Me & my cousin Chelsea (1) part 1

I hadnt seen my cousin in years. I saw her for the 1st time since she was 10. She was 18 when we saw eachother again. I went to a f****y get together near the holidays. When i saw her she was in tight jeans, nice firm ass, a low cut tshirt cleavage showing, & she had the right curves everywhere! I didnt know she was f****y until my parents talked to her's. She was so beautiful! we got to talking & she said she was moving into a friends appartment in town near where i live for college at a local community college i used to go 2. we are just 2 years apart. The more we talked the more we had in common. Our first time (1st time meaning we have more times together)together was a night her friend was outa town & me & her decided to go to see a movie.

This was the 1st time we didnt meet at the theater, anytime we hung out i always offered to pick her up. for some reason tonight she said "Could you pick me up this time?" She said her reason for not lettin me pick her up, was she didnt want it to look like we were dating. I told her "Its no prob, i can pick you up tonight." On the way to the movie she asked me something. "Can this be a date? I just havnt been on a date since i moved into town. & its been months. I feel like i really need a date." I was kinda shocked she asked if us goin to a movie could be a date. "Thats kinda an odd thing to say Chelsea, we are cousins. You wana say goin to a movie with your cousin is a date?" She said "Just act the way you would with any other girl." I told her "It'll be hard for me to pretend you are not my cousin." She said, "well could you just hold my hand when we walk & put your arm around me in the theater, since we are seeing a scary movie i will need to be close to you anyway if i get scared." I told her i could do that for her.

When we parked she didnt get out right away i ran around & opened the door for her. I held her hand & helped her outa my truck. We walked hand in hand into the theater. We sat down in the theater, from what we could tell there were a few couples there. We sat next to eachother near the front we were in front of another couple about our age. for some reason both chelsea & the other girl got up a min or so from eachother to go to bathroom. the guy behind me tapped my shoulder. "You hopin to put your arm around your lady too huh?" i laughed "Yeah, we both like scary movies but she likes know i'm there to be next to her. I bet your doin the same?" "I am dude"

During the movie she got really scared and put both arms around my neck & hid her face. I pulled her close. I even kissed her on her forehead & said everything was ok. She smiled at me. & kissed me on the lips saying, "I know, i'm glad you are here with me." i was shocked she kissed me but it felt right. When she looked at me & kissed me i saw real passion in those eyes of hers. i knew i had feelings for her but i didnt think she felt the same.

When we finished the movie i went to the restroom real quick, i keep 1 condom in my wallet at all times just incase. i said to the condom. cross your fingers buddy, i may need you tonight. I came out & took her hand as we walked out to the truck. I unlocked her door & opened it for her. I got in & she was scooting close to me. Let me tell you what she wore that night. She was wearing a denom skirt showing those beautifully tanned legs & a low cut top. she got against me & said "I hav had feelings for you since we saw eachother back during the holidays. Do you feel the same?" " i stroked her head & held her chin softly & said "I do feel the same." I kissed her softly at first but she came at me stronger! forcing my hands onto her breasts & legs. I started kissing her neck & squeezing her tits through her shirt. "Wana come back to my place?"

we drove back to her place & we walked to the door. "let me unlock the door." we made our way inside continueing to kiss. She f***ed me onto the couch. She stradled me & let me kiss her chest & lifted her shirt off i started kissin her boobs & licking them. "You wana go to bed with me Jim?" "Yes i wana go to bed with you."

more in the next story......
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2 years ago
we really need part 2 (and maybe 3 & 4)
3 years ago
Nice intro
4 years ago
when i was little i would hide under the bed and watch my much older cousin undress. i still long for those titties!
4 years ago
Very hot! I never went on a date with my cousin but we shared some special times together. Can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
you really need to finish this please
4 years ago
Get the knickers off her arse, Quick !
4 years ago
good so far
4 years ago
get busy writeing cause were ready to read more
4 years ago
4 years ago