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[Story] My First Sexual experience

My parents were working in a steel company in Vishakapatnam. My self and younger b*****r were staying with our grand parents in our ancestral home at Kerala.After school final my father suggested that I have my college studies in Vishakapatnam staying with them. So my uncle made arrangements for my travel and I was sent along with one of my parents colleagues who was also working in the same company. They took good care of me providing me with lot of food and explaining the life at Vishakapatnam.At last we reached there the next day evening. My parents were at the station to receive me. We ... Continue»
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[Story] Golden Mom CHAPTER 2

Peggy came from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. And saw her son sitting
on her bed. He was sitting in the middle of her bed. His cock and balls were
still hanging from his shorts, his legs crossed.
Johnny looked up at his mother, his eyes seeing her long, slender thighs,
the way the towel was tucked just over her swelling tits. The flap of the
towel did not quite close near her left hip, and he stared at the creamy
naked flesh.
Peggy stood in the doorway of her bathroom, staring at her son.
Johnny's cock was half-hard again, and he had her panties in his hand,
rubbing them at... Continue»
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[Story] My earliest masturbation, and my sons love

You start by feeling the rigid contours of your vagina on the outside of your panties. When you're young your vaginal lips are so well defined, so like an irresistible itch, tracing their contours can have an arousing effect, with your fingers slipping under the elastic of your panties, over the smooth pubis, down between the moist warm lips, and inside your being, where at this point, your inexperienced mind takes over, and all sorts of fantasies about sex, men, boys, and some sorts of a****ls, drive your fingers, like pistons of a well oiled engine, slim hips arched into a receiving position... Continue»
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[Story] I WANT IT NOW!"

Terri sat in front of the mirror and dried her hair.
She had to rub a clear spot on the foggy mirror from
time to time. That's because Bobby was still in the

He had been waiting patiently, sitting on the chair at
the dressing table when she got finished with her own
shower. She'd stepped out naked, glistening with water
droplets and his eyes had raked over her, as they
always did, as they had for as far back as when she was
thirteen and he was twelve.

That's why she stayed in the bathroom and dried her
hair, instead of just going to her room and letting it
dry... Continue»
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[Story] Girls showering, and I had my camera ready for him

'Can you get some photos of her'?

I smiled, as I casually replied I could. 'Fucking hell', was his only utterance, and I could clearly see he was squeezing his dick, with his hand in his pocket, as he eyed Veronica up and down from the sidelines, as she swept past us in her hockey outfit.

'What a body', he moaned, as the thought raced through my mind he was going to shoot his wad, just thinking of what Veronica looked like in the 'Scuddie', that's what I was proposing, selling nude photos of my classmates as they paraded around au-natural, for known pervs to wank off to.

'Hey', I nud... Continue»
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[Story] My first Sex Experience--part 2

After my first encounter with the guy i met in the woods,it was a week later when i spotted him walking back to the bushes we had first met.I had enjoyed it so much i decided to follow,hoping for a second helping.He looked around to see if there was anyone around and spotted me.He becond me into the bushes and i followed.He said "Hello,did you like last week",i nodded a yes,"Do you want to do it again",i nodded another yes.With that he undid his trousers and took out his limp dick,i moved in closer and took it in my hand,as i stroked it i could feel it growing in my little hand untill it was f... Continue»
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[Story] Melanie

This story is fiction. Do not copy and use for distribution or use on another site.
Being a single grandfather in his early 50’s is not what i had envisioned while being married and having our own f***ly. But life takes it’s turns and we adjust to all of life challenges. I lost my bride 2 years ago to a tumor. I have kept busy not getting involved by working on my 25 acres. My daughter is yet another example. Jackie was in her 30’s, divorced and a single mom of a daughter that just turned th*****n. One thing Jackie did was put her in an all girls school . She didn’t want to have the u... Continue»
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[Story] The Start Of My Sexual Journey In Life

