Mums 55th birthday turns naughty

It was my mums 55th birthday and we had arranged for her to have alittle party indoors, dad and mum invited the neighboughs, f****y and friends. It was on the Saturday so all day Saturday we was moving the house about getting set up. I was helping out to as they had a fair few people coming over. I was setting up all the drinks putting them by the back door so the guest can help there selfs.

It got to about 6pm and people where due over at 7, mum was rushing round to get ready whilst dad was downstairs already ready. I was in my room nearly down when mum had walked from her room to the bathroom. I couldn't help but noticed she was only in her undies, a red thong and red bra. For 55 she was still abit of a looker. I took longer now getting ready as she was walking round like that I couldn't but help take my time.

Mum just turning 55 was still an attractive women, she was about 5ft 8 brown hair brown eyes, slimish a size 12 waist and a nice large 34dd tits. Me and mum was quite close, we get on really well. So her walking around in her undies is pretty normal.

Amnyway, the party got under way and was mingling with all the guest have a drink etc etc. My best mate james had come round aswell. Was good for me abit of company. As the night went on and the drinks flow I couldn't but help notice how nice mum looked. She was wearing a tight back dress, it wasn't short went past her knees but was pretty low cut at the top. I could also notice she was pretty d***k by now aswell, getting louder and stumbling all over the place.
I was enjoying watching this as I knew later she would be over the toilet throwing up. About 11 oclock the guest started clearing out and mum was taking it abit easier on the drink by now, She was still pissed as a fart, she came over to me and james and was just talking, flirting alitte with james I thought but they have known each other for a while.

About 11.45pm there was only 2 of dads work friends left and dad not being a drinker was going to give them a lift home as it was about an hour round trip and no taxi's were about. Just as they left it left me mum and james, mum had gone to the front room to sit down.

'mum me and james will start tiding up ok'
'no leave it till the morning you've done enough today' she slurred back
cant handle her drink I said to james,
he laughed and said shes just like my mum.

'come and sit down, mum had called out,

So me and james went into the front room and sat on the sofa opposite mum,

'well that wasn't abad night was it mum'
'no went pretty well didn't it'
'its to early to be over though' mum said
'its midnight what do u expect' james said
'I wanna dance' mum replied getting up
'put the music channels on' she said to me

Just then mum was standing staring at the tv as I put the music channels on,
'ooh I love this song as mum said starting to dance in front of me and james in the living room.

'what an embarrassment I said to james, he just laughed. We sat there for about 3 minutes watching mum dance around them room when her dance moves started to get abit sexier,
'come on dance with me she said trying to pull me and james up, We just went with the flow and got up dancing too. Mum was still dancing sexy and I was sneakly looking and you could see james was too. what shocked me was mum had hitched her dress up above her knees which made it look a lot shorter.

I sat back down as I had had enough and just was watching them dance around. Mum still dancing sexy she bent over and started shaking her arse. When all of a sudden you could see her asre in her red thong.

'mum, come on james don't wanna see that' I said laughing
'my dress is annoying me she replied carrying on dancing

Even better she had now pulled her dress up to her waiting she all her thong was on show. James didn't no where to look, I was loving every minute of this. James sat back down next to me and mum carried on dancing still. We both just sat there watching her, james looked at me as if to say shes crazy.

'come on guys dance with me' she said

Just then mum turned her back to us and bent right over and starting shaking her ass again, you nearly could see it all, her round ass close to us in her red little thong. She was edging back when she fell back onto the sofa that me and james was sitting on. She was laying on us. Good im d***k she said.

Her head was up my end whilst she was spread out with her dress hitched up over james lap.

'this is nice' she said
'what is' I replied

Laying on to younger guys she said back laughing.

She the said quietly under her breathe, im horny. But me and james had heard that and just looked at her.

'how about I give you 2 a strip tease she said

we didn't no what to say but I don't think we both wanted this to go by.

