Amy & Claire & Me

Here is another story about my fabulous BBW lover Claire. I didn't know it when we first met, but later on found out that she was bisexual. This didn't bother me at all, actually it turned me on.. a lot. One day when we were chatting, she asked me if I would every like to watch her with another woman. Well I was shocked and very horny at the prospect, "yes ok, that would be fun" I said, but she new that really I was gagging to watch! She said that she had a friend who was a lesbian, who she had been shagging for months, who's fantasy was to be watched and filmed by a man. She said, that as the girl was a lesbian she would not want to have me, only her, but would like to also watch me fuck Claire. She wanted to see someone cum inside her. I agreed.

A few weeks went by and I didn't push the matter, it was a Friday night, and although Claire and I were now living together, she went out with her friends on a Friday, and that usually ended up with her getting off with another woman. I could tell because if we ever had sex when she came home, her pussy was already well used.

When she got home, she looked a little sheepish, and she told me that she had brought Amy home, they were going upstairs and would I come up and film them! I was up like a shot and following them upstairs with the video camera, which luckily had a fully charged battery.

When I got to the bedroom, Amy was already undressed and lying on the bed, she waved, smiled and said hi as I walked through the door. She was quite tall, and slim, but had very very large boobs, she still had her bra and pants on, and could obviously tell I was getting an eye full of her tits. "Yes they are real" she said, laughing, "maybe you can have a look later" she winked, and I saw Claire give her a look!.

A though went through my head. Maybe Amy is not just a Lesbian? They way she looked at me, there was definitely something there. When I came back to reality, Claire was on the bed kissing Amy, her hand was stroking her pussy over her pants. Fabulous, here we go!

I got the camera out and started filming, I had always wanted to do this and it was really turning me on. Amy really seemed to be getting into it, she was kissing Claire on the neck and tweaking her nipples, while Claire now had her fingers down the front of Amy's pants. My cock was rock hard and my trousers were struggling to contain it. I was moving around with the camera getting in close to Claire big nipples, while Amy licked and sucked on them. I zoomed in and tilted down to see claire removing Amy's pants, and then slipping her wet fingers into the shaven pussy lips. Amy moaned and I knew that Claires fingers had gone inside. She spread her legs and I could see that Claire had 2 fingers in the large hole.

Amy must have noticed my bulging crotch and said "Hey, why are you not naked?", "come on lets see that monster Claire has told me about!" I was only too happy to oblige and whipped off my jeans and boxers. "wow it is thick" said Amy, and then she laid back and closed her eyes as Claire positioned her head between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs. She licked and kissed up and down Claires legs, before moving down to her pussy. I got in close with the camera and got a fantastic view of her tongues going to work on Amy's now engorged clit. while her tongue was working away she also had two fingers in the pussy, which she slowly slid in and out. By now I could tell that Amy was getting close to orgasm, and Claire had increased the speed of her tongue and fingers. Amy started to moan and Claire moved her hand on to her large nipple and squeezed. At the same time she slipped one of her fingers out of the vagina and into Amy's ass hole. This had the desired effect and after a few more seconds Amy started to writhe around on the bed and then with a loud moan, collapsed, still, while Claire licked all around the pussy entrance. This really turned me on, watching my girlfriends tongues slip in out out of Amy's vagina.

After a short while Amy sat up. She looked at my huge cock and the pre-cum running down and said "Ok you're turn now, let me watch you give Claire a good seeing to!" Claire moved over and I passed the camera to Amy, who giggled at the prospect of what was going to happen. Claires pussy was wide open and dripping wet and she lay back, spread her legs and guided my long cock inside her. I was very horny and I could see that she was too, but I didn't want to cum to quickly. I pushed my cock all the way in, and then started to move it slowly in and out, just a little bit, which I knew drove her wild. I was right and she started to moan and I knew that she was very close to an orgasm.