It was cold and I shivered. We were having fun, running around, playing as c***dren do, helping us keep warm, and holding the cold at bay.
But now, as I crouched low behind some 'Wheely bins', my body cooled as the nights cold breeze seeped into my exposed crotch, my short skirt offering no protection, as it rode high on my exposed legs, the hemline high enough to expose my crotch, my thin panties, clinging to my contours, and in the dulling light my finger traced my outline, my thighs wide open as I studied myself, my fingertip running around the circle and up and down the line of my vagina,... Continue»
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[Story] Anything For My Son

I was in the shower thinking about how long it has been since I have been with a man. I have spent the last several years since my husband left focused on my son. Sure I have had a few one night stands but those do not satisfy my thurst and craving for some serious cock. It is not that I am ugly-I get hit on all the time. I just want to keep all the crazys away from my teenage son. I want to keep all the drama away from him.

As I showered I got the feeling I was being watched. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone was peaking thru the door, it was my son. Just as I turned to bus... Continue»
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[Story] Mom showed me

I grew up with a single-parent, my mother. She was a juvenile mother
only f******n and some months when she gave birth to me. Her upstruck
parents threw her out but had the decency to provide for her while she
attended school, but when she was old enough to go to university they
stopped the money and left her on her own. Anyhow she managed to bring
me up, take a degree and work at the same time.
By the time she was twenty-six she had taken her degree and started to
work and by the same time I started to get curious about girls. More
then curious obsessed. So obsessed with what t... Continue»
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[Story] Johnny's First Cum on Mommy's Panties.

I was in grade five old and today had not been a great day. My mother was going to make it better though and change my life.

I came into the living room to find my mom, as usual on her chaise watching TV. She was dressed as usual in her housedress. She noticed my distress and asked what was wrong. I said some k**s had been mean to me. She urged me over to her chaise and I lay across her rather large body, my head on her big round breasts and she rocked me "There, there now, Mommy's going to make you feel better."

She reached up, opened the top buttons of her housedress and opened he... Continue»
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[Story] First Time w/ Daughter 2

"Daddy, Daddy, guess what I just found out?" Donna, my 1.-year-old, rushed in breathlessly.

"Well, tell me already,", I shot back. I wondered what could be so important...

"I just found out that Mommy's going to be out at a meeting this weekend, and we'll have the house to ourselves."

"And what does that mean?" I asked innocently, knowing what Donna meant all along.

She crumpled up her nose and said "D-a-a-a-d. It means that you can make me feel good again, with your finger in my pussy." She had picked up on the vernacular quickly, to my delight.

"Well, if she's going to be ... Continue»
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[Story] A Pony For Daughter (a****l sex stories)

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Chapter 1

"How are my folks treating you, Tammy?" Priscilla asked over the phone.
The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against
her ear.

"Your parents are real nice," Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness
revealed itself in the girl's voice. She was sitting at the bedroom
window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and people
bothered her. She wished she were back home on the farm in her own

"Your parents are great, too, Tammy," Priscilla said happily, cutting
into Tamm... Continue»
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[Story] Best Summer

I could not believe how this summer started. I tried to a big jump on my bicycle the first week out of school and crashed. I broke both my wrist and had cast on from hands to my elbows. I could not do anything, not even hold my dick to pee. Mom took off time from work to help me.
After a few days the pain wore off but the cast keep me from doing much. Mom had to help me do everything. It took some getting used to. The second week mom thought I should have a bath as I was starting to stink. She ran the tub and undressed me. I was pretty excited for her to see me as I had hair on my balls ... Continue»
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[Story] Carla 's education

The following story is ficticious. If it offends then leave this page. The sory is original and not to be copied or reproduced on any other site.

It was hell the day my wife takes off and leaves me with a beautiful thi**een year old daughter. She never even looked back at what would even happen to us. In fact, she acted like this was a part of her life that never existed. Well, good ridden to her and what she took off with.
I must admit it was not only a scary situation but one that presented challenges for a newly single father. What about all those things that only a mother can a... Continue»
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[Story] stuck in the Vets office

When I was 14 I had one of the worst days of my life.

