Michelle sat in her brand new house paid for by her rich husband and thought of her past life on a council estate.
As she sat pondering the phone rang, “hello” Michelle answered.
It was her son’s boarding school headmistress, apparently Cal her 17yr old son had gotten into a bit of trouble and the headmistress had arranged for both set of parents to attend a meeting on Friday morning.
Arriving with her husband Tom they made their way to the headmistress’s office. Tom was a self made millionaire who had a bit of bullying streak. Outside the office sat a coloured couple dressed in African attire.
At 1030 both couples were invited in and it was explained that Cal had been involved in a fight with Asif the African couple’s son over a difference of race and creed. It was explained that this behaviour was unacceptable at this posh school.
As a solution the African mother suggested that Cal comes to their home for the weekend to see and understand how they live under their African traditions. It was agreed that Cal would go that evening and Asif would stay in Michelle’s home the following weekend.
The weekend came and went but there was no phone call from Cal, the following week dragged but come the Friday night Cal arrived home first, he looked very solemn, he also looked like he had a fat lip. When Michelle asked about Asif, Cal replied “that black bastard will be here soon”
Michelle was shocked by his racist outburst; she was use to her husband being racist but not her pride and joy. Cal was a bit of a pretty boy, long surfer blonde hair, he liked to play tough but he wasn’t at all.
At 730 there was a knock on the door, Michelle opened it to find who could only be Asif. He was a tall muscular boy, 16 yrs old perhaps 17.
“Pleased to meet you ma’am, Asif stood tall and proud, Michelle showed him to the room he was to share with her pride and joy Cal. “dinner will be at 8 boys see you down stairs”. Michelle prepared the table awaiting Tom and the boys for dinner. The boys entered first Asif moved to sit down but Michelle quickly informed the boy “no Asif that’s Toms chair he is head of the household he sits there”.
Just then Tom arrived from work and he was not best pleased, the meal was fine and during it Asif told of his life back in Africa as a tribal prince and the various customs the different tribes have, Michelle was all ears and could not help but feel privileged that a true prince was in her own home.
Tom was grumpy about his day and his mood didn’t change throughout, later in the evening, as they all relaxed Asif was still telling the f****y about life in his tribe and the wealth that it brought. Tom was even more pissed off when he found out that Asif’s f****y were actually richer than him, so the tone was set here was a boy with more wealth lording it in his HOME.
Tom, started to make fun of Asif, as the f****y watched television, “this must be quite strange boy watching a tv as to what you do in Africa, in fact what do you do for entertainment at night in your village?
“well “ Asif answered “the young men or bulls as we are called wrestle in front of the villagers and tribal leaders, the winner gets great glory”
“wrestle” sniggered Tom
“yes sir we wrestle”
“go on then wrestle Cal, go on son show the African how we jocks do it mate”
“i cannot wrestle him, sir he will not be a good enough challenge, my tribe will only wrestle someone bigger or stronger” “that way we can gage how well and how strong we are”
“right there is only one way to show you then boy” Tom replied, “i will wrestle you”
Asif then shocked the f****y” like i said sir, we can only wrestle stronger better men”
Tom nearly exploded with the pure arrogance of the black boy.
“right you cheeky black fucker, lets do it”
“but sir asif, complained only if you are sure”
“to fucking right” tom yelled.
“whoop that nigga dad whop his black arse” Cal joined in.
Asif stood and moved some of the house furniture. The bizarrely he stripped down to him under pants, this shocked everyone but Michelle could not help noticing the huge bulge in Asif’s pants.
For the next 20 minutes, Asif toyed with Tom putting him in various holds, but loose enough for Tom to wriggle free, the old man was breathing heavily and then suddenly Tom lost his rag and punched Asif in the stomach.
Winded Asif fell to him knees, “yes dad, thats it beat the nigger cunt beat his black arse”
Tom rose and held him hands high, “ yes champion” he bragged.
