f****y Honeymoon

Author's note: This is the sequel to the fun I had with "A mother and her daughter".

I realized with surprise as my bride stood before me in front of the minister and entire church, that she was not wearing a bra beneath her wedding gown. It was when we held hands to repeat the vows after the minister, that I looked down the sheer bodice of her rather low cut gown and saw past her cleavage to the areolas of her bare titties. My cock began to grow within my tuxedo trousers as I wondered if Melody had her panties on. or perhaps a thong, as she murmured her vows to me. Melody stooped to retrieve my ring from her ring bearer, and I was able to see into the bodice and saw an erect nipple.

The minister cleared his throat as she raised up, and I wondered if he had also saw her bare breasts. We exchanged rings, then the minister said "you may now kiss your bride." I caught Melody in an embrace and planted a deep French kiss on her mouth as the audience whistled and cheered. We turned and marched quickly down the aisle, as Melody's breasts bobbed and my hardened cock tented my slacks. I was sure some of the f****y and friends saw our apparent nakedness and horniness.

During our photo session after the ceremony, while the spectators were feasting in the reception hall, we posed with various relatives, and they soon went to the reception leaving us alone with the photographer for a few intimate photos before we went to cut the cake. Melody coyly parted her gown revealing a stocking and garter clad leg, as I knelt, and the camera clicked away. I slid my hand up her thigh to her pussy and discovered that she is indeed panty less. The camera flashed at her exposed shaved pussy, framed by the lacy design of the gown. My cock hardened as I rose to my feet. The next intimate portrait we did, was our French kissing while my hand pressed down the bodice of the gown, revealing a bare breast, as the camera flashed.

Melody knelt before me, freeing my cock from the trousers, and nuzzled it about her face as the camera flashed, then she gently sucked it into her mouth as I slid my hands into the bodice of her gown pressing her titties with nipples between my fingers as the camera clicked away. After I came into her mouth, the camera captured the cum dripping from Melody's chin onto the front of her gown. She stood before me, as I embraced her body and worked up her gown to reveal her bare butt and the camera flashed again.

As Melody and I slowly wandered the reception sipping our champagne and accepting well wishes from people, I was aware of my semi erect cock leaking precum, and I was sure it was making a dark spot on the front of my trousers, as I didn't have anything else on. There were times when Melody's 21 year old daughter, Melissa, stood with us while the supporters took impromptu photos after the photographer finished. I noticed that Melissa was dressed similar to her mother's except her gown was blue in color. At one point, Melissa stooped to adjust her shoe, and I knew then she didn't have a bra on either.

The time came to toss the bouquet and the garter, and I stood besides Melody as the single ladies vied for the best spots to catch the bouquet as Melody turned her back to them. She bent again, giving me another view of her bare titties with erect nipples, as she slung the flowers over her shoulders to squeals of delight from the singles. I looked over them as they jumped and grabbed at the flowers. A front panel of one of the bridesmaid's dress slipped, exposing her bra-less breast as cameras flashed. Melissa was stooped to the ground trying to retrieve the bouquet before another girl snatched it up, the split in her gown revealing a bare buttock.

My cock was swollen in its excitement over the intimate flashes of bare skin as I knelt before Melody to retrieve the garter band for the guys as they whistled and catcalled over Melody's exposed nylon clad leg. I took my time slipping her garter down, while reaching a bit higher with my other hand to push a finger into her shaved, wet pussy for a moment before removing the garter. I stood and Melody clutched momentarily at my hardened cock, giggling, "It's showing, David!"

Red faced, I spun around and flipped the garter to the eager pack of guys as they did their best linebacker's leaps and scrambled to grab the garter before it touched the ground. My best man managed to get it, and as cameras flashed again, he stood sniffing the garter while all the other guys jeered, and Melody blushed. We ran for the car amid the birdseed shower and left the parking lot, tires squealing.

As we cruised along the interstate to our honeymoon destination, I said as I laid my hand on Melody's thigh, "Man, I enjoyed the idea of you going naked under that dress at church!"

She giggled, "I think the minister realized that."

"He probably did."

"I tried a bra, but the straps were too visible under the material, so Melissa suggested that I don't wear one at all. I decided not to wear my thong either, and go like that."

"I sure loved it." I told her as I worked my hand onto the split of her gown to feel her bare thigh, and slipped my fingers on down to her pussy. My cock was hard again, still leaking pre cum against the dark trousers, making a noticeable spot.

