Wife threesome now she cant stop

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my wife and i visited a hotel about 30 miles away. i heard they had a more adult crowd and club attached. maybe some music. My intentions were to rent a room there, so we could stay out late and we could have few drinks for a change.

I paid for the room, and we put our small bags inside. Inquired about the club, the clerk told me it was a party night, and we were welcome to go ahead inside for free with my room reciept. I had my wife one card key, i kept the other.

For a change there was a real crowd of hip adults. good music and people were actually talking and moving around. The door man , was super friendly and asked if we had any preferences. i told him, our first time here and jus would like a small table or booth.

we seated next to a table with two guys, who checked out my wife right away. typical i thought. but its ok. She had dressed the way i asked, a one piece loose dress with easy acess to a reveal bra. loose straps.

The music was not too loud and we ordered some sweet drinks for her and beer for me. people were dancing and seemed free to ask strangers to dance. a gal asked me, after a while and i accepted. alys didn't mind.

While dancing with this gal, she told me the party was a monthly swing party. couple and singles were welcome to get familiar or intimate. she asked if i had reserve a room. i said i had. She told me, that the rule is, if your a couple, both partners must swing. you just cant have it one way. otherwise guys, will bring a date or girl. jus so the guy can get laid. i agreed. its a good rule. But what if the guy goes off by himself. Oh. she said, then if other men see she is alone, they are free to make a move on her.

i looked over at alys. one of the guys at the table next to ours. was already talking freely to her, and she was looking interested. his chair was turned to hers, and moved closer. i thought. wow that was fast. but i guess, i am dancing with someone else. no harm.

i thanked my new friend, and told her i would look for her again, but wanted to tell my wife what to expect. i admit i was excited at the possibilities we might enjoy.

alys seemed already interested in this guy. i interuppted. and introduced myself. His name was glen. or so he said. he complimented me on my wife and her petite figure. He was lightly dark skinned and seemed maybe mulatto . The other guy from his table was missing. so i thought of the rule i just learned. maybe his buddy has already found a gal or couple to entertain.

i pulled alys to the side and we walked to the bar. i told her what is going on. she said she figured it out. its ok,. after all we had often wanted to invite a man for a threesome. she was excited that the first guy she meets is attractive and maybe he wants her . i felt alittle jealous. but i thot, hey before the night is too old.

alys . maybe you can invite the guy to our room . you have a cardkey. if hes game. Ok. she said. anyway , im tipsy now, and getting horney.

I told her, i would maybe check out the gal i had danced with, and then give them some time to get acquainted. and i would then come in the room. if nothing happened then i will start the action by seducing her and taking off her clothes. ok.

we went back to our table. our new friend Glenn , had ordered Alys another drink. and moved his chair next to alys chair. She started drinking her new drink and Glenn would tease her to drink faster. he was so bold, he looked up at me for approval and then leaned into alys. and kissed her neck, put his hand on her thigh under the table. I guess why waste time, its a swing party.

i felt uncomfortable, but excited. she was nervous i could tell , but she didnt push him away. the room is not too bright. and no lamps over our table. I got up and told them both, i would be back but was looking for the gal that danced with me. Glen winked at me, like he knew what to do. and smiled.

i had found my lady friend, but she was occupied. laying on a small couch and a man was kissing on her. Near them , i saw Glenns friend from the table. he was still alone, walking around. mabye no luck.

My lady friend, waved me to come over. sit down. i did. She pulled me to her side with one hand, and motion for me to touch her. the other man was busy kissing her mouth and neck , so i began kissing her neck , shoulder and moved down along her chest. she lowered her dress strap to allow me to find her breast. Soon both or us men, were busy, sucking and kissing her breasts.

i lost track of time.

i stood up and looked over to my table. Alys and Glenn were gone. i thought maybe not too long, i better go to our room.

i stood outside the door. silently. listening for some sounds of pleasure from inside. i couldnt hear any. so i entered quiet as i could. The light were dim, and a xx movie was on the t.v. the moaning i heard, could be the video. or alys. No one came to the door.

i could hear some passionate sounds, and i saw clothing on the floor. alys dress on the bathroom floor. When i turned the corner, i realize they didnt need to wait for me. She was with Glenn alright. but another man too !

She was 69 position laying across the stomach of one guy, sucking away on his xx. the other man, was already pumping her puss, while she was being tongued by the guy below her . Her moans were the ones i was hearing. Unbelievably , she had always said how she would love to feel a mouth and tongue on her clits, while being f___.

