Michelle, stood transfixed as Asif returned to his bedroom. Looking into Velma’s room her naked daughter lay on her bed having been used, fucked and humiliated by the Black boy.
Michelle’s breasts were soar but her nipples tingled as the black prince strutted back to his room she knew and hoped that this would not be the end of his power for the week end as her son and daughter could not wait to be rid of the negro she felt a pang of guilt as her own desires .
8pm saw tom arrive back from his day out at golf, the f****y sat quiet as he bragged of beating his work friends, each member hid their own day’s events from him, Asif spoke with a snigger, “looks like you are good at something at least”
Tom was furious, “how fucking dares you speak to me like that boy”
“Boy? You forget your place; i am the man of the house now you yielded did you not” Asif barked.
“Ask the girls who their man is now fat man, it won’t be you that’s for sure”
Tom looked firstly to his wife then to his daughter, both women held their heads down not making eye contact with husband / daddy.
“What the fuck has been going on here today, answer me!” tom screamed
“Simple the man of the house enjoyed the woman of the house” Asif beamed.
Michelle and Velma kept their eyes lowered. In tom’s mind he was trying to make thing make sense, but he was still unaware of today’s exploits.
“To your rooms girls now, and prepare, i have to prove to fat man here of the new rules in my house” Asif commanded. Trance like both ladies rose and left the room.
“so? Here are my rules, we shall wrestle once more, any rules you like, but rest a sure the winner will command this house and that winner shall be i” Asif stated loud and clear.
“you fucking cheeky nigga, im gunna whoop your black ass” Tom bellowed
Both girls in their room heard the noise, Velma pleading to herself hoping daddy would beat the black r****t. Michelle was slowly stripping into her nice underwear, Michelle lay on her bed her nipples rock hard, her cunt was awash with her juices as she heard the noise down stairs.
Asif moved the furniture and stripped down to his briefs, Tom laughed and stripped to his boxers. The two could not be any different. Asif tall thin but muscular, Tom short fat and podgy.
Tom struck a sneaky blow to Asif’s head sending the black boy flying. Laughing tom pounced and began a frenzied attack on the black boy.
Punch after punch rained about Asif’s head “well nigga yield, say it nigga say yield”
Asif although strong was blocking most of Tom’s punches, he knew it would not be long before tom ran out of steam and as if on que the punches slowed and they became lighter. Biding his time, Asif made his move.
The girls up stairs could hear all the noise tom was shouting Velma pleased she could hear her daddy shouting for the boy to yield knowing daddy had won pleased her, michelle was surprised at how well Tom had done. Both girls heard the sudden thud as Tom was spun over and Asif now was on top.
Each girls ears pricked up as the fight below continued.
Asif choked then punched the older man Tom was no match for the black African Prince and before long the words came from toms mouth Yield, i yield.
“Asif leaned in and whispered something into toms ear. He then bit hard on the old mans neck leaving what looked like a love bite.
“turn over cracker boy” Asif commanded.
“what” tom gasped, Asif did not wait he spun tom over and f***ed him onto his hands and knees. In a flash Asif pulled Toms boxers down and slapped him hard on the ass. Grabbing a good handful of hair Asif released his hard black cock and rested it on the fat mans ass.
“no, no,no please not that i beg you not that “ tom screamed both girls heard it and pictured the scene downstairs.
The bl**d curdling hollow that came from tom filled the house, both girls knew he was now a beaten man.
Asif lunged forward with all his might, his solid black cock rammed into the ass of the beaten tom. Asif ass fucked his opponent whispering all the time various things,” god boy your not as tight as your daughter, you wife put up more of a fight, you faggot bitch you love my black cock in your ass,” to prove a point Asif reached around and felt tons little white cock, it was small but rock hard, Asif started to wank the tiny cock, tom pleading, crying begging “no, please no, nooooo, nooo”
Asif continued to fuck the white ass faster and faster, harder and harder his prime solid cock fucked toms ass. With a loud roar Asif deposited his prime seed into the ass whipped tom at the same time a small amount of come sprang from toms cock. The white man had come whilst being ass fuck by the black boy.
“My house now sissy bitch my house” Asif stated, pulling toms hair up he snarled into toms ear
“say it cunt, say it sissy boy”
“thank you” Tom whispered
“louder cunt” “thank you” “louder white boy louder”
“THANK YOU” Tom screamed at the top of his voice
“thank you what bitch”
Michelle knew it was confirmed Asif had fucked and used her husband just as he had done to the rest of her f****y.
Asif arose before him lay Tom on his hands and knees, black mans come dripping from his ass.
“You sl**p in with your son i take the main room” Asif commanded tom could merely nod his head to his victor.
Asif went to the bathroom to shower, tom arose and made his way up stairs on the landing Michelle watch as her husband stumbled up the stair, a large love bite on his neck and come dripping from his ass, with tears in his eyes pleading for some sign of love from his wife.
“i’m to sl**p in there! “ tom pointed to her sons room
“it’s for the best i suppose!” Michelle answered as tom scurried into the rom.
Michelle went to the bathroom the strip off her remaining garments and entered the shower.