"Let's take the next exit and change to something more comfortable." said Melody, as we approached one.

We pulled up to a small convenience store, which were nearly deserted, save for the employee inside, as we got out of the car and rummaged through our luggage for clothing. Entering the store, I asked the clerk for the restroom, as a young lady rose to her feet red faced next to the guy. Her hair was disheveled, and her top was unbuttoned, showing cleavage. The guy seemed to be covering his crotch up as the lady wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand.

Melody and I made our way to the restroom behind the mini deli as directed by the clerk. "It looks like he was getting a blowjob from her." whispered Melody.

"I noticed." I told her as we went down the tiny hallway.

We entered our respective doors and I noticed a smell as well as a wet mess on the floor of the men's room. Apparently someone had overstuffed the toilet and flushed. I wasn't about to drop my trousers into the puddles on the floor as I changed, so I backed out of the room, and tapped on the door to the ladies room, and asked Melody if I could come in. "Sure." came her surprised answer.

She was standing next to the sink topless, as she zipped up a mini skirt about her waist. My cock were hardening at the excitement of being in the ladies room, and with my half naked bride at that. I pulled my trousers down as my erecting cock sprang out, as Melody knelt before me still topless, her titties quivering with excitement. A moment later my cock was within her warm mouth as her tongue ran around its head.

I leaned back as Melody continued working the pre-cum from my cock, and wondered about all the previous occupants of the restroom, performing their bodily functions. Did some of them masturbate, or even got sucked off by another lady or a guy, like I was? Melody slurped as she worked my cock more vigorously, and I felt the beginnings of the eruption deep down my balls as my butthole tightened. I looked down and watched her head bob against my cock, and her exposed titties jiggling together in rhythm, as the cum boiled upward through my cock and into her mouth. Melody stopped moving her head and sucked at the cum from my cock as if it were a straw.

I pulled my jeans on as Melody tugged a top over her bare titties. Someone tried the bathroom door as we finished our dressing, and hung our wedding garments onto hangers. I stepped out, as the lady who had sucked the clerk's cock backed out of the men's room mopping. She glanced up as I held the door for Melody to leave, with her gown held high off the floor. I gave her a wink as we headed out through the deli area. At the car, we placed the gown and tuxedo carefully into the trunk. I stepped back while Melody continued smoothing down her gown, as her skirt rode up, exposing her bare butt. I slipped out our camera and snapped a picture.

Melody and I went back in to get a couple of drinks as the clerk smiled appreciatively at us. We went to the coolers as the lady finished stocking. Melody bent to retrieve her favorite soda, revealing her butt again. I quickly snapped another picture at her exposure as the lady looked on. I retrieved my drink and turned when Melody giggled. I looked back and saw that the lady had knelt behind Melody and was running her hand over Melody's butt! I backed off a bit and took pictures as Melody bent slightly to allow the lady to explore her nakedness.

They straightened up quickly as the bells on the door jingled as more customers entered. I saw the disappointment on the lady's face, as well as her erect nipples tenting her t-shirt as we paid for our sodas and left. "No telling what would've happened if they hadn't came in." I commented as we pulled onto the highway.

"I know," said Melody. " I think she wanted to eat me as she was doing with him when we came in."

"Do you and Melissa eat each other a lot?" I asked.

"Oh yes! One time Melissa came home from a sorority party and she was so wound up that weekend, I asked her what was the matter. She told me of the orgy they had after the game, until police had to close the party down, so she came home to get away from the trouble."

"And that was one of the best times you've had with her?" I asked.

Melody looked down at her nearly emptied bottle of soda. "Yes, it was." She admitted. "I was so horny earlier that evening myself, after watching a somewhat naughty movie on Lifetime Channel on TV that reminded me of the fun that I used to have with Melissa's father before he passed away."

I took an exit off the freeway, and entered the resort area where we were to honeymoon. "And then?"

"Melissa had came in and caught me on the couch half naked with my fingers inside my pussy. I didn't even know she was home. I kept on fingering my pussy while Melissa watched. Then she laughed and told me of the party she had left, of how she was watching some of her sorority s****rs eating each other's pussies out, and how she enjoyed having that done to her. I asked to eat mine's, so she got down before me and managed to give me the most incredible orgasm I ever had."

