Sally moved tentatively towards her best friend used and soiled cunt and slowly began to eat all the nigger come from her mate.
Unaware that both the youths were standing back watching two middle aged MILFs enjoying a lesbian cunt licking, sally carried on to eat Deb until her best friend pussy was totally clean.

Once clean sally stood and kissed Debs passing some of the mixed nigger come to her best friends’ mouth.
Deb looked at Sally, “we look like a right pair of slags”.
Sally laughed “we are Debs we are”.

Both walking out the alley, each girl had a slight limp, approaching the black youths deb said “thanks guys that was quite sweet we will see you around”.

As they walked away Sally asked “can I come back to yours and clean up Deb, I don’t want Steve to see what a slag he married”? “Sure” was Debs reply.

In the taxi both girls were very happy, unaware that both Tyce and Stu were following there taxi.
Tyce said aloud “man that Deb is one hot fucking slag, I’m going to enjoy turning her into nigger meat “ Stu replied “that Sally has the greatest tits I have ever seen man next time she will be begging me to squirt all over those babies”

Following the girls taxi right up to Debs house the black youth made a note of the number and then drove off into the night.

On entering the house both the married slags stripped off and joined each other for a well earned hot shower. Both girls giggled as they thought about their nights events, Deb asked Sally “any regrets Sal?”
“Just one, I would of love to have Stu shoot off in me but I just can’t take the chance, Any way how comes you were begging them both to seed you.” “ you don’t really want to get pregnant again do you Deb?”

Deb was quite coy and replied “ imagine that me a proud up standing woman of the community ending up carrying a nigger bastard inside me” that would be the talk of the village”

“Anyway my big titted bitch I think you should be on your knees soothing my well fucked cunt” with that Sally dropped to her knee and started slowly licking Debs well fucked pussy bringing Deb to a hot and quick climax. “that’s a girl Sal eat your nigger boyfriend come out of me, perhaps you could eat it from the real source next time” Sally stopped eating Debs pussy looked up “Next time?” Sally asked looking up at her mistress.

“why not, just like I said get a strong young nigger fuck him senseless, suck his cock dry and then just say good bye, so if they want it again I am defiantly going to sample it”

Sally was shocked that over the past month Deb had turned the once prude faithful married mother into her own personal slut as well as shaving her pussy marking her tits, now she had two niggers fuck her where before the only cock she had tried was her husbands.
Here she was listening to her mistress tell her that not if but when they see the black youths again she would be sucking black cock.

Once clean Sally called a taxi and with a long slow kiss left Deb to go to bed. In bed Deb could not help thinking about the nights events and how a k** younger than her son fuck her hard and fast but more importantly got rid of the frustration of the previous months without her husband. Deb slept soundly and awoke to a sore pussy; she looked forward to seeing sally at work.

Having had a good day at work both sally and Deb kept a secret smile. Apart from the odd stroke of sally’s tits or arse deb was very please with the whole day and previous evenings escapades.

On her return to home Deb switched out of her work clothes into some slogs gear, to tidy up her house. As she was cleaning Deb was totally unaware of what the evening was about to hold for her.
At 7 oclock Deb received a phone call from her husband who was deployed over seas, whilst chatting Deb felt a pang of guilt as to her sluttish behaviour the previous night, whilst her husband was declaring total love for his wife, Deb could not help but think what a slag she had been taking a young black youth hard cock bareback into her husband once sacred pussy. Having spoken to her husband for nearly an hour there was a knock at Debs front door.

Blowing kisses she said good by to her husband and went to see who was calling, on opening the door she was shocked to see Tyce and Stu both standing there with big smiles on there faces, Deb panicked and went to slam the door but the black youths were to quick, forcing there way into the house Deb was flustered.
“what are you two doing here, you can’t come in people will see you, my husband will be home any minute” all her statement was met by was a calm cool black youth saying” chill out Debs, firstly we know hubby isn’t due home, he’s away you told me last night, secondly we are in your house so people can’t see us now and lastly we are here to fuck your hot MILF body and finish off from last night”

Deb screamed “last night was a mistake I was d***k and I should never of let that happen” “ Please leave” Tyce walked over to Deb and grabbed a good hand full of hair, he pulled her up close and menacingly whispered in her ear, “last night did happen and you loved ever minute of it so don’t tell me that you are now the prim and proper housewife again, I bet your cunt is moist now just thinking of what I am going to do to you to night”

Tyce was correct, Deb although shocked was wetter than she had been in a very long time, even after the fucking both the black youths had given her last night, here she was in the arms of a cocky strong black k** who was teaching her a few home truths.

