Soldiers has weekend fun with mother and daughter

Maureen was a 48 yr old widow having lost her husband some 5 yrs earlier, she had had Maria when she was young (17) making Maria 31 at the time of this incident.
Maria herself had married young (18) to Gary a fireman, and had given birth to two daughters rather quickly after marriage. Maureen could see no wrong in Gary as he reminded her so much of her late husband, this had caused some friction between mother and daughter.
Maria was getting more and more pissed at her mother, with one screaming match ending in “for fuck sake mum, if you love him that much, you should have fucking married the cunt. But no you are still up tight over dad dying! You fucking need to get laid then perhaps you will butt out of my affairs”
This was met with a hard slap from her mother “what and act the slut like you did last year at the military reunion?” this not only shocked Maria but awoke a spark of revenge in the young daughter. Maureen was referring to the visit last year to her father’s regimental reunion an event they had attended for years.
Maureen had been flirting with the big parade Sgt, something she had not done since her husband’s death, however Maria had ended up sneaking off with him, with Maureen sure her daughter got royally fucked by the big soldier.
For months things remained strained, with Maureen visiting to see her granddaughters and speak to Gary, Maria was somewhat always side lined on her mother’s visit which only made the seed of revenge even sweeter.
The time was soon approaching for the annual visit to the camp for the weekend reunion; this consisted of arriving Friday night stay in a hotel, Saturday meet old friends with a big parade on the Sunday morning.
Gary had already spoken to Maureen, then approached Maria “look babe i really think you should go to this weekend away it will give you time for mum and you to make up, what do you think?”
“i’m not sure Gary she has really pissed me off and a weekend away with all those old people doesn’t do it for me anymore” Maria replied.
With Gary as a peace maker saw mum and daughter book into their usual hotel on the Friday night. Both having agreed, to put behind them their silly argument. As the drinks flowed Maureen became more pissed than she had been in years, Maria was teasing her mum, “do you think Mike will want to play that game again this year?”
Mike was the big soldier Maureen was flirting with last year, he played a game that he called “i know the colour of your underwear” it was just a silly game to get women to reveal their underwear.
Slurring Maureen replied “well if its anything like last year he wont have to guess yours, he will probably have them in his pocket by the days out she sniggered”
This pissed Maria off, time for bed i think mum lets go. Maria lead her mum up to her room and as they stripped for bed Maureen just climbed in naked still feeling the worst for the drink. As Maureen was drifting in and out of a d***ken stupor Maria started playing mind game with her mum.
“mum, you awake?”
“mmm yes hun”
“god mum, that Mike was huge”
“that soldier last year was massive”
Maureen was unsure what Maria was talking about, did she mean his size, as he was a big strapping lad or did she mean his cock?
This had Maureen thinking and without realising one hand moved to her pussy and the other to her plump tits.
To play on her mum’s mind Maria deliberately let out a long “mmmmmmm” allowing her mum to think she was thinking about Mike’s big cock. Again Maria let out mmmmmmm!
This was too much for Maureen, “how big?”
“How big was he?” Maureen asked as she flicked her clit and pinched her own nipples.
“to big for you mum, he needed a real woman to fuck, you would need to stick to a smaller cock to get you back started, perhaps a small cock like my Gary’s”
Two things happened at once, Maureen was pissed her daughter thought she could not handle the soldiers big cock! But at the mention of fucking Gary’s small cock she accidently came with a very loud “aaahhhhhhhhhh”
Fuck mum, you wanking over there thinking of my hubbys piss poor cock and you came, Maria got out of bed taking her mobile phone with her and walked over to her mums bed, pulling back the covers Maureen was caught with her left hand pinching hard on her nipples and her other hand covered with slimy come. Click, click, click picture after picture was taken of the startled mum.
Grabbing her mum’s hair she pulled her up and slapped her hard across the face, remembering the slap she had received months previous made it the more sweeter. Turning her mobile phone onto record, she again slapped her mum.
“you fucking old hag, you lie there wanking over my husband and come at the thought of him fucking you, you are a cheap slag”, again another slap.
“what are you mum?” slap!!
“what the fuck are you mum?” slap
Shocked and humiliated Maureen whispered ”slag”
“Louder bitch “
“Slag im a slag, you fucking happy now Maria im a fucking slag”
Maria dragged her mum out of her bed, being d***k worked into Maria’s hands, naked Maureen was on her knees with her bitter and twisted daughter stood over her with her mobile having recorded all the humiliation she had thrown at her mum.
“look up bitch,”