I had to stop the car at a crosswalk and we watched a Speedo wearing guy e****t his bikini clad lady along the walkway, as I noticed her thonged buttocks. Melody sighed, "Man, it looks like he's got a big cock inside those shorts!"

"I think he's hard." I told her as we pulled away.

I located the street and found the office where I had made reservations for our cabin. As we checked in and retrieved the keys to the cabin from the clerk, a lady walked through the lobby topless, her large breasts bobbing gently. Melody asked the clerk if that was allowed. He grinned, "Yes Ma'am. Anywhere in this town. But you must keep your bottoms on."

After we got back into the car, we saw the lady walk out carrying a bag. She walked down the sidewalk her breasts jiggling together in rhythm, as traffic passed seemingly oblivious to her toplessness. "I may as well join the party." Melody commented as she pulled her top off in the car.

We rode down the lane to our cabin as we met several other vacationers going about their activities, the men shirtless, and wearing shorts, except one had a thong on, while the ladies were either topless or wearing a top of sorts, if not a bikini. I kept looking over to my bride's bare titties, as the scenery passed her window. My cock was hard as it could be in its' excitement and anticipation. We found our cabin nestled in a cul-de-sac. We carried our luggage inside and began setting up house after I located the light switches and turned the air on.

I embraced my topless bride and kissed her mouth hungrily as my hands groped the back of her skirt, working my fingers inside to her naked butt, while pulling the skirt down at the same time, until it slid to the floor. Breaking our kiss, Melody stepped out of the skirt and fumbled with the belt on my pants as I helped her undo the clasp. A moment later my cock sprang out as Melody knelt before me and began to suck it. "Oh yeah, that feels great." I sighed.

Oblivious to the fact that anyone could see in the open door and windows, in the gathering evening duskiness, as our activities inside were illuminated. Melody and I engaged in vigorous sexual act ivies with each other as a small crowd of curious onlookers attracted by the "Just Married" and other decorations on the car, watched us through the large picture window. "Suck me, eat me..." moaned Melody as I bent over her now naked body on the sofa with her legs apart, one leg thrown over the back and the other foot on the floor, spreading her dripping pussy open, I began to devour it.

"Mooorrrrreeee!" shrieked Melody as her orgasm exploded through her naked body, nipples taut and pointed, as her pussy went into convulsions about my lips and tongue. I could feel the incredible tension of her muscles violently squeezing the interior of her pussy, as her juicy cum flowed about my tongue inside, and dribbling down my lips to the fabric of the sofa as the smell of sex permeated the air.

As I straightened from Melody's naked body still quivering gently from the orgasm, I heard s**ttered applause and looked toward the open doorway. I saw one guy stroking his dick, as another man was standing behind his lady, hands over her naked breasts. Another lady was standing there with a hand inside her thong. Several grinning faces shouted, "Congratulations!"; " Way to Go"; "Great Fucking", and other comments. I grinned and waved them away as they walked down the sidewalk.

As Melody took her time recovering from her orgasm, pussy still dripping onto the sofa, a car parked behind our car in the drive as I looked out to see who had arrived. "Hi, Dad!" Melissa called as she got out. She had changed from her bridesmaid gown to a pair of tight shorts and a nearly sheer sleeveless top. Her areolas and nipples were plainly showing as she came to the door.

"Hello, Melissa", I said opening the door, my cock still semi erect and dripping cum as she looked me over with hunger in her eyes. Her nipples became pointed as her areolas contracted.

"What's with mom?" Melissa asked me after seeing Melody still spread eagled on the sofa in all her naked glory.

"Oh, I really gave her a big one while some people watched."

I watched Melissa cross the room to her mother after dropping her bag in the middle of the floor. She knelt and gently touched her mom's swollen pussy, slipping a finger inside. Melissa gently spread her mom's pussy with her fingers and began massage it. Melody moaned and moved her legs apart more as her daughter pushed her fingers inside. My cock swelled again at the excitement of my wife's daughter masturbating her mom's pussy. I crossed over the floor and closed the front door as the air conditioning was reaching its cooling temperature.

I turned and watched Melissa soothe her mom's pussy as Melody reached around and brushed her daughter's hair back with her fingers, then ran her fingers down to the tied string of Melissa's top, and began to fumble with the knot. I went over and helped her to loosen the knot. The strings fell apart, and I grasped the hems, pulling the top up. Melissa's breasts bobbed out, nipples erect. I tossed the top onto the little coffee table, as Melissa raised her buttocks. I bent and reached around her waist to undo the snaps and zipper of her shorts, then tugged them downwards, revealing her nakedness.

