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[Story] Fucking My Lovely Son

Please Note: This is not my story or neither written by me but it is a real story happened to my online friend. Based on my request, he wrote this erotic story.

My name is Pomela D’souza. I am an Indian from Bombay living in Bahrain [the Arabian gulf]. I am 5ft 7,I have a juicy ass, 34d boobs and I’m slightly muscular. I am 43 years old and I have a husband named Paul, a 15 year old son Shawn and another 3 year old son Mike. I’ve been fucking Shawn for almost 4 years now. This story is all about how it all started. I only told my friend Carol about this and she suggested that it would make ... Continue»
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[Story] Story 1, Break the Hymen, See the Blood

A girl can only lose her virginity once.

She may, or may not bleed, may, or may not feel her hymen break, but what is important to her, is that a cock must take it, claim her maidenhead and hang wherever the owner of that cock wishes to hang it for display, and be honest and truthful to admit he was the man who took you from being a girl to a woman.

But as we have no way of really knowing if a girls cunt has ever felt a man's cock move inside her, before yours, it must be said, she can lose this revered commodity several times, indeed, if I am truthful, I have enjoyed surrendering it ove... Continue»
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[Story] She was too young...

A few years ago, I met my girlfriend on an online meeting site. She wasn't physically my type, but she had an attitude that made me horny anyway. She was kinky and I made a few first experience with her. But the story isn't about her, but about her daughter: Anna.

When I first met Anna, she was 8. Cute little girl, but arent they all. Boys were "Heeewww..." for her. The first problem came in when she was 10. By that time, we were at ease in a new appartment. Walking around in underwear was pretty commun. That morning, she went for a shower. She called me to come help her. There she was bent... Continue»
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[Story] A Very Horny Story from a Girl

I was always considered the quiet one, well behaved, polite, dresses sensibly, does her homework, etcetera, etcetera.
Parents just love to boast about the virtues of their daughters and of course, mostly for the sake of piece, I played along.
The problem I was beginning to feel was boredom, everything was flat and lifeless, then sitting in the park one Sunday, I espied a guy acting strangely.
He was waving and when I looked around there was no one near us, so I began to suspect he was meaning me, so I pointed to myself, and he nodded yes, then he waved for me to come over to him.

I looke... Continue»
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[Story] Just heard Brian's first was with Cousin Beth

Last night we had 3 pregnant girls and men together for a nice dinner.
Zoe and I are showing big time. Kristen not at all, yet.

Somehow we are all mixed up and Zoe calls us to order with the command "Lets go sit on our baby daddys lap." Which was evil cause she knows. Poor Osei is all alone while Kristen and I are sharing Ken. Evil. Need to ask her why she did that.

Talk gets to sex and first times. So I've always been curious about Brian's first. After he started talking I told him I had to tape it. His words.

f****y vacations for many years were in upper Michigan on the lak... Continue»
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[Story] The mother

Chapter 1

Mandy Todd stretched her long, slender body on the huge towel, the hot
sand beneath her. She rested her face on crossed arms, her smoldering
eyes hidden behind dark glasses. Her rich auburn hair moved lazily in
the slight breeze coming off the ocean.

Sitting at her side, her young son Derick was pouring tanning oil onto
her back, rubbing it into her satiny flesh. His hands felt good on her
skin, the slow way they moved up and down from her shoulders to her
skimpy bikini bottom. She had untied her halter, not wanting to have a
tell-tale strip of whiteness on... Continue»
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[Story] Jessica's farm adventures1Part 1

My name is jessica and this is a story about how i lost my virginity at only 13. I grew up on a farm with my aunt and uncle since my parents died when i was very young. I didnt have many friends or even many people to talk to because the closest town was 50 miles away and the population there was only about 100 people anyways since it was isolated far away from civilization. I didn't have a boyfriend because I wasnt the most popular girl in my school , i wasn't fat or ugly, just a bit of an antisocial nerd i guess, and my last boyfriend was in like the second grade. I was 10 when i got my firs... Continue»
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[Story] A Little s****r b*****r Thing, plus mother and ne

Part 4 cont.
“Well Mr. Stud did you save any for me?” And she reached down and took hold of the limp organ and bent to suck it to life. Jerry was a young man in the prime and so it did not take long before his cock was hard again. Nita pushed Jerry back and Sarah just moved aside enough for Nita to climb on top of Jerry and impale herself on his cock.