Maureen complied
“you see mum, with all the fuss you made of Gary, he has failed me as a husband, thats why last year i let Mike fuck me, and he fucked me so well i want it again”
“this year you will see a proper man service your daughter and you say anything then youtube will see what a slag you are understand bitch?”
Maureen lowered her head and nodded!
“good now get some sl**p because tomorrow i have plans”
Awaking early Maureen was shocked to see Maria’s bed empty, there was a note on the side it read, “mum now you know your place shower and meet me for breakfast, i have laid out your clothes “
Maureen looked and saw very sexy lace knickers and bra, stockings a long black skirt and black blouse.
Having showered Maureen changed into the chosen attire and went down to breakfast, she felt uneasy as it had been years since she had dressed so sexily.
Maria looked up then carried on eating. “Mutton dressed as Lamb ha!” Maria sniped at her mother, “so i hope i made myself clear last night mother?”
Humiliated Maureen sat and slowly confirmed her daughter’s spitefulness.
“why are you being so horrible to me Maria, I’m your mother for crying out loud, what did i do that was so wrong that you videoed me?” You don’t get it, since dad died you have given up on life, i think that makes me the woman of our house from now on, if you wish to carry on spend my inheritance as a dried up old bitch fine but from now on im the mistress of the home understand you frumpy old hag?
Maureen looked down and slowly nodded her head. “good you see mummy, i am fucked off being married to that small cock husband Gary, i only stay with him as he pays all the bills and you love him so much”
“so, this weekend im going to be young free and single and you mother will watch and keep your mouth fucking shut, is that clear.”
Again Maureen nodded.
“well?” Maria enquire
“Yes it’s clear!”
“yes it’s fucking clear what bitch?”
With a tear in her eyes Maureen crumbled and whispered “yes it’s clear mistress”
Maureen was shocked at how much her daughter was being a bitch, but more shocked at how submissive she was to her.
Breakfast completed both ladies set of for the reunion, throughout the day they watched various activities before moving to the parade ground, once there it didn’t take Maria long to spot the big strong soldier from last year. “there, there he is mum quick how do i look?”
Maria became all girly and flushed, however for all her flirting and smiling Mike was busy talking to two very attractive blondes. Maureen noticed and was quick to point it out.
“looks like he has moved on to pastures new hun!”
Maria spun round and slapped her mother hard across the face, “don’t fucking ever hun me, you know your place don’t fucking ever forget it!”
Shocked because a lot of people had seen the slap Maureen was even more ashamed of her own reaction “sorry MISTRESS i forgot my place it won’t happen again”
“good go buy the drinks and bring an extra drink for Mike”
Maureen made her way to the bar and returned as ordered by her daughter, taking the pint Maria moved into line of sight of Mike and stood one hand on her hip the other had a pint of beer in it, As Maria stood for what seemed an age one of the blondes sniggered and whispered into Mikes ear, he turned and laughed, kissing the blondes on the cheek he walked over to Maria.
“something i can help you with lady” Mike growled!
“ i , i, i thought you might like a drink?”
“take it to my office i will be over in a minute”
Maria walked the short distance over the parade ground to Mikes office she entered placing the drink on his desk. Maria sat at Mikes very impressive desk and spun in his leather chair. Meanwhile Mike finished his business and as he walked to his office he noticed Maureen, giving her a sly wink he made his way back to his office, Maureen had seen her daughter go into Mikes office and followed the big soldier at a discreet distance.
As Mike entered his office Maria tried to play it very cool,
“hi thought you were never going to say hello, i got you a drink”
“stand and get the fuck out my chair bitch, who do you fucking think you are?”
Maria was shocked and began to stutter, “sorry, it’s just that last year”
“fuck last year, you think cause i fucked you we are now a f****y or something?”
Maria was so embarrassed that she started to leave Mikes office.
“ stop bitch” Maria stopped dead in her tracks, Mike moved behind her and pushed her against the mirrored locker. Grabbing her hair he twisted he face to look directly into the mirror. Looking over her shoulder Mike then snarled “ did i say leave, you came here to fuck so guess what lady thats what you are going to get”
Mike moved his hands around to Maria’s front and started to squeeze her firm ripe tits, although no large Maria had a good pair of tits something her mother had passed on to her, as Mike squeezed her tits he started to nibble and bite her neck.
Maria placed her hands on the locker and looked directly into the mirror, she liked what she saw, she leant forward with the big good looking soldier kissing her neck whilst feeling her tits. Maria sensed the hard tone in Mike’s voice as he cut her off and she felt another tingle of excitement run down her spine.