Melissa soothed Melody's throbbing pussy as I watched their naked bodies, noticing the similarities of their nipples and vaginal lips. My cock swelled and relaxed in turn as mother and daughter stroked each other. I sat on the floor behind Melissa, and slid my hand over her bare butt, feeling within its crack as her anus contracted from the touch, until my fingers found the lower entrance to her pussy. It was already slick with her excitement. I fingered her clitoris as Melissa began to lick into her mom's pussy. Melissa's pussy juice began trickling down my fingers as I pulled my hand away.

I turned myself and slid my back to the sofa, ducking my head as I worked between Melissa's legs, until I was looking into her lovely pussy, glistening in its juices. A drop was hanging by a long string of cum, and I stuck out my tongue to catch it. I reached up and gripped Melissa's buttocks, and she lowered herself a bit until her pussy rested on my mouth. I licked into her pussy deeply, my tongue traveling in its juicy tunnel, and sliding toward her clit. Melissa moaned deeply as she continued licking her mom's pussy. Melody reached out and rested her hand on my head as I continued working her daughter's pussy with my tongue.

"Ah, ah, AH, AH!" Melissa's gasping shrieks, muffled into Melody's pussy as her own pussy throbbed in ecstasy, her cum squirting into my mouth as my tongue massaged her clit. I could feel the contractions of Melissa's orgasm through her buttocks as her anus puckered and relaxed rapidly. Melissa's weight settled onto my face as she relaxed from her orgasm, while she continued working into her mom's pussy. Melody was softly moaning her pleasure at her daughter's tongue working over the sensitive clit deep within.

My cock was standing and throbbing as Melissa's pussy slowed it's cum in my mouth, the scent of her sweet muskiness heavy in the air. I eased out from between Melissa's thighs as Melody screamed her delight over her own orgasm from Melissa's mouth. I stood and enjoyed the sight of naked mother and daughter 21 years apart in age, as I gently fondled my throbbing cock. I noticed a movement at the large picture window, and looked full into the face of an older couple, both shirtless.

They smiled and waved, as they backed off from the window and walked a few steps away, their nudity illuminated from the window. I was surprised at their boldness. The guy's cock was hard as it could be, and his wife stopped him then knelt down and proceeded to suck his cock as a car slowly drove by. I looked back at the ladies on the sofa as they relaxed from their excitements, panting, faces flushed, as Melissa wiped her mom's cum off her chin and licked her fingers.

Melody slid her hand to her daughter's pussy as Melissa leaned back on the sofa. Melody still had her legs apart, pussy glistening from her cum and Melissa's saliva. I went to her, my cock thrusting out, drops of pre-cum beading and trailing from its tip. I knelt again in front of Melody, as I pulled her thighs toward me until my cock was at the mouth of her pussy. Melissa reached over and guided my cock into her mom's pussy as it slid into the velvety soft tunnel.

I began to thrust into Melody as I looked over her sweaty face, blond hair mussed from the perfect style she wore during the exchange of our vows, then my eyes drifted to her small breasts, nipples erected, with shrunken pink areolas from her prolonged excitement. Melody kept on fingering Melissa's pussy, spreading it from time to time as she pushed her fingers deeply inside, then flicked over her clit as Melissa leaned back to watch me fuck her mom.

Occasionally, Melissa slipped her finger in to rub her mom's clit as I continued to fuck Melody's pussy. From time to time, Mandy's finger would brush my foreskin as I thrusted. The heat built up in my cock, until it exploded inside my wife's pussy. "GAAHHH" I growled as the spunk gushed from me, releasing its volcanic energy that has been building since I saw Melody's bare breasts through the wedding gown at church.

Slowly, I pulled from Melody's pussy, and watched my cum ooze out and slide down to her anus and sofa. Melissa grasped my wet cock and slid her hand up and down it's shaft, as a few drops of cum trailed on long strings from its tip. I stood to my feet as Melissa leaned forward, pulling my cock toward her. I stepped over Melody's legs as she was sprawled out in a daze of ecstasy, gently touching her cum covered pussy, slipping her fingers inside.

