How I masturbate - Pressing off

I first used this technique when doing myself in public, while fully clothed, from age 16. At the time I used books about sex on the shelves of public libraries for masturbation. I occasionally masturbated in public parks at that time, usually after I'd bought a sex book or some new porn that excited me so much I couldn't wait to take it home. In the library I would take care of myself either standing among the shelves or sitting at a desk. In the park I did it sitting on a bench while paging through my new magazines. Sometimes I stuffed toilet paper inside my pants to absorb the wetness when I ejaculated, others I just came in my pants.

Similarly, years later when I resumed regular masturbation. Whenever I purchased some new mags, I would drive to a quiet place, park and masturbate in the car before taking my mags home. In all these circumstances I would work my erection against my belly by pressing my hand against the front of my pants until I unloaded.

At about the same time I began buying porn videos for masturbation. I found that jerking off while sitting back in an armchair was uncomfortable, as it was difficult to get my arm & hand into the best position for working my erection. I eventually resorted to this previously tried & proven technique. I sat well forward in the armchair, wearing shorts but no underpants. I placed folded paper towel inside the shorts but covering my cock & worked it against my belly while watching the video.

A few years later I began using a cum rag for humping with my magazines & it replaced the paper towel down the shorts when I masturbated to videos.

It was about 7 years ago that I discovered porn on the internet. Of course, the only way to masturbate to internet downloads is to do it while sitting in front of a computer screen & my technique for video was adaptable for this purpose.

Initially I adopted the same masturbation shorts & cum rag that I use for humping. Later, I also used a belt with the cum rag.

Having decided that I want to masturbate, preparation for the session is similar whether using the shorts or the belt. I boot up the computer & then go to the bedroom to remove pants & underpants.

I put on the shorts, collect my cum rag & make myself comfortable in front of the computer. I hold open the waistband of the shorts & stuff the cum rag inside. I then arrange the rag so that the top end is above the waistband & the bottom end is covering my balls. I then fiddle with my cock, arranging it so that it's directed upward against my belly beneath the cum rag.

Or I put on the belt & tuck the top end of the rag beneath the belt, dr****g it over my cock & balls so that it appears I'm wearing a loincloth. I like to look at myself in the mirror before returning to the computer to admire my dick, already half-hard in anticipation of the fun to follow. Once seated I arrange my dick in the vertical position against my belly.

On most occasions, arranging the cum rag & my cock has me hard & ready to go. If not, a little more fiddling while I bring the first photo to screen & I'm definitely ready.

I masturbate with my right hand closed to form a fist. I place it on the cum rag against the underside of my cock, with knuckle against left side, heel of palm against right side & the 'groove' between knuckle & heel over my urethra. I masturbate by working my fist with a rhythmic, rocking, massaging motion, squeezing & pressing my hard-on between fist & belly.

Masturbating this way feels very different compared to jerking off or humping. I think it's because of the alternating pressure & release, pressure, release, press, release ... It's easy to go at it for quite a long time this way as my dick doesn't become sore or tender. Nor do I masturbate continuously. I tend to work in short cycles - press, press, press, press; pause; then back to press, press, press, ... I also pause when using the mouse to switch photos. Then back to my relentless rhythm.

When I'm wearing the masturbation shorts & I feel myself becoming wet with pre-cum leaking from my cock, I open the waistband of the shorts to see the mess I'm making - stickiness smeared on my belly, my wet, glistening knob & the wet patch on the cum rag.

As I masturbate, the head of my dick moves slightly between cum rag & belly. When I'm wearing the belt & the cum rag is soft & clean, the gentle friction of cum rag against knob adds to the physical stimulation.

When I become thoroughly wet I feel my knob slipping & sliding over my belly as I press relentlessly onward. On most occasions, when I reach a certain pleasure plateau I'm able to keep going like this for as long as I want. The girls & my fist maintain my excitement at such a level that I'm able to thoroughly enjoy the pleasurable sensations in my dick without any risk of pushing myself over the edge & into orgasm. I actually get a little annoyed with myself if I become too excited & have to back off. The pleasure of masturbating is just so exquisite I don't want to end it by shooting before I'm ready.

But all good sessions come to an end eventually. When I can't stand it any longer; when I'm spending more time in pause mode than masturbation mode, I figure It's time to finish off. My fist presses harder against the underside of my hard-on. The rhythm intensifies & is relentless now, as I work towards orgasm. As I feel spoof beginning to erupt from my balls & shoot up my urethra I keep pressing, squeezing, massaging. I masturbate right through the orgasm! It's excruciating but it feels so good! I grunt & groan as my fist works my cock until it's milked all the spoof from my urethra into the cum rag & over my belly.

Sometimes I clean up after a minute or so of recovery time, sometimes not for a longer while. I use the rag to wipe the excess spoof from my belly & to mop up the wetness around my knob & shaft.
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2 years ago
I think you have written this story because you are an exhibitionist that wants others to know how much you love to masturbate and how much joy it brings you. I think you would like to have women watch you whilst you milk your cock watching porn. How do I know all this? Well I'm guessing.