International fucking

International fucking

Introduction: This milf was full of surprises, on a trip to Oslo, Norway.

Every word of the following story is true, the woman I shared this experience with was absolutely wonderful, both in and outside the bedroom.

I was, 24at the time this happened, black man on a trip with his friends in Oslo. She's Lori, 48, around 5'8 a bit on the chubby side but beautiful with it and looks to kill. Caurasian, a beautiful round ass, gorgeous smile and what I would later find out to be 36DDs. Her personality is what always caught me attention: laughing, great conversationalist, confident, and sexy.

On this particular day my boy suggested that we hangout and go shopping, to see what Oslo was about. We all agreed that we had to go to Louis Vuittion, when we got to the store and entered. We were the focus of attention, for good and bad, 5 black gentlemen. It was surreal and experience, the in store security was watching us closely, the female sales reps, were happy to see us walk in, for them it was chocolate eye candy, that they don't usually see on a regular basis. Other female customers, where following us around, looking shocked, happy and memorised at seeing us, purchase our goods. Their was this one woman, who started a conversation with my friend and myself, we knew she was older, but she look so damn good. She was very helpful, with the response to the questions we had, this lead to us exchange numbers. I called her the next day, has planned, for some information, she was going to get for us. During our phone conversation, she asked if I would like to meet her for lunch, after confirming with my boys, I agreed. We met, she took to this beautiful establishment, where we had lunch together. Towards the end of us completing lunch, she said she wanted to continue conversing back at her place, I figured why not. About half an hour at her place she kept looking at me, smiling, looking away, I've seen this look in girls my age before and knew what it meant.

The conversation had taken a more serious turn after discussing her divorce which had been finalised about a month earlier. Since we were on the couch at the moment I just put my arm over her shoulder at which point she released a big sigh and rested her head on my chest. Being a rather busty woman I could easily feel her left breast resting heavily on my abdomen, which I tried to get out of my mind because I really didn't have any agenda. Resting my hand on her back, we stayed like that for several minutes until she looked up at me with a rather emotionless face, locked eyes and we both knew what was going to happen. I slid my hand up to the base of her hair while she moved in for a long passionate kiss. I knew it was building up in her for a long time because when our lips released she let out a long sigh and a smile. Without realising it she had planted her hand on my chest, looked down at it, back up at me and eased herself against me while at the same time meeting lips again, laying herself on-top of me with my arms now around her and those beautiful breasts now firmly pressed between us.

We kissed and caressed each other for about 15 minutes I slowly began noticing a more aggressive side come out of her, to which I welcomed. She moved from soft kisses and light flicks of the tongue to biting my lip and sucking my tongue. She abruptly stopped, whispered "Bedroom?" in my ear, I nodded, and she told me to wait 30seconds, which I happily did.

As I entered the dimmly lit bedroom, she was already kneeling on the bed in her bra and thong, looking intimidating and seductive, but broke the silence with a "Come over here please, Mac". Before I got to the bed she met me at the edge with her legs around me whispering, "Can I undress you?" I gave a little smile and nodded my head. She slowly slid my shirt up and off, kissing by abs, chest, and rather large tattoo on my right side. She then gave a tug at my belt buckle drawing me closer, loosened it, and slowly slid my pants down while making sure to run her hands along my ass. Of course she noticed what was bouncing in front of her under my boxers with which she took the same care to slide down, revealing my perfectly erect, shaved cock. As Lori's face passed by I could feel her hot breath release from the tip and down the shaft.

I could tell she was restraining herself as she slid back onto the bed, coaxing me to do the same. We laid there on our sides facing each other and wasted no time leaving off where we started on the couch. This time, though, her true desires began coming out when she began pulling and biting at my nipples and running her hand down to my cock and balls. I wasted no time unclipping her bra, revealing the biggest pair of tits I had seen. For their size they were very firm and smooth with a nice set of hardened nipples which she guided me to suck. Breaking from sucking her tits and kissing, she made a quick move for my cock which she had a firm grip on and a bead of pre-cum leaking down. She quickly licked that up and slid the first half down her mouth. I relaxed as she pumped, twisted, and sucked, coming up for air only to say "I don't know if I can handle this size". With a jolt of confidence I said "sure you can" manually pushing her head down until I felt the tip hit the back of her mouth. I'd run into this problem before with a girl in Denmark, who eventually learned how to handle it. I let her catch her breath and told her "slide your tongue out a little and relax your throat" At that moment she and I pushed her head down, the tip stopping at the back of her mouth as normal, then I felt her relax the throat and I we slid it down the rest of the way, with a very sexy "llllllliiiiiggghhhhh" sound as she fought her gag reflex and took it balls deep.

