Girlfriends b*****r humiliated

This is a true story about my ex girlfriend Claire and her b*****r Chris.

The age gap between Claire and her b*****r was 5 years so we were both 21 and i think he would have been 16 at the time.

Claire was a stunning girl, Brunette with 34D tits and the most amazing body i've ever seen. She could be a model or a porn star the way she fucked. She had the ultimate designer vagina, it was a work of art, i've never seen a more attractive cunt, she was always completely shaved. We had been going out since we were 16 and i took her virginity and together we had a great dirty sex life. I would make her do things that a normal girl just wouldnt do (which i will discuss in another story.) She was innocent to everything until you got her in the bedroom when she would turn into the filthist girl every.

When he was younger her b*****r Chris sneaked back in to her bedroom late one night and caught us having sex, he was young and squelled to mum and dad about us which got us a massive bollocking from both sets of parents. But not before he must of watched for a while because he gave details of what we were doing, he saw me pull her hair which drove her wild and i would normal slap her arse or stick my finger up her arse. She loved cum so normally she would swallow rather than cum inside her this was our birth control method as well lol. You can imagine how angry our parents were after hearing this. Her Dad went mental at me, which i probably deserved for fucking his daughter like the cock lover she was but it was after all his house and rules even though we were legal age wise.

After this her and Chris never got on quite as well and it put a strain on our relationship because we could only have sex when we had a free house, or round friends houses even out doors if the great british weather alllowed. It wasn't really our parents fault i can't blame them because i would be worried and fretting that an unwanted pregnancy might be on the way. Claire also had to babysit him alot which just added to the tension

So one day we had ment to go out to lunch but could not get a table at the place we wanted so we both said we would go back to hers for a bit of fun and eat later beacuse she had free house.

We thought Chris had gone over a mates house, so we opened the door and walked in. We must of done this quite quietly but not intentionally because he oviously didn;t hear. As we got near the front room you could here sex noises, a girl moaning and groaning. We both froze and looked at each our then we heard the voice "yeah baby cum all over my tits" in an american accent. Claire whispered in my ear that Chris must be wanking, we both giggled quiet and crept into the front room knowing that the sofa points to the Tv with the door behind so he wouldnt see us.

He was sprawlled out on the sofa completely naked cock in hand and tissues on the floor eyes transfixed on the tv. He had a dirty pair Claire's thong on the sofa as well. For a 16 year old he had a big cock, bigger than my i have to admit, maybe 7 inchs or so. At that moment the guy in the filling started to cum on the porn stars tits and Chris let out a moan and shot a massive load of cum onto his chest.

Claire burst out laughing "enjoying yourself Chris?" he leapt up trying to cover himself and hide his big dick with cum running down his chest. Claire was in hesterics and so was i, she walked over to the Tv and turned the volume down. "Well little b*o looks like your not so little anymore" his cock slowly turning softer now. He was speecless but finally said " mum and dad?" Claire looked at me and said "what do you think? should i tell them there sons a pervert" as she pointed to the thong, i said "well it is perverted that he's sniffing his s****rs knickers" Chris was bright red everywhere. Claire looked and him and said "heres the deal Chris, im gonna keep this our little secret but in return your not to tell mum and dad what we get upto ever again! Now clean yourself up!"

With that she grabbed my hand and walked me straight into her bedroom without closing the door, She dropped to her knees and pulled my trousers down. I was hard in seconds as she sucked my cock with real lust, slurping and spitting as she went. She was sucking for a few minutes when Chris stood in the doorway still naked but soft cock now. "DON"T YOU DARE TELL MUM AND DAD ABOUT THIS" claire said as she stood up and removed her cloths. I sat on the edge of the bed and she straddle me and climbed onto of my cock. She looked round to her b*****r and said "Fuck off then you little pervert"l but he just stood there, we began fucking really hard and she was boucing up and down really fast, i noticed Chris's cock getting hard again. Claire turned round to him again "fuck off Chris unless your gonna wank that thing again" He looked confused but you could tell this was turning him on, he slowly touched his cock and begna jerking it towards us. She looked at him and said in a really nasty tone "my b*****rs a fucking wanker" this did it for me and i pounded her wet cunt as hard as i could i moaned "im cummiing!" Claire jumped off in time for me to shoot my load on her face and some in her mouth. Her b*****r was pumping away and you could see he was close, she stood up and walked towards him with cum on her face and stood about 1 foot from his face while he wanked his cock. "cum then you pervert" and on her command he shoot a load onto her belly and dripped down her front.

The room was silent until she said " NOT A FUCKING WORD OF THIS TO MUM AND DAD" We all agreed and that was that. We had sex another 3 times that day but Chris wasn't allowed to watch anymore. Things improved a bit for a while but in the end we broke up. Have never seen her borther again but would love to ask him what went through his mind that day he watched his s****r get fucked!

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3 years ago
Very good,,I would make it the last time he rated on anyone,,,
3 years ago
Hell, you should have REALLY humiliated that tattle-tale!