'yeah why not james said.

Mum got back up and started dancing again but within seconds she had taken her dress off and was only in her bra and thong.

'wow mum, didn't expect that'

she was dancing around rubbing her tits trying to act all sexy, the funny thing was it was working. I was certainly hard and I bet james was.

Come on dance with me, she said again. So me and james got up and james went round the back of her and I was at the front. She was edging back grinding her ass onto james jeans trying to rub herself on his cock.

'stop in linda' your turning me on james said
'oh I like that thought she replied back.

To my surpise she just come out with shall I go topless,

We didn't even have time to answer she just wiped her bra off.

Wow there big were both said. I was shocked that james didn't even think that was my mum he just reached out and grabbed them.

'ohh james that's nice' mum said
' do you mind' he replied,
'no have a suck if you want'

I just stood there shocked and watched james open his mouth and started sucking on her nipples,. Ohh that's mum said holding james head. He stopped sucking and said to me, don't leave the other one out.

'I cant do that, that's my mum' I replied
mum looked and me and said, only the once ill let you' she said laughing

I didn't have to be asked twice I went over and started rubbing her tits, then bent down to start sucking on them.

'oh this is nice'
'let me sit down guys and you can carry on sucking on my tits'

Just then mum said down and me and james sat either side of her and carried on rubbing and sucking away.

'good im horny' she said
'sorry but Ive got to fill your cocks'

To my surpise she just reached both hands out and started to fill our cocks over are jeans. 'oh there nice and hard, big too' she said.

James stood up and just pulled his jeans down, his big hard 8 " cock sprung out.

'oh my' mum said surpised at the size of it. 'bring it here' she said reaching out grabiing hold of james cock. 'mmmmm she started wanking him off. I sat back and watch as she turned to her side whilst james was standing infront of her. she was staring at it wanking it slowly.

Just then she turned to me and said go on don't be shy get yours out too. Again I didn't have to be asked twice. I stood up and pulled my jeans off.

'sit down you too' she said

So me and james sat on the sofa next to each other with only our tops on, hard cocks out and mum knelt infront of us on her knees and started wanking us both. Me and james leant out one hand each and started rubbing her tits.

' oh that gets me so wet when you rub my tits' she said
me and james started rubbing harder

'I cant take it'

She then edged closer and started sucking james cock. Oh wow he said as I watch her head going up and down on his cock. She was sucking for about 3-4 mins when she looked at me and said you want a go?

Why not? she then edged over to me and started sucking my cock. Fuck she could suck dick. James go up still rubbing his cock and went behind her.

'linda get on all four' he said

mum had moved to the all fours position, still sucking on my dick, when james knelt behind her and pulled her thong to one side. He then put 3 fingers straight into her wet pussy. It was bald. She stopped sucking me for a second looked up and went 'ohhh that's so nice' I watched as james then took his cock and put in her wet pussy, @ohhhhhhhhh she moaned as it went inside her.

James had only must of gone back and forth about 5 times when she screamed ' im gonna cum don't stop. So james went faster and I watched her face change as you could tell she was cumming. 'oh fuck oh fuck she moan as he whole body shaked. James carried on fucking her when we tole her to sit on the couch.

She got up and pulled her thong over so she was totally naked. Me and james stood by the side of her and wanked off. We was ready to cum,

'oh yes whos cumming first she said' In my mouth she smiled and james

So she lent over and opened her mouth near james cock, he didn't take long he shoot a huge load into her mouth. Running down her chin and onto her tits.

'im ready' I said

I wanked so fast I pushed james out the way and sprayed my huge load on her face tits and stomach.

'oh wow that was the most cum ive ever seen from you too' she said looking down and he naked cum covered body.

She sat there naked for about 5 mintues breathing heavily and then said right guys I need to shower im soaked. and got up and walked out naked.

Me and james just looked at each other and said wow.
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i love a shapely mature being hypersexual