Under the shower, Asif soaped his body and anxiously waited. This time, it was Michelle who wanted to be his next victim
Asif opened the shower door she greeted her visitor with a lovely smile on her face.
Asif smiled at the beautiful young wife, not so innocent and naive of just two days ago, who now wanted the feel of his young big black cock. As the water wet his cock, he stood back, he watched as Michelle approached while lathering her hands with the bar of soap. He groaned with pleasure as her dainty hands made contact with his pulsing cock. The soapy lather had Michelle stroking the long black cock with feverish intent, cleaning her husbands shit off of the black prince’s cock. Then Michelle moved slightly to have the water wash away the soap on the cleaned cock.
Michelle sank to her knees, Asif groaned loudly as the MILF wife enveloped his plum sized cockhead with her sweet lips. He didn't want to f***e her this time he wanted to let her go at it on her own pace. This inexperience cocksucking MILF went at it with enthusiasm. Asif couldn't believe what he was seeing and feeling, this beautiful rich housewife bitch was intent on eating him alive. He had to put his outstretched hands on the walls of the shower stall to keep his balance. Looking down, Michelle had done the unbelievable by swallowing his entire foot long black cock.
Michelle kept the entire length of black cock down her throat as long as she could. Then she had to come up for air. She pulled her head back till only the cockhead remained in her mouth, using both hands to shuck up and down the black boys cock. She began to tease the cockhead with her flicking tongue and playfully teased the cock slit with the tip of her tongue, speeding up her hand motions.
Asif was panting and thought he better warn her of his impending cum "Oh, you sweet cracker bitch! Oh, baby, you're getting me so hot ......Oh, Mrs.T ....ohhhhhh, your lips are so soft .......I'm gonna cum soon! Better take your mouth off my cock unless you want to get a taste of nigger cum!" He looked down and was surprised to see Michelle’s baby blue eyes looking up at him. Then he knew this sweet white wife was intent on tasting his nigger cum. He began to hump forward a little "Oh, baby, baby it cummmsssssssss .....argggggghhhhhh!"

Michelle’s teasing tongue was suddenly coated by a flood of thick jism, her mouth filled to the brim after two additional explosive spurts. Then Michelle removed her mouth from the spurting cock, her hands now directing the streams of cum onto her lovely 36EE tits. Looking up at her black lover, she opened her mouth wide and wiggled her pink tongue through the mouthful of thick cum. Still looking up, Michelle closed her mouth and swallowed hard. Opening her mouth again to show that she had swallowed his seed. film. ThenMichelle stood and went to the back of the shower, leaning forward to brace her hands against the back of the stall, spreading her legs apart in invitation.
Michelle looked over her shoulder, “ as you did my daughter” was her only request Asif didn’t need telling twice and for the third time in the same day Asif fuck someone up the ass. Twenty minutes later,Asif toweled himself down and then dried off Michelles lovely body. he had enjoyed hearingher squeal in delight as he buggered her tight white ass. He couldn't believe this was the same sweet beauty that he had forcibly ****d on her kitchen floor just this morning. It was obvious that she wanted a repeat performance from him all day and he intended to please her.
Asif left the shower “follow” was his command and like his slut whore that she had become Michelle followed this boy prince.
He made his was to her bedroom, he kicked the door open Michelle then surprised Asif, when she put her arms around his neck. Michelle then tongued his ear and whisper "Give me the fucking of my life! Knock me up with your black baby! Knock me up right in the bed I share with my husband!"
Asif pushed the big titted MILF onto her own bed and began to fuck the shit out of her, varying positions, hard then soft had Michelle screaming her love for a boy of 16.
Tom lied in his sons room listening to his own wife screaming her love, “ KNOCK MEEEEE UP, YOU BLACK BASTARD, FUCK MEEE FUCK MEE!!!!!! GIVE ME A BLACK SON MY PRINCE GIVE ME A BAAAABBBYYYYYYYYY”
Through the night Michelle was seeded at least 8 times with a very loud “THANK YOU MY BLACK PRINCE” as each load deposited in her once faithful cunt!
In the morning Michelle took her prince breakfast in bed, tom entered the kitchen Michelle’s glow spoke more than words could say “i suppose he at least leaves today and we can get back to normal” tom sighed.
Michelle just tutted and returned to the young boy in her bed.
Asif did infact leave that afternoon and there was mixed feelings in the house 3 were more than happy but the mother of the house was lest pleased that her black prince had departed, not before his promise to return soon.
Some 12 weeks had past when Velma came into her mothers room in tears,
“he did it mum that bastard did it, im! Im! Fucking pregnant that black bastard has made me pregnant what am i going to do everyone will know i’m having a black baby”
“ssshhhhh honey, your not alone, he has bred me as well” was Michelle’s cool reply.
Both mother and daughter knocked up on the same day by the same black prince.

92% (55/5)
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AWESOME SEXY KOOL,love it sweetie!
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my white family needs this i have 3 daughters.
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wild lust story
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loved the whole story
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What a beautiful fantasy to have a huge cock Black guy control everything that happens with your family.