One of wifes interracial fantasies

First I wud grab onto his long dangling cock and use him as a leash to follow me wherever I wish to go. Dragging his black ass into the bedroom by his long covk and pushing him down into te bed and slowly stroke that long leash to get his ft dick hard I'd run my tongue slowly up his balls tonguing each one teasing him till I glide up his shaft am envelope his pulsing mushroom head into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around an wrapping my lips into a powerful suction to get him extra hard for when he bends me over and fucks me with tht big black dick. I start bobbing up and down the impressive length taking him all the way to the back of my throat swallowing him whole and coming back up to the very top of his fat head to sink back down an choke on the large covk all over again As I'm eating that yummy fat dick I run my hands up and down his body savor ing the massive man below me that I'm controlling with my mouth squeezing and caressing the right buds of his nipples. Fondling his heavy cum filled balls and rolling them between my fingers all the while moving up and down his long shaft bringing him closer and closer to cumming so I can drink up the salty savory jizz. As my skilled mouth is catering to this feast of a cock in front if me I feel warm fat lips and tongue spreading me open from behind. Liking up and down my folds as large hands squeeze my fat ass and open me up for more pleasure. As my back door friend probes my openings with his tongue and fingers getting me wet and slippery with my pussy juices I slide my feet around his dick and rub up and down his shaft with my stockinged feet and deep throat te man in front if me till I can feel it in the back of my throat gagging me with his goodness. Just when I think I can't take any more and am deleterious with pleasure from both ends I am rammed forward with a start and his huge black covk is shoved hard and fast into my pussy driving te other mans cock even further into my mouth. I go to let out a scream but it's muffled my this big dick and all that is heard is a satisfying moan of ecstasy. I popped my mouth off the nigger in front of me pushed the fat dick from my pussy and got up to straddle his ready to blow 9in and slammed down hard till he was seated into my balls deep. I leaned over attacked his nipple with my teeth and places both hands on my ass cheeks to spread them wide to expose my pucker and commanded that dick to drive into my ass so I can feel both big black niggers covks in my at once. Back in the bedroom.......... As I was being ridin hard and fast by two if the biggest fucking covks I had even had the pleasure if feeling in walked the end to this fantasy. Measuring at a good 11 in and wider then I Thot any cock cud be was standing pointing directly at my open watering mouth begging to b sucked. With my pussy being deeply fucked and my ass stretched as far as I cud take I enveloped that big motherfuvker into my mouth and was truly full in all ways and one very happy whore. Driving deep into my ass pushing hi friend long covk right into my gspot I started cumming. Drenching all party's as I squirted from all the pleasure. Warm liquid rushed from me and down my partner as I screamed squealed and moaned with my mouth stuffed. That's all it took and he pulled out of my ass with my mouth still full I turned my head to feel the first blast of hot jizz hit my cheek. I closed my eyes and reveled in te feel of it sliding down my face and into my neck and tits as I tasted the first if many shots going down my throat from te massive covk lodged in my mouth. With him cumming hard and fast practically drowning me in his juices I swallowed as much as I cud and popped him outta my mouth to rub his softening dick all over my face mixing it with the other cum so I cud taste them both.
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