Now my married white bitch I think its about time you kissed me, Deb could not deny the youth he seemed to have a hold over her that she had not felt in a good few year of marriage. Leaning in Deb allowed the black youth to kiss her not only in her front room but in front of an equally young black k**.
Tyce wasted no time in pushing his tongue into the married wife’s mouth, responding deb kissed back at the young black k**.

Tyce’s hand quickly moved from debs arse to her tits. Squeezing and groping her tits Deb melted into her new lovers arms. Tyce nodded to Stu who moved towards debs rear, with an open eye as he kissed deb Tyce signalled to Stu. Grabbing her bottoms Stu swiftly ripped them down to her ankles, at the same time Tyce ripped the T-Shirt open at Debs front exposing her naked tits. Shocked deb pushed Tyce away from her she stood tits exposed her trimmed cunt on view with a young black in front of her and an equally horny young nigger behind her. Tyce stood back to admire the view of the 39 year old house wife. Slowly laughing Tyce unzipped his jeans and pulled out his very impressive 9” cock, Deb knew he was very big but never guest he was that big.

“Kneel” was Tyce’s only command.
Deb slowly but surely bent her knees and found her self in front of a huge black cock, Tyce leaned in and whispered into her ear “are you ready to become a real woman” Deb looked up confused.
“a real woman?” deb enquired, “yes, do you trust me?” Tyce asked.
Deb nodded her head, “good now show me how a married lady like you can suck nigger cock”

Deb move in and took a good hand full of prime black cock looking Tyce in the eye, opening her mouth slowly but deliberately she took a good mouth full of black cock, drawing back her mouth deb spat on the big black cock to make it wetter, inch by inch moved into the once faithful mother of two, sucking and slurping debs natural instinct was to please her man (even though this man was not her husband).

within a very short period, the frustrated housewife hand not only started to fuck her best friend (the big titted slut Sally)but also allowed two black k**s younger than her son to put there seed into her belly.
The blowjob deb delivered was intended to be the very best she could give, as one of three slut s****rs she knew from an early age and with her s****rs teaching her the importance of giving men the best head. Deb had quickly out shone her s****rs in the sucking cock department .
Deb began to f***e more and more prime nigger cock into her mouth, slurping and sucking, Tcye grabbed her hair and started to face fuck his MILF, Deb knew she was in the hands of a skilled lover.

That’s right my white slut suck me good that’s it bitch get that nigger cock nice and wet, whilst this was occurring Stu took no time to slide his black hand over Debs lily white arse, slowly he inserted his long black finger into the very wet married pussy, “mmmmmmmm” was released from Debs mouth even though it was wrapped around the young black cock. Slow but purposely Stu started to finger fuck the white MILF, building up speed as Tyce face fucked her Stu finger fucked the married slut in her own front room. Tyce taunted Deb, “Suck it bitch come on you know what a nigger cock needs now,” Deb with all the years experience and the training her other slut s****rs had taught her went to town on the nigger cock that was sliding down her throat. MMMMmmmm,Slurp, mmm Spit,mmmmm were just a few sounds coming from her mouth. Tyce pulled debs hair up and looked her in the eye,” now bitch you know what I want and you are going to give me it aren’t you” Deb nodded her head and said “ Where”

Tyce demand was simple “ stand up and turn around and give Stu some of your good head” complying Deb turned to face the other black youth slowly bending Deb the married mother of two took the black k**s cock into her mouth. At the same time Tyce kicked her legs apart and with out ceremony slowly rubbed his cock up and down debs wet slit. MMMMmmmmm again escaped Debs mouth. “Do you want it bareback Deb?” Tyce laughed.
Pulling Stu’s nigger cock from her mouth Deb said” do you have a condom?”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Well I guess I’m yours to have then”

“Spread wide, baby,” Tyce told Deb, “lemme see that sweet pussy.” Deb didn’t reply, she simply slowly parted her full thighs and felt cool air sweep over her open pussy.

