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[Story] My first time

For some reason I grew up with a vivid interest in sex, as it probably was one thing never shown or discussed during my c***dhood. I enjoyed playing with my tiny penis, and my butt. I grew up, and spent time with my cousins (all males) at their homes during sl**povers, some of the older cousins would share their bed with me, and fondle me at nights. I enjoyed the sensations these pettings gave me. I noticed sometimes their penis would be sticky at times, and occasionally, he would vigorously jerk on his penis, and jerk, as thick white stuff came out.

Some years later, as I entered into my t... Continue»
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[Story] The Naughty Vacation

I picked up the tray of hamburgers at McBurgers as the blond cashier smiled at me, her nipples tenting the front of her uniform shirt. I thanked her and went around the condiment partition to where my wife and step daughter was sitting. They had chosen a high table for the meal. I noticed they both were sitting with their knees apart, feet tucked around the rungs of their chairs. April had her hand in her mom’s crotch, fingering Andrea’s bare pussy. April’s pussy was clearly visible as well. My cock quickly sprang to life for the umpteenth time that day. I settled into the chair next to... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I

Chapter One

I was 16, and my half-s****r was 29, at the time of this story. I've always thought she was a good looking girl, as I grew up. She was blond, with cheeks that dimpled when she's happy, and a great body. My dick would go into a quivering mass of excitement whenever she came around, like a few months ago at a f****y picnic. She had on white shorts, and a short, loose blouse. Of course, she had a bra on, but you could see her nipples tenting her bra at times.

I watched as my b*****r-in-law pushed her high on the swing. s*s was working her beautiful legs up and down, keeping the... Continue»
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New friends

I'm getting an awful lot of male friendships. I'll be friends, but please let it be known I'm not gay or bi. I hope it is because of my stories. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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[Story] f****y Honeymoon

Author's note: This is the sequel to the fun I had with "A mother and her daughter".

I realized with surprise as my bride stood before me in front of the minister and entire church, that she was not wearing a bra beneath her wedding gown. It was when we held hands to repeat the vows after the minister, that I looked down the sheer bodice of her rather low cut gown and saw past her cleavage to the areolas of her bare titties. My cock began to grow within my tuxedo trousers as I wondered if Melody had her panties on. or perhaps a thong, as she murmured her vows to me. Melody stooped to re... Continue»
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Thank you

I'm glad all you guys like my stories. I've been asked if they are true. These stories are based on something that did happen to me, but I stretched and changed it into a fantasy I wished that really did happen. There will be more stories as I polish them up. I have also 'published' these on another erotic story website, for those who happen to find them there and possibly accuse me of stealing the stories from that site...

Other that that, please enjoy them. I love the vids xHamster show here. They add fuel and illustrations to my stories.

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[Story] The fun I had with a mother and her daughter

I took Melody out after church one Sunday. She was a rather nice girl, not exactly a playboy model though. Nice long, dark blond hair, with a pleasant complexion to her face, blue eyes, and her breasts were well proportioned to her body, She also had an appearance of being well-fed, but not chubby. At the restaurant, as we talked over our hamburgers, I noticed her blouse was a bit open, revealing a bit of her cleavage, as well as her bra was quite visible through the material. Her nipples ocassionally tented her bra through her blouse, then slowly relaxed. As we finished our sandwiches, ... Continue»
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[Story] f****y Menage A Trois

It was while I was dating my Native American fiancée, Jill. We have had a number of dates with heavy petting, feeling her pussy and my dick at various places like cars, at the theater, in the park, etc. This particular evening we were at her parent's singlewide mobile home. We visited a while, and shared a few slices of cake and ice cream.

Her parents went to bed early to give us some time together. Now this home has an open kitchen/living room plan, with the couch set so one could see through the kitchen area, down the short hall to the master bedroom. We were sitting on the couch k... Continue»
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