Big Black Cocks and Hip Hop Beats

My mother always said never talk to strangers. It's something I kept to until my sex drive became too much and I only thought about getting laid all the time. Then, all bets were off and it became "don't talk to strangers you wouldn't fuck." I like that rule better.

The most memorable time this came into play was when I was walking through downtown and was approached by this younger black guy selling his own rap CDs to people on the street. I was 24 at the time and he was probably 21 or 22. I had fucked around with some older, chubby black guys (and they were great in bed, or in one case, a restroom stall - but that's another story for another time), but as of late, I was really craving a big, black cock from a young guy like this stud.

When he first started talking to me, he was smooth, naturally charismatic. I couldn't tell if he was trying to sell me a CD or flirt with me. I was trying to feign interest while I imagined what his cock would feel like in my tight asshole. I heard a few words here and there about his music and how hard he works ("hard," sent me back to daydreaming) and how he's got lots of shows coming up and some other older local rapper was taking him under his wing. ("I could take you under something else, if you want," I thought.)

My ears perked up when he said, "I'm going to give you my CD for free, and I'm going to write my personal phone number on it." I decided I was going to be flirty and see if he was receptive. I've seen so many rap videos with hot rappers and chicks in bikinis that I couldn't help but masturbate to, but I always assumed they were straight and not interested in my cock. Is this guy always this forward for anyone who he thinks might buy a CD.

I offered him my phone number and said I was definitely interested in hearing his album, going to a show, or "seeing more of" him. He punched my number into his phone and called me right away and said, "now we have each other's number. I really want to stay in touch with you."

I didn't even get his name (I later learned it is Marques), but maybe a half hour later, I got a text message from him saying, "I hope you like the music, and I'd love it if you came to my apartment tomorrow night for a private listening party. Text me back for directions."

I wrote back saying I'd love to, asked for directions and what I should bring. He gave his address and said, "just bring your sexy self." Yeah, he wanted a little more than just me buying a CD from him, unless "buying a CD" was a euphemism.

I started getting even more excited than usual and couldn't wait until the next night. This was Thursday, so I'd be seeing him on Friday. I started listening to the CD, and the songs were a lot about being a tough guy on the streets. Then there was one that was all about sex. He was supposedly fucking this chick, and used all kinds of cliches and euphemisms and it was hilarious. For a minute, I worried if I was misreading his advances, but he did call me sexy. Or, maybe he's bi, like I am.

Friday night finally came and I went to the door of his apartment building (it was a pretty nice building) and he buzzed me in. He lived on the eighth floor and I took the elevator up to his apartment, number 806.

When I knocked on the door, he opened up and he was in a pair of baggy jeans and a vest that was unbuttoned and no t-shirt underneath. He had one sexy body that was perfectly ripped. It looked like he spends all day, every day at the gym. I was turned on.

When I walked into his living room, I saw that we weren't alone. There was another young black guy there with him. He introduced us and I was sort of disappointed because I thought we were going to be alone to fuck. His friend was pretty sexy too, but I didn't know why he was there.

Marques got me a drink, he poured me a glass of champagne, and then said that his friend was over and he could join us, or he could send him on his way. I said that I came over because I thought we were going to fuck, and if he wanted to make it a threesome, I was totally into that, or if I misread the situation, I'd be happy to be on my way.

He said that it looks like we were all on the same page, then. Marques explained that he and his friend, another rapper, like to pick up guys they found sexy and bring them back to Marques' place for a hot three-way. They thought I would be into it, so the other guy was there when I showed up. He thought right.

We moved to the bedroom and we all got naked in just a few moments. I didn't think it was possible, but Marques' cock was even bigger than I imagined. It was at least 10" long and think. When it was hard, it looked like a steel beam. His friend's cock was nice too. It wasn't as long or thick, but I'd have no trouble taking it all in my mouth, or ass.

What I learned quickly is that Marques really, really likes sucking cock. He was all over mine from almost the minute I pulled my pants down. The friend likes to be a top. Fine with me, they can suck my cock and fuck my ass all night and I'd be happy.

We did a lot more than that. A lot of the time, we were like a sandwich, with me, the white guy, in the middle. The friend would pound away at my ass while Marques would suck me or stroke my cock and kiss me. I fucked both of them, too, and sucked on their big cocks. Marques was hard to deep throat because it was so big (and I could only get most of it in my mouth), but he shot one huge load down my throat.

We were almost collapsed into a three-person mountain of bodies covered in sweat and cum and lube, but before we finished, I had a request. I needed (not wanted, needed) Marques to fuck me in the ass with his huge cock. None of us had all that much energy left, but he found enough to get it hard again and once it slipped into my ass, with some lube and cum to help, he got a second wind. I was doggy style and loving every thrust into my tight asshole. He shot a huge load into my ass when he finally came. Marques told me that I took his cock better than almost everyone else that they've brought home. I felt like such a champ for taking it all.

When none of us could fuck any longer and we were all beat, we looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:30am Saturday morning. I got there at 8, and we didn't talk that much. Were we really fucking for 10 straight hours? I couldn't remember a time once we got into the bedroom where someone didn't have their lips on my cock, or cock in my ass, or where my cock was in somebody's ass or my mouth had somebody's cock into it.

When we couldn't fuck any longer, I said I should probably go home. After cleaning myself up and getting dressed, we all decided we needed to do this again, and often (and we did a few more times).

While in the elevator going down, there was a woman who lived in the building in there, going for a jog at 7 in the morning. She was also in her mid-twenties, brunette and really fit. She looked at me and said, "Walk of shame, huh?" I said yep, and she said I had a "just-fucked look." Then she said to me, "I'm a big gossip, can you tell me what apartment you were in? I like to know which of my neighbors are getting laid." I told her 806 and her mouth just dropped. She asked if it was Marques, the rapper, and I said yes. She told me that she wanted to fuck him as long as he's lived in the building and didn't know he was gay. I said that maybe he's bi, like me, but he was an amazing fuck. His friend was hot too. She said, "His friend? The guy he's with all the time? I don't know his story, but he's always over. I would totally fuck them both."

When we got out of the elevator, she said she had to go for her jog now, but asked if we could exchange numbers. We actually hooked up a few times, too, after she grilled me for details about Marques and his spectacular cock.
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1 year ago
Interesting story. Wonder if it's true, haha.
2 years ago
2 years ago
your story gave me a woody