Unaware that Asif had risen, “sir that is not fair, but as you like to fight that way , that is no problem”
“you lost boy, you went down, its over”
“the fight goes on until one yields then its over” with that, Asif was on Tom he hit him so hard the older man fell to his knees. Then Asif set about humiliating Tom in front of Michelle and his son.
For the next couple off minute Asif choked strangled and whipped Tom into a sweaty blubbering mess.

With a strangle hold around toms neck tom was rapidly turning blue.
Michelle screamed “please Asif don’t kill him let him go i beg you”
With his only breath still in him Tom “whispered “YEILD, I YEILD”.
Asif, arose his black body glistening, he stood above tom, grabbing toms hair he pulled up Michelle’s husband so his face was level with his bulging groin.
“again “Asif demanded.
As tom mouthed the words “yield i yield” Asif f***ed toms face into his groin, all tom could smell was the musky sweat of the black boys thick cock.

Asif pushed tom back onto the floor, “i shall shower then retire” was Asif’s statement then he left the f****y alone.
Tom was fuming that a 16yr old nigga had bettered him in front of his f****y and was already planning his revenge. Cal looked shocked for he honestly thought his dad would beat Asif , he also knew the darker side to Asif the neither his parents knew.
Michelle awoke to find tom having already left for his Saturday golf match, the previous night was very tense, her husband bettered by a 16yr old black boy.
Having showered Michelle dressed in a new black skirt and a white blouse, her underwear was sexy , knowing if tom won at golf he would want sex from his wife.
As Michelle left her bedroom to go down stairs, she passed Cals room, the door slightly ajar, she was about to go in and tell the boys 20 minutes till breakfast, however as she reached the door she stopped dead in her tracks.
As michelle looked in there was her pride and joy son, on his knees and what could be best described as being face fucked by Asif,
“keep going cracker bitch” Asif taunted Cal as his massive black cock pumped back and forth into the white boys mouth.
Asif slowly withdrew then f***ed his black rock hard cock down Cals throat, his hands entwined with Cals long blonde hair, “thats it bitch gunna be a long year at school for you my faggot white bitch.
Shocked Michelle stepped back, she never knew her son was gay, but there again the strapping 16yr old black boy being gay as well shocked her. Un known to her neither boy was gay it was just Asif showing and taking a dominant role over the weaker boy.
Michelle peaked back into the room , this time she took note of the size and girth of the young African prince’s cock, Michelle thought to herself my god its huge. As the big black cock piston back and forth into her sons mouth Michelle noticed she was wetter than she had been in a long time. Her nipples were trying to burst through her posh blouse.
With a roar Asif f***ed more and more of his black cock down Cals throat, “drink white bitch, enjoy my black seed”
Shocked at the words Michelle guest that Asif was about to come, but this time as she peaked in Asif looked up and saw her watching him face **** her son.
Michelle hurried away down stairs, but she was sure she could hear Cal coughing and spluttering as the Black Cock shot his seed into her darling sons mouth.
“say it sissy boy, say it!” Asif demanded.
Michelle’s ears pricked up as she heard Cal say “thank you my black Prince”
Michelle, sat at the kitchen table stunned when some 5 minutes later Asif walked in with just a towel wrapped around his waist.
“Come here woman” Asif demanded.
“i beg your pardon young man”
“you heard me woman to me now” the 16 yr old bellowed.
Michelle shocked and stunned remained seated, but in a flash Asif pulled her from the chair and pushed her against the side.
With his strength her ripped open michelles blouse, her impressive 36EE tits encased in a white lace bra popped into view, the bra did not last as Asif ripped it away.
“no please Asif, please don’t do this, i beg you, please don’t do this to me,” michelle pleaded.
Asif could not care he lowered his mouth and bit hard on micelles right tit, making her scream with the pain.
Michelle tried to push the black boy off but it was no use his strength was to much.
Michelle was tossed to the floor, before she knew it Asif was between her legs, pushing her skirt up to reveal her lacy panties, they went the same way as the bra, with one quick grab they were ripped from her.
Suddenly michelle realised the extent of her predicament, she was about to be ****d on her own kitchen floor by a 16yr old black boy.
