The Naughty Vacation

I picked up the tray of hamburgers at McBurgers as the blond cashier smiled at me, her nipples tenting the front of her uniform shirt. I thanked her and went around the condiment partition to where my wife and step daughter was sitting. They had chosen a high table for the meal. I noticed they both were sitting with their knees apart, feet tucked around the rungs of their chairs. April had her hand in her mom’s crotch, fingering Andrea’s bare pussy. April’s pussy was clearly visible as well. My cock quickly sprang to life for the umpteenth time that day. I settled into the chair next to Andrea, patting her thigh, as April withdrew her hand to eat her sandwich.

“Most lovely pussies.” I said. “I saw them from across the room, and I think our cashier did too, as her nipples were poking her shirt.”

April giggled as she sucked on her straw. Andrea smiled as she rubbed up my thigh and finished with a squeeze to my crotch. “Looks like the big boy is enjoying it too.” she commented.

We began to eat our hamburgers and watched customers order and retrieve their meals. April kept one of her hands up her mini skirt, fingering her pussy. As we proceeded though our meal, I reached into my wife’s skirt, which also was quite short, and rubbed her bare pussy, noting its wetness. I took a French fry and rubbed it along her moist camel toe and held it to Andrea’s mouth. She sucked it in gently. A teen girl and a younger teen boy carried their trays to a table across from where we were sitting. After they had settled and the boy bit into his hamburger, he looked over to us and I saw his eyes widen in surprise. He nearly choked on his mouthful as the girl slapped his back. He was able to get his food swallowed, and stared again in disbelief.

I reached over and began to work my fingers into Andrea’s pussy to the boy’s wide eyed amazement. As I spread Andrea’s pussy open, the girl looked at us and her eyes grew big. They watched us as we finished our meal. The girl had parted her jean clad legs and rubbed her crotch firmly occasionally as she ate. The boy seemed to have forgotten his hamburger. We finished our meal and I removed the wrappers and offered to buy ice creams to go. I turned at the trash bins and watched my girls slide off their chairs. Andrea was more sedate and held the hem of her skirt as she stood. April’s skirt slid up exposing her bare thighs to her butt as she slid down from the chair. Andrea reached over and gave her daughter a squeeze on her butt cheek, then straightened her skirt.

I held the car doors open for my girls as they got in with their ice cream, and got a delicious up-skirt show of pussies as they stretched their legs into the car. As I got in on my side, I quickly unsnapped the buttons of my shorts. I slid into the car seat, causing my shorts to work open and down my buttocks. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed in the rearview mirror April was working her skirt down as well, holding the ice cream cone with her teeth. My wife gave a short gasp as the cold ice cream dripped from her cone onto her cleavage, and she quickly pulled her top down to wipe up the melting cream. She didn’t quite show all her titties to the bicyclist that we were passing. My cock was maintaining its semi erect state easier within the looser confines of my shorts.

As I checked my mirrors for clearance when we pulled onto the interstate, I noticed April had finished her ice cream and was working her skirt off her legs. She leaned up to the front between the seats. “You know,” she began, “if that girl at McBurgers had on a skirt, she would have rubbed one out with us.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed.” said Andrea. “It seems that we showed her friend something that he never will forget.”

“I’ve had some up-skirt glimpses myself over the years when in restaurants as well as some down blouse and cleavages views myself, but nothing like that, until I met you two.” I commented.

April giggled as she sat back, sliding down the seat. I could see her shaved pussy as she stretched it open to air in my rearview mirror. I reached over and patted Andrea on her thigh. She leaned over toward me, her top opening up at the cleavage, exposing more of the titties. I could see the areolas contracting as her nipples mounted. She worked her hand into the open fly of my shorts and tugged at my cock until she had it exposed, and began fondling it. With her other hand, she pushed down her skirt more until it was sliding down her legs, then tugged it off over her feet.