I didnt want to stop them. Her body was directed away from my side of the room, so she couldnt see me. none of them knew i was there. so i decided to watch for a while and wait for an opportunity to join in.

i was allittle upset tho, that two men were on her. i wanted it to be me and another guy turning her on.

Her moans were so intense, i could see she was sweating . the men, pulled her up , on all fours, kneeling. one cock in her puss., the other deep in her mouth. rocking her back and forth. i know these two guys have experience doing a woman like this.

she would pull away from the cock in her mouth and the guy would give her a drink from her bar glass. She seemed totally raptured with her desires. and not one word of me. maybe she thot i had set all this up. both guys i mean.

i figured out who was glenn, even in the dim light. His xx is long and thick. and he was pumping her mouth. i know that would excite alys to no end. she dreams of sucking a larger xx. and more.

i had left some creams on the night stand. i saw the guy pumping her puss. reach for the cream. and spread it around her ass and bottom..wow i thot. he's going to put in in her bottom hole.

Alys was so busy sucking on Glenn, she just kept rocking again the other guy, then she paused while he probed her bottom with his finger. if it were me, she would object and tell me to stop or take it real slow. Instead she wiggled her hips and backed into his hand and probing.

i know she was excited and wanting more.

finally i can see this guy, pressing his cock into her bottom. slowly, he holds her hips and begins to push and rock her forward and backward to sync his entry with her motion . to keep her hott. He thrusts in slow , then fast. little by little. then i hear her let out a breath an oomph sound. she turns around and looks at the guy penetrating her bottom.he rubs her back and ass cheeks. then he starts pumping her like he's fu___ a pussy. she puts her head down onthe pillow for a while while he pumps her, deeper and deeper.

i am getting so horney myself. so i disrobe, hopeing soon i will join in.

then she picks up her head and resumes sucking on glenn. they both are reaching under her chest and caressing her breasts while they enjoy themselves. alys reached down and starts playing her clits, I know what she wants now, when she does that...she wants to come hard.

she pulls away and tells her lovers. "i want a cock in my pussy'' gosh, please. put it in my pussy.

Her bottom lover, just drives deeper and faster.

Glenn motions for his buddy to lean her back. They lean her backward. Glenns buddy stays in her bottom. she lays against his chest and legs. exposing her pussy to Glenn. the other guy is kising her neck and squeezing her breasts. i can see she is totally taken in . Glenn opens her legs wider and moves, plays his thick cock against her clits. Alys, reaches for him she keeps stoking him and rubs his chest. ''Please, put it in "..

I cannot see all of what he does. but he moves in between her legs. and pushes. Alys lets out a high pitch whimper. it must be tight. he's much thicker and bigger than me. she is already full in the back.

both men are pumping her. alys is breathing out loud and tells them. she is coming. coming. she always dreams of this position . she cries out. gosh im so full, i cant stop coming... turn me over please.. Glenn, i want to ride you cock. please..

i am going crazy since i wanted to be the one, giving her the dp.. i am rock hard. and no one to relieve me.

Glenn laid down, and Alys straddled him. he kept his cock inside her while they rolled over. i could see now , that alys could not take all of him inside. she would go down, about half way on him . so thats why she wanted to change position. to feel more and have control. i know she can take more cock , when she straddles.

Glenns buddy, resumed from behind her. this time, it was hard for him to enter. she was full from glenn. Alys now had control and she rock and wiggled her hips. Glenn was sucking her breasts. and the friend was stroking her back and pumpin her slowly now.

Alys rocking and wiggling was getting intense. she kept saying she felt so full and good. the guys were even telling her , they were ready to come. "come inside me. please. come together" i want you both to cum inside , she tried to pull them inside her deeper . i could tell. she would lean back into the friend. and he would hold her breasts, then she would squat down, far as she could on Glenn and wiggle and squeeze him.

Both men were ready and wanted her. i was really jealoug but so ready to cum myself.

Suddenly alys cries outloud. "gosh i wish i just had another cock for my mouth"..as Glenn was telling her. babey, you need one more cock. dont you.

i ran to the bed. i kneeled in front of Alys. and she pulled my cock into her mouth with her sucking her tongue. Her wiggling increased and rocking on both cocks. I could feel her sweating increase as i rubbed her back and reached to feel her breasts.

