Me first time was a little odd

I want to say i will be posting more stories of my sexual experiences. but i thought i would share my 1st time i ever had sex. You name it, i'v done it. I'v fucked a young girl, a milf, my cousin, & my aunt (the cousin & aunt, they are not related to eachother). total i have fucked 5 girls. the 5th isnt listed. the 5th was my 1st experience & i will share a few sentences about how that happened. & then i will share my actual 1st time cuming in a girl.

my 1st sexual experience actually happened when i was 9 years old if you can believe it. the girl was 8. We were friends & 1 day her mom had to work & since my mom was a stay at home mom at the time she came to stay at our house. while my mom was outside gardening my friend told me about her finding porn magazines in her dads dresser. She said "it showed a man & woman naked kissing & sticking the guy's dick in the womans pussy." (She didnt say dick or pussy tho) She asked " do u wana do what i saw in the magazine?" We undressed & she said "ok lay down." since i didnt know what to do i didnt get hard. I dont think i was sexually active at that point anyway. I layed on my back naked she said "ok & i lay on top of you." she grabbed my dick & said ok, i put it in here." & she tried puttin it in. it couldnt really go in bc it was so soft. She said "maybe we have to be all grown up. the people did kiss alot tho. you wana kiss?" i said "ok" & we layed there kissing naked for a long time. we got dressed & never spoke of it again.

ok now my real 1st time.

my f****y owns a houseboat. my f****y had stuff to do one day & i really wanted to go to the lake, since i had my boating licence they said i could go. & while i was at the dock friends of ours who have a boat slip next to us were goin out. I was 18 at the time. These friends were a mom & daughter. The mom is in her 40s & extremely sexy. her daughter inherited the same curves. The daughter was 14 & she had big tits. I over heard her sayin to my s*s they were Ds!

We decided to tie up the boats in a cove further out on the lake. the mom gets a call as soon as we tie up. Something about a friend of hers. She had to go back & her daughter really wanted to stay out on the boat. I told her mom "If its ok with you, Taylor can stay out with me & i could drive her home." Her mom said it was fine. after she left me & taylor got on the top deck & just hung out listening to music. Sun was really bright & i said we better put on some sun lotion. She had already coated before we tied up. since she wanted to tan she asked if i would rub tanning oil on her back. she laid on her stomache & untied her bikini! she let the straps fall. she said "ok, go ahead." i started gettin hard. i could see her boobs mashed against the chair. I put oil in my hands & started rubbing her back with it. I rubbed it down her sides to see how close i could get to her tits. she said "hey thats a littl close." "Sorry taylor, the lotion is slicker than i realized." "Thats ok, just didnt want you gettin frisky on me." "sorry, you are a very beautiful girl i just couldnt help it." i said it & didnt realize it was said outloud! she said "you think i am beautiful huh? beautiful enough to take inside?" she rolled over her top barely covering her tits. "I think you are so sexy hun, will you take me to bed?" with out warning i stood up helped her up & we walk down the ladder & as soon as we closed the door we went at it i pulled her top away. She shoved me on the bed pullin my trunks off revealing my erection. she pulled her bikini bottom off & threw it across the cabin. she crawled ontop of me kissing me. she tried pushing my cock inside her pussy put it was so tight! she licked & sucked my cock gettin it nice & wet. & i eased inside her. AS i went deeper, she moaned louder & louder! She screamed the more she bounced on my cock. I pulled out & layed her on her back. I got btwn her legs & started pounding her harder & harder. She said "OMG i feel like i'm gona cum!!!!" "I am too baby, almost there!" "me too, OMG!!!" we came at the same time! as we came i f***ed my cock deep in her. to the point she screamed!! she squeezed her legs tightly holding my pelvis hard against her body!

i pulled outa her & we lay ther on our sides just kissing & rubbing. we kissed for about an hour then we went at it again, this time i came in all over her tits & stomache. We looked at the time & we had been inside fucking for about 2-3 hours. we put on our swim suits & jumped in the lake. She had to wash off my cum. we floated in the water for a while kissin. she loosened her top so i could feel her tits against my chest under water. we got out dried off & headed back to the dock. She sat in my truck rubbin my cock the whole time. I told her not to make me cum all over the cab of my truck. i got her home & her mom wasnt there she asked if i would com in & hav sex with her on her bed. i said i couldnt, we wouldnt finish in time & her mom might find us

ever since that day we have not fucked since, when we have a moment to be alone we share a kiss. she wants to be with me but i know its only lust. We talk about having sex 1 more time, but it hasnt happened yet
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4 years ago
Rather hot! Looking forward to more of your stories!
4 years ago
good story thank u 4 sharing
4 years ago
Good story! Don't hesitate to tell us more, when more happens between to two of you! ;)P
4 years ago