My best friends mum

My story dates from a few years back, when I was 18 and in college. I arranged to stay for a couple of weeks with my friend Gary over the holidays, working part-time in a shop, and to spend the evenings going out "on the pull". That was the idea, anyway. On my first day, I was greeted by Gary's f****y, his dad Keith, a dour solemn man in his forties, his mum Louise, a petite, lovely blonde woman in her late 30s, with a very pretty face, and a very trim figure. He also had a s****r Lucy, 19, a younger version of her mum, but a bit snooty and aloof. I settled in comfortably for a few days - Keith spent most of his time either at work or down the pub, and Lucy seemed to look down me on rather, but Gary's mum was very nice. Gary and I failed to get laid in the first two nights out, and the second night I got very d***k, waking up with a steaming hangover the next day. I told Gary I would sl**p it off in my bed, and he went off to the shop for the day.
I awoke around lunchtime, feeling much better, to hear the totally unmistakable sound of a woman getting a cockfull. She was making quite a din, so I got up very quietly and crept to my bedroom door. Peering round the corner, I could see into Lucy's room, and could clearly see her hot young legs wrapped around a rather hairy guys arse. My cock stirred in my shorts, and I yanked it out. The lovely Lucy was being rogered senseless by what looked like a much older man, and I was completely turned on by the sight of her lovely thighs open wide for a dirty old man's cock. I stood in the doorway of my room wanking my cock slowly, when suddenly, to my horror, the front door opened downstairs. I could just see down the stairs from where I was, and I saw Gary’s mum, Louise, back from her teaching job, place her keys on the telephone table, then, hearing the joyful shrieks coming from Lucy, stop, listen, then tiptoe quietly upstairs. I stepped back into the darkness of my room, expecting a scene, but Mrs. H did a surprising thing. At the top of the stairs, just yards from where I was standing, she stopped. Eyes fixed on her daughter's bedroom door; my friend's mum licked her lips nervously, and then began to lift the hem of her business skirt. My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement and lust now, as Mrs. H hiked her skirt up above her slender waist, and still watching Lucy's bedroom door, pulled down her silk panties, and squatted to open her legs wider. I now had a cock the size of a truncheon, as I gawped at the sight of this lovely, sexy mum, the mother of my best friend, start to eagerly finger her increasingly pink and open cunt. Her long blonde hair was loose over one shoulder, her green eyes were glazed over in concentration and her wispy blonde bush was starting to moisten. This was better than my 18 year old cock had ever dared to hope. Unaware of this, Lucy was still being banged by her guy, who was now yelling "You filthy young tart" and "Say you want me, Bitch" as he humped away.
My eyes were fixed on Louise though, who was fingering herself into a frenzy. I must have moved, or creaked a floorboard, for suddenly; Mrs. H looked directly at me and froze. I stood there cock in hand, and she squatted there, wide-eyed with shock. It seemed an eternity, as Louise took in my presence, her predicament and the situation. I just froze still holding my erection, still taken in by the horny sight in front of me. And then, Mrs. H suddenly raised a moist finger to her lips to gesture me to keep quite still. I saw her lick her sexy lips, then quietly stand up, step out of the panties that were down around her knees, and tiptoe across the landing toward me. Still in a daze, and clutching my cock, I stood stupidly in the doorway, and then Mrs. H pushed me firmly in the chest back into my room. Following me in, she quietly shut the door behind her. "Shhh" she whispered. Then..."I need a cock, you have a great big one...fuck my brains out big boy", and she climbed onto my bed, got on all fours and lifted her skirt up over her waist again. "Come on, I'm begging you... fuck me doggy style" she pleaded softly. I needed no further invitation. Getting into position behind her, I slipped my cock easily into Louise's very eager cunt. She gasped as I slid in and began to ride her, and then this lovely blonde sexy mum began to moan quietly as I got into a stride. Face down in my pillow, I could hear her whimper as I began to slap hard against her tight little arse. She was desperate not to make a sound, as it had gone quiet next door, but I could feel her cumming and my pillow took some biting, and all too soon, I was spunking deep into her cunt, unstoppably, as she slapped backwards to take me deeper. We collapsed onto my bed, kissing and fondling each other, her womb still filled with my spunk. Then, giving my cock a little squeeze, she got up, pulled down her skirt over her moist thighs, checked her hair in the mirror, and quietly slipped out of my room.