I noticed a motion in my rearview mirror and watched my step daughter pull her t-shirt off. She reclined on the back seat nude and began masturbating her pussy with eyes closed, probably imagining the boy at McBurgers I thought. As we traveled down the highway, cars and trucks were whizzing by unknowingly of the nude teen in the back seat and the bottomless mother and wife in the front seat working my cock. Andrea was expertly stroking it, but taking care not to let it cum, except for the pre-cum that kept forming. She would pinch it off and lick her fingers. April moaned and sighed contentedly as a sexy odor filled the car from her orgasm.

It was mid-afternoon when we approached the city limits of the mountain town we were to spend the week at. I gently roused the girls, as they had dozed off contentedly from their orgasms and the pleasant summer warmth and cooling breezes on their nakedness. Andrea sat up, and fixed her top, pushing her titties into position, as I had worked them out earlier, to tweak the nipples. She leaned down and put her legs into her skirt, as April kept lying down in the back while she pulled her t-shirt back on, and raised her bare legs to insert them into the opening of her skirt. I stopped at a traffic light, and a car stopped next to us on the divided lanes. I was sure the couple in the car had an idea as April quickly pulled her skirt over her raised legs and down to her waist below the window frame.

Andrea had her skirt resting on her knees as I parked at the motel. I went around the car and opened her door. Andrea pulled her skirt up as she stood. April opened her car door and slid out, skirt exposing her moist and quite reddened pussy. Andrea smiled and straightened her daughter’s skirt, and rested her palm against the swollen pussy. April sighed, “That feels good, Momma.”

We walked down the sidewalk, passing heavily curtained windows, and noticed a gap in one room’s curtains. We glanced out of curiosity and saw a nude mature couple on the bed; the male was pumping himself vigorously on the female, who had her legs up in the air. April giggled as Andrea and I looked at each other with a smile. I ran my hand down Andrea’s back and groped her buttocks as April opened the lobby door. We entered the pleasant lobby and were greeted by the teen girl manning the counter.

I confirmed our identity and the reservation we had arranged earlier, Andrea and April were checking out the colorful brochures of the area’s attractions across the room. I noticed Andrea had pulled her skirt up a bit higher on her waist, and at times the bottom of her buttocks was showing. The teen clerk went into the next room to retrieve a printout and the room key. I noticed a paperback turned face down by the telephone. It had a picture of a nude woman looking over her shoulder outside of a castle. The title was ‘b**stly Behavior’.

I looked to my girls again, and April had rested her hand on Andrea’s partially exposed butt, and was stroking up under the skirt when the clerk returned. “Ah, here we are.” she smiled.

I took the receipt and the room cards while she looked toward my wife and step daughter. I could see her nipples erecting through her t-shirt, and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I quickly glanced down her slender form and noticed a pair of shapely, well tanned legs out of her shorts, and wondered if she had panties on, and decided probably not, as she was reading an erotic novel, thus she may be fingering herself through her loose shorts, but the t-shirt was quite long and nearly covered her shorts. I glanced at her hard nipples again as she explained the motel’s services, eyes still looking past my shoulder.

“That girl noticed what you two were doing.” I said as the lobby door closed behind us.

April giggled. “I can’t help it. Momma’s butt was showing and I had to do something to get off on that couple fucking in that room.”

“April…” Andrea said.

We were approaching the room where the couple were having their tryst and glanced through the curtained gap. The man was fondling his cock while the woman was still on her back, rubbing his cum into her pussy. The man noticed us and waved. I waved back as we walked down to our room. We found a king sized bed in our room instead of two double beds, as I had requested. I went back to the lobby to check with the clerk about the room she had given us, and noticed she was preoccupied with her book as I approached the counter. Then I realized that she had a head bobbing between her thighs as she leaned back in the chair. The door peeped, and she started with a gasp, pushing the head back. I saw her shaved pussy, wet from the licking, as she covered it with her hand and pressed her thighs together. She looked up at me red faced.

“That’s okay.” I smiled at her, my cock erecting within my shorts. The shirtless boy still sat cross legged on the floor in his briefs.

