Fun saturday with mum after shopping.

It was a saturday morning and i was planning on going into town to get a few summer clothes. Just before i headed off i asked mum if she wanted to come. She didnt really seem bothered at first but then said that dad was off at work and she would be bored indoors. So we decided well go for an hour or so. We got into town and at first was in and out of shops, looking and buying some clothes. Mum had said she was popping into a shop to see if they had any summer dresses, i said that ill wait outside and grab us a drink. After about half an hour she appeared as i was sitting on the bench. She asked if i was done and needing anything else as she was, if not we can go now she said. I was done and we headed back to the car. It was only about 20 mintues drive so it wasnt long before we got home.

When we got indoors i went upstairs to put my bags in my room and mum was downstairs. She called up and asked if i wanted any lunch. I called back that i was coming down and ill have something to eat. Mum had made me a sandwich and sitting there and couldnt help noticed for her age she is still an attractive women. Shes 54, 5ft 6 small brown hair, quite slim, but alittle bit chucky in places, size 12 and a 34dd chest. I looked on and she had taken her jumper off and was making her lunch with a nice tight vest top which stuck to her chest, which you could see the outline of her bra and nice tight denim jeans that made her bum look nice and firm. We were sitting opposite each other talking about what we had brought when i said to mum that i brought some shorts i wasnt keen on and would she tell me weather she liked them or not. So after we finished our lunch i went upstairs and asked mum if she would come up and tell me what she thinks.

Mum sat on the edge of my bed as i took my new shorts out of the bag. Were quite a open f****y never really seemed the shy top, so walking around in my boxer shorts was not un common. I started un buttoning my jeans and pulled them off holding my new shorts. I put them on and asked mum what she thought. She had said there nice and i should keep them. Let me get my bags she had said ill show you the dresses i brought. Mum walked out and went downstairs to get her bags. She came straight back and placed them down on the floor. She had what looked to be about 5 items of clothes when she starting pulling them out and holding them up. One by one as she held them up i said they were nice. She then said she wasnt sure on this certain dress as she didnt no how it looked. She thought it made her look fat as she said holding it. All i could think of saying was to try it on and ill give you my opinon. Mum agreed and standing in my view she wiped off her vest top to reveal a nice black bra holding in her heavey tits. Like before this was never un common so it wasnt strange and i didnt say or do anything. She then started un doing her jeans and pulled them down. She grabbed her dress and slipped it over her shoulders and pulled it down. She arranged her self so the dress was on properly and just turned to me and said what do you think. Looking up as i was pretending to text on my phone i said yeah its nice. I double looked and noticed that it was a rather short dress. Mum, i said thats abit short for you. She looked down and laughed, no its not she replied as she down a half turn looking at the dress. It bl**dy well is i replied, if you bent over people will she what you had for lunch i joked. We both started laughing and mum started to take it off.

She reached over to another bag and i looked on and starting thinking how hot she was looking in her bra and knickers. I decided i would see how far i could go with this. I took of my shorts and stood there in my boxer shorts making sure she could see my bulge. Not making things balent i tried on another pair of shorts as mum tried on another dress. We were both walking about looking in the mirror and giving each other our opinons when again i took my shorts off standing in my tight boxer shorts. Mum now in a navy dress walked past me to get to the mirror, sorry ill get out your way i said as i brushed past her. James she called out turning to me, what i said acting innocent. I just felt your willy brush past my leg she said giggling. What no you didnt i repiled. She smiled again and said i did. Not making it obvious we went to cross paths again so as i walked back to the mirror i made sure that she would get another fill of it on her leg. As i did she giggled and said see, i felt it again. I laughed and joked that i couldnt help it to which she replied, i no and pointed, it doesnt look small. Mummm i said stop looking i smiled at her. She joked its hard to miss. So we both laughed it off.

Mum still in her navy dress and now i was in my boxer shorts, i looked on at her as she was slightly bending over folding a top up which was on the bed. As i was filling horny i stood behind her and eased my bulging cock onto her back side. She didnt say anything so i pressed a little harder. She stopped folding and again said jamesssss, i can fill that. I just laughed but didnt move away. It fills rather big she said still folding her top. Changing the subject i said to her that the dress shes got on is abit short to. She turned her head and didnt say anything. I again said look if i lift this up slightly youll be able to see your knickers. To which again she didnt say anything but still fold this jumper. Being horny i took my chance and lifted her dress up to show her bum in her black tight knickers. Stop it she said but not making any effort in pushing me away. I laughed and said youve got a big bum and gave it a little slap. Ohh dont do that she said, why not i replied just standing behind her still. Well i rather like that she said as she turned her head towards me, what like this, to which i slap her bum alittle harder. She just smiled. She was enjoying this.