“no, please Asif, don’t, please don’t, im begging your don’t **** me, please don’t **** me.
But it was to late With a hard Thrust Asif slid his solid black cock into the married house wife. Due to her watching the blow job by her son Michelle was quite wet so it made Asif cock slide in easily.
Michelle was pushing and punching Asif chest trying to remove the black r****t, but to no avail. Inch by inch Asif pushed his black solid cock into the White bitch.
“you see bitch, when your husband yielded to me last night, it means in my tribe he yields everything, his life, home wife and even his son,” Asif snarled into Michelles ear.
“you watched me fuck your sons mouth, if you don’t want him to be my sissy bitch for his final year you better be nice to me white bitch under stand me whore”
Michelle, was in no state to comprehend what Asif was saying, she was trying her hardest to push the black r****t off her. As Asif continued to fuck the white bitch, Michelle tried against all odds but with all her will she suddenly felt the betrayal of her own woman hood, her pussy began to juice up as the young boy fucked the married lady,
Against her judgement, Michelle was no longer pushing but pulling the black boy onto her. Michelle raised her legs and locked them around Asif’s waist.
Asif pushed up on his arms and looked at the beaten lady, her massive tits jiggled as he fucked her, she was looking directly into his eyes no longer crying, but pleading, Asif stopped thrusting just long enough for him to know she was his.
Asif stopped mid thrust, “no, no” screamed Michelle, she thrust her hips up to meet the black cock, “please, please, i beg you, do it do it” michelle whimpered.
“do what Bitch?”
“do it, just do it please”
“do what you white slag, do what?”
Laughing Asif continued his **** of the white house wife.
“good lady, now i wont make Cal my sissy bitch”
Michelle remembered Asifs statement and tried to believe she was doing this to protect her son, when in fact she was doing it as the 16yr old was the best fuck she had ever had, right at that moment she would of quite happily pledged her life to this black prince.
Harder and harder Asif fucked the bitch knowing she had come numerous times already, looking up he saw the reflexion of Cal in the window. He stood and told Michelle to stand also.
Michelle complied and with her bruised tits hanging down, Asif ripped the remaining top clothing of her, michelle had not seen Cal lurking in the other room.
“bend over the table you whore” Asif commanded.
Michelle now under his spell not only bent over but as she did she sexily pulled her skirt up and over her rounded arse inviting her former r****t to use her as he pleased.
Cal was shocked at his mothers behaviour but stood transfixed by the powerful black boys control.
The fucking that Michelle received over the next hour was pure filth, her cunt was awash with her pussy juices, she begged, pleaded and admitted every demand and abuse that Asif threw at her.
Finally having used the bitch for his own pleasure Asif spun Michelle around and pushed her to her knees, without a second thought Michelle’s mouth was over the huge black boys cock. A couple of thrusts from the prince and Michelle’s mouth suddenly had to cope with the strong potent seed.
Asif spewed his black seed into Michelle’s mouth, all the time Cal witnessing what a whore his mother had turned into. Michelle had never in the past swallowed her husband’s come but she knew what was expected of her and swallowed down all the 16yr olds come.
Asif pulled his softening cock from Michelle’s mouth and wiped it on her blouse.
“i shall Shower” was Asif’s only words, as he left the kitchen he turned to Michelle.
Michelle looked at the naked 16 yr old black boy and proudly said “thank you my BLACK PRINCE”

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That was poetic. I was hard the moment Dad and the Prince started to wrestle, not knowing the consequences of Dad losing the wrestling match. What a pay-back.
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great story, awesome imagination!! sexy as hell!
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sexy story
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This is a nice start. I would love to read the next part.
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brutal but interesting
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Great start!
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Thank You, My Queen...very inspirational :)
I'm glad that i've came and read your blog...
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great story although i am dutch and read a little bit slow, i find this agreat story, i also have read part two
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Loved it!
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Very good story.
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good story
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very good
i just looked on your profile and see you have wrote some other storys look forward to reading them 6.5/10