"Your year long wait is at an end, Maria." "I am here and this weekend you will be my bitch." "Yes Maria, you will comply with my wishes, will you not?"

Maria spun her head round to look into Mikes eyes. His face looked calm and collected but he had a steely look in his eye that Maria had seen before. She knew that once Mike’s heart was set on something there was little anyone could do to change his mind. But if Maria had read the situation as she thought she had, then she was not at all inclined to try to argue. She had set out to be fucked by Mike and to submit to what ever he wanted her to do. Maria was submissive in one part of her life to a strong dominant man like Mike and very hard and dominate to slags like her mother, if she was right, it looked like her long period without sexual satisfaction by her husband Gary was about to end.

"Of course, Mike," she stated demurely, "I am your Bitch and I will do as you say."

"But today, my whore Maria, you are not so much a Married wife. But a slut to me and you will do as i say."

The tingle running up and down Maria's spine had now turned into a bolt of electricity. She could feel her nipples reacting and hardening under the top of her blouse and knew that a certain dampness was developing between her legs.

"Yes, Mike, of course." She repeated, "I will do whatever you say. I am your slut, Mike. Do with me what you will."

"You have lovely legs, Maria," Mike started as he moved closer behind her, "show them to me please.

Without a second thought, Maria began to lift the hem of her knee length skirt. Mike stopped her immediately.

"No. Not like that. Slower bitch, as her skirt raised it showed Maria’s fuck me boots and stocking tops."

Again, Maria obeyed instantly. She was enjoying the attention that she had been so cruelly deprived of over the last year from her husband Gary and was looking forward to any form of sexual fulfilment.
As her skirt raised slowly "Yes, much better." Mike said he watched in the mirror’s reflection. "Now show me what sort of panties you have on."

As Maria parted her long, some what chubby legs, the skirt fell open to reveal her legs and plain white bikini panties. She closed her eyes for a moment, briefly embarrassed by the fact that a man other than her husband was now staring at the damp patch that had formed at her crotch.

"I see you are already aroused." Mike said, "A good slut should be aroused easily. Pull the panties to one side so that I may inspect your cunt."

Maria flinched a little at Mike's use of such colourful language but conceded immediately to herself that being spoken to in this way was heightening her excitement. Slowly she let her hands drop between her legs and eased the damp fabric away from her mound. She couldn't resist allowing her finger to drift surreptitiously over her engorged clitoris. She shivered with an involuntary moan.

"I suspect that you have already pleasured yourself, my little slut," Mike smiled as he stared directly at her pussy via the mirror, "but tell slut have you done so already today?"

Maria nodded her head down shyly. Her eyes stayed glued to the floor and would not meet Mike's gaze.

"Tell me, slut!"

This time his tone was harsh and Maria's head snapped up.

"Yes, sir. I have played with myself. I have played with my…."

"With what?"

"With my…my cunt, sir. This morning in bed thinking of you"

Mike smiled again. "Then play for me again, my little whore. Play with your wet cunt until you cum for me."

