the quickest mumsaid smirking!!

Ok we both said wanking straight away infront of mum with her tits out!! Craig cheekly said actually you no ive been having problems with my arm looking at mum!! well i suggest i can help she smiled.. so i sat down whilst mum crawled over to craig grabbing his cock and starting to wank him!!

Oh my shit im going to cum i shouted.. Well dont wast it mum said come and cum on my tits!! so i quickly went over and shot my load everywhere over her tits whilst she carried on wanking craig!! Wow that was a load she said looking at me!!

I havent sucked a cock for years mum said looking a craig.. i dont think he needed to say anything she just started sucking him!!! the moaning from craig was funny to watch as with no warning mums eyes opened wide.. He was cumming in her mouth. she didnt swallow which was a pity but just as hot watching it dribble down her mouth and onto her big tits..

Well that brighted the afternoon up she said walking away. We both looked at each other not believing what just happened. Then mum pokes her head round the coner and says dinner at 7 back here for 9 im gonna dress to impress!!!!

Me and craig we counting the hours!!!

Next time find out about the dinner :P

90% (38/4)
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5 months ago
...and looking forward to the desert
3 years ago
grate story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great way to spend a boring afternoon.
3 years ago
good & hot start
3 years ago
good start to your story
3 years ago
Good story can't beat a mature woman.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Maybe you can add some photos of your mum.
3 years ago
That's one meal I can't wait for!
3 years ago
great start and a super story,,more more more
3 years ago
sounds like Lebron James Mother,lol
3 years ago
good start lookin forward to more!