The morning I lost my virginity.

It happened on a sunday morning way back in 1987.

I had been going out for 3 months prior, With my first truelove Amanda. It wasn't Amanda who gave me my first delvation into the "Lucious tunnel of lust"...It was her Mom!!.. Linda.

Lets have some descriptions of the parties involved, Before I get into the nittygritty and jiucy details.

1* Amanda.
Was 16, Maccas checkout chick, Brunnette, 5foot 6 tall, Looong legs, 10B breasts (I should know cause I bought her some sweet lace lingere for her 16th birthday) Killer in jeans, sneakers and torn MADONNA "Babydoll" top and my girlfreind.

2** Linda.
Was 36, Fake Blonde, Ginger Lyn lookalike, Divorcee, Ex Prostitute, Single parent, frustrated, just making ends meet and Amanda's mom.

3*** John..(ME)
Was 16, An Apprentice Motor Mechanic and told by my overbearing mom that "If you want to go out with *Amanda, You are NOT! to do it under MY ROOF!!" I packed my car, Said goodbye and rented a room at **Linda's place (I was also thinking about..maybe I could "Share a bunk with *Amanda"..We had only ever kissed and held hands before).

Now for the events that ended up with a glorious and memorable first eruption with REAL! pussy experience. (I'd only evr jacked off over naughty pics before)

It was Saturday evening *Amanda's 16th birthday and everything was cool..Great music (Punk, Nuwave and Madonna, freinds and a brilliant B.B.Q).
Around about 10pm *Amanda and I snuck off to a private spot so that we could "Make out" and DO IT!
We retired to her bedroom and I lit some candles so that we could see eachother but no one could see us through the d****s.
*Amanda and I then procceded to slowly strip eachothers clothes off (To a mixtape of Blondie, Ramones, Madonna, AH HA, Echo and the Bunnymen..On cassette in her cute little pink sony beepbox..Like a BOOMBOX just tiny! and cute..and pink.) until we were both naked, Kissing and caressing eachother we fell onto her bed.
As we both explored the taste and sensations of eachothers bodies, *Amanda opened her legs and said with a cute babydoll voice "I want you to FUCK ME! I want YOU to FUCK ME NOW!!", I was ROCK HARD!! with precum dripping from my knob, *Amanda was soo wet but nervously tight! Her eyes focusing on my Virgin cock as she slid her fingers up and down touching the hardness, I sucked on her hard nipples and put my finger into her for the first time and found her clit as I tried my damndest not to empty my balls through the end of my cock right then! But as I went to ease my cock into her delicious little fluffy pussy..She screamed out in pain!! I didn't want to hurt her! I retracted in a flash and tried again, Again she screamed with pain!! (We were Both virgins) What could a "Gentleboy DO??" I'll tell ya what!

Amanda and I then went the 69 and pleasured eachother with oral delights! (Amanda taught me the love of caressing pussy oraly..I have since become a 5thdan master of cunnilinguis..hav'nt had a dissatisfied customer YET!)

After we both had oraly and mutual masturbationaryly pleasured eachother to the point of exhaustion! Amanda and I fell soundly asl**p in eachothers naked embrace.

The next morning. (Sunday 5.30am)

Amanda kissed me and I kissed her as we had an earlymorning play with eachother, Then she had to get up and go do her breakfast shift at maccas.
She told me to stay in bed an wait for her to come home so that we could try for the virgin buster again. I fell back asl**p with a hardon and pleasant dreams.

It was about 7.30am when I was roused from my slumber..with the sensation of my cock being sucked, balls being licked and a finger in my ass!
I promptly woke to find **Linda sucking and stoking my cock..with her finger in my ass! and tit's out naked fingering her wide open hairy snatch over my face!

I was Shocked!! I thought it was Amanda!!

Once my eyes focused and cleared I said "What the FUCK!!"
Linda replied with "If you want me to stop..then just say so!"

"Huh?? wha?? Hangon?? Hold UP!!??" I replied.

Linda's response was "Amanda confided in me this morning of how it hurt her and wondered if there was somthing wrong with her, Cause she said "Mom it hurts soo bad I couldn't take him in my pussy!..Should it?"
and that she thought that she'd lose me if she could'nt DO IT.

So Linda decided to see what the big deal was.

The next thing I know is Linda saying.."My daughter mightn't be able to take it yet..But I CAN!..and It's above average and a sweet young cock but No big deal!"

With those words she mounted my solid throbbing young cock and took it inside her all the way down to my tight balls and shoved her tits in my face and told me (Quite forcfully)to.."Suck your girlfreinds moms nipples!! You naughty boy! while she drains your balls deep inside her CUNT!!"

I Lasted 6 seconds and it was the most INTENSE ORGASM!!! I have ever had!.

94% (20/1)
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3 years ago
Thanks people, For enjoying the story and comments.
Yes I did pop Amanda's cherry the next evening and spent the next year getting taught alot of new "Skills" by her mom (When Amanda wasn't home) so that she could make sure that I could "Do" her daughter right! (Thanks Linda for all the wonderfull lessons) Amanda and I were together for the next 15 years and shared lots of memorable sexual experiences. But thats another story..or 4000!
3 years ago
hope you got amanda's cherry
3 years ago
I wish that one of my girlfriends moms would have done that for me. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Damn I knew I was spending time at the wrong house growing up, I never found a mom like that...LOL Nice story
3 years ago
Nice! and to the point, I like your story.
3 years ago
6 seconds ... at least you didn't try to make us think you rode the full 8 seconds the first time ;o)) Good story. Thanks
3 years ago
Mom to the rescue again!!