I came home from school and found out my dog Queen had been hit by a car. My mom told me she was at the Vet and probably would not make it through the night. My mom was heading to her night job, so I raced my bike down to say good-bye to a dog I had had since I was a little girl.

I got the vet’s office and the assistant walked me back to the kennel area. She apologized for where they were keeping her, but that Queen was a big dog and they felt the kennel area was the best. I walked through this heavy steel door into a huge concrete r... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is

Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is my Prince

My daddy stood there staring at me with a grin on his face and his cock in hand. I put my electric toothbrush on my bed side table, grabbed my blanket over my naked body and sat up. We both looked at each other and didn't say a word. Finally I cleared my throat.

“Umm...H-Hi Daddy...” I was bright red and I looked down. Next thing I knew he walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I looked back at him. “I...um...w-why were you watching me...” I was so embarrassed to be having thoughts about my father licking my privates a... Continue»
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Mum raised a late f****y,that is she was about fifty at the time of our puberty. Of course back then sexual talk was a taboo as was much else not talked about. c***dren should be seen but not heard was what would now be classed as the benchmark. Who cares it didn't stop anything,in fact it was just more exciting.

So a point or two on those way off times. Schools were not co-ed. This meant males of any age were people of mystery to girls,to be spied on and explored when and if possible. Sexually that is! This innocence also applied equally to boys/men. There was a regimented system in sc... Continue»
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[Story] Golden Mom chapter 5

Peggy floated about the house.
The changes in her, and in Johnny, were pleasantly surprising. As young
as he was, she couldn't get over how willing and eager he was to do things
many grown men would not do, or even think of doing. She was surprised at
her herself too. She found it intensely exciting to piss, especially with
her son close by. This thing about pissing didn't bother her, nor did it
bother her son.
She was no longer hesitant to let her son see her naked, see her cunt
and ass and tits. Johnny showed more interest in her cunt and ass than her
tits, but she didn't mi... Continue»
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[Story] Golden Mom CHAPTER THREE

Johnny caught her hand before she moved away.
"Where are you going, Mom?"
"Oh, honey," she said. "I'm just going to the bathroom. I'm not leaving
the house."
She felt good that her son wanted her to stay with him, in his presence.
Her husband had never reached for her like this. She squeezed his hand,
and tried to pull free. But Johnny held tightly, a white moustache of milk
on his upper lip.
She pressed her thighs tight as the urge to piss grew.
"Honey," she murmured, "I've got to go. I won't be long." -
But Johnny clung to her, sitting there and looki... Continue»
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[Story] Golden Mom

Golden Mom

Peggy looked around carefully. She had to piss, piss badly, and the house
was too far away. She was one of those women who, when they had to piss,
had to piss immediately. When she had to hold it in, she became acutely
uncomfortable, and much to her embarrassment, had pissed into her pants
at certain times. She was in the vegetable garden, and it would have been
easy to piss if she had been wearing a dress. But she was wearing jeans,
tight jeans. Johnny was in the house, but he could be looking out of a
window at her. She kn... Continue»
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[Story] time for a change - part 2

same as before.....purely fiction ;-)


my brief encounter with riker, my lab, had thrown up a lot of conflicting feelings for me. i´ve always loved sex and never been worried about exploring my sexuality, but here i was having dipped a toe into a whole new world of experience. the question was, how far was i willing to go?

the day after i was on another planet at work, with my mind recalling in detail his rough tongue running over my sensitised pussy, and the amazing way he made me cum. my workmates noticed i was distracted and not functioning 100%, so i told them ... Continue»
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[Story] time for a change

note - this is a work of fiction....*winks


things were somewhat different after i split with my ex. yeah, sure i had a lot more space and didn´t have to tidy up crap that wasn´t mine, but not having a nice thick cock there on demand for the last 3 months had left me feeling horny.....very horny to say the least! during that time i must have raised the share price on duracell on my own.

so there i was, alone in the house. i´d just taken riker, my liver coloured labrador for his walk, got in and showered, had something to eat and settled down to what had become m... Continue»
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[Story] I allowed my b*****r to enjoy me

My b*****r is three years older than me, so you can imagine how I felt when I first saw him in his glory.