All three of us men. wanted to touch some part of her, while we climaxed. When alys sweats uncontrollably and she shakes. i know she is coming soon.

We all could feel her release, the shaking , her squeezing both her holes, and even i could feel it in her mouth. she clamped her mouth on my cock. and took short breaths , her eyes were squeezed closed. She was orgasming, hard.

Both men, let out hard breaths. and shouted thier release. i joined them. i felt down to alys stomach. i could feel her stomach and chest. go in and out and shudder, squeeze. i could even feel the hardness of the cock inside her, as she squeezed and clamped on everything filling her up.

i came so hard. she sucked and drank it all.

Glenn and his friend. came hard too. deep inside her. seemed our cuming lasted a long time. no one let go. Both men had long orgasms.They were pulling on her, and pushing themselves deeper inside her. That made her cum again, not as hard. but i could tell.

i tried to pull away, i was spent. she held my cock in her mouth till it was too small. and she licked the tip as it exited. She never looked up at me. instead her head sunk down. from tiredness im sure.

She fell in exhaustion on Glenns chest. i think he was still inside her. the other guy leaned over her and held up her one leg.

i sat in a chair. i couldnt believe what they were doing.

They both rolled alys onto her side. exhausted as she was. both men, were still inside her opening. they moved pillows around.

she lay in between her lovers, laying on her side now. they were squeezing her small body between thier chests. both men had hands on her breasts, and reaching and sucking as they could. both men had thier fingers playing along her clits. and kissing her neck. Arousing her again.

there was more room inside her body now, i guessed. and they wanted to feel inside her.

soon she was wakening again to thier caresses. and even tho i knew she usually sl**ps after such intense cumming. this time she was holding and reaching for thier chests and feeling thier bodies.

both men, began to pump again. and grind inside. she couldnt do much, laying on her side. they would take turns pulling her front and back to gain access for thier cocks...

soon thier cocks must have swollen to size again.. her body was stiffening. alys had cum so hard. i know she can soak everything. and was wet enough to love all night. not to mention , the cum inside her. lubricating.

oh my gosh , my gosh. your both so deep. she is whining. but sound scared but delighted.

yes, yes, give me it all, I want it all.

now i hear her come alive. and she can express her desires to them. before she could just moan or holler her intense pleasure.

both men, were rubbing her body, kissing her wherever they could reach. telling her, they wuold make her their sex toy or doll.

glenn actually called out to me, and asked "hey , can we keep her, take her home for the weekend'' maybe fuck her all day or share her with some friends?

i said " yeah sure'' why not, just keep her here in the hotel, you can both have her all night here and tomorrow too.

alys was getting excited by this gesture. i could tell. her pace quikened wiggling against her lovers. and she would whisper ;..between my words. ''yeah. yeah.'' but not admit her fantasy.

so i stood up and went over to the bed. to alys face. and while both men, continued thier passion with her. i asked her. "alys. do you want me to let them have you?' a soft whimper reply...''yes''

"all night long''' i'll let them stay here and have you ''for tomorrow too?..she whispered again..in between her breaths keeping time with thier pumping her...''yes hon, yes. alright.'

glenn again said" i want to take her home' do her on my bed. maybe invite another friend.

this time. alys began pumping harder against her lovers. and wiggling uncontrollably.

She looked up at me. and said. 'babey' i want to come again. i want them both.. please. babey.

why? babey, i asked. whats happening..'ohhh.'' its soo good . feeel ssooo good.' thinking about them having me ; all day. any day..i want it to last, do it more...... please gleenn.. both of you ,,take me , do what you want with me.. make me cum again.

glenn said to me, and maybe his friend.. 'wow.. she's ours now..''

let stand her up

with out missing a beat. they somehow, stood up. alys held onto glenns neck , wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulder. they moved off the bed to the floor, both men stood while alys held on with her arms and legs around thier hips.