Sarah was still hot and the sight of Nita sitting on Jerry’s cock was just more of a turn on. Sarah started to rub her pussy when she noticed the bl**d. Ah hell, well no matter she thought and simply rubbed her pussy bl**d and all, the ... Continue»
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[Story] Adam's Two Sisters

Being just a month short of turning fifteen, the hormonal rage that
flowed through Adam's lean body wasn't any kind of anomaly. All of the
typical reactions to that crush of hormones were well in play, the unending
sense of horniness and the seemingly endless erections, the nearly constant
masturbation that only served as a very temporary relief to the burning
desire to fuck somebody, anybody, and right now, and then again.

Adding to Adam's terrible angst was the fact that he was f***ed to live
a lifestyle of near isolation, save for his immediate f****y. His Father
worked as a... Continue»
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[Story] A DAUGHTER'S STORY (For Yng_Daddiesgirl)

There was only thing I looked forward to every summer: the weekend camping trip with my dad. It is always just the two of us. Mom hates the forest so it was never a problem keeping here at home. I loved being alone with my daddy and watch him in the woods as he set up our camp. The location where we usually settled was right by a river which was just deep enough to swim in. I cannot tell you tthe thrill the first time I saw him in his very tight swim suit and the lovely bulge.
Only one person the world knew about my little crush on my daddy and that was my best friend Shannon who was two ye... Continue»
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[Story] All about me :-) Part 2

I think for this chapter Im going to try & give a little more background on what led up to us k*ds being interested in playing.So ,again I hope you enjoy Chapter 2& if you do please comment. :-)
My parents were always very open about sex as a rule. I guess it came from the early 70's ,free love time that they grew up in. My mom would walk around in just a bikini or her pantys & bra on on hotter days,which in Texas happens a lot. So it wasn't unusual for her to be seen outside doing some chore in a bikini bottom with her gorgeous tits free of any cloths.
So I guess I noticed my s****rs ... Continue»
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[Story] All about me :-)

Hello everyone:-) Well everyone has told me to write a story on my fam*ly adventures so here goes.Please keep in mind that Im not a writer of any recognition but I hope you find it both entertaining & arousing.
First off I want it clearly known that I have never considered myself a victim & don't now. So with that being said here goes.
I was blessed with being born into a rather large fam*ly. I have 3 s****rs & 1 b*****r, all older so I was the baby of the crowd & got to see
& do pretty much anything. I guess I was a little spoiled.
My s*s*ers & b*o*her were playing before I was old ... Continue»
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[Story] My Daughter Cindy Part # 3

It was Thursday morning and I started to wake up with a feeling of excitement as I felt a pair of lips moving over the top of my now semi-hard cock, looking down and watching the sheet move with the outline of a head under them. I laid back and thinking, yes a morning blow job from the wife. I always liked them. WAIT! My wife left yesterday! I pull the sheet away and there is my daughter, completely naked, looking up at me, holding my now fully erect member in her hand and pulling her mouth off the top saying; " Good morning daddy!" ( giggles)

I lean up on my elbows,looking back ... Continue»
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[Story] My Daughter Cindy 2

It would be a couple of weeks before we could finally be alone together to finish what we started. During that time Cindy now pranced around in the mornings wearing short tops with no bra and just her panties, where before she was pretty conservative. It was driving me nuts to watch that sweet little ass of hers swaying around and those little tiny budding tits bounce under her thin fabric shirt.

Every time we would be alone in the kitchen for a moment, she would take that opportunity to rub herself up against me, or to quickly take her hand and rub up and down the front of my paja... Continue»
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[Story] An apple a day

As a young girl, I learned how good it felt to have a doggie licking me. It began one day as I was sitting on a curb licking my ice cream cone with my dog, Lassie. I had on a very short little dress. As I sat there eating my ice cream, some of it dripped off my cone and fell between my legs.

