Strip Poker with s****r

This happened only a few years ago. s*s and I were playing poker. She jokingly said what about strip poker. I of course was like no way. Then she got serious about it and was like whats wrong, afraid your going to lose and I'm going to see you naked. Well anyway, after a bit of going back and forth I agreed to playing. Now s*s and I get along pretty good. Like friends as well as b*****r and s****r. My s****r is very pretty but I never thought of her in any sexual way. Till that day. Anway, we started to play. To make a long story short I was down to just my briefs, she still had on a pair of shorts and her bra. I was feeling a twinge in my private part.

We played the next hand and I lost. She was like ok off with the underwear..she had this smile on her face. I was like come on double or nothing. She sat there and was like ok how about this, if you lose you have to get naked for me any time and any where I want you to and you have to stay naked for me for as long as I want you to and she gets to keep her clothes on. I agreed. My private part had swelled a bit..we played the last hand. I lost. I stood there and she was like come takem off, lets see what you got. Before I could take them off she was like hold on. She put her top back on and she sat in a different chair and had me stand in front of her facing her and she was like you can take of our briefs. My heart was going a million miles a minute.she was like I'm waiting. Finally I just pulled them down and stood there totally naked in front of her.

I had a full hardon sticking up and out at her. She was like OMG someone is enjoying this. She said she was going to have me put my clothes on but since I am excited she thought it would be a good idea to go into the living room and sit for a while and talk. which we did. I was hard the whole time. we talked a lot of thing then she was like awwww you poor thing you have been sitting here this whole excited, how long has it been since you had a gf to help you out. I told her a year. She was like oh wow that long. when was the last time you masturbated. I blushed. she was like don't be embarrassed, every guy does it, so when was the last time you masturbated. I don't remember but I know it had been a few days. She said don't i want to right then. I blushed again. she was like it's ok she wouldn't tell anyone, maybe. she laughed. this was really turning me on, that she was willing to watch me masturbate.

she was like you know you want to, you have a hardon and you don't have a gf so if you don't who will do it for you. I almost said what about you but didn't. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking. Oh god it felt good and with her watching I definately wasn't going to last long. I started to go quicker and my body and legs and knees started tightening up. she was like your going to squirt aren't you. I pushed my hips up, grunted, moaned and a long stream of cum came out of my hardon and into the air and hit me on the chest and stomach..she laughed and about 4 more came out..I kept stroking till I started softening. I let go and it twitched and jerked from my orgasm. She was like feel better and she got up got me a rag and I cleaned up and she was like you can get dressed. you got of easy this time dear b*****r. Remember, you have to get naked for me anytime anywhere.and she laughed and left the room
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2 years ago
erotic, hot, sexy. more please!
2 years ago
This could get very interesting..and HOT
2 years ago
very good