She looked like she would scream. thier cocks were exposed and still inside her. she couldnt take it all in. glenn said . bring the two desk chairs. i did..

i knew what to do. i put one chair on each side of her. for each foot. alys could support her weight some, on her legs. while they dped her perfectly .

she would now, lean back to her hind, love. to bring his cock deeper .or press her breasts against glenn to move him in deeper. and then she would lower herself up and down to penetrate them both inside her.

both men, had thier hands and arms around her, now. alys, was thier personal love slave. and she was loving it.

milk was dripping from her swollen breasts. her body was pink from cuming.

she rode them, till she came again. several times. all she would say ...i''i love it..love it''dont stop

glennn friend, said. 'how long can we keep her. i want her at the house. is that ok?""

we'll stay the night here, then bring her to our house tomorrow. is that ok?

i looked at alys. she didnt answer them or look at me. i think i knew what she wanted.

i told them. only if i had the address and had a look at thier place. first. ok..they both said..

i judged alys opinion by her actions. she had stopped loving on them, while we talked. when i gave my approval...she immediately kissed glenn hard. and leaned back against the other man. and he kissed her hard. and squeezed her breast.

glenn told her to let go now, they wanted her to finish by sucking them.

they helped her down. and like a robot doll. alys. went to her knees. took hold of both cocks and sucked on them gingerly.

i could see cum dripping out from between her legs.

they each came again a little in her mouth.

she was tired. and she went to the bathroom to clean up. with uot a word.

both men friends. told me, hey its ok. if you dont want us to stay overnight or take her tomorrow.

i agreed. but i would confirm it with alys first. Just in case she changes her mind. but i know she is thrilled with the new lovemaking.

after i heard the shower stop , i entered the bathroom. she was exhausted, i helped her towel off. and asked her , if she seriously wanted to go with glenn and his friend. after all they can stay the night and resume some loving , if she wants , in the morning..

alys. looked at me. babey. it ok.but ya know. it was really good.what they do to me. i never felt like this. ok. i want to be taken , even jus for a few days. maybe it will feel good for only another day. let me try ok?

i ask her, if she wants. we can meet with glenn once a month or so. and have a threesum or 4sum. up to her. 'oh yes hon' yes' .

im tired now. 'she said... tell them 'no more' till morning.ok?

sure. i let them know.

Glenn and his friend (mark) went back to the party. but it was mostly over. so i waited with them outside our room. long enough for alsy to fall asl**p. Glenn gave me his phone and address. He told me, he has some gals, like alys. want it all, but after a while, the newness wears off. then they want a regular relationship. a threesome mostly. like a marriage or bf.

He said he would consider a regular meeting , but if he met someone for himself. then ..move in on.

Glenn and mark, stayed at the hotel in another room, so everyone could sl**p. we met for breakfast in late morning. alys sat between them and flirted. she was full of life.

i couldnt help but notice.her breasts were still fuller in the morning. and she used them to entice her new lovers. even opening her blouse in the hallway.

while eating , she asked,

what do u mean . about invite some friends?. glenn answered . oh' in case mark is busy. or we cant keep up with you..''

oh yeah right .'alys answered' really, Glenn , how many friends ?

but she squeezed my hand very tight. when glenn answered. i think . expectantly hoping for a chance at more lovers.

“in case mark and I are tired , I have some horney friends”

we agreed not to stay any longer at the hotel, and i would carry alys to thier house. and check things out. she was excited and talked fast. as we packed and went ot our car.

i reminded her, anything is wrong or uncomfortable, call me . or 911. she agreed. after all i have thier number and address. should be fine.

on the way. alys gave me an intense b.j. letting me know , i was still the best. not to worry.

once. there, i was pleasantly surprised. Glenns house was modest but well furnished, clean and modern inside. he did have a 'fun' room , equipped with some unusual furniture, designed for lovemaking. Alys saw that and pressed her legs together.. she was thrilled with her prospects and her thoughts of the next few hours or day.

they served drinks and some snack foods. glenn told me , i could hang out , while they set the mood' for alys. . he even had a two way mirror in his bedroom so , i could see the beginnings of thier night before i leave.

alys had some special clothes , she had brought. and she had put them on. while i was distracted. 'wow,'' she is eager to start. i thought.

in her new enviroment, it was alys who was the agressor. after a few drinks, she was quick to tease mark. and press her face into his crotch.

xx movies were put on the big screen and thier fun began. this time , both men took their time,she stood up, and while undressing alys, kissing her down from her mouth, her shoulders. they paused so both suck her milky breasts. and then down to her legs and more. they took photos and had a movie cam running . i noticed.

i watched for a while , it got me horney again, to see her turned on so. so i left. oh. glenn showed me how i could log on to a website, and instantly see what they were doing, if they were in the camera area. which he would try to keep focused on whatever they did with her. big turn on, he said.

i did as soon as i got home, and i set up the puter. to record everything . sight and sound. while i spend the day and slept that night.