“I wanted to verify my room, as it has a king bed, instead of double beds as I had requested in my reservation.” I said as the teen stood, her shirt dropping over her bare pussy. Her nipples were still tenting the front. She clicked on her computer and searched for a few minutes, as the boy slid back to the wall. He tucked his legs under his butt, and I noticed a large wet spot on the front of his briefs, as well as a swollen bulge. “I’m sorry if I disturbed you two.” I apologized.

“No, it’s okay.” the girl said, looking up at me. “I guess you saw the book I was reading, and it was so hot, plus what your f****y was doing over there, I had to get off.”

“Don’t us all.” I smiled back. My cock was erect then, and becoming sticky inside my shorts. The boy had gotten to his feet. He began to leave the office, adjusting his briefs. “Your boyfriend?” I asked.

The door peeped as a lady walked in. The teen clerk shook her head at me. “I see here that we have no more double beds available, so they substituted the king bed on your reservation.”

“I see. It’s okay, as we’ll be all right with the king bed as well.” I glanced over to the lady browsing over the brochures and recognized her as the one that we had seen having sex earlier. She had pulled on a short sundress. I wasn’t sure, but had the suspicion that she was still nude underneath. “Thanks. Have fun.” I told her with a wink.

Thunder boomed as I went into our room. “It looks like we’re stuck with this room.” I told my wife and stepdaughter.

“That’s okay, as April probably will get in our bed anyway.” said Andrea. “She doesn’t like thunderstorms.”

“Guess what I caught that teenage girl doing in the office.” I said, as I sat on the bed, pulling my shoes off.

“What?” asked Andrea.

April guessed, “She was rubbing her pussy?”

“Little better that that.” I said. “I think her boyfriend was eating her pussy under the counter.”

April bounced. “I gotta go see that!” she exclaimed, starting toward the door.

“April, it’s fixing to rain.” warned Andrea.

“I won’t be long.” April assured us.

“Man, how much does she know?” I asked as the door closed.

“A lot,” replied Andrea, coming to me. “She was 11 when her periods started, and I went ahead and explained the birds and bees to her then. Then when she was 12, she went to a sl**p-in party at a friend’s home and got her ears full of her friends’ stories of having sex.”

Andrea sat on my lap, as I embraced her, feeling her warm legs below the hemline of my shorts. I reached under her skirt and began to stroke her pussy. “So she was titillated and had more questions?”

“Oh yes.” Andrea pulled her skirt off so I could get at her pussy easier. “I had to explain masturbation to her, as she noticed some of the other girls doing it, and wondered what that does. She also told me of two of her friend’s demonstrating pussy licking as well.”

“Oh, wow…they start pretty young now, do they?” I commented as I gently rubbed her clit as Andrea leaned against me with her legs spread.

“I’m afraid so.” said Andrea. “I started mine’s when I was 14. April wasn’t even a teenager yet.”

“I see.” I said, as I shifted my legs to nestle my hard cock more comfortably under Andrea’s butt. “Tell me when and how you two got comfortable with each other.”

Andrea stretched her legs apart and eased back on my lap again. “It was a few weeks later, during a thunderstorm like this one night. I was so hot after the guy I was camming with had to sign off, and I wasn’t finished with myself, so I got out my vibrator and went to bed. April came in when it was thundering pretty hard, and sat on the bed. She didn’t ask questions, but watched me get off with the vibrator.”

My legs were growing numb, so I asked Andrea to stand again as I fix myself more comfortably. I pulled my shorts off, and she unbuttoned the button on my shirt and pulled it over my head. Her nipples were firmly erect as well when she removed her top and dropped it to the floor besides mine’s. She sat on my lap again, and reached between her legs to toy with my cock.

“It was really intense that time, as I was so horny, and having April watching me, that I orgasmed several times in succession. That had not happened in a while to me.” She was gazing out the small split in the curtains at the rain. “April asked me as I rested how that felt. I told her she would have to experience one to really know. Then she asked me does a woman get that feeling when someone lick her. I assured her that happens often. Then she wanted to know what licking one is like. I told her to try mine’s.”