After few more attempts, she still wanted more, so I graciously slid that thong off and was presented with a beautifully shaven, wet, hot, pink pussy in front of me. She had her hands gripping the bed sheets and enjoying the rhythmic grinding of my fingers and hand in between her legs. Sliding two fingers in and working them for like 4-5 minutes I noticed her breath growing harder and louder. I figured she was going to orgasm soon, so I quickly increased the pace, as did she. I always liked to look at a girl in her eye's as they cum, so I sat up slightly and watched her. Suddenly I was completely caught off guard when I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, her back arched, and her ass pressed up and she let out a loud "mmmmmmm.....uuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!" and squirted a very hot rush of pussy juice all over my chest. I remember thinking, "HOLY SHIT, she's a squirter, awesome," a first for me, being she was an older woman.

As her orgasm subsided she quickly got on all 4s saying "I'm ready for that big black dick daddy". With her big round ass in front of me and a dripping pussy (literally) in between, I didn't bother easing in her. Mounting her from behind with a quick hard thrust I put my cock in as far as it would go. As we began fucking I marvelled at how her tits swung back at forth. I gave Lori a nice spank from time to time until she began moaning "OH yes daddy...shove that big black dick in my little pink pussy daddy...spank me harder young man". With each thrust I could tell she was getting hornier and wilder...and that her pussy was tightening up again. I thought "wow, this is fucking great"...with a few more thrusts and slaps of her ass she had to pull me out and squirted another stream all over the bed.

I pushed Lori onto her back, pulling her legs over my shoulders, and slid back inside. I had a pretty good idea where most women's g spot was so I gave it a try and sure enough, not 2 thrusts in, she stated matter of fact "yeahhhh your gonna make me cum again". This time I wanted to toy with her so every time I pulled out I would thrust in slower than the last time, giving her the chance to feel every inch until I'd run my head into her g spot. She caught on quickly and started begging, "Come on daddy give to me harder....Make me squirt all over that black dick". I waited a few more minutes until greed took over and holding onto her tits, fucked her nice and hard again, this time leaving my dick inside while she f***ed another orgasm around it.

She looked up at me panting, "One more please" which I was happy to provide. With me laying down on my back she was more than happy to give my cock a ride. Lori was conceived with excitement, when I raised myself of the bed with my shoulder and feet, into like a crab position. While she was riding my dick, she was now in raised up of the bed, suddenly I began thrusting with every pelvic movement being hard and fast. She commented on my strength, in between the noise of my dick clapping her pussy walls, also making her pussy fart, a couple of times. We clasped hands as she, began to fight the f***e of my dick, propelling in and out of her. She quickly began rocking those hips and working her ass back and forth. She knew I was loving the view so she leaned forward slightly allowing her tits to swing and bounce in front of me. As she bucked and rode me, I sat up into one of my favourite positions, our legs wrapped around each other, faces inches apart and me deep inside her. She immediately kissed me passionately and began pinching both my and her nipples at the same time. Finally, she pushed me down and wildly road my cock and fiercely rubbed her clit until he pulled me out and released a final orgasmic stream of fluid all over my chest and face.

She knelt beside me with a big smile saying "I'm soooooo ready for that cum baby". Lori grabbed my dick and didn't even hesitate to slide it up and down her throat a few times only pulling out to spit on my shaft. As my breath and her pace quickened, she obviously knew where she wanted it, but I still asked "your...mouth...?" Lori replied with a muffled "mmmmggh...hmmm" and a nod of her head. With that I just laid back, watched, and waited until I felt my own orgasm building deep inside. "mmmmm please don't stop Lori..." I said as I watched her blow me. "come on sweetie" I heard muffled in her mouth as she took my cock down to my balls yet again. Since that beautiful display I told her "look up at me....I'm about to cummmhhhh". With that she slowed her sucking and just worked my shaft in long smooth strokes and kept her eyes on mine, as I felt the first long rope of cum shoot into the back of her mouth, and a wince of the eyes and face was her response. But as I spewed more and more into her mouth, I saw her throat working as she swallowed every ounce I provided her. With a long "sssslllllluhhhhhhhhh" She pulled my cock from her mouth as she licked her lips and finished what little cum remained in her mouth.

We were able to lay out on the couch (her bed being very wet by now) in a relaxed embrace and talked for about another hour. We agreed with each other that this, would happen again some time, before I leave Oslo, with her asking, if I do anal. With that I smiled with a devilish grin, responded with a Urghhh and said to her that's when I fuck my best. She smiled, took hold of my dick and said, I can't wait to feel this black dick, in my ass, stating it will be the first time a black man would have done that, to me.
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I was wishing that was me under him (Kay)