It was all the encouragement that Maria needed and she immediately pulled off her damp panties and let them drop to the floor. She spread her legs as wide as she could encouraging Mike’s stare deep into her most private of areas and plunged two fingers directly into her body. Her moans seemed to echo around his office as she masturbated quickly and furiously. Her fingers a wet flash as they plunged over and over into her ever widening vagina until, with a loud cry of lust, her entire body shook and trembled into a convulsing orgasm,

Maureen stood riveted out side the office door listening to her daughter do as her master ordered, Mike quickly unzipped and eased his solid erection out into the open. Maria watched breathlessly as Mike dropped his trousers. She had already gasped at the size of his cock last year, but this year it seemed bigger and a lot thicker, Maria trembled in anticipation as she wondered how good it would feel inside her yet again. She became aware of movement outside the office door and guessed it was her mother, she was aware that her mother was now her bitch but also knew for this weekend she was the soldiers bitch!

Mike's body was as near perfect as Maria could have dreamed. His big strong frame displayed hard muscles in his arms and legs and tight buttocks that sent a thrill through her body. She wanted him so badly but knew she had to wait for instruction.

"Strip, slut." Mike commanded as soon as his trousers hit the floor

Maria's hands deftly unbuttoned her blouse letting fall to the floor. Then she unzipped her skirt letting it meet her blouse. She kicked off her shoes and felt the thick pile of the carpet beneath her bare feet. Her bra was easily released and so, finally she looked into the mirror and she was as naked as the day she was born.

Immediately Mike's hand grasped hers and guided it to his hard cock. Maria felt the power of the Cock as it throbbed beneath her touch and stroked her hand up and down the length of his shaft. Her fingers playing lovingly over the bulbous head as she smeared the pre-cum that had formed there over his sensitive glans.

"On your knees now, slut." Mike suddenly commanded. "Get down on your knees and suck my cock like a whore!"

It was the order that Maria had been waiting for. Since as far back as she could remember from last year she had fantasized about what Mike’s would taste like again will it still make her gag, will he f***e it so deep that she chokes again. Now it seemed she was about to find out.

Not wishing to waste a moment of time, she spun around and slid down to her knees and was faced with the sight of her lovers' throbbing thick cock mere inches from her mouth.

Maria heard Mike gasp out as she drew his fat cock deep between her lips. She hummed gently and felt him twitch and throb in her mouth. Her fingers lightly played under his balls, cupping and gently scratching the sensitive skin with her fingernails. Her nipples felt like pieces of flint as Mike pinched and twisted them cruelly. Mike really was using her like a slut and Maria was loving every second of it!

Maria could sense that Mike was becoming more and more heated as she bobbed her head up and down a little faster and could also sense that he was pulling back slightly rather than bucking his hips upwards as he had been doing only moments before.

Little by little his thick, saliva streaked cock withdrew – although a little reluctantly, it seemed to Maria – from the warm confines of her mouth and throat. Maria was suddenly left with an empty mouth and a rather empty feeling.

"Don't you want my mouth anymore, sir?" she purred a little petulantly.

"Remember your place, my little whore," Mike smiled in reply, "you are here to please me so you will do what ever I ask, yes?"

"Yes sir. And what is it that you require of me? What is it that you want of your slut, your whore?"

"Mike held out his hand. His fingers closed around one of Maria's hard, throbbing nipples making her wince.

"Come to me, bitch. I want you now. I want your tight, wet cunt."

With her nipple being pulled, the rest of Maria's body followed. Mike was reposed in front of his locker, his legs open and his twitching cock pointing up between his muscular thighs. She allowed herself to be positioned with her back to him. As she spooned into his body she could feel his hardness pressing into her.

Defly, Mike ran his hand down the outside of her long, tanned leg, from thigh to bare foot. His fingers entwined with her toes making her shiver again and giggle slightly but the urgent pressing of the inflamed manhood against her buttocks brought her quickly back to reality.

"Open yourself for me, slut," Mike demanded, "open your married cunt for me."

Maria stretched her leg back over Mike and used her hands to spread the wet lips of her married slut cunt. Her juices were flowing fast now and she closed her eyes as she felt the initial penetration of that huge soldiers cock.

Maureen had left the parade and move around the outside of the building to hear better, but as luck would have it Mike’s office window was ajar, Maureen peaked in there she saw Mike she watched as Mike closed his hands over Maria's breasts, squeezed her nipples and began to plough himself roughly into her dripping pussy. Mike's grunts of lust were equalled only by Maria's moans of excitement as the room filled with the explicit sounds of sexual fucking.