My cock was throbbing at the mental image of mother and daughter engaging in oral sex, as Andrea ran her fingers lightly up and down its shaft, and smearing the pre cum around her fingers and my cock. “Did she?” I asked.

“She did, and I was surprised. I was wet, but she licked it, and told me it was good, kind of tangy. Then she wanted me to lick hers, so I got her nightshirt and panties off and had her to lie on top of me, stomach down, and pulled her pussy up to my mouth and licked her for a while, as she touched mine’s. Of course she didn’t orgasm, but laughed a lot as she was ticklish.”

I held Andrea’s naked body as I shifted her weight again on my lap, my cock rising between her legs as she pressed it along her pussy. I reached around with my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth and held it gently with my teeth as I rubbed its tip with my tongue. Then I released it, and asked my next question. “So when did April get her big ‘O’?”

“On the Friday night after she tried out for the cheer leading squad at school, and received her uniform.” I was gently rubbing Andrea’s pussy as it became wet. Andrea had my cock gripped in her hand. “April got off the school bus, and I was waiting for her at the street in the car, so she got in.” Thunder boomed outside of the window as the rain began pouring. “I noticed that she didn’t have her required panties on and asked about it. April told me to chill out. She wasn’t showing off to her friends, but had pulled them off on the bus moments before she got off.”

My legs were growing numb and tingly, so I asked Andrea to sit on the bed besides me. She positioned herself so I could continue massaging her pussy as she gazed dreamily out the crack of the curtain at the rain. “So April masturbated herself into an orgasm in the car?

“No, not quite”, Andrea said. “We went to the mall where I exchanged a defective cell phone, then to Pizza House for supper. While we were sitting there waiting for the pizza, I started rubbing her pussy, and she began having an orgasm. The couple on the other side of the divider asked was April okay. I told them that she was ticklish, and I was playing with her.”

The door opened and a wet girl walked in. “Boy, that’s some rain.” April exclaimed, shaking water off her hair and wiping her face with her hands. She noticed our nudity. “Oh, are y’all making a baby?”

Andrea jumped up. “Let me get you a towel, and get out of those wet clothes.”

“No, we’re just making ourselves comfortable and having fun.” I told April as Andrea placed the towel around her shoulders, and began to rub upwards to her head.

“David, take her skirt off.” requested Andrea as she tossed the towel aside and began to pull up her daughter’s t-shirt.

“Momma…” began April embarrassed as I reached forward and unsnapped the buttons on her skirt.

“It’s okay, honey.” said Andrea as she tossed the wet t-shirt into a corner next to the dresser. “David won’t bite.”

April giggled as she stepped out of the skirt and I tossed it over on top of the t-shirt. My cock was erect at the spectacle of a teen body nude before me as her mom wiped the water off her daughter’s body.

“So what did you find out about her?” asked Andrea, as April turned about so her mom can dry the small of her back.

“She’s a trip.” giggled April. “Her name is Marie. She says she likes to watch and guess at the guests’ sex habits, and even admitted to watching their rooms when they leave, and then she would take the master key and go in their rooms and look around for toys and lingerie, as well as used condoms.”

Thoroughly dried, April sat on one of the chairs next to the window, tucking her feet under her bottom. “She told me of pictures some people left on their digital cameras and camcorders in their rooms. She really gets an eyeful sometimes.” April smiled and twirled her damp hair with one hand, as she worked her fingers into her pussy. “I told her of the couple we saw having sex without completely closing their curtains. She wanted to go check that room out.”

“April,” reproved Andrea. “You don’t need to go around telling those kinds of stories and checking other people’s personal items. What if they come back and caught you?”

“We didn’t do it, Momma.” said April. “A few more people came in and Marie had to check them in. Then her dad came in the office and wanted Marie to leave and help her mother to do something. So I left.”

I was looking through the telephone book for some pizza delivery and found one. “Let’s call this one and order a pizza, so we won’t have to go out in this weather.” I said.

The order placed, and I turned back to face the naked ladies. “Remember the fun we had with that poor guy on our honeymoon?” I grinned at Andrea.

“Oh yes.” laughed Andrea. “It was exciting, and made me wet, but I wondered when and how he got off on what he saw.”

