After 3 years of me and wife having fantasies about my best friend it came true well at least one of them did so far.Some of my video's i exchanged over time with my mate Andy and he sent me some of him with his wife,we on many occasions talked about him joining in with us but just thought it was both of us letting our immaginations go wild as only good mates could until the other day.
He called and asked if he could stay over the nte as he was over from france on work No prob of course you can,well my daughter moved out to a new flat about 9 weeks ago so had a spare room so no prob. All the day before and all the day before he arrived i kept having thoughts of him in the bedroom across the landing from ours imagining me licking my wifes wet dripping cunt and him watching through the door way .so by the time my wife got in from work i was ready to explode as she came in she asked if i was ok i just said i was bl**dy horney and laughed.She asked why so i told her she just smiled and went to have a shower i noticed she hadn't locked the bathroom door so after a few minutes i pushed it open very slightly to see the hot water spraying over her sexy body she looked towards the door as she started soaping her body WOW what a turn on she justed asked if i was enjoying the view hell yes i replied .
After a few minutes she started to massage her breasts in a very provocative way and i knew she was getting turned on ,then one hand went down her body to her smooth bald gash and she just pushed two fingers straight up herself and started to finger herself frantically,it wasn't long till she moaned out loud and her body tensed as an orgasm ripped through her body.
i was so turned on watching i had a huge boner was just about to relieve the pressure and undo my jeans when the door bell rang,she looked at me and just said Oooh guess andy is here wonder if he would like to watch i said i will go and see pulled the door to but left about an inch gap .On opening the door i let him in and before he could say i i blurted out keep quiet mate come and look at this.We crept back to the bathroom door and i whispered look here mate,i stood to one side as he peeked through the door i wish i had my cam then the look on his face was amazing,my cock was so hard now the bulge in my jeans was so big it was hurting having it constrained i looked down and saw he was having the same problem too.I then heard a loud moan come from inside i peeked in to to see her still fingering herself really fast.
Wow i thought she knows were watching and doesn't care excellent i then pulled andy away took him to the kitchen and put the kettle on for coffees,i also called out to lisa andys here dear were in the kitchen and she replied oh ok.About 5 mins later she appeared in the kitchen in her robe said hi then made her excuses to go get changed.Well the evening just carried on as if nothing had happened we had a nice dinner and sat chatting and drinking the rest of the night.Well bed time came and we took it in turns to use the bathroom lisa first then me andy was last we said night and went up while he was still in the bathroom ,well we got in our room and lisa just jumped on the bed naked on all fours i stripped and just went up behind her and bent down and stuck my tongue deep up her cunt as i did she moaned and boy was she wet already
i had deliberately left the door ajar knowing andy would see when he came upstairs and certainly hear.I was frantically licking up and down and in and out of her beautifully tight wet pussy boy she tasted fantastic and she was responding frantically too.thrusting back to meet my tongue and moaning louder all the time,just then we heard andy coming up the stairs this made her cum loudly all over my fac eknowing he could see and here.I glanced around to see him at the door with his erect cock in his hand wanking gently as he watched,i was so turned on i pulled away from lisa so he could get a clear view of her now dripping lips wide gash.i turned her over and got between her legs and just rammed my full 9 inches straight up her hard as i could till my balls slapped against her arse i then started pounding her as hard and fast i could knowing i wouldn't last too long she ghlanced at the door to see him standing there wanking and watching for an ibstant i could see a look of shocked but then another huge orgasm ripped through her that was it she called him over and told him to cum on her tits .He walked over and started wanking really fast boy this was amazing i thought just then he came and sprayed loads and loads all over her breasts ,this was to much for me and i shot my hot load deep up inside her she screamed again as she squirted on my cock .Andy squeezed every last dropped from his cock then just left the room and went to bed ,i collapsed on top of her then as i recovered started rubbing his hot spunk all over her tits it was a fantastic feeling and felt so dirty my cock just sprang back to a full erection again inside her so what the hell i just kept pounding her for about 10 more minutes she must have come about 4 more times i then shot my load again this time when i fell on top of her i just fell asl**p.In the morning we all got up as if nothing was different and had breakfast and of we all went to our jobs two days later i spoke to andy and we chatted about it and we started to plan the next time.another storey that will be but sex with lisa is even dirtier now and she regularly talks about how turned on it made her feel watching him wank and him watching her can't wait till next time.Hope you liked this its all true let me know
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1 year ago
surely more has happened since this story..let's hear about it.
3 years ago
Really hot.
3 years ago
Fantastic story, we both loved it...
3 years ago
Terrrific story