I lay there for some time, unable to believe quite what had happened. I had just fucked Gary’s mum. Not only fucked her, but had her writhing and whimpering on my cock. I lay in the darkened room, and hoped she wanted more.
That evening, Gary came back from the store, and his dad came home from work. Lucy sat at the kitchen table snootily ignoring me, but I had a wonderful mental image now of her with her teenage thighs spread for me. Louise said nothing to me at all, in fact seemed a little cool. Over dinner, Gary tried to get me interested in going out to get laid – he was “on a promise” with a girl he’d met last night – but I apologized and said that I was not really up to it tonight, would he mind if I stayed in? “Boring tosser” he murmured, and got up to get ready to go. Mr. H mumbled that he’d be off to the pub if anyone was interested, and Lucy claimed to have a babysitting job with a neighbour a few doors down the road. Mrs. H raised her eyebrows at this, and the hint of a smirk crossed her pretty face, but she still would not make eye-contact with me. Suddenly she asked me casually, “So what are you doing tonight?” I mumbled something about staying in to watch the telly if she didn’t mind. She gave no reply, and made no sign of having listened to my answer.
Over the next hour, I tried to get Gary’s mum to acknowledge me as the others got ready to go out. She blanked me. I did notice however that she had changed her clothes. Instead of the business skirt and blouse I’d fucked her in earlier, she was wearing a much shorter black skirt with stockings, and quite a low cut top. She was turning me on so much I was afraid Gary or Keith would see the bulge in my pants, but luckily they were much to preoccupied to notice. And then, everybody had gone out. I sat on the sofa, pretending to watch the telly, wondering whether to make a move. Gary’s mum in the chair opposite, looking like sex on two legs. How the fuck her husband could ignore a horny bitch like that was a mystery to me. Louise smiled at me for the first time since the afternoon, stood up, and crossed the room to the sofa. “I thought they’d never go…” she said huskily. “I’ve thought about your cock all afternoon. I’m not wearing any panties” and she lifted the hem of the little black skirt slightly to reveal stocking tops, and the hint of her blonde bush. Then, undoing my belt, she pulled down my trousers, slipped my cock out and slowly knelt to worship it with her lips. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair as she took my length in her mouth without gagging. After a while, she stopped, pushed me back on the sofa, lifted her skirt above her waist and straddled my cock. Easing her moist cunt down over my shaft, Gary’s mum pulled off her top to let her large round nipples wave near my face… and then we were fucking again, her wet juices making a slapping sound as I pounded up into her and she rode me like a bitch on heat. She came loudly this time, gasping, shrieking and yelling “FUCK ME HARDER” as she did so, and I spunked up into her again. Then after a brief respite, kissing and whispering, it was my turn to be in charge, as I pushed her down on all fours again and rode her doggy style once more.
Over the next two weeks I managed to screw Mrs. H at least twice a day, thanks to her husband being such a jerk, and me having so many absences from work due to “migraines”. I never got to fuck Lucy, snooty little bitch, although I found out from Louise that the old bloke who was giving her a seeing to was none other than the married bloke up the road that she claimed to be babysitting for. And Gary never did get laid that fortnight. Little did he know that not only did I get laid, but his sexy mum was getting a pretty good pounding too.
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nice story
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great story
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nice story lucky man
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very good this sounds like there could be more to this
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good work, nice story. got me hard.
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loved it , hope you write more
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Great story, thank you