“What did y’all do, Momma? asked April.

“Oh, she answered the door butt naked and gave him the money when he gave her the pizza.” I said.

“Really?” squealed April. “Are you going to do that with this one?”

“We’ll see who they send out.” was my answer.

We had a plan in place as April peered out the curtains. “Here she comes.”

Andrea laughed. “Your time, David!”

“Yeah, my cock may poke her before I get my hands on the pizza.” I grinned, as I rubbed my erecting cock.

April sat in a chair by the table as Andrea stood nearby, when the lady driver knocked. I opened the door and her eyes widened at the sight of a naked man in front of her. I took the box of pizza and turned to set it on the table as the lady stepped in to get out of the rain momentarily. “It’s a wet evening out there, isn’t it?” I asked, as Andrea gave me the money.

“I wish I was staying in, but I had to work tonight.” The driver answered, her eyes taking in our nudity. I handed her the money and noticed her nipples were becoming erect, pushing out her uniform shirt into sharp points.

“Keep the change for your trouble.” I told her, as she looked down at the money and over to my cock.

“Thanks.” she grinned. “Can I ask a favor, and use the bathroom before I go? I have to pee.”

“Go ahead.” was my assent.

We began to eat the pizza as the driver used the bathroom and came back out. “Man that feels better.” She said as she adjusted her jeans. “You guys must be nudists.” She looked us over as we swallowed our mouthfuls.

“In a way.” I commented, noticing her nipples still tenting her uniform shirt.

“This is the first time I’ve encountered a whole f****y like this.” She said, as she reached the door. “Most of the time I see guys in underwear when I deliver.”

“I think we made her day.” smiled Andrea after the driver left.

April finished her pizza and left the table. She pivoted and fell back on the bed, legs apart. The action opened her pussy as she anchored her feet on the edge of the mattress, knees apart. I could see inside to the soft folds of labia covering her clitoris, and the inviting tunnel into her heaven.

“So April never really had sex?” I asked Andrea as my cock begins to harden again.

“No, not with a boy.” April answered for her mom, fingering her pussy.

“She has had sex with me and some of her girlfriends.” said Andrea.

“I see.” I massaged my cock into a more comfortable position.

April continued fingering her pussy, and began to masturbate her clitoris. I glanced back at my wife and she winked at me. I noticed her nipples were erecting, as the areolas tightened up. We finished our pizza as April massaged her pussy unashamedly, making little moaning noises, as her fingers created a slurping sound against the wetness. My cock was throbbing, and I had to keep one hand on it for comfort. Andrea finished her slice and got up. I admired her slender nakedness down to her trimmed pussy. Andrea got in front of April on the bed, and knelt down; pulling her daughter’s legs into position over her shoulders. Andrea’s head began to bob as she worked her tongue about her daughter’s pussy, as April’s nipples tightened against the oral massage her mom was giving her.

Andrea spreaded her knees on the floor, and settled her buttocks into a more comfortable position, which also exposed her pussy as well. I lay on my back and slid myself toward my wife’s legs until I got my head between them and looked up into her crotch, at her open pussy. I pulled Andrea down until her pussy was against my mouth, and I began to lick as Andrea continued to eat her daughter’s pussy. My hands were groping Andrea’s buttocks as my tongue bored into her wet pussy, savoring the juices.

Andrea’s pussy began to spasm in my mouth as my tongue worked over her clitoris, and she moaned against April’s pussy. I had slid my hand up Andrea’s waist until they were gripping her titties. April was also whimpering her pleasure as her mom’s tongue worked her clit as well. I opened my eyes and looked up my wife’s belly and framed between her titties, I saw my step daughter’s opened pussy dripping just at Andrea’s chin. My cock was throbbing, begging for release, pre-cum oozing heavily down its shaft into my hairs.

