The Cum Kiss that turned me on- First time swinger

My wife, Mary, and I had been talking for years about doing some swinging with another couple but it never seemd to turn into anything. We would usually discuss this while fucking and we would both cum really hard when we got into the details so it was something I knew would be really fun. Since Mary was hesitant I figured I'd get her into it quicker if we tried a 3sum with another guy first, I mean once shes fucks another guy, how could she complain about me with another woman?

After a lot of searching and emails we came across Steve. He was a decent looking guy, but what really turned her on was what he said in the emails and how he seemed to be very easy to talk to. This was especially important because Mary is shy at first and we needed someone who could keep a conversation going.

After all of the planning and details, which took a few weeks to put together, we final had a date set u with Steve. We both knew that even if the night didnt turn out well it was worth it since we had been fucking our brains out, many times a day, with some of the best sex ever just talking about what Steve was going to do to her. We met at the bar and the 3 of us were getting along well, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, but what I really was doing was giving them some time alone. When I got back they seemed to be getting along well and I asked them if they wanted to get a room. We all agreed.
Once we got to the room it seemed everyone was a bit nervouse, so I walked up behind Mary and started kissing her neck and slowly unbuttoning her shirt. I lightly pushed her toward Steve and stepped back. I watched them start to kiss and grind each other and I knew this was something I was into. Seeing your wife kissing another guy isn't something you are supposed to like, but I loved it and loved it even more when she reached down and grabbed his cock through his pants. After a while she unzipped his pants and this huge 9" thick cock came out. Now I'm 6", so this was definately something new for her. She started sucking and the kept going at each other, she laid on her back on the bed and he was about to start fucking her, His cock was touching her pussy lips, rubbing up and down, when she looked at me and said " are you sure you want him to fuck me?" I said I've been waiting ten years for this and he slid his huge cock into her, she let out a moan and they started fucking every way and every position. MAry is on the sub side in bed and Steve knew how to take contol. During all of this I was sucking her tits and she was blowing me while he pounded and streched her pussy. When Steve asked her how she wanted him to cum, she said she wanted to blow him. This was a big surprise to me since she doesnt like cum anywhere near her mouth. She started sucking his cock like all she wanted in this world was his cum. She never acted this way with me and it was enjoying watching it. Quickly Steve started to shake and moan and I could tell he was cumming in her, but not a drop was escaping. When He was done shooting his load in her mouth, we all laid back for a second to rest, when she leaned over to me with a hug and then kissed my cheek, then moved to my mouth. I could taste Steves cum all over her mouth, and she started kissing me really hard and really deep, then got on top of me and rode my cock until I cam deep inside of her and with out even stopping we kept fucking again, the whole time locked in a deep, cum soaked, kiss, unti I came 3 times, without ever missing a stroke.
I never thought I wanted to taste another guys cum before this, and I have never had the chance to do it again, but that night gave me a cum fetich I'll always have.
95% (30/2)
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2 years ago
hot! Invite me for a night, we can trade places.
2 years ago
Mmmmm, cum kissing is my fav!
2 years ago
It doesn't take much to become a cum addict!
2 years ago
HOT story! Thanks for posting all the sexiness.
2 years ago
hot story and yes man cumm taste good to u eat it of her pussy kisskiss