Their foreplay was lasting for maybe an hour, I kept replaying my recording. Both men, had been sucking and kissing on Alys, as each piece of clothing fell away. They ignored her begging for their cocks, and they took turns holding her up and tongueing her pussy. Teasing her mouth and breasts with their cocks. Then teasing her pussy the same. Sliding one cock or both, against her clits, and rubbing them inbetween her ass. Even as she stood , they would bend her over and tease her bottom and clits with their cocks.

I could hear them say things to her, and I wished I could hear their words and her answers. Then I realized I could improve the volume on the remote in Glenns house.

As they teased her and made her hotter. They had been giving her something to drink. They would press her body into thiers and feel along her chest, stomach and down between her legs, fingering her clits, and squeezing her between both mens chests..

She was so turned on, and was learning to reach around each mans body, feel with her hands, and stroke their cocks, gently and eagerly. Finally I see that she is really becoming a vixen. Rubbing her chest and breasts against thiers, and using her body to feel along their backs.

I could now hear their talk. Both men, were teasing her, telling her that they wanted to bring over some friends, cause she was going to suck their cocks and drink them; while they fucked her long and passionately.

I guess cause they had teased her so long and she was alittle d***k maybe. Her answers were almost hypnotic.

Bring them now, Glenn. She whispered. You will be our love doll for the weekend. Said Glenn.

'They can have all of me, glenn . “you sure babe?, your gonna give my friends, all your holes, take all of us, one at a time, or all together. ''yes, glenn.'' Please , do me now, please Mark, bring me to the couch or bed, or …”

They kneeled her down, and slid their cocks, one at a time into her mouth, she pulled them in , with her tongue, and wrapped her arms around their waists or backsides. I had never seen her do that before, she was hugging their hips with her arms and her hands were busy squeezing their asses or stroking their balls. I wished it were me, there.. wow. She is learning new things, from her own passion.

I could see that Glenn had moved out of view , while Mark continued pumping he mouth. But he stopped and then moved her to the couch. More teasing , she sat on his lap for a while and rode Mark while he sucked her breasts so good… it was driving me crazy. Watching.

Glenn appeared back in the view of the cam. A cell in his hand.

Baby , 'they're on their way''. He spoke to Aly. I don't think she believed him, but he moved over to her, while she rode Mark, and he squeezed and kissed her breasts. Then offered his hardness to her mouth. They enjoyed her for about a half hour. She moaned only slightly and was slower now. Then last night.

Glenn reminded mark to 'hold their cumming'. For the dp.

Suddenly , glenn left again, and returned with three friends. Two black men, one white. They were dressed nicely. No coats.

Aly was alittle embarassed maybe, she covered her breasts with her hands, and the dress she had lying on the couch.

Mark pulled it away from her. Glenn took her hand. Aly these are my friends. Cmon, now. I want you to undress them, one at a time and give them a taste of whats to come .

Guys' he said, come here and taste your new sex doll.” They surrounded her, as she stood, timidly. And all three began to kiss and suck on her, their hands caressed her everywhere, Aly stood nearly frozen for some time, then as two men, suckd her breasts at the same time, the other opened her legs, and tongued her clits. She relaxed. I could tell, she was bending her knees and leaning back. They let her lean back onto the couch, then they carried her to the table.

They took turns tongueing her clits and sucking her breasts. As she warmed up. Then she stood up, undressed them one at time or together, and then kneeled down and took their cocks to her hungry mouth.

Soon all five men, were enjoying her oral talents. I could tell one man, had exploded into her mouth. She held him tight and clamped her hand around his cock. And sucked him longer. Backed off slowly as she savored every drop .then licked his head.

“this is going to be a long night.”..one man said. “No” Glenn said.” A long weekend “ or more ! Lets go to the playroom, take her.

The carried her and went out of view. A hand waved to the cam and gave the ''thumbs up'''and they let alys naked body pass in the lenss. And they opened her thighs to the cam. Her clits and puss, were so wet. She was sweaty.

Then the cam came on . it was in their 'fun' room. Glenn had a swing in there. and some special chairs.

Alys seemed numb or just totally complaint. I know she was aching for a cock inside her, from all that foreplay and teasing. Well they gave her a real treat.

She was lifted into this swing, it had straps to hold her legs open, and openings in the seat for access to her pussy and bottom. They adjusted the height, so each man could make love to her, lean her back for doing her mouth too.

