It was a normal Thursday working day, time passing by, sales getting done, admin work all coming through, and the type of day were your thinking 'Nearly ***** Friday'!

Anyway, Went to my last appointment, 3pm, last appointment of the day. Wasnt expecting much, until the lady with whom I had the appoitment with cme along, and asked for me, 'Adam'.

Looking up, I couldnt stop starring, up appeared a stunning, gorgeous blonde lady, aged between 35-40 yrs, slim sized between 8-10, and a black dress that hugged her figure, wow!

I went in to the room, and we talked for a while, talking about the usual business dealings. The meeting was hitting its conclusion, when, as I would with every business opportunity, asked her what she had planned for the weekend.

'Not much, hubby's gone abroad for the week, looks like im going to be home alone, poor me' ... At which point I thought IF ONLY!!

'Ahh thats no fun for a lady like you Wendy' was my reply, wanting to say more but business is business so I stopped meself!!

'Well not all us lady's have fortunate enough to have a guy like for the weekend' she said, with a twinkling smile. Too say that my face dropped would be an understatement! .. Smiling, I said,

'Well lady's like you shouldnt have to be in that position' and again smiled, got up, gave my business card, and said 'If you need anything from me, then be sure to give me a call or an email, and if your really that lonely on the weekend, give me a call and lets talk business' and laughed it off, not believing what I just said. But she laughed again and that gave me a sense of security, if she didnt I could have lost my job!!

Anyway, come along Friday evening, work all done, relaxing and thinking what I might get upto at the weekend, I got a call from a number that I didnt recognise..

'Hi, is that Adam?'

'Yes speaking' I replied..

Its Wendy, just a quick call to ask if you have done the figures that we spoke about yesterday?'

I was shocked to say the least, and slightly puzzled as I did explain to her it would take a week to generate the figures we spoke of.

'Not yet Wendy, but will look to hve thm done early next week as we discussed in the meeting. Did you require them urgently?' I asked.

'Yes, well I was hoping I could go over them at the weekend as I have nothing else to do' she laughed.

Thinking on my feet, I only had 1 reply.

'Well, I dont usually work weekends, but if you need to do them, I can come over tomorrow during lunch, your offices open?'

'No' She replied, 'I work from home aswell so your more than welcome to come over, and we can go over the proposals there if you dont mind of course'.

'Ermm yeah sounds fine Wendy, if you text me your postcode and number, I will see you tomorrow'.

'Ohhh thank you Adam, I really appreicate that, now thats service' she laughed.

I didnt know what else to think than is this real, or is this some wind up. Blond, gorgeous, hot, sexy! Hmm .. Lets see..

Anyway Saturday came along, slipped on some comfy clothes, joggers for me on weekends as I hate suits which I wear for the rest of week, and off I went to Wendy's.

As I knocked on the door, nervous to say the least, opened the door Wendy, with a drop dead gorgeous white lace dress, straight blonde heair, tanned super fine legs and clevage showing, and red lipstick that gave her those lips you just want!!..

'Hi' I said, knocked back by the site.

'Hi Adam, come in, would you like a drink?' she asked..

'Ermm some coffee, white with 2 sugars please Wendy' I said, 'Nice house' making conversation.

'Thanks Adam, does get lonely in here when you dont have company'.

Anyway as she came back, I could only stand and stare, she just looked stunning! Anyway as we talked through the work, she pt her hands on my knee, at which point I smiled and carried on with the work. I then began talking about her, where her hubby was, what he did etc...

'Hes always away on business trips abroad, I work making sure the business ticks over and relax at home, but life gets boring'... she said.

At which point she got up, turned around and walked towards the kitchen. Having a sly look, her ass looked amazing! So god damn edible!! As she came back, she asked, if I was single, what I do etc...

'Well I am with someone, but at the moment, too much work, no play' I said with a sly smile.

'Aww, your young, you should be having fun' she replied.

'Ha! I wish, not many people look at wantin fun' I frowned jokingly.

She smiled, then came towards me and said 'What if I wanted some fun'..

At which point I grabbed her hand 'Really? You would want some fun with me? Wendy you sure you know what saying?' I asked, smiling but nervous, waiting for someone to jump out and say 'APRIL FOOLS'!!

'Adam, I think your lovely, theres omething about you, the way you talk, I like it, and if your interested in older women, then think we could have alot of fun'.

Too say I was floored would be an understatement!!

'How can I say No Wendy, your gorgeous!'

At which point she leaned towards me and kissed me full on the lips. My hands grabbed her hips and thrust her towards me, flowing around her body and the back of her neck while my lips were locked with hers and tongues clashing.

I heard her moan, at which point I kissed her neck, while her hands went straight down my joggers.

'Mmmm what have we here' she said, moaning whilst I was kissing her neck. I moved down towards her boobs when she stopped me suddenly!

'Not here, lets go upstairs' she grabbed my hand and lead me towards the stairs. As she did, I stopped her two steps up. As she was ahead of me, I could see above her short sexy dress, and under the dress, was nothing! She knew what she wanted, and I wanted it too!..

I grabbed her ankles and kissed them slowly, as she slowly got on her knees. I followed my tongue up her calfs, then kissed her thighs and then lips locked in that sexy pussy! She was moaning loudly at this point screaming my name, legs open, bent over the stairs. Mmm I lapped it up, tasting her juices, her pussy in my face and her ass looking amazing! .. slowly I traced my tonfgue over her pussy, and in her sexy ass!

'Ohhh my Gawwd' she exclaimed 'Thats amazing' at which point I invaded her ass with my tongue and down her crack. mm soo good she was getting wet, at which point I started playing with her pussy with my finger and ass fucking her with my tongue till she had a orgasm!

'WOW' she said .. at which point she told me to get up above her on the stairs, pulled my joggers down and gobbed my cock. Ohh my was she ood, slowly licking then deepthroating my cock, gagging on in but she knew how to suck! at which point she sucked my balls, 1 by 1, whilst wanking my cock, then sliding her tongue in my ass! I couldnt help but moan loud, it was amazing! She had her tongue in my ass whilst wanking me off!

I didnt want to um at that point so stopped her, told her to turn around on the stairs, and fucked her from behind deep inside her .. It felt amazing!

After a few minutes pounding her, she asked what I wanted to do to her, 'I would love to fuck you in the ass, make you my slut'...

'Mmm me too Adam, go ahead baby'

I was too turned on to be shocked, at which point I slowly started to finger fuck her ass with her pussy juice..

'Stick your cock in Adam, I need a good fucking, I want to eb your slut, take me in the ass'

I didnt need more encouraging, at which point I slid my cock in her ass, slowly, but making sure it was all inside.

AT that point, she told me to fuck her hard,

'Cum in my ass baby' and i obliged. It was the best, most intense feeling ive ever had!

We saw each a few times after that, but then she moved abroad which was a shame but guess thats life. How I miss my lil Wendy!

77% (10/3)
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3 years ago
A great experience.