First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease 2

She grabbed my penis and started to stroke it. The texture of her silk gloves on my stiff dick was UNBELIEVABLE. I shot a load of cum onto her boobs, and what a hot sight that was. She sc****d it all off with her fingers and licked it clean.
“Mmm, Neil, you’re cum is so sweet.”
Next, she kneeled down and gave me a blowjob. At times she would suck my rock hard stick deep into her throat, and other times she would lick the tip of my penis. When she tongued the head of my dick it would feel ticklish but AMAZING. Love juice flowed down my penis and my balls as she sucked faster and faster. I again came on her boobs, and she licked it off again.
Next, she asked me to rub my dick on her shirt. Her tight shirt with two nipples pointing out was great enough, but to rub my penis on it? That was too much. As I did, I could feel a slippery, tight shirt on the head of my dick, and then she took her shirt off. She gave me a boob job for a little, and we had fun with 69er for a while too. The 69er was the best part of the day. After I fingered and licked her pussy, she started to cry, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!”
And finally her sweet nectar exploded into my mouth. This was the first time I ever even got close to a girl’s pussy before, and I was never even given oral sex, so I was delighted to how good the feeling was, and how sugary Amy’s cum was, and I devoured every bit of the juice that was left beyond the hole and around my face and hands. At this point, I was ready for sex, and that is when the door bell rang. I was struck by horror. We had to clean this up.
“Amy? Amy are you there?”
I was able to recognize the voice immediately. It was Lisa, probably the second most beautiful girl in the school. She looked a little bit like Selena Gomez, though a tiny bit cuter in a way. Her breasts were smaller compared to Amy’s but she had a nice slim body with beautiful black hair. She usually wore light blue which really matched her, and glasses which made her look even hotter. The only bad part about her is that she is too used to rejections, and all the boys in my grade were afraid to ask her out all the time. Her nature is not the flirty type though; she is more on the tomboy side. I was surprised, but what terrified me was the fact that the door opened-I forgot! When I locked the door, I was not sure where the lock was-I must have thought I locked the door, while pressing another random button that was not the lock!
Lisa came in, and I could see that Amy was frightful too. Both of us were dead silent as we heard her footsteps come closer, and closer, then finally, the door opened, and we were seen like a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a dark night. The three of us were silent and I wanted to just disappear, and that is when Lisa started to grin. I was confused at first, but then she said “so you guys were having this kinda fun without me?”
WHAT?!?!? I thought. How can this be? Lisa wants to have sex too? But inside, I knew that I was thinking up of even dirtier things that we could do today, and my excited boner was ready for it…
To be continued…

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