He has a magnificent physique, in my eyes, but if the truth be known, he was the first naked male I had laid eyes on, and yes all the giggling and innuendo we girls talked excitedly about men, just fell to the wayside as I looked at my b*****r, teasing me, pretending to be a strip tease dancer, his penis swinging around wildly as he swayed his hips and thrust them provocatively in my direction.

I laughed at his crude antics, but it had an effect on me that day. I was at that age when... Continue»
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[Story] Blackmailed by my s*n

I am 16 years old and I am going to a local college close to my house. My
cute 38 year old m*m still likes to sunbathe nude during the day, always dressed when i get back from college and unaware that i have seen her. She has a fabulous body, i think all the time she spends in the gym has paid off. Shes toned and pert!and as yet the only real woman i have seen naked.
It began one sunny lunch time when i nipped home, she had fallen asl**p and dad had taken our German shepherd Kiaser to the vets, this was the start of me watching her naked when ever i could! Which sadly was not often as i ... Continue»
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[Story] Blackmail s****r with video

I am 21 years old and I am going to a community college. I have an apartment close to my parents house. My little 16 year old s****r still lives there. She is done school now and I had been invited over for a supper at my parents place. I decided to show up and hang out with my s****r a little after lunch.

When I left the house to get an apartment we got two black labs from a litter. They were both male dogs and we never had any b*****rs growing up so we called them out adopted b*****rs lol

I took Digger (guess why he got that name :P ) to my parents house so that he would play with his... Continue»
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[Story] My Curious Son, and the Biggest Mistake of My Life


My name is Sophie. I'm a 35 year old single mother with two wonderful c***dren. I have a beautiful 19 year old daughter and an adorable 16 year old son. Their names are Sam and Ben. My c***dren are my world... I love them more than any possible combination of words could hope to describe. I've always tried to be the best mother I could be given the circumstances, no matter how poor they may be. Life has never been easy on me, but I try my best each and every day. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I always seem to find a way to turn a seemingly bad situation into so... Continue»
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[Story] A walk with Whitney.

Jenny is a single mom who lives down the street from me. She has a bangin little body and I've been her "on call" pussy licker for quit a while.

One day I was going for a walk in the woods by our houses. There are some very secluded areas out there. I usually take my backpack with a blanket, find a nice quiet area, get naked and jerk off. But today my plans would get changed. As I was walking past Jenny's house her d****ter Whitney was out front. She said "hi Jon, where ya goin". I told her I was just going for a walk in the woods and she said "can I come with you"? I thought to myself, "Sh... Continue»
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[Story] How it happened the first time.

This is true events as best I can remember it. It deals with the man that deposited his gift of life into the lady that gave birth to me. Think, that over an you should be able to know who I am talking about. I know it may be slow and kinda boring as I set things up for the real fun things. Hang in there and I think you may like what really happened to me.
I have always been a curious girl even at a young age. I had to know the answers to many of life issues as long as I can remember. So, growing up in a home were nudity was never anything looked down on. Walking around the house or ev... Continue»
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[Story] Breaking Babysitter Rules

When I was twelve my parents needed to leave town for a friend's wedding. I couldn't come since I had advance classes to take every Saturday. Not that I was a genius or anything, it was just part of our school's program back then.

None of our relatives were really free enough to stay with me and they didn't trust me enough to leave me by my self for the weekend. So they called Janice, the next door neighbor's niece who lived not too far from my neighborhood.

She was a nice girl who used to help me out with my homework 'til I was ten. She was about six years older than me and she knew how... Continue»
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