Sex Bounties : Part 2

She let him go, and he took the opportunity to get at those pieces of art bouncing in front of him. One hand on her upper back, he pulled her closer to the ground and, dragging her up a little, began to tease her nipples with the tip of his tongue. She responded well, pushing herself onto his face and thrusting even harder.

His other hand, meanwhile, was exploring the region nearer to their mutual interests. He grabbed her rear and pulled it against him each time she drove him into her, trying to get as far into her moist, slick self as he possibly could.

Then, he suddenly sensed her tense up around his cock; he let go of her breasts, secretly promising to come back to them later, and began to thrust back, in tandem; he inched deeper and deeper, her passageway contracting around him more and more; he was astonished he hadn't come yet.

She did, though; with a primal roar, her body was overtaken with a series of spasms. Then, suddenly, her whole in-control situation came crashing down around her as she came crashing down around him, seemingly spent.

"Oh no you don't!" he grunted. "I'm not done with you!"

With she stared distantly at him, pushing slowly against him, but it was no good; she had had her fun, and didn't really care anymore. He would have to correct that.

With a heave, he pushed her off him, temporarily exiting the comfort of her interior. She consented to essentially move where he wanted her to, so he grabbed her and set her on her knees, facing away. As he eyed her swaying ass, he had a mind to drive himself into her other entry, but suddenly a grin crossed his face. No, that wouldn't do for what he had in mind.

Instead, he positioned himself back at her entrance, this time from behind. He slid his cock over her lips, and she moaned as he rubbed her sensitive spots. He savoured the sensation, and then pushed back into her again, to moans of pleasure from both parties. He bent over her back as he pounded into her, and with one hand he cupped her breasts and massaged them, slowly running his hands over both warm, fleshy mounds as his mouth locked onto the back of her neck. He began to suck on the soft, green skin, as many parts of his body as possible now somehow latched onto or in the she-orc.

Vulnerable from her first orgasm, she soon rocked again, her roar more of a gasp this time around. He decided he had had enough; it was time to get back to that cleavage of hers.

He exited her with a little disappointment, but enthusiastically flipped her over once more. She was all but panting now, and gazed up at him in a wordless smile. He grinned back, and moved up her body slowly. As she realised what he would do, a look of mixed surprise and mischief settled across her face; her hands came up to hold onto his legs, and she arced her back.

For his part, he leaned forward a little and put his hands on the outer sides of her breasts, squeezing them together slightly. He smiled at the result, and positioned himself; slick with her juices, his manhood was well at ease in-between the two beauties, and he began to thrust back and forth, awing at the sensation. He had always wanted to do this to a girl, but most of the pretty humans he knew didn't have the tits to manage. This orc, however, had more then enough. Her breasts bounced back and forth as he fucked her, and he could feel that she was squirming underneath him, a look of blissful naughtiness on her face. Either she had always wanted this too, or she hadn't even thought about it, and found it to her liking. Bliss overtook him as he slid in between her breasts; when he went far enough, Jeshka grabbed the head of his dick with her lips and gave it a twirling, firm lick before letting it go. He gradually went faster and faster, and she even moved her chest back and forth, making it even better.

There wasn't much strength left in him, though; he liked this way too much, and, with a jerk, he came. A stream of cum shot out at her neck, another hit her on the lower part of her face, and it kept coming; in the end, she had a random, webbed pattern of cum from the top of her breasts to her face; as he got off, he watched her curiously take a lick at the cum near her mouth, and grin once more. He was completely spent, though, and lay down beside her. He looked over and, to mixed pleasure and surprise, he saw that she was gathering his cum on her finger and bringing it to her mouth like candy. There wasn't much left soon, and then she just rolled over and looked at him, smiling. She said something in Orcish, and he didn't really care what it was.

"No, thank you," he replied all the same.

They lay there for several minutes, their hands slowly exploring the other's body. Her soft, lush green skin was now sweaty, and he found great pleasure in pulling her body against his, even if they weren't having sex. They both rocked their hips rhythmically, mimicking what they'd been doing fifteen minutes ago; he gave her breasts another pass with his mouth, savouring the quivering flesh with all his senses, gently sucking on them. For her part, Jeshka was slowly gaining her senses, and she started to bite his ears again.

"You've milked me dry, you and those sweet tits of yours," he purred, trying to get her off; he needed to sl**p, or so he thought.

She was insistent, though. Slowly, she began to work her way down, and he tried in vain to push her off. She'd just end up being disappointed.

Both were quite happy, however, when she reached his dick again; it sprang up to her touch, and she looked up at him, smiling. As her mouth engulfed him again, and took him in so deep that the head of his cock was being pressed by the contractions of her throat, he couldn't help but smile; this was one hell of a catch, for a cat-hunting trip.

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