With football being high on the weekend pub crawl, one of the traditions of Sunday lunch time drink is the pub meat draw. Like most pubs tickets are sold for a couple of hours before the game starts with the draw taking place during the half time break.

For some bizarre reason we had been dropped off at a different pub that we would normally watch the game in. Brian had dropped us off while he went to finish so business. As it turned out my Sunday lunch time was very eventful.

As we sat watching the build up to the game a voice from behind us called “meat draw tickets lads” as the seller pulled up level with me I was please to see it was Dee. Slightly shocked to see me in her local (I hadn’t realised it was hers).
“ Oh hi Mike I didn’t know you came in here, Deb not with you?” Dee asked.

“no sweetheart Debs at home, we only popped in to wait for a mate” was my nice reply. Dee was dressed in a tight pair of black jeans, white blouse and you could just make out the black bra beneath her blouse. As Dee carried on with selling her tickets, I noticed her husband at the far end of the pub with his two sons having a f****y drink.

As Dee moved away one of the lads asked” fuck who’s the MILF Mick”. “She’s an old neighbour and good friend of debs” I answered.
My eyes followed Dee’s movements as she went from one group to the next selling tickets. Some twenty minutes later I made my way to the toilets as I returned to the bar area. I noticed Dee in the side office counting the takings from the ticket sale.

I moved over knocked on the door and as Dee looked up I moved into the office, closing the door behind me, Dee looked shocked, “Mike you can’t be in here, please go back to the bar”. “well Dee you see I don’t think it would be right if I went back to the bar without getting a piece of you before I left the pub” Dee knew after our previous meeting that her arguing was pointless.

“Mike, Dave and the my boys are in the bar, I can’t do this right now please im begging you, won’t you take a rain check and I will see you at the shop tomorrow?” I leaned back and slowly undid my jeans pulling out my nice thick cock, as I stroked my cock Dee shook her head no. there was a little glass window with reflective glass on it, that allowed the landlord to view the bar area.

Dee glanced into the bar area and saw the men of her f****y enjoying a few pints, she stood and locked the office door. Walking slowly over to me Dee my posh tart neighbour dropped to her knees, slowly Dee licked the end of my cock. One thing for sure was that although she was such a stuck up bitch Dee really was just a cheap slut who enjoyed her sex.

My cock was rock hard as Dee deep throated me, pulling my cock from her married mouth Dee pleaded” Mike please won’t that do I need to get back to my boys”? “Stand” Was my command. As Dee stood I lead her over to the desk, span her around to look out towards her boys. “either you let me finish or I go out in front of your sons and thank Dave for the other day and your blow job” “which one do you want Dee, ten more minutes with me or your sons get Cuckold just like Dave. Do they have small cocks like their daddy Dee? Well do they?” Dee was shocked that I would let her sons know what a whore she was, but she shocked her self more thinking if it was true, her two strapping sons were small limp dicked boys like their daddy.
“Ok Mike ten more minutes, please make it quick”

I span Dee around and undid her jeans pulling them down to her knees Dee arse was covered in a pair of black silk French knickers, as I admired her dress sense Dee looked back over her shoulder and said “ f***e me, f***e me Mike make me believe I don’t want to do this f***e me even if I say no!”

Taking my hands I ripped her knickers and put them in my pocket. I then rubbed my hard cock up and down Dee’s moist married pussy, with a f***eful thrust I rammed 8” of sold cock into the posh married bitch, her cunt easily taking my cock due to her wetness.

“Fuck” Dee screamed, as I once again rammed her married cunt hard, pulling her hair up Dee had no choice but to look directly out the window towards the bar where her two sons and cuckold husband were having a Sunday lunch time drink, all three not knowing wife and mummy is getting her cunt stuffed full of her neighbours hard cock.

Dee knew deep down that she was loving it being the fuck toy of her younger neighbour. What Dee did not expect was my next two moves, first I reached down and pulled Dee’s Mobile phone from her jeans.

As I fucked Dee her moans were getting louder and louder. “you bastard Mike, you fucking bastard, fucking me, r****g me, making me do these nasty thing, I’m a married lady and you are forcing me to be a fucking cheap whore. I hope you rot in hell for taking me like this”
I opened Dee’s phone and dialled her youngest son’s number, passing it to Dee, she panicked looking at the phone ringing her son, “ask to speak to Dave when your son answers” was my only command.

Looking through the window I saw her son pull out his phone to answer it, as that happened I rammed my full length into his mum. “AAAAAhhh” screamed Dee just as her son answered his phone, “can you put your dad on please” Dee requested. As Dave took the phone I again rammed his wife, “aaaahhhh” again escaped Dee’s lips confused Dave looked around the pub, I took the phone and spoke “Dave, you know who this is?”

Dave “ Yes”

Me “Yes what dick head”

Dave in a whisper scared his boys would hear “Yes Sir, I know who it is”

Me “good boy, as you can gather Dee is with me, I am balls deep in my whores cunt”

Dave “Please don’t call her that”

Me “listen”
I placed the phone next to Dee, and started to fuck her really hard, making Dee scream,

Dee “ fuck, fuck, AAAAhhh, fuck me mick, fuck MMMMEEE”

I could see Dave beginning to swet,

Me “listen up Dave, listen to what I am going to do to Dee”

Placing the phone down, I pulled my hard cock, wet with Dee’s juices out of her cunt and rubbed it over her virgin arsehole, now bitch take this, Dee screamed as I f***ed 8” of rock hard cock straight up her tight shitter.

Dee “ aaaahhhh fuck, not my arse Mick not my arse!!!!”

As I rammed in and out of her arse I watched Dave through the glass cuckolding him as I took his wife’s virgin arse, I fucked harder and harder trying to make the bitch scream louder and louder, I knew Dave wished he could hang up but that would cost him more in the long run.

Me “Dave you haven’t been in her arse have you?”

Dave “no sir”

Me “thank me then boy for breaking her in for you, you tiny cock will easily fit once my huge cock has finished stretching it out”

Dave “thank you sir”

Moore and more screams came from Dee, I fucked her harder and harder and with a final lung I thrust deep and unloaded my red hot spunk direct into her arse.

Dee “fuck, fuck, so hot you’ve seeded my arse, you have seeded my arse”

I pulled out of Dee’s arse spun her round f***ed her to her knees and made her clean my cock off, spunk, shit and bl**d mixed as Dee cleaned me (her masters cock).

I told Dee to re-enter the bar and give Dave a big kiss, inform him to buy a round of drinks for me and my buddies.

The whole fuck had lasted about twenty minutes not long to be missing while working the tickets so Dee would be ok.

I returned to the bar and watched Dave follow me with his eyes as I returned to the lads,

“fuck Mick there nearly kicking off”

Two minutes later saw Dee walk up to her husband and give him a big kiss, there was no mistaking Dave could taste the fuck mixture on Dee’s mouth.
Dee then whispered something in Dave’s ear.

Some five minutes later Dave rocked up at our table with a tray filled with bottles of beer for the lads.

Dave “here you go Mick, from our last bet”

The lads looked confused, but took the beers anyway,

standing I shook Dave’s hand at the same time pressing Dee’s ripped knickers into his hand

Pulling Dave in tight squeezing his hand tighter, I looked him in the eye and said “I own you both!!!..............”

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Hard core!