I stood in front of Melissa, my cock still hard and throbbing in her hands as she stroked it, then leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth, tasting her mom's pussy and my cum mingled together. Melissa began to bob her head in rhythm, enveloping my cock in the warmth of her mouth, as Melody watched us. She was still fingering her dripping pussy.

After a few moments, Melissa had cleaned the cums off my cock, and pulled her head back. "Melissa," Melody said as she stood. "How about lying back on the sofa, and clean out my pussy."

Melissa laid on the sofa, with her buttocks resting on the sofa arm, and legs dangling. Melody crawled over her daughter, positioning herself in the opposite direction, so her pussy was at Melissa's mouth, and lowered herself as Melissa grasped her mom's butt cheeks, spreading them, effectively opening her mom's pussy as well. Melody lowered herself over Melissa's mouth until she was able to lick her pussy.

I stood at the end of the sofa looking at Melissa's tight pussy as Melody opened it with her fingers and began to lick her daughter's pussy. I fondled my cock as I watched them eat each other with familiarity. After a few minutes, Melody looked at me with a smile. "Why don't you show her what it feels like to have a cock inside, David."

My cock jumped at her suggestion, and I felt hot. "Uh, sure." I said, surprised, as I never had fucked a pussy that young. Melissa wiggled her bare legs as Melody kept rubbing her daughter's pussy as I took position against the sofa arm, leaning slightly forward.

Melody took my cock and pressed it at the daughter's pussy as I leaned in until it slid inside the moist, tight tunnel. Melissa groaned in pleasure as my cock stretched her virgin pussy. Slowly, I began to thrust into her pussy, as Melissa raised her legs, allowing me to penetrate her more deeply, as Melody gripped Melissa's butt with both hands and began to lick her clit while my cock slid in and out.

"Aahhhh..." I groaned in pleasure as my cock found it's thrusting rhythm within Melissa's pussy. It was so tight, yet so velvety soft and deliciously warm. Occasionally Melody's tongue touched my cock as she kept licking at her daughter's clit. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and looked toward the window. A young man was watching our actions, and appeared to be fondling himself as I waved him off.

"Uuuhhhmmmm," moaned Melissa against her mom's pussy. "Harder." She wiggled her hips and waved her smooth legs in the air as I grasped them and leaned into her pussy, pressing her legs back. My cock slid deeper inside, as Melody raised her head up to watch it working her daughter's pussy. My balls were swinging against Melissa's buttocks and I thrusted myself harder against her delicious nakedness.

I felt my cum surging and slowed myself a bit to prolong the moment before I exploded into Melissa's pussy. "YAAaaahhhh" I yelled as my cock erupted and pumped into Mandy's pussy until cum was oozing out and running down to her anus, and puddling on the sofa arm.

"Oh, it's so HOT!" exclaimed Melissa at feeling my cum flooding her pussy, as I gently thrusted a few more times, milking my cock empty. Melody was still on top of Melissa, smiled at me, then lowered her head to lick my cum from her daughter's pussy. Spent, I withdrew myself and noticed my legs were trembling from the effort and excitement of taking a girl's virginity.

I sat on the coffee table and watched my wife clean her daughter's pussy as Melissa laid there with her eyes closed, with her mom's pussy resting against her chin. Then her eyes flew open as Melody began to coax an orgasm from her. When it was over, I helped Melody roll off her daughter's naked body, and kissed her deeply, tasting my cum and Melissa's juices in her mouth as Melissa sat up.

Our kiss finished, I slid my hands over my wife's naked flesh, and noticed Melissa's naked breasts with areolas contracted and nipples pointed from excitement. Melissa was rubbing the remants of my cum on her pussy, fingering her swollen clit and asked with a giggle, "Wouldn't it be neat that mom and I both are now pregnant?"

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3 years ago
Great story!! There a some parts in your story that are kind of like my fantasies. It would be so hot to have explicit pics taken at the wedding if i ever get married. Also, having sex in a public bathroom is exciting. Too bad the guys make such a mess of men's rooms. The girls might go in there more often if the guys be a little cleaner. Also, the thought of getting fucked in front of my mom does it for me.
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
very, very naughty story...thanks
3 years ago
great story please do tell more
3 years ago
Spellbindingly erotic and great imagery.
3 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
Great story, we'd love to read more about melody and melissa's action. It really turned us on so much we just had to stop and fuck each other.

Love and lust

Carl and Anna