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Why do women hate the word CUNT?
Posted by 23tim 2 years ago
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2 months ago
I thin you are right. Pussy does sort of roll off your tongue.
2 months ago
I love pussy as I feel like its stands for all of me where cunt is just a cunt. pussy makes it sound like a prowling cat. pussssssssy rolls off lips
1 year ago
I feel like the term reduces my whole person to that one part. It would be like calling a master electrician a "cable puller'. Any woman you find on here isn't going to be offended by dirty language in the right context, but reducing people to less than they are is the core issue.
1 year ago
and its not really nice it all depends on how you say it the girls are right here
1 year ago
I've noticed that most girls dislike that word when it's used as a word for them as a person (there are exceptions to every rule, it seems; some girls LIKE to be called that), and those of us who are sensitive to your feelings refrain from using that word. But then there is the word, "cunny" used to describe a girl's most delightful girly part. How do you feel about a guy calling your pretty little pink pussy a "cunny?" I personally think a cute little cunny is WONDERFUL!
2 years ago
Like SB said, we often hate it because it's used in a derogatory fashion, including the way it's said (ie. the amount of inflection/emphasis).
2 years ago
Maybe because we are rarely called 'pussies', but often referred to as cunts.
If it weren't used in a derogatory way might make a difference :)