Debbie was a happily married lady with two grown up c***dren, approaching her 40th birthday and some what feeling down about her self, she looked on with glee as her surprise present was unfolded to her.

“let me get this right honey, you have paid for me and my s****rs to go on a weeks holiday to Spain?”

“What’s the catch?” asked Debbie.
“None, replied her husband of 20 years, I think it will do you all good to catch up.”

So one month later. With bags packed, Debbie set off with her s****rs, to the Airport.
At the bar Debs older s****r Jan raised a glass and toasted Debbie’s 40th birthday, as the cheers rang out her other s****r Michelle raised her glass and toasted “what goes on tour stays on tour”. All three girls burst out laughing.

On the plane and due to the in frequency of their get-togethers, Deb was some what surprised that both her older s****rs were intending to really let their hairs down and may be enjoy a bit of Sun, Sea and Sex.

Having settled into their room, Michelle stated “it was pretty obvious that getting someone back here to fuck was going to be difficult due to the three of them sharing the room”.

Deb was even more shocked when Michelle suggested that “perhaps a signal on the door handle will let the other two know that the third s****r was getting a good fucking and to stay away”.
“there will be no signal” stated Jan the eldest, Debbie sighed a small relief, until Jan said “ if you want to fuck then this room is out of bounds, but by all means go back to his room or outside if you want”.

Debbie could not believe how free, both her s****rs had become. Day one had all three stripped to there bikini’s and lying by the pool, each girls receiving varying glances from all the men around the pool. All three becoming giggly school girls with the attention.

As the sun started to lower, they decided to get showered and go out for something to eat.

As they showered all three naked each woman varied in size and shape, Deb the youngest had a firm 34D bust, slim features although she’d had two k**s a little paunch pouch that even will all her gym work still was difficult to remove. A little tuft of hair sat above her pussy, completely showing the naked shaved lips of her cunt.
Michelle, the middle s****r was plumper than the other two, rather more plump than she would of liked but the liking of her drink had added far to many pounds, however this had enhanced her tits to a very impressive 36EE, like Deb with k**s her paunch was quite large, this showed off a very hairy old fashioned V around her cunt.
Jan the oldest and having never had any c***dren, was a slim well toned woman, with pert 32B tits and flat stomach neatly followed by a complete shaved cunt.

Showered, all three changed and set out for the evening, across from their hotel was a fun pub bar and this was where they decided to make it there local for the duration of the trip.

As the three s****rs entered the bar a cheer went up from a stag do celebration, moving to the bar each ordered a drink of the very smooth and good looking young Spanish barman.

“Hi, im Jonnie and I will be your waiter, what would you like?”
Michelle quick to reply “twenty minutes with you wouldn’t go a miss” laughing as she egged on her s****rs, as the drinks flowed Debbie couldn’t help notice how often young Jonnie kept stealing glances of the three sexy s****rs.

After a very pleasant evening, the girls bid farewell and staggered off to find a club, as Deb was last to leave, Jonnie made a point of kissing her hand and asked if she would be returning.

Shocked Debbie left but looked back as jonnie winked at her.

Inside the Benidorm Club there was approx 5000 people dancing, drinking and partying to the max. it wasn’t long before all three girls were split up, having lost the others Debbie decided to leave the club some two hours later.

Once in the room Deb stripped for her bed and changed into a short silk robe. Grabbing a fag she walked out onto the balcony to get some fresh air, having nearly finished her fag,
Deb was about to turn in when the door burst open and a giggling Michelle stumbled in, followed by a black lad may be 26 -27
“SSSShhh” Michelle said to her friend “ we have to be quick, the other will be back soon” As she spoke Michelle was already stripping down to her underwear, “come on Roy lets see what you got”

As Debbie peered into the room she was greeted by a naked black lad, and her older s****r on her knees sucking his cock whilst rubbing her own pussy with her spare hand.
Deb was routed to the spot watching Michelle go to town on a very impressive big black cock.

Deb was very impressed at the way Michelle sucked cock, Deb loved to please her man by giving head, and she had grown into a very accomplished cocksucker but Michelle was sucking and slurping the black prick like a whore.

Picking Michelle up Roy threw her on her back onto the bed and set about sucking Michelle’s big fat tits,
Deb watching could not help but let her fingers stray down to her neat, faithful pussy, one little touch found her own cunt wetter than it had been in years.

Roy unceremoniously rammed his rock hard black cock straight into Michelle’s waiting and very willing cunt. Shocked Debbie didn’t once hear Michelle ask about a condom or anything.

Michelle lifted her plump thighs and wrapped her legs around the tight black arse of Roy. It looked almost blissful but it was what it was meant to be a fucking, a man taking a woman fucking her.

Michelle was really getting off on Roys strong body and the way he was fucking her. As Roy pumped and pumped, Michelle was squealing like his Bitch, Deb leaning against the door frame was working herself up into a nice little orgasm just as she was about to come she heard Michelle Scream “ God Roy please! Please! Give me it, Give me it Roy!! Fuck!! GIVE ME A BLACK BABY Roy!! Give me a FUCKING BLACK BABY!!! Please!! Roy roared and shot his black seed deep into a very willing married white woman’s cunt.