They took turns penetrating her, rocking her against their cocks. One at a time. As they went around, she took all of them. They surrounded her, held her and felt her, kissed her, while she was being f-___. By each guy.

Alys moaned slowly in the beginning , then more and more, and faster. I knew she needed to cum, maybe the newness and some embarassment, being in the open with strangers was keeping her from cumming hard.

Then Glenn, told her, Babe. Now for the good part. We are going to dp you or 3p you..

Now two men, stood front and back of her, opened her legs, and they used her own wetness to lube her bottom. Holding her up in the air, the swing gave them perfect access to both her holes.

She was penetrated so deeply. She let out a scream of passsion. The men could use their hands and mouths pretty freely to feel her and probe her. They held her waist or chest, sometimes she would lean forward and wrap her arms around the man in front.

Somebody took the cam ,and focused in right close to her open legs, I could see both cocks, sliding in and out. Her wetness dripping out. Her whole body, soaked. Their cock buried completely inside her, one guy was huge, in her pussy. And I was shocked he was inside her completely. Imagine two inside her like that.

Their pace speed up, and they were all grabbing and trying to squeeze her, and she them. The men were kissing her neck and ahoulders. One man came over and suckeed her breasts hard and rubbed her body.. both men, groaned, and Alys, yelled ..'oh please. Please ddont stop..im cumming ''

She did, I could see both men, jerking and throbbing against her, holding her hips.

They held her for a few minutes, their cum was running out of her , down her thighs. As they pumped some more, she moaned, ''im cumming again.'' O no…plz… they took turns kissing her hard, sucking her lips as she came and came.

Glenn asked her as the men pulled away..” how is it Alys.. “ Do you like this ?...she was deliriuoos I could see that..''yes. yes. Gosh, I love it. '' :Would you like to do it like this again.'? Asked Glenn. She answered, oh yeah..yeah, let me catch my breath, rest some..

Alys, do you want all five of us now?..Glenn asked her. “Yes, she said.. uh huh..” “now you see why I told you babe, you would need more.. . “can you do all of us?' he asked again..”yes, “ do you want all of us now. To have you.? Yes!.. say it louder so your hubby can hear you…Tell him you want all of use to take you , do everything we want with you. Look at the camera.

She now looked straight into the lens. Hon. I want all of my men here. They can have all of me, I want all of them to do everything with me, what ever they want to do…. Then she added. Please Hon, I wanta stay longer. Let me stay all night, maybe all day tomorrow too.”

Glenn looked into the lens. See I told you. Shes ours now. For as long as she wants. Well take it easy on her now. Take her down. And bring her to the bedroom, make it easeir for her..

Babe, “alys” were going make love to you in the bedroom for a while. Would you like to come back to this playroom and have the dp in the swing again.?

She softly answered. Yes. “Glenn interrupted” or we can use the special chairs, for the perfect 4sum.

Yes , please.

Glenn looked backk to the cam, hey man, , were gonna dp her or 3p her now, every position, till we all have cum inside her, as much as we can, then give it a rest.

He told her to get down on her knees. She was totally naked. Babe, he said.. just so you know, our little love doll. Your gonna suck each one of use, and swallow each of our cum, ok.? Ok?...maybe two or more times, this weekend.

She looked sheepish, but she said…”ok , I will''

They lifted her and carried her to the bedroom, I couldn't see as they went out of the play room. But I could see she was now their love doll for sure.

They cam in the bedroom was darker, but I could hear her moans and the mens, groans. I could see they had her in many positions. And some softer dp's. they all were coming inside her, and taking her one at a time, two or spitroasting her, a few 4somes, as they dped. Another went to her mouth.

I think after another hour or so, they all were exhausted. She sucked them after each lovemaking or cumming.

Then they took her to the bath, I could not see but I could hear that they were planning on cleaning her up, and then she would have to clean them up. Before they would eat. And put her to bed.

I had to cum

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1 year ago
man that was great lucky wife better lucky you - you got to watch and join in
2 years ago
Just to say a woman has one clit not two!
2 years ago
thanks, once i found out her diary secrets; i took the lead and found a swing party in next city. where this happened. She knows more where to go then i do. Shes more relaxed now that i know and havent freaked out. oh. yeah. i found it takes alot of time to put it all on paper but also is exciting for me to read it when done.
2 years ago
good story thank you
2 years ago
Very hot and very well told.