I egded closer to her with my cock in my boxer shorts now getting harder but not fully hard. I held on to the top of her knickers and pulled them in to her ass to make a thong. By now she had stopped folding the jumper but was still bent over with her dress hitched up. What are you doing she said, i giggled and just slapped her bum. her body moved forward as i connected. Filling horny i pulled my cock over my boxer shorts without her realising and held it in one hand and slapped the tip of my cock on her ass. She knew that wasnt my hand and turned to me and looked down at my now hard cock. Oh my she said. She looked abit worried, james i dont think we should be doing this she said. Dam i was thinking to myself, did she want me to stop, had it gone to far i thought. Sorry ill stop i said again but just before i did i slapped her ass again with the tip of my dick. Oh but that fills nice she said facing forwards. Like this i replied and let go off my cock and rested it between her ass cheeks. mmm yes she said. I held it the for a couple of seconds and moved back abit. I looked down as one of her hands let go of the bed, she brought it round the back of her and started touching her knickers. I didnt no what she was doing. She was wriggling about when i said her hand grab her guesst and move her knickers to the side. That was when i caught a glimpse of her pussy from behind. Not a hair in sight i just step back and looked. It was a lovely looking pussy, her pussy lips squashed from behind looked swallon. She let go on her knickers and placed her hands back on the bed. To which her knickers fell back over half of her pussy but still a bit on show.

Just then she moved herself up onto the bed. She was on all fours with her elbows down and her head buried onto the covers. I kneeled up onto the bed, but didnt no what she wanted me to do. I started rubbing her ass again when she let out a little moan. I now knew she was enjoying this, so i started playing her her knickers, teasing her as i started running my fingers through them, streching them so i was getting a glimpse of her pussy from behind. I pulled her knickers down and watched as the guesset bit stuck to her clit as i pulled them down. Where she was wet that part come down last. I now pulled her knickers down to her knees where she was bent over. Shall i said, yes go on be quick she replied. Did she want me to fuck her? i didnt no so before i took my chance i ran my hand over her swallon wet pussy lips. I brushed past her pussy a couple of times when i enter her wet pussy from behind we one finger. She eased open her legs as she let out a moan. Id hardly touched her and she was so wet. I started working my finger in and out. When i placed two fingers in her. I started going really fast as her body rocked her moans get louded and faster. She seem so close to cumming. Wait wait wait she said as she turn round, was it over did she realise what was going on. Let me see that cock she said. It was out and hard. She slid off the bed, and sat on the floor. Her eye line was right were my cock was, she was inches away from it. I didnt do anything as she reached out for it and started slowly wanking it. She started wankning my cock. I looked down as with the other hand she was fondling her tits. I didnt have to say anything she uncliped her bra. She changed hands and wanked me off faster. Go on i said as she was looking up at me. She knew what i ment. Just like that she opened her mouth and started sucking my cock. Working her mouth back and forward getting faster and then slow she had her eyes shut as she was sucking on my hard dick. I lent down and grabbed her tit, i slowly rubbed it as her eyes opened. She smiled with my dick in her mouth. She suddenly stop, she got up and layed on the bed on her back now naked. I stepped out of my shorts and started rubbing her pussy with my hand. She was so wet. She was cupping both of her tits as i started fingering her fast. She was going wild, yes yes there dont stop she cried out i went faster as i looked down and her, she was cumming, not only could i fill this i could see. I slowed down as i took my fingers out, she layed then on her back.

Just then she said wow and turned over onto her front, she arched her self up, suddenly i thought was that it, was she not going to let me cum. Her ass in the air i wasnt missing out. I stroked her ass and looked at her wet pussy from behind. Wow she said again. I held my cock and the rested it bare this time on her naked ass crack. I could fill the warmth of her pussy juice on the shaft of my cock. she faced foward as i thrusted back and forth resting my cock between her checks. Not entering her from behind i couldnt hold it any more. I started cumming over her back and ass. She turned round as she felt the warmth of my cum. Still ozing cum from my cock she smiled. I grabbed it tight not finishing cumming and kneed on the bed. She looked at me as if to wonder what i was doing. Not being able to control myself i let go and watch the last part of my cum shot out and hit her face. Her head shot back as it hit her face, she laughed as i shot my last bit out hitting her lip. Wow that was a huge load she said as i saw the cum trickle down her cheek near her mouth. Sorry i said laughing, She looked at my cock and her head come forward. She put her mouth round my swallon bellend and took the last drops.

As i look at her swallow my last bit of cum she laid on her back naked. Wow that was great she said. I looked down at her swallon wet pussy, i moved down from her slightly, she grabbed me and said thanks. Thank you mum i said as i moved off the bed. Laying there naked i stood up, learned over and placed my hand on her pussy, i gave it one last stroke. Glad you liked that mum i said,
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11 months ago
great story what about chapter 2 ?
11 months ago
good story very erotic.
11 months ago
Very good,,,hope there's more to come.
11 months ago
SEXY Thanks for the posting