My short dress was way above my thighs, exposing my panty clad pussy as the ice cream dropped. I spread my little thighs as I looked down to see the sticky ice cream had landed on my thin panties, right on the thin material that was covering my small pussy. Before I knew it, Lassie eased her nose betwee... Continue»
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[Story] My First Time (quickie)

Since I reached puberty I have wanted to see a woman’s pussy. I accidentally saw my mother, Martha, naked yesterday. There was no shower in the master bedroom so mom always used the one in the hall. I entered the unlocked hall bathroom door to take a pee. Mom had just stepped out of the shower. She did not yell at me and just turned her back to me I thought the hair I had seen on her pussy made her look much more beautiful and sexy. I thought she had a beautiful ass.

This morning, the short video I was watching ended as I heard mom call, “Lloyd, I need you to bring some towels to the bathro... Continue»
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[Story] mom taking care of me 3

Story continued. Introducing new things to each other. Comment and let me know what you think. Im trying to write more things for differant people that enjoy differant fetishes. Thanks for reading.
The next morning we wake up from an amazing night. I look around and see our clothes still lying on the floor where my mom had thrown them. My mom starts to stand up and gives me a sexy look and a smile.
"Morning baby."
"Morning mom."
"Did you sl**p good last night?" My mom asks me with a smerk.
"I dont think i've ever slept that good." As I smile back at her.
I look down and see dried up c... Continue»
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[Story] I had a sexual relationship with my ex wifes niece

It's been nearly a decade ago but the experiences I had with my ex-wife's niece left a very profound mark on me.
She was very young at the time and I was in my 20's. It all started one day when I went to her house to help her father with a car he was working on.
Once she got home from school she couldn't wait to show me her new ATV she had gotten for her birthday.
She and I had always been very close I think because she had sort of a crush on me.
Anyway she insisted that we go for a ride and she had to drive.
They lived on a large wooded area so we took off some pretty rough tra... Continue»
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[Story] Filming Girls for his sexual pleasure

'Mariel, here is a small conundrum for you to ponder'.

I swallowed hard, he mentioned my name, spoke directly to me, 'Fuck I think I am going to pee my knickers, right here in front of him'.

The plastic chair I sat on felt hard on my ass. My girly bum, though still at its tomboyish stage in my teenage life, could feel every contour the chair had to offer, I think men deliberately choose them so the girls would hurt, and make us aware of our cunts.

The bell rang, 'Thank fuck for that', I thought, and I stood up and stretched my aching torso, not to mention, adjusting my knickers from ... Continue»
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[Story] I spread my Labia and let him enter.

'Only one delivery left'. Those words passed through my head as I stopped at the head of the gravel driveway leading down to the big house.

I looked nervously at my wrist watch, it was 06:07am and already the sun was beating down on my neck, I had taken this paper-round to use the extra cash as summer beckoned, as did this final daunting delivery, the man was horny for me and always made sure I saw him, as naked as the day he was born.

His house is surrounded by trees, a perfect isolation that allows him liberties to expose himself to me, or anyone for that matter, but a girl like myself... Continue»
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[Story] Groomed, teased, and fucked, by my Mother's b

'At what age did you see your very first erection'.

That's easy, it was the morning after my *th birthday, yes that young.

Mom had a new boyfriend, and he was the first after daddy and her had split-up, almost two years to the day, as he left straight after my 7th birthday party, some present to hand your daughter daddy.

Mark, was moms new beau, and he wasted no time hitting on me, whether my mother knew this or not, I cant be sure, but his intentions, staying with us, afforded him time to watch me, show himself and groom me for is sexual perversions and fantasies.

I would lie awak... Continue»
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[Story] Just Like That?

With a Mom that she could only remember from photographs it was no wonder that Melissa's Father was her world. No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder but for one thing. He had lost his wife to cancer and was dam sure he would not loose his last link to her through skewed priorities.

Without a Mom, Melissa started sharing her most personal secrets with Dad almost as soon as she could talk. He seemed to have a knack for listening unlike what she saw with her friend... Continue»
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[Story] More Female Dark Sexual Secrets

It certainly raises eyebrows as it emerges there was a strong possibility she was that uninhibited, a repulsive thought to those sexually dead, a strange sensation bordering on incredulous, watching her perform and go the whole way.