First Stu knelt next to her, kissing her as he fingered her twat while Tyce undressed. Then it was Tyce’s turn as Stu followed suit. Automatically, as they kissed, Deb’s hand went out to grip Tyce’s massive cock and stroke it. The shaft felt so heavy and warm in her hand. She felt Stu’s hand on her head and when she turned towards him felt the soft, spongy head of his cock at her mouth.
Her lips opened and she began sucking the other young black cock. There was no protest in her brain, no thoughts of reluctance or her husband.
Juice was pouring from her pussy, she could feel it, and her body was tingling everywhere. Tyce’s mouth was inches from Debs ear. “Do you want me to fuck you bitch” he asked . “Mm hmm,” Deb nodded, her mouth full of Stu’s black dick. She opened her thighs wider but Tyce made no move to get between them. Instead he teased her. “Tell me,” he prodded. {Deb momentarily took her mouth from the black meat she’d been sucking. She kept stroking it with one hand and looked Tyce in the eye. “Fuck me,” she answered plainly. “Fuck my white married cunt with your nigger dick just like last night you bastard.” Her words surprised the black men. “Your cunt?” Tyce said with an edge to his voice. “You like saying that?” Deb just nodded, looking at him through narrowed eyelids. “Fuck my white married cunt,” she hissed.

Deb opened her legs wider bringing her arse higher, bent at the knee. Tyce moved between her legs, holding his rock hard cock in one hand and guiding it to Debs smooth fuckhole. The big black head nudged between her pussylips and Deb stiffened and groaned in anticipation for the new onslaught. “You want this nigger dick?” Tyce asked and Deb responded by humping her hips back towards it. Stu hissed, “Ask if she’s on the Pill.” Tyce took his cue from Stu. “You on the Pill, Deb?” The nude married slag in her own front room shook her head anxiously, her hips straining. “N-n-noo,” she answered. “You want me to fuck you bare?” Tyce again asked, pushing the head of his dick deeper into Deb’s open hole. “Y-Y-y-yesss,” her voice quaked. “You care if you get knocked up?” Stu’s deep voice asked. Deb closed her eyes tightly. “Nope,” she said firmly. “Fuck me, baby…give me all that black dick!” Deb then felt the full length and girth of Tyce’s cock slid up inside her. She grunted, her face blushing with excitement. With Tyce fully inserted, Deb began fucking back at him, her hips moving, her tits gently wobbling as they dangled down from her chest.

“Oh shit, go to it, bitch,” Stu hissed in a deep, lusty voice. “Damn bitch you look so good fucking black cock.” Deb brought her head up high as the black k** began fucking her in deep, regular strokes doggie style. Deb’s head jerked up and down with each deep thrust and she grunted rhythmically with each fuck, “Unnh…unhh…unhh,” and, again, Stu moved and rubbed his cock over her mouth. “Suck it,” he said. Deb complied, taking the cock as Stu leaned over her, his hips moving, fucking in and out of her mouth.

She couldn’t hold out. Her mouth full of black meat, Deb began climaxing – her body stiffening and writhing as each wave of orgasm spread over her squirting her married juices everywhere. It was as if every sexual delight in the world found its origin in her clit and expanded outward.

Tyce continued to fuck her hard and Deb settled into a measured rhythm, wanting only to keep feeling that big, thick black dick filling her married hole. In her mind she wondered what Tyce’s massive cock looked like stuffed in her married cunt. ‘Cunt’, that is what she’d always called it, she never knew why the name seemed to stick with her but she’d never used ‘pussy’ unless talking about someone else. And right now her trimmed cunt was being sawn, pumped and owned by Tyce’s massive black dick.
For the next two hours the white married wife was used by the two young k**s any way they wanted. Each k** not only got to fuck the once faithful lady but also had the pleasure of shooting jet after jet of prime Blackmans come straight down her throat.

Picking up Debs mobile, Stu told her to call Sally and explain that she was now “nigger meat” he also informed her that he wanted Sally over here tomorrow night at the same time as tonight.

Pushing the speed dial Deb spoke into the phone,
“hi Sal, how are you?”

“The reason I am calling is I have been told by my new man that you need to know that I am well and truly NIGGER MEAT now”.

“Also Stu has told me that you are required to be here tomorrow night at seven, I think the lads want to do to you what I have just had done to me”.

With Sally in Shock and unable to answer correctly she replied” my god Deb you didn’t did you?”

“yes “

“what both?”

“yes sweet heart they have roasted me for the last 2 hours and like I said I am well and truly NIGGER MEAT now, the same will happen tomorrow so see you then babe”

Sally Stunned replied “fine see you tomorrow at 7.”

As Deb hung up she turned to her two young black studs and told them “I need a shower,
Tyce you can stay if you like?

But I think Stu you have Sally as your girl, I now belong to Tyce.”

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Great series!!
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Loving this series!