Cock and Craig's List: A Lust Story

I don't usually use Craig's List to find someone to fuck (or, more importantly, to fuck me), but I was feeling adventurous this one weekend and wanted to try something new.

I was 26 and I was scrolling through a bunch of ads, most of which I'm sure were fake, unless you really believe there are 24-year old hotties who can't get laid, so they'll settle for older, creepy guys site unseen. For some reason, one stood out to me; it read: "38-yo married, well-hung M looking for discreet FWB situation at least once a week, top mostly (but versatile). Must be clean/discreet. Keeping this between us is WELL worth your time, trust me."

My cock perked up and I had to e-mail this guy to see what his story is. After a few hours, he wrote back and said that he's wealthy and fit and works in the financial sector. He's happily married, he claimed, but that he has the urge to suck a cock, and that's just something his wife doesn't have for him. After exchanging a few photos each and I told him my schedule (and body) is flexible, we agreed to meet at a local gay bar and see if this is an arrangement that can work for us. He wouldn't tell me his full name, just that his first name was Brian.

His photos were quite sexy, so I was looking forward to meeting him, deciding I'd make sure he knew that if we didn't hook up, it wasn't because I wasn't interested, or available.

When we met, it was during happy hour at a bear bar that I had been to many times (most of the time, I entered alone, and didn't leave that way), on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn't too crowded and he spotted me right away. I got there first and got a table in the back and he sat down when he saw me. He was even better looking than I saw in his photos. Tall, perfectly tan and fit with short hair, very clean cut and well-dressed. I already decided before that I'd go to bed with him, but now I may just need to jump him.

He asked my story and I told him I had been hooked on sucking cock since I was a teenager and always loved it. I was clean, safe and discreet and I never had an STD. He said "excellent, I think we'll like each other, then." I asked him his story and if his wife stopped giving it up, or what. He said the exact opposite. she's sexually adventurous, sexy, and actually something of a freak. He showed me a photo of her in a bikini and she's quite hot. She's got a perfect tan, amazing figure and huge tits. What's the problem, I asked? "There's no problem, and I love my wife, but there are some things she can't shove a big, throbbing cock down my throat, and I've been craving that lately; a strap-on just isn't the same." I told him I had a hard cock and a waiting asshole and I have never outed anyone for the fun we had. He explained that, with his job in finance and his marriage to his hot wife, he couldn't afford to have anyone find out. "Do you know what would happen if the 'big swinging dick' in the office was found to also be sucking dick?," he asked. I tried to reassure him that the secret would be between us and that I had no interest in letting this out. I told him, "a finance guy who likes cock isn't terribly shocking outside of your friends and f****y, but if you were a Congressman, that would be another matter." That seemed to put him at ease.

We agreed to get together for the first few weeks, at least, on Tuesday nights after work. I agreed and said that worked well for me. Then, he said, one more thing, "Let's go in the restroom and play 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.'" I followed him to the restroom and we went in one of the stalls. They were surprisingly roomy. He quickly took down his pants and showed me his cock. Saying he's "well-hung" was an understatement; he must have been 13-14". I was in lust and had to drop to my knees and take as much of it in my mouth as I can. I sucked him as much as I could - I couldn't deep throat the whole thing, but I could take a little more than half. After he shot, I took his full load and asked for more. "We're going to have a lot of fun together," he said as he pulled up his pants and zipped up. He was pleased with my length and girth.

Two days later, on Tuesday night, I met him in the parking lot of the cheap motel he told me to be at. It was on the outskirts of town, in a sort of sketchy neighborhood. He paid for the room, but paid cash. Judging from his looks, the desk clerk who rang us up probably thought it was weird that we didn't have any luggage and asked for just one king-size bed, but whatever, we were getting laid and he wasn't.

When we went into the room, we didn't waste much time. Our clothes were off in seconds and we were on the bed kissing. I moved my mouth down to licking each nipple while reaching for his cock. Before I took it in my mouth, I told him, "I can now give you a proper blowjob and not have to worry about someone who may need to take a piss really bad."

As I was giving him one of my famous blowjobs he said I had to stop because he didn't want to cum just yet. He wanted to pound my asshole with his huge cock, and I was all the willing to do so. He wasn't gentle, but just shoved his hard unit deep into my ass. The saliva from my blowjob was all the lube we used. It hurt for a second because it was so huge, but started to feel good after just a few strokes. I couldn't get enough of what was easily the biggest cock to be in my ass. If there was anyone who was in the motel who didn't hear my screams of pleasure ("Oh god, keep fucking my slutty, willing ass"), I would be surprised.

After he shot deep into my anal cavity, he wanted to get his lips around my cock. He was a little rough at first but found his groove and was sucking like a pro after a few minutes. I shot a load into his mouth and he swallowed it all.

We both realized that it had been three hours since our fuck fest started and he said he really needed to get home, and that he doubted his wife would believe that he was three hours late getting home because he stayed late at the gym. "But of course, I did get one hell of a workout."

While we were getting dressed, I asked him why he had the interest in cock all of a sudden and if I was his first piece on the side. He explained that when he was a teenager, he and a neighbor boy used to play together and touch each other's dicks and put them in each others' mouths. One day, he brought another classmate home to do the same, and they got caught by his parents and he had to go live with his grandparents. They never got to play again and he was missing the fun they had. The nostalgia and longing became stronger and stronger, until he had to act on it.

I was just glad my ass and cock were there for when he decided he was really craving it. When we did meet, it was every Tuesday for about 6 months (and hot, hot weekend while his wife's job sent her away for a few days) and it was some of the hottest sex I've ever had. And it only got better and hotter each subsequent week.
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1 year ago
There is something very erotic about going to a motel room with a man for the purpose of having sex and even today I get excited when entering a motel room because I remember all the men who took me to one when I was younger.
1 year ago
keeping me hard here dude...more please ;)
1 year ago
I like your description of the action in the bathroom stall... mmm!

Perfect detail and good writing.
2 years ago
2 years ago
more please
2 years ago
Great stuff. Please give us more. Thx!