1st time wearing tight jeans in public

well i have always crossdress and dressed up in my house but that recently has turned boring. i figure do something more thrilling and excited. i desided to put my tight junior size 9 flared jeans and go in public. I know that if someone saw me i probably ganna get laught at. so i started practicing by wearing the jeans and going outside my house like in the back when it was night. it really felt so good. the tightness on my hips and ass and seeing the sexy flare of the jeans made me feel so femenine. I couldnt believe it. but i wanted to go further more. so one day i put my sexy jeans and drove to the video rental store.there was people inside so i kind of waited till there was the mininum customers and when that happen i quickly walked inside. the anxiety, pleasure, and excitement were of the roof. but i knew i had to do it. no turning back. so i went inside and avoided the front desk were the worker womans were. by the way all the workers there were females, so made it more thrilling. so i went and grab a movie and walked around. being in public with my tight jeans was a beautiful feeling. i wish i was completely dressed up. so i just walked and try to be there more time dressed up. i was actually loving it and getting hard. my cock was getting hard and i could feel my panties getting wet of precum. i wanted to pull my cock and i knew a couple of strocks would made me squirt with so much f***e my thick juicy cum. but knew i had to wait. so finally looked at the front cashiers and notice no customers so i quickly walked there. but when i was there waiting to get checked out a couple pulled behing me. my heart started pounding furiously. i knew i had to get out of there quickly. i was hoping they didnt notice my jeans. so i dint look back and try to chceck out fast. so i did and finally walked to the car fast. i got in car and waited outside video store. then the couple came out and they stood by the front door. i looked and she had her hand by her mouth and was laughing. At that point i knew she notice them. the guy didnt laught. but i felt bad because she laught at me. but i was like who cares. so i drove off and congrats myself for what i done and felt so proud. i got home looked at the mirror and yes i look so hot on my jeans. I knew i had to masturbate and i knew it was ganna be a big thick load. I lay on my bed, started feeling my cock thru the top of jeans. i unsipped them and my cute bikini style size 7 panties were soaked in precum. i had to stop torturing my cock, so i furiously started stroking it. my orgasm was seconds of starting. and 30 seconds later I moaned so loud and my beautiful ORGASM started. the 1st squirt was so thick and it shooted almost a foot long out. I notice every contraction of the orgasm was so intense and i cum so much. at the end i lay on my bed with my sexy jeans and panties covered in hot cum. I grabed my finger and rub it all over my head of my cock. It was so sensitive. then i grab some of the really thick cum with my fingers and put it in my mouth. It taste so good. at this point i was so glad it was over. but i want to do it againg in a different place. I just need to find a place and i will write another story about it. thanks for reading everyone.

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1 year ago
That's right Hon, don't worry about other people,just be yourself and enjoy life,time passes fast.
1 year ago
Who cares about what others think! Fuck 'em!
You had a good time and you will never see
the bitch again!!