First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease

Hi my name is Neil.
This is a story way back of when I was in middle school.
You see, there was this one girl named Amy Brooks. She was an EXTREMELY hot blonde. She had busty tits at a young age, and she was the center of attention of all the boys at my school at that time. Her hair was long and little bit wavy, and everything she wore matched her perfectly. Her legs were long and just the right shape and her hands were soft like an angel’s. Almost every day I jerked off thinking about her riding me, and I bet that a lot of other boys did too. Obviously, she was the girl I admired, and I fantasized about her day and night. And also, I was a REALLY lucky guy-this is because she does not have a boy friend, and she often teased me, usually in a sexual way.
Anyways, one day it was sports class, and she and my eyes met; I was out of breath, but this made me feel my heartbeat all the way to the tip of my fingers. I got a huge boner, and she winking at me blew my mind. I prayed that she did not notice my erection but she looked down and did. I was starting to worry, and that is when she started to flirt with me. First, she licked her upper lips in a sexy way. Then, she bit her bottom lip and stared at me in an innocent way and squeezed her middle finger onto her pussy. This was too much, and I shot a little bit of cum! I started to panic, and before anyone else could notice, I ran out and changed my pants. During the time I was changing, I noticed that instead of a tiny pre-cum the ejaculation was left a wide wet spot on my boxers.
Another day, she sat right across from me in the class room. Then when the teacher called for a water break, everyone left except for Amy and me. I could not help but to stare. Then, she started to lift her long legs and under her miniskirt, I could take a quick glance of her cute little pink panties. Again I got a boner. Then I realized that she started to right something on her notebook. She ripped the page out, crumbled it, and through it at me. I unwrapped the message, and there was a big heart, and in the middle of it, it said: “Neil, come to my house after school!”
Of course, I did as asked-I was now in front of Amy’s door. I pushed the door bell, and from inside, Amy said “Come in!”
I walked in, and she said from the other room, “Could you lock the door?”
I locked the door and she came into the living room. And the next part is INCREDIBALY hard to believe-she was wearing a super short jean miniskirt with fishnet stockings. Her foot was covered in red high heels and her chest wore a really tight shirt that only covered her boobs. Her sexy hips and stomach was showing, and her erected nipples were hard, showing through the thin piece of clothing-she was not wearing any bras. Also, she was wearing white silky gloves that covered up to her elbow. Her hair was beautiful as always.
She said “My parents are on a vacation trip for 2 days, and my babysitter is sick, though I told her that I would pay her extra if she did not tell my parents and let me live on my own a little.”
But my brain was completely knocked out from what I was seeing. Again, I got a huge hard on, and I could not hide it.
“You’re so cute with a boner! Let me help you with that a little.”
She giggled and pressed her boobs and body against me. With her left hand she stroked my chest up and down, and with her right hand she started to rub my erected dick over my pants. She kept stroking and stroking, faster and faster, it was an amazing feeling, far better than I can explain with words, and right before I was about to cum, she stopped. That’s right, just stopped, right there. I begged her to keep going, but she would not. I tried to masturbate to let it go, but she slapped my hands away. She said, “Take your clothes off.” I did. Then she led me to her room and I sat on the bed with her. With every step up the stairs, my heartbeat hurt my penis. It was evening and it was dim, and I could not wait for what was coming for me next...

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3 years ago
that is oh so hot