April shrieked first as her pussy exploded within her mom’s mouth, and almost simultaneously, Andrea’s pussy ejected a load of juice into my mouth. I could feel the strong contractions of her pussy against my lips, as they created a suction effect, drawing my tongue deeper inside. I slid my hand from Andrea’s titties over April’s legs until they rested against her butt cheeks. I could feel her quivering from the orgasm as Andrea’s pussy slowed its contractions against my lips and chin, juices dribbling down my cheeks. They had fallen silent, each savoring the pleasant afterglows of their orgasms.

Thunder crashed outside, and the lights flickered, and then went out. Andrea jumped in surprise at the sudden darkness, her full weight pressing my head onto the floor momentarily, while April screamed her surprise. Andrea rose up, as I dropped my hands from April’s buttocks. I looked up at Andrea as she stood over me, and April’s feet rested on the floor with my head between them. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I watched the naked forms of mother and daughter separate and move away from my head, as I began to rise up as well.

I slid the heavy curtains back from the window letting in more light from the storm as lightening flickered in the sky. “Woooo,” breathed April, as she relaxed from her fright, lying back on the bed, her naked body illuminated.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” stated Andrea, “but it’s dark.”

“You should have a bit of light to see if you leave the door open.” I said, as Andrea walked to the bathroom, her naked backside illuminated from the window.

Someone knocked at the door and I peered through the peephole to see who it was, as April sat up on the bed, her nipples pointed. “Oh, it’s that desk clerk, probably checking on us,”

I opened the door, and the young lady gasped in surprise at my nakedness. My cock began its erection as she looked at it, then past me into the room as Andrea stepped out of the bathroom to see what was going on. “Oh, hey, Marie, come in!” exclaimed April as she jumped off the bed.

Marie stepped in, holding a bag. “I thought you guys may need some lights.” She stammered, as her eyes swept over our nakedness. I could see her nipples tenting her shirt, and glanced down to see if she had her shorts on, as she had them off earlier when I went back to the office.

Andrea walked over to Marie. “Thanks so much,” she said, taking the two disposable flashlights from her.

I could see Marie’s eyes sweep over Andrea’s titties then to her shaved pussy. I noticed Marie’s nipples were indeed protruding and realized she is braless. I checked again for her shorts and noticed that she didn’t have a pair on, unless it was really short, and covered by her long shirt.

“Good, then.” said Marie. “I must be getting back to the office. The lights should be back on soon.”

Andrea had tossed one of the flashlights to April and went back to the bathroom with the other one lit. The twilight from the now distant thunderstorm was illuminating her bare butt as she walked. My cock had become fully erect, and throbbing. I looked back to Marie and saw her staring at it. I smiled at her as she blushed at being caught. “Thanks a lot for these flashlights.” I told her.

Marie turned to go, and brushed her hands over her titties, as if she was trying to stimulate them, and April followed her out. “You can come back and visit us if you want.”

Marie turned with a smile. “I’ll see what I can do. It was so awesome to see your whole f****y like this.”

“We haven’t been together too long, but we are open with each other.” replied April.

Marie hesitated, then blurted, “Do you all have sex together?”

April giggled. “We were, until the lights went out.”

“Oh, cool,” said Marie. “Wish my f****y was that open.”

“Who was that boy licking your pussy when Dad came back in?” asked April.

Marie looked at me, embarrassment showing in her face. “He is a cousin of mine’s.”

“Cool. Do you and him do that often?"

“No, not really, as we don’t have that much privacy and time, whenever they come to visit.”

Andrea had come back from the bathroom, and was standing behind me as I held the door open. She encircled my waist and was fondling my cock as Marie looked past April to us. The lights came back on, and a street light shone behind Marie, silhouetting her body through the shirt. April’s titties were tautly pointed. Marie dropped her hand to her groin u*********sly, and pressed against her pussy. She quickly worked up the hem of her shirt and pressed a finger into it. A car drove slowly through the parking lot as I saw the boy staring out of the window in surprise at my step daughter standing on the sidewalk naked.

Marie moved her hand from her pussy. “I have to go back.” She said.

“Do you need these lights back?” I asked.

“No, not really,” she said, smoothing her shirt over her front. “You may need them again, as there might be another storm.”

