Virgin Ass Takes 10 Black Inches

I'm 18. I thought i was gay. i wasnt really sure. but i never told anyone. but on a summer day, i was home alone. no one was going to be home that day so i knew i could walk around naked. i dont live in the city. so anyways i was cleaning my room(naked) while having porn on the computer. so i was pretty horny. but i hear a knock on the door. so i throw some pants on and run to the door.

it was my neighbor. he is about 45, 6'2 black and sexxxy. He asked for some suger, which i thought was suspicous. but i invited him in to the house while i got the sugar. when i get him the sugar he said thanks and stood there. well so i just walked around him to my room..

he followed me. When i turned around his pants were off and he was standing in the door way. He looked so sexy. his dick was half hard and was at least 6 inches soft. it was massive. out of habbit i asked why and he said he wanted a little slice of me. so i gave him what he wanted. he told me to get on my knees and suck his big black monster. it got hard and was 10 inches. i told him that it was impossible to fit that in my ass. but he said he didnt care and would rip me a new asshole. he spits in my ass and rims it, and makes me suck his cock to make it smooth.

he makes me get on the floor on my back, with my legs in the air. i slowly feel his head go into my hole. no words can descibe the pain. it was horrble. i yelled and told him to stop. it hurt so bad. but he said to shut my virgin mouth and take it like a man. so i did. and eventually it felt better. then good.

after him plowing me for 30 minutes, i recived a huge warm load up my ass hole. he then pulled it out and i could feel it leaking out of my stretched hole. he quickly puts his pants on and ran out the door. i never talked to him again.
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3 years ago
Hi great story, i would love tp fuck your virgin ass :)