Me & my cousin Chelsea (1) part 2

We made our way into the bedroom by now her shirt was ripped off & she tore off her bra from the front. I chased her to her bed I grabbed her & threw her on the bed, I pulled my shirt off quick. started undoing my pants. She was pulling her pants off & left her little thong on. I got naked stroked my cock slowly.

I got on top off her & kissed while runnin my hands up & down her body. She moaned softy as i pulled off her thong. I spread her legs & eased inside her. as i did she kissed me so pationatly. I trusted in & out of her slowly as i kissed her. she wrapped her around behind me & pulled me into her. I started fucking her harder & faster. I was about to cum, somethin inside me said this was wrong we were f****y! but i looked her in the eyes & saw passion. When i came i whispered to her that i was cummin. she whispered back. If you love me like i love you cum in me! & then i came hard inside her. I f***ed my cock deep in her pussy when i came. I kissed her for the longest time. I rolled over on my back & she layed on top of me. She got surprised.

"Oh no!" "What whats wrong baby?" "What if i get pregnant!?! i bought condoms incase we ever got this far. & i got caught in the moment!" She sat up crying. "If i get pregnant how do i explain who the father to my mom & dad. How do you eplain to your fam that you knocked up your cousin!?" "We take it 1 step at a time. If you find out your pregnant i will take responsibility. I will marry you if thats possible since we are f****y already. If we cant, i will move in with you & help you raise the k**. There is still a chance you wont get pregnant too. Lets just hope for that.

After our first together we started seeing eachother. & we still are. Thankfully she didnt get pregnant. If we have sex more we will use a rubber. sorry the 2nd part was so short, i wanted to get this up quick i hope you like this. I have more stories i am goin to post that happen b4 me & my cousin Chelsea got together
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4 years ago
I don't know. I think if you cum in a woman she will get pregnant.
4 years ago
more would be even better
4 years ago
Very nicely done! Looking forward to more of your stories!
4 years ago
its well written & i would have waited for the longer version