With Michelle’s begging and Debbie picturing a black baby Debbie came herself hard. Looking through the patio window,
Deb saw Michelle sit up on the bed and pulling Roy towards her, she started to clean his thick cock of all the cream. Michelle pushed Roy away and said “you better be going, the girls will be back soon”.

Roy quickly dressed bid his bitch for the night, a good night and left. Michelle rose and went to the shower, as the water began to run, Debbie made her way to the door and slammed it pretending to just arrive home, moving quickly she pretended to change whilst shouting to Michelle in the shower.

“hi honey how was your night?”

Michelle just replied “Very nice babe how was yours?”
“not that bad had enough to drink so I came home” Deb answered.

As Deb passed Michelle’s bed she saw a large puddle of cum, on the top cover. Obviously where Michelle had sat up to suck Roy’s cock, some of his seed had leaked onto the cover of the bed.
Dipping her finger in to it Deb licked the tip of her fingers tasting the Black mans cum.

As Michelle turned off the water Debbie hastily scooped up the puddle into her palm and dived into bed, Michelle still quite d***k collapsed into bed and within a very short time began to snore.
Wide awake Debbie slowly moved her right hand that had Roy’s come in it down to her pussy, as Michelle slept;

Debbie began to rub and smear all the come over her own married pussy. Instead of imagining Roy fucking her, Deb closed her eyes and dreamed of one of the Trainers from her Gym, John was a young very fit Black instructor and it was him that Debbie was thinking about as she wanked her cunt.

“Mmmmm, John baby give me it, come on John give me it”
As Deb wanked she got hotter and hotter as her pussy was a wash with the Black mans cum, NEVER IN HER DAYS HAD DEBBIE EVER THOUGHT OF John the Instructor in that way.

However hearing Michelle beg for a black baby had Debbie thinking, “john please give me it, I beg you. Come on baby give this white pussy your load, come baby! Come! And with a final thrust of her fingers Deb begged for Johns BLACK BABY”

Rubbing cum all over her married cunt Deb was wanking at the thought of a Blackman knocking her up. Satisfied Deb snuggled up in bed, her cunt awash with the seed of a black stranger and her thoughts were not of her husband but a fit black lad who on her return will be getting a closer look at.

Deb heard the door open then close, it was well past 5 in the morning as Jan the eldest returned, some what the worst for wear.

Deb was sat by her self by the pool and it was passed lunch time when her older s****rs joined her at the poolside. Deb was topless enjoying the sun, as her s****rs stripped down to their bikini’s you could not help but notice Michelle’s tits covered with the love-bites Roy had left the previous evening .

Shocked Jan gasped “fuck Shell what did you get up to last night babe”

“I went BLACK” was the short reply,

“BLACK?” Jan screamed
“why not, what goes on tour etc, and ive never had black cock so I thought I would try it”

giggling Jan snuggled up “well? What was it like?”

“fucking brilliant, I just fucked the shit out of him and told him bye” “ nice big black cock, it was nice just to use a bloke for a change” was Michelle’s reply.

“WAS HE AS BIG AS THEY SAY” asked Debbie, knowing full well having watched her slut s****r ride the big black cock.

“wasn’t the biggest I’ve had, but it was pretty good though” Michelle whispered.

Jan sat down and said “looks like its 1 -0 to you then Michelle”.
Deb piped up “don’t count me in this silly game, im a happily married woman”

“we will see” was Jans reply.

Having spent the day sunning them selves the three s****rs returned to their room to change for the evening out.

Over the course of the week Michelle’s score rose to 4-0 against Debbie and 4 – 2 against Jan. Jan having gotten pissed on her third night ended up getting spit roasted of two Irish lads in their room. This made Jan I little uneasy at the ease in which the lads had seduced her but also they had videoed it on their phones so Jan retired from the little challenge set By Michelle.

The last night saw the girls again in the Music bar with Jonnie saying he was sad that they were leaving. Bidding goodbye the girls moved off to the clubs, only to see Debbie return to the bar at closing time on her way back to the room.

Jonnie saw Debbie and brought her a drink before she went back to her room.
“may I walk you back” Jonnie asked.

Debbie knew it was unwise but with the drink inside her said “sure why not”. With a knowing nod of his head to the other bar staff Jonnie lead Debbie back to her hotel.

As they passed some shops Jonnie moved Debbie into the shadows, Debbie realised she must have been k**ding herself if Jonnie hadn’t expected a goodnight kiss at least.

In the darkness of the shop door ways, Jonnie moved Debbie back into the shadows, he pulled her towards him and started to kiss the married mother of two.
As jonnie kissed Debbie she started to relax and enjoy her self. Kissing back Debbie felt the first touches across her ample breasts.

Needing her tits and forcing his tongue into debs mouth, Jonnie slowly looked Deb in the eyes and began to pull her strapless top down to reveal a nice pair of 34D sun tanned tits, leaning down Jonnie started to suck on her nipples, something that Debbie loved. More and more f***e came from Johnnie’s sucking mouth, Deb could feel her self getting very moist as this young Spaniard ate on her tits.

