Holiday fun with mum

I was on holiday with my parents, just to get away and relax. We was staying in a apartment in greece and mid way through the week I couldn't help but keep peeking at mum in her bikini. For her age at 54 she was still a fairly attractive women. Shes about 5ft 6 small brown hair, brown eyes, a little chubby, size 12 with a 34dd chest. We was mid way through the week and had got ourselves into a little routine, we'd go down the pool, have lunch, sunbathe more and then go for dinner. Dad wasn't a massive sunbather so it felt like it was just me and mum most of the time. I quite liked that as I could look at her more without risking getting caught.

One afternoon we had lunch and was having a few beers, we had finished eating and I decided id go back to the room for a little nap. About two hours later and over sl**ping I heard the door go. I was laying on the sofa when mum walked in on her own. I asked where dad was and she said he had popped into the town to look around and would be back by 7. It was 5pm now. Mum came and sat on the other sofa and we were just talking, nothing major just about where we was going to eat in the evening. Mum the got up, and walked off in her summer dress which underneath she was just wearing her bikini. I was laying on the sofa watching a bit of greek news when mum came out of her room and started having a tidy up. She was talking to me now and then when she complained that the air conditioning wasn't working again. I just smiled and looked on as she walked past and took her summer dress off. She carried on walking about, sweeping the floor, and picking things up in her bikini.

I couldn't but help notice every time she bent over I took a lengthy glance and her ass and boobs which where sagging over. Every now and then being horny I would have a little grab of my cock as her back was to me. I cant believe how hot it is she said to me. I replied back to her that she was looking quite red maybe a bit to much of the sun today. She glanced down at her self looking at her arms and turning slightly and looking at the back of her legs when she agreed. I am looking a bit burnt she said. I nodded and looked at her as if I was looking at her red arms, when actually I was watching her pull her bikini top and bottoms about slightly. She was checking out her white tan marks. She pulled her bikini top about which squashed her boobs slightly more together. Mum I said acting innocent, what you doing I joked. Mum looked at me and looked down and said im only looking at my chest. I laughed and said well your squashing your boobs together, she looked down at them and just giggled. Just then she had walked off.

I said up right abit more and thought to my self how nice her tits were all pushed up. I was just about to go and have a shower, well a wank and a shower when she came back in holding a bottle of aftersun. Do you mind doing my back please she said. Sure no problem I said as I grabbed the sun lotion. She turned round facing away from me as I poured some in my hands, as I placed my hands on her shoulders she jumped, that's cold she yelled. Sorry as I started slowly rubbing it in. You fill hot as well, you have caught quite a lot of sun I said acting as if I was not thinking of anything else. Yeah I fill a litte saw she said. I carried on rubbing it in when I reached for some more. I said to her to bend over slightly so I could do your lower back when she said ok sure. We was in the open planned lounge when she said, the curtains are open come here as she walked off to her room. Slightly in darkness she then joked well you might aswell give me a massage and she laid flat on the bed. Mum im not doing that I want to shower and get ready I said again acting innocent. Just 2 minutes she said with her head on the bed.

Your so annoying I said as I poured a little more lotion into my hands. I again started rubbing it into her back when I lifted her bra strap up. Just un clip that she said with her eyes shut facing down on the bed. I did exactly that a looked round as I saw her squashed side boob on the bed. I started working my way lower and grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them in abit. Oi, my bums not burnt she said. I thought maybe im getting to excited here. I laughed and said yeah it looks red and tried my luck rubbing it. She didn't say anything. Turn over I joked, thinking that she wouldn't. She did holding her bra as it was loose and turned now on her back. Full body massage she joked. No way I replied but little did she no I was loving this. I start rubbing her shoulders again as from the movement of her body her bikini top fell down slightly revaling what looked to be a very hard nipple. I didn't say anything straight way I just looked on with a slight twitch in my shorts. Mum your nipple is out I joked. She opened her eyes and looked down. Oh yeah she smiled. I expected her to cover up when she chucked her top. I didn't no where to look as now her eyes where open. Her tits looked great spread out of her body where she was laying on her back.