We watched her walk down the sidewalk back to the office, her buttocks swaying as gusts of wind played with the hem of her shirt, giving us glimpses of her bare cheeks. I pinched April’s butt. “Let’s get back inside before anyone sees us and get excited.” I said.

April twirled around, her blond hair swaying. “Let’s go to the pool and swim a bit.”

We pulled on our bathing suits in the room. Andrea donned a wicked weasel bikini which just covered her nipples, but her areolas were exposed on each side of the fabric. She then adjusted her thong into her buttocks. It was just a mere string going between the crack over her anus and into her pussy, creating a camel toe effect, but leaving all her pussy lips exposed. I had to help April adjust her wicked weasel bra straps, and tied it. Her areolas were smaller than her mom’s and more covered, but her nipples were more prominent than her mom’s. April’s thong was like her mom’s.

We walked out of the room for the indoor pool, and found ourselves alone there. April ran for the diving board and executed a nice cannonball into the pool, her body rolling through the air, creating the effect that she was nude. I slipped in the mid section, luxuriating in the warmth of the water while Andrea slipped in besides me. We watched April swim from the depths and lunged out of the pool to dive again.

I began to kiss Andrea as we embraced in the water, my cock growing hard again as I felt of her bare buttocks. As I worked my fingers and stroked along the thong line in the crack of my wife’s buttocks, we watched April climb up on the diving board again. From the distance it appeared that she didn’t have anything on, as the wicked weasel she was wearing was pink. April posed, and dived more gracefully this time. Her slender, nearly nude body sliced into the pool, and her thong came off. We laughed as April plunged to the bottom, and her thong sank more slowly. I embraced Andrea against my body, and she pressed her butt against my throbbing cock. I slid my hands to her pussy, as April emerged from the plunge and shook the water from her head.

“April, you might want to get your bottoms.” called Andrea, pointing at the thong sinking through the water.

April squealed in surprise as she noticed her thong near the bottom, and pressed her hand against her exposed pussy, and then she flipped into the water in pursuit of the thong. We watched her body shimmering as she swam to the thong and rose back to the top again. I had worked my fingers into Andrea’s pussy, edging her thong away as I found and touched her clit. My other hand slid up her belly to her titties, and I gently cupped one, feeling her nipple grow taut. April had swum up to where we were, and laughingly brushed the water from her face with the thong she had retrieved.

April’s mom commented “Trying to skinny dip, aren’t you?” as I slid my fingers inside her bra and pressed her nipple. My other hand was still working within her pussy.

April ran her hand over her pussy and laughed. My cock throbbed hard against Andrea’s buttocks and I ground my hips against her, as the pool room door opened. “It’s Marie.” April told us, as she was facing the door and saw who it was.

April began to thread her thong back on between her legs as Marie came around. She was wearing a white bikini, and tossed her towels onto a lounge. “What’s going on?” she smiled as April tied one side of the thong at her hip.

“I did a swan dive and lost my bottoms.” answered April, tying on the other side of the thong.

“Oh. You’re not the first one to have that to happen. I’ve seen people lose their tops or bottoms here a lot.” smiled Marie, as she looked us over. I still had my hand inside of Andrea’s bra top and in her pussy as well. I gave her a wink.

Marie slipped herself into the pool and sighed as the water embraced her body. The bikini became nearly transparent as it soaked in the water, showing her nipples and areolas. I could see that her pussy area was shaved as well through the shimmering water. She swam quickly to the other end of the pool and back, the water rippling over her petite form. April swam over to Marie, as I continued masturbating Andrea’s clit. Andrea leaned back against me; my erect cock nestled along the crack of her butt.

April and Marie climbed out of the pool and went to the diving board. Andrea reached behind her and worked the fly of my swim trunks open and eased my cock out, rubbing it against her butt. She pulled at the thread of her thong, and worked my cock underneath until I could feel it slipping into her pussy opening. I pushed my hip forward until my cock was fully inside her pussy, and Andrea settled her butt against me.