We are of course discussing the indulgence and acceptable sexual pleasures that a girl will practice in her early years, when her mind is awash with this forbidden pleasure, as her long fingers reach between her quite literately quivering thighs, to encircle the warm rigid fleshy penis, trying its damnedest to couple with her, and guide him home, and pleasure he... Continue»
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[Story] It was inside me and I was powerless to stop it.

This story is tinged with shame, it is not something I am proud to admit to, but it happened when it was not supposed to, and as I recall the events, I realized just how easy it is to happen, and when it is happening, everything culminates to an incredible experience, and yes I have an extremely open mind and a willingness to be intimate with more than men.

I am older now and at an age where I can make such choices, but my first time was when I was confused about sexual matters, a hormonal imbalance that made me need to want it, not necessarily with what happened, but putting myself in such... Continue»
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[Story] Overnight Trip With Uncle Earl

It took a bit of convincing, but after several days of fierce negotiation Earl Francis agreed to drive his fifteen year old niece down to her grandparent's place where she could spend as month in the great outdoors. It wasn't that he didn't get along with young Willa. The fact was that he loved her to death. It was the idea of being trapped in a tiny car with a teenager for two days. It seemed to him that that was going above and beyond the call of familial duties. But they asked and they asked and they asked until he was worn down to nothing. When he finally said yes Willa threw her arms arou... Continue»
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[Story] Mother Daughter Tag Team

Most of you would close your eyes and fantasize about this dream team, a mother reliving her youthful past through her daughter's sexual exploits, a mother and father having sex watching their d***ken daughter being banged in her bedroom.

Voyeuristic encounters do make for good viewing, but actually tasting her fresh from his cock, adds another dimension to forbidden sex.

But wait, what is forbidden sex?

Good question, isn't it something that bears fruit inside your head, you think dirty and naughty all wrapped up in a pink bow, like I did that night watching my lover flirt with my te... Continue»
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[Story] a day at the beach

Last year my wife and I took my cousins daughter (lets call her Belle) on a camping trip to the beach for a couple of weeks and I tell you, it changed my life forever.

My cousins daughter was 14 at the time and just beginning to ripen and blossom into an amazingly attractive young woman - tall and slim with long brunette hair, and a smile that will melt men from now until the day she dies. I had fantasised about her for a while now, but it was getting harder and harder to ignore her body and she had become the frequent object of my masturbation fantasies.

The second day of our ... Continue»
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[Story] Little s*s

Miranda my little s****r just lay on my bed watching me get changed for bed. She reminded me of a cat the way she lie there unmoving her long raven black hair pillowed around her head, but it was her soft dark eyes half closed yet watching every movement with keen interest that told me she wasn’t here out of innocent boredom.

It was when I started to open my blue jeans that her eyes finally came open and she slightly lifted her head. I pushed down my pants and underwear together then stopped before my dick sprang into view. “Why do you come in here and watch me change every night”? I asked ... Continue»
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[Story] Hot Step Mom 4

Karen gently pulled the fleshy lips of her pussy apart, revealing the pink inner wet flesh and her large,swollen clit. Her thick clit sticking out like a small cock from her beautiful cunt. She tingled all over showing her step son her pussy close up. It took a few minutes for her to relax,then her thick golden stream squirted out.

Tom moaned as her hot piss splashed across his face and then into his mouth. Surprisingly he loved the sweet, salty taste of her hot piss. Swishing it around in his mouth before swallowing it. His mouth quickly filled again as it gushed from her open pink pussy.
... Continue»
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[Story] The dirtiest sex story ever

'So what, I am a girl and I talk dirty, I let men look at me, and yes I am always in a state of readiness, I have always been, that's what happens when you grow up watching your mum and dad fuck each other, as part of your home education regarding sex'.

Even my opening lines to you men reading this, are a challenge. I am a real person and I am challenging you to meet me and find out for yourself just how perverted a girl I am.

I love sex and full on intercourse, I am a liberated soul, blessed with a body men just dream about entering and freely seeding, backdoor and front, your choice.
... Continue»
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