Soon with more courage Jonnie slowly slid his hand up between Debbie’s thighs, although braless she was wearing a nice pair of yellow lace panties, rubbing his middle finger across the folds of Debbie’s cunt he felt the wetness of her leaking pussy.

Jonnie stopped sucking the married ladies tits and as he looked her direct in the eye, Jonnie f***ed his finger deep into Debs red hot cunt. “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” escaped Debs mouth,
again Jonnie rammed his fingers into Debs cheating married cunt, “aaaahhhhh, fuck baby that’s so good, aaahhhh yes Jonnie!!! Yes!!!” Deb buried her head into Jonnies shoulder and bit down trying to muffle her screams.

Jonnie whispered into Debs ears, “you like to blow me girl, you want to taste my Spanish cock?” and to make his point he yet again rammed his finger back up into her cunt.

“yessssss, aaaaahhhhhh Yessss, I will babe I will do it” Deb sighed.
Jonnie unzipped his jeans and f***ed Debbie onto her knees, Deb had given up all pretence of worry, not a single thought crossed her mind of hubby and k**s back home,
if people passed on the street she would be just another British holiday slag getting off with someone.

In front of her was a very nice thick long cock, Deb looked into her Spanish lovers eyes and took the first couple of inches of cock into her mouth.
As his cock hardened, Debbie went to town on it slurping and sucking, Deb like her s****rs were well skilled at giving head, Deb wanted to ensure that when Jonnie retold of his night with the English lady (and he would as all blokes like to boast), he would tell of her skill at sucking cock.

Deb wanked, then spat, then sucked all at the same time, deeper and deeper Deb f***ed her mouth onto jonnies cock. “fuck you slut, deeper come on bitch deeper!!!” jonnie gritted his teeth as deb sucked that thick Spanish cock into her throat, Deb knew how much her hubby liked deep throating so it was pretty obvious jonnie would love it to.

The name calling from jonnie spurned her on, words like “slut, slag, bitch and cunt” rang in her ears and with a final big suck Jonnie started to empty his seed into debs waiting cheating mouth.

Deb knows a man loves it when a woman swallows and she was not about to disappoint her Conquering Spanish lover.

“FUCK, FUCK, drinking it bitch drink all my come” jonnie gasped. Deb was surprised that jonnie was still hard after the hot blow job. “Turn around” jonnie commanded.
Debbie stood and faced the shop door itself, without ceremony jonnie pulled Debs pants down to her knees and rammed all his thick cock straight into that once faithful cunt.

“aaahhhhh, aaahhh,” Deb mouthed as each thrust of Spanish cock filled her wet cunt, pulling her tits as he thrust jonnie started to taunt the married bitch, well use to having married English holiday makers, jonnie knew that it was just a holiday fuck.

Leaning in to debs ear he whispered, “ im your man now bitch, I own your cunt, tell me my English slag, who is your man now?” and to make his point Jonnie rammed his solid cock hard into debs cheating cunt.

“please jonnie, im married just fuck me, please jonnie!! Fuck me” deb pleaded.

With a hard thrust “who is your man bitch!!!”
“please jonnie don’t”

Jonnie with drew his cock “ fine! You can leave”
“what” was Debs short reply the emptiness within her pussy made Deb think hard.

“you bastard, you fucking bastard!” Deb screamed “ok Jonnie you are, now fuck me”

“I am what, you slag?” jonnie asked as his cock slipped back into the married cunt.

“MY MAN!!! You bastard you’re my man now!!” deb had been beaten by the big cocked Spaniard.

Through the next forty minutes of hard fucking, Deb was f***ed to admit a whole host of degrading things, yes she will whore for him, she will let his friends fuck her and the ultimate she will let a woman fuck her. All while jonnie please himself with the fit bodied married mother.

Thoughts of Michelle, came flooding back, “give me it Jonnie, seed me, fuck a Spanish baby in me!!!”

Deb got hotter and hornier by her own shouting “knock me up, come you bastard knock me up!!! You’re my man now make me your woman breed meeeeee Breed MMMeeeeee!!!!! Make me fucking pregnant please, pleasssseeeeee!!!”

With a final thrust Jonnie came for the second time in less than an hour. Spunk flew from his hard Spanish cock into Debs married cunt, red hot sperm filled Deb.
Jonnie stepped back zipped up his jeans. Deb looked a mess tits hanging out, spunk running down her leg, knickers on the floor.

Jonnie picked up debs knickers and put them in his pocket.” See ya Deb that was a nice fuck” and with that jonnie walked off leaving Deb to straighten herself out.

Deb made it back to her room without any incidents and she was first back.
She opted not to shower and climbed into bed dirty and soiled. It wasn’t long before debs hand moved back to her well fucked cunt,

she knew she had just been used like so many other holiday ladies but she didn’t mind. 4 -1 deb thought and slowly rubbed the leaking sperm all over her cunt and slept thinking of Jonnie and the things he made her say. But most of all she loved how horny she got begging to be knocked up.

100% (16/0)
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