We watched as April swan dived, her titties pointing out gracefully toward the water, and butt enhancing her slender legs and back. I noticed Marie was staring wistfully at April’s backside as April flew through the air and slashed down in the water. As April emerged, shaking her shoulder length hair back, Marie posed, legs apart, chest thrust forward, pointing her erect titties, bouncing lightly on the board, then jumped into the water. She barely made a splash as her body sliced cleanly into the pool.

“Nice.” murmured Andrea. I gently worked my cock back and forth in her pussy as the girls faced each other and talked, while treading the water. I embraced Andrea, cupping her titties with my hands and feeling her nipples grow taut, as I continued pushing my cock into her pussy. I watched as Marie slid her hand from April’s shoulder to her barely covered titty, and pinched her nipple. April giggled and glanced back at us. Her eyes widened a bit as she realized what we were doing. I began to work my fingers inside the bit of fabric covering Andrea’s nipples.

April turned back to Marie and I saw her hands reach to Marie’s crotch through the shimmering water, while Marie had her fingers entwined in April’s thong straps. Moments later, April’s thong was sinking slowly to the bottom of the pool again as Marie worked her fingers into April’s butt and slide to her pussy.

“Just look at that.” Said Andrea, as she looked over her shoulders back at me. “I’m actually watching my daughter get taken by a horny girl!”

My cock was throbbing hard in Andrea’s pussy as I worked her wicked weasel bra apart.

“Why not?” I asked, after I removed her bra and tossed it onto the side of the pool.

“I’ve never seen her do that with another girl, except with me.” her mother said, as I pressed her titties between my fingers.

“A bit jealous, are you?” I teased as Andrea pressed her butt against my pelvis, driving my cock deeper into her pussy.

“I don’t know. I know that she will eventually get a boyfriend and fuck him one of these days, but it hasn’t occurred to me that she would do other girls too.” We watched as April helped Marie out of her swim suit, and she laughingly tossed it toward us, as they noticed that Andrea was topless, and riding my cock.

I reached down and pulled Andrea’s thong downward. “Might as well join the party.” Andrea pulled off my cock and raised her legs as I pulled the thong off.

Andrea turned and pushed me against the side of the pool and I lifted myself out of the water as she grabbed my shorts and pulled them downward. I sat on the concrete edge and looked to the girls on the opposite side. April was lying on her back, and Marie was still in the pool, her head between April’s legs. I felt Andrea mouthing my cock. I reached down and brushed her hair back out of her face as she began to work my cock in earnest.

After Andrea sucked my cock dry, I pulled her out of the water, her naked body draining water over mine's. I rolled off the edge of the pool as Andrea stepped from the edge, and stood over my face. "Let me lick you for a while." I told her.

As Andrea lowered herself into a squatting position over my face, we heard April giggling as an orgasm built up in her. Andrea's pussy blotted out the ceiling and lights of the pool as her pussy lips pressed into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and tasted the chlorinated water and the sweet saltiness of her pussy juices mingling together as her desire heightened. I found her clit and worked my tongue around it's firmness, as I gripped Andrea's buttocks. I loved the soft feeling of her naked skin against my face as my cock began to swell.

Andrea bounced herself gently over my face and probing tongue as I flicked over her clit. She was moaning softly and reached down and pressed my tongue over her clit and rubbed vigorously. Noticing my erect cock, Andrea leaned forward on her knees, and began to mouth it, while her movement opened her pussy more, and I wrapped my arms upwards around her butt. I could hear April shrieking her ecstasy as an orgasm tore through her body from Marie's tongue.

Andrea's pussy began to contract hesitantly at first, then more steadily as she orgasmed into my face. I felt the end of my cock getting incredibly sensitive and I thrusted my hips upward, driving it deep into my wife's mouth as I began to cum. We laid on the concrete beside the pool as the orgasmic chills slowly faded from our bodies, leaving behind a warm, glowing feeling as we
comprehended the excitement and naughtiness of our sexual openness publicly throughout the day.

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2 years ago
Wow. Great story hot hot ........ More please....
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I love this story.
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Its great bt i am desperate to hear more
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Great story,very hot