Maureen held her breath as her daughter climbed closer and closer to her sexual peak. she could see her pretty toes curling into tight fists and knew that her pussy was contracting around Mike's large cock. Suddenly she saw her back arch sharply. Her eyes shut tight and a trembling started to show in her legs. And then she was cumming. Her moans of excited lust were much more intense than with her previous climax and Maureen knew that it was Mike's massive cock that was causing the wanton display of lust and sluttery.

"And now, my whore, there is one last thing you must endure" Mike grunted as he slammed his cock deep into Maria's married cunt. "One last action to ensure your obedience and complete your transformation from housewife to slut. Will you comply? Will you?"

"Yes sir." This time Maria's voice was little more than a whisper. She felt the cock in her pussy almost scorching her with lust. She worried slightly about Mike's use of the word "endure", but she had faith in him, she trusted him as any willing submissive would trust their master. But what more could there possibly be, she wondered? There was only one thing that she had never tried before and he surely couldn't mean…..

"I think you know what I want from you now, my whore." Mike continued. Pulling her hair up so their eyes met in the mirror, A malicious looking grin was set upon his face. "To become a complete slut you must agree to all your bodily orifices being used. And you do want to become a complete slut don't you?"

Maria could only nod her head in answer. She could feel her body being bent further forward and her legs once again being spread. Mike's hand was on the back of her head; forcing her face downwards towards the floor, thus leaving her rounded buttocks up in the air and her two holes available to whomever desired them. Maria couldn't even think about resisting. This was what she wanted for the last year, she had never let Gary fuck her in the arse. Deep down, this was what she really needed a strong man to use her married cunt and now she was about to give that man her virgin arse.

As soon as she felt the tip of Mike's weapon touch her tight rear hole, Maria gasped out. Maureen stood transfixed at the events un folding in front of her, her daughter / mistress was about to be fucked in the arse, however to Maria’s surprise initially there was no penetration. The pain that she had been waiting for – possibly even longing for – didn't come yet. Rather there was smearing. Mike was using the head of his bl**d engorged cock to spread the copious quantity of juice from Maria's pussy to her asshole.

Maria purred contentedly. This felt good. Very nice. A warm, fuzzy feeling began to formulate in her lower body and rapidly spread. She slid a hand back between her legs and assisted Mike's efforts to lubricate her.

The warm, fuzzy feeling continued throughout her body long after Mike had stopped. His fingers had probed and widened her tight hole to the point where she could feel the air in the room playing around the opening. She knew she was ready.

The first stab of pain hit like a hot needle as the huge cock head entered her tight ass and almost took her breath away. Her hand continued to play with her clitoris as the cock sank deeper into her. She felt full now; more full than she had ever felt in her life. The pain ebbed away slowly and the warm feeling returned. She was being used properly now and realised in an instant that this was what she had always wanted.

Maureen had now given up any pretence of attempting to hold herself back. Her daughter looked like a true slut now with that soldier’s massive cock being drilled in and out of her ass. But Maureen knew that this was what her daughter wanted. It was just as she had thought, she knew Maria so well. She knew that she needed to be used. This would complete her.

In a moment of pure pleasure, Maureen watched the lustful expression on her daughter's face as Mike pushed the last two inches of his cock deep into her ass. Her eyes were still glued to Maria’s bent over body as Mike repeatedly rammed his tool deep into Maria's back door.

Mike's head suddenly snapped backwards in a lustful grimace, his eyes spotting Maureen through the mirror as he slammed his tool as deep as he could into Maria's ass. A sneer crossed his face as Maria could feel him expanding inside her and used her muscles to try to contain his ejaculation. She was excited that he was cumming inside her ass, Mike gave Maureen a sly wink and roared as he flooded her draughts ass.

The first, scorching hot jet of semen hit Maria like a bolt of lightening and made her gasp out loud. She was unaware that her mother was watching the big soldier fuck his big cock deep inside her, something Maria’s husband had never done. with a final thrust still keeping eye contact with Maureen, he rammed his cock deeper into Maria’s ass, her body was jolted forward and another bolt of pleasure shot through her as a further spurt of jism filled her.

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