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[Story] Mom Caught Me Chapter 2

I must have dozed off and when I woke up I thought it had all been a dream. I opened my eyes and realize it had not been a dream. There lay beside me naked was my mother. She was on her side facing me. Her tits were just a few inches from my face. I just stared at them for a couple of minutes. Then I inched forward and took one in my mouth and started to suck. I could feel the nipple get hard. I felt moms hand on the back of my head stroking it. She told me that what I was doing felt so good but, it was wrong and we had to stop. I heard her but, kept on sucking and she didn't stop ... Continue»
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[Story] Mom Caught Me

I was home from school early and I had the house all to myself. Mom wouldn't be home from work for at least an hour and a half, or so I thought. Like any other f******n year old I planned to do what every other boy my age did. Play with my cock. My latest fantasy was my mom. She was gorgeous. She had flaming red hair and green eyes and a perfect body. She was slim and fit. We were very close and held nothing from each other, except this. I had developed a fascination with her panties. I found a pair in the laundry recently and examined them. They were black and lacy. I notice... Continue»
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Question for women

Why do women hate the word CUNT?
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[Story] Auntie helps me

This is a fictional story.

I was staying with my Aunt Teri. The rest of my f****y had gone to a wedding in another state. It was a long trip and luckily I had an excuse. I was in football and couldnt miss practice for a week or I wouldnt be able to play. Besides I loved staying with my aunt she was a hottie. She was not that much older than me. I was 17 and she was 25. She was beautiful, with a slim body and nice titties and the loveliest long blonde hair that I had ever seen. Anyway she agreed to look after me while my f****y went to the wedding.

It was Thursdad and I was a ... Continue»
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[Story] The Saleslady- The Sequel

After our session in my office after Thanksgiving, things areound the office were just as if nothing had happen between Mrs. M and I. Her name was actually Mariel and since our company really frowned on employees having relationships, we both were really careful. That and the fact that she was married made it necessary that we kept our little secret. There were no repeats of our little affair much to my dismay. Marier was so fucking hot. When ever I saw her my cock would twitch, remembering where it had been.

A couple of months later there was an issue with one of Mariel's corpora... Continue»
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[Story] The Sales Lady Part 2

I stood up and walked around my desk. I took her hand and pulled her up into my arms. We kissed passionatly and groped each other for a few minutes. My cock was about to rip through my pants as I fondled her tits. They were not big tits, maybe a C cup, but the nipples were as hard as my cock. I pulled her skirt up to her waist and started to finger her hairy pussy. I took one of her stiff nipples in my mouth and began to suck it. Mrs. M. was moaning and rubbing on my swollen cock. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto my desk, lifting her feet up and spreading them open. I gazed a... Continue»
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[Story] The Sales Lady

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I needed an oil change on my car. I dropped it off at a dealer located just a few blocks from my office. I needed the walk and I had things to catch up on. Nobody was there of course, so I started to clear off my desk. It was nice not to be disturbed. After an hour or so, I heard the door open and close, but paid it no mind and continued to work. At one point I thought I heard a noise out in the outer office. Then I heard it again. It sounded like a moan. I got up and walked out to the cubicles, following the moaning. When I got close to the secon... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I part 5

For the next few month every chance we got we would strip and either masterbate each other or Mel would suck on my cock. I would suck on Mel's pussy and tits. Some times when we had both got off, we would just lay in bed and explore each others bodies. Mel was getting a lot more golden hairs on her pussy and loved it when I would pull on them a little. She especially liked it when I would suck on her tits and just run my hands down her belly and the insides of her thighs and then up to her pussy slit. I still wanted to stick my cock into her pussy but she insisted that we could do it ... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I part 4

We didnt get a chance to be together for the next couple of weeks. My mom and dad were always around. I had to settle for working things out by hand again. I had, however, been taking a pair of Mels used panties from the laundry hamper in the bathroom and got into the habit of smelling the crotch as I was jerking off. My cock got so hard from the smell. One Saturday I my s****r had been out all afternoon practicing barrel riding on her horse. She came in and took a shower afterwards. As soon as she was done and left the bathroom I grabbed her latest pair of really soiled panties. I cou... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I part 3

Mel was still shaking a little when I slid up beside and and kissed her full on the mouth. She moaned as she opened her mouth and mashed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth also, because she must know what to do. My hand slid down to her tit and I began to squeeze it and play with the nipple. Her hand moved to my now throbbing cock. Sliding the foreskin up and down over the purple head. She put her hand on my head and pushed me down her chest to her titties and told me to suck it. I began sucking on her nipple. She told me how it felt the best. Light sucking and then a little har... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I part 2

We laid that way for a long time, exploring each others bodies. Mel was facinated with my cock almost as facinated as I was with her pussy. She was squeezing it and pulling back the foreskin exposing my purple head. She played with my balls with her other hand, squeezing them and rolling them around in their sack. I was running my finger up and down her slit. Every time I got to the top of her slit, right where there was the tiny patch of yellow hair she would give a little jolt like she was shocked. I asked why she did that.

That is called a clitty or love button. It is makes me ... Continue»
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[Story] Watching a girl pee

My story begins at a county fair in Montana. I was 14 at the time and had been at the fair all day just hanging around with my friends. It was getting dark out and I was making my way to the exit. I walked by a beer garden where all the adults were drinking and having a good time. Behind the garden were the rest rooms. There was a long line for the ladies and I noticed one of them towards the end of the line looked like she was in agony having to pee so bad.
She was standing with her legs crossed and her hand down on her crotch kind of bouncing up and down. She was really cute. Maybe ... Continue»
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[Story] MY s****r AND I

My s****r and I grew up on a ranch in Montana. Since we were so far from town and other friends we were very close to each other. My s****r was just a year older than me. We couldnt even participate in sports or other school activities because we had to catch the bus home each night. Because of that we pretty much entertained each other.

One night when I was 13, my s****r Mel and I were just hanging in the basement den watch a movie and eating popcorn. Mel threw a kernal at me and that started the food fight. We were rolling around wrestling each other. We did that all the time but... Continue»
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