I changed ends and said oh look you legs are red as I applied more lotion. She didn't say anything but now I was rubbing gently into her legs. I looked at her hard nipples as I massaged her in thigh. Looking down at her bikini I just thought to my self, mum mums pussy is behind that. I got even more horny when I brushed my hand on top as a changed leg. Opps sorry I said, don't be this is lovely. I Said to mum to open her legs so ive got more room. As she did I position my self standing inbetween her. I learned over and said sorry as I reached for the cream, pressing my semi hard cock on her mounded knickers. I knew she could fill my cock. I looked down as her eyes were shut. But they opened, she smiled. Sorry I said, this time she didn't say anything. Just getting the cream I said as I edged closer on her. She laughed and said how far away is it, as I moved back at forth a couple of times to grab it. I looked down and smiled. Can you fill that I said. Course I bl**dy can she said. And what do you think, I said going in for the kill. It fills nice, didn't no this was part of my massage. I laughed and stayed there a couple of seconds more. She didn't mind by the looks of this. I looked down at now my bulging cock when I notice her held rise abit and look too. my massages are different I joked. Like what she repied. youll see I said as she learnt back.

I wasn't going to miss out i pulled my shorts down and rested the tip of my cock head on her bikini bottoms, i edge it to her pussy hole, she had felt it and she gasped. What are you doing she said. I held my hard cock with one hand and said shall i stop. That felt so nice she replied but didn't say any more. so again i done it. I was now rubbing my shaft over her pussy area although she had knickers on. With one finger i moved her knickers to the side. She said gasped again. I decided i was going for it. I brushed my finger over her smooth flips, she let out a little moan. She was already topless as i grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them down. Her hairless pussy was inches from me. She just laid there as i stared at her pussy. I lifted on of her legs up, then the other, she looked down and me and then laid back she knew what was coming. I kneeled down inbewtween her legs and went straight for it, i poked my tounge out and started licking her wet pussy. I cant believe were doing this she said as she placed her hand on my head, shall i stop i said, oohhh i don't no she said as i licked her inbetween her pussy flaps. Arghh she moaned as i carried on. She said moaning fast as i was racing my tounge round her wet bald pussy. I looked up as she was rubbing her tit. I held my cock slowly wanking it. I carried on for another couple of mintues tounging her wet pussy, when she said stop stop its nearly 7 oclock. Panic set in was dad going to come back. I stood up looked at her laying there naked whilst i held my hard cock. Wow she said that's nice. She stayed laid on her back when i kneeled on the bed. I wanked right next to her as she looked down at my cock. I edged closer to her face holding my cock. i thought i was going to cum then i stopped wanking and let go. She let go on her boobs as she was rubbing them watching me and she reached out and grabbed in. She lifted her head up and i got close to my hard cock. Her tounge poked out and it touched the tip of my bell end. I smiled as she moved closer and placed her mouth round it. Go on suck it i said. She smiled as she started sucking on my cock. She must of only down it about 5 times back and forth when i said oh shit im going to cum, she stopped and pulled back. I looked down and edged closer. I said go on as she opened her mouth. I looked down as she wanked my dick into her mouth. I shoot the biggest load in her mouth. When i stopped cumming she stopped. I looked down at her naked body with her mouth covered in cum. You best get cleaned up i said. I stepped off the bed took one look at her and smiled. We need to do this again she said.
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29 days ago
great story. fuck the spelling police!
2 months ago
very good
3 months ago
4 months ago
bloody hell mate, awesome story...and another wank to go with it....
9 months ago
mmmm fantastic story, got me really edgin
9 months ago
nice one dude
10 months ago
Very, very hot story :-)
10 months ago
so hot wish that was me
10 months ago
I love this, shame about the writing.
10 months ago
Damn hot!
10 months ago
WOW.... awesome story.....
10 months ago
good plot. but learn to fucking spell / speak /think in proper sentances
11 months ago
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Great thanks for posting it for us
11 months ago
carnt leave it like that ?