"Stop stop" said Amy, putting the camera down, " don't cum yet, lets go doggy, I want a better view!" I wasn't sure what she mean't, but Claire obviously did. She sat up and Amy got down on the bed with her head in between Claires thighs. Then Claire bent over doggy style on top of Amy. Amy's head was now right down under Claires pussy and Claire lowered herself down so that Amy could lick her clit and flaps. "Now put it in and let me see you fill her with spunk" said Amy. So I guided my thick head into Claires pussy. I slid it all the way in and Claire started to push back against me, so that it hit the end of her vagina. While I was pumping away I suddenly felt a warm sensation on my cock and balls, and I realised that Amy was licking them. This drove me wild and I sped up my pumping. Claire started to tighten and moan and I knew she was going to cum, Amy realised to and she put on of my balls into her mouth!

That was it, I started to shoot huge squirts of my thick white cum deep into Claires pussy. My cock was throbbing and grew thicker as I came. Claire also started to orgasm as soon as the hot cum started to fill her, and Amy just kept sucking my balls and licking the base of my cock.

I withdrew my cock from Claire, and Amy looked at me and winked again. She turned her attention back to Claires vagina and started to lick around the entrance. Claire sat slightly more upright and all my white cum started to run out of her pussy and into Amy's open mouth. Amy was going wild and licking Claire for all she was worth, really eating her pussy out. Claire started to moan again and Amy started to slip her fingers into Claires now wide open vagina. I knew what was coming and within a few seconds, using my spunk for lubrication, Amy was wrist deep in Claire and fisting her like crazy. I picked up the camera again and got some amazing shots of Amy pulling her fist right out of Claires wide hole and then sliding it back as deep as it would go. Amy's hand was covered in cum and it dripped out onto the bed, within a few minutes Claire was starting to orgasm again, but not just any orgasm, this was her low growling orgasm, as Amy took her to the heights of human ecstasy. I thought that she might pass out, she has done before when we have fisted, but after a few more orgasms she just slumped to one side on the bed, exhausted.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I came back Claire was asl**p on the bed. Amy had taked the spare duvet and was lying on the floor at the side of the bed. As I walked in the room, she motioned to me to be quiet and the come and lie down with her on the duvet. I did as she said, quietly getting down on the floor beside her, I could feel my cock starting to harden and I hoped that she had the same idea that I had.

She did.

As soon as I got down next to her, she pulled herself toward me, her huge boobs pressing against me. She licked her hand and reached down to my cock, she started to slide her fingers around the head, and then down the shaft. "I've never had a cock" she said "but I have wanted it for ages" I was getting very very aroused, and Amy wrapped her fingers around my cock and slid her wet hand up and down, around my cock head. She kissed me, and then I moved to kiss her neck. "Yes, yes now my nipples" she said "But we must be quiet" That was when I realised what was happening. Amy wanted me to fuck her, but didn't want Claire to know! This made me even more horny and I started to suck Amy's nipples hard, very hard. She obviously loved that and I could see that she wanted to moan, but we couldn't, we had to be quiet.

After 10 minutes or so, of Amy's hand working its magic, I was getting pretty close again, and I moved Amy's hand away and pushed her legs apart. She got the idea and shuffled around so she was lying on her back with her legs spread wide. " I want it like this" she said " the traditional way" I though this was funny and i nearly laughed, she did too, and had to cover her mouth. Then I slid it inside her.

I could feel that Amy was much tighter than Claire, Amy was obviously the giver in the relationship and I could tell that her pussy was not regularly fisted. As I slid in, Amy's eyes widened and I could see she wanted to moan, but she held it in. My cock quickly hit against the end of her vagina, which was much shallower than Claires, so I started to do what I did with Claire, slow movements deep inside. Amy whispered to me that it was very good, but to just let her have it as hard as I could. I was getting close and I knew that this would make me cum quickly, but she asked for it, so I gave it to her.

I don't think I have ever fucked anyone and hard as I fucked Amy that night, ramming my full length in and out of her hole, pushing against her cervix with each thrust. After a few minutes I could see that she was getting ready to orgasm, and I wondered if she could do it without making any noise. I pumped on and just when I was nearly there, she whispered to me, to stop. " When you cum, push the head of your cock right against my cervix, I want to feel your hot cum hitting it, and maybe going inside" "ok" I said, feeling closer than ever to ejaculation. I pushed my cock head deep into her, making it touch the cervix. "Yes, yes thats is" she said " push hard" I pushed my cock in deep and slowly moved against the cervix, she pulled my head down and started to kiss me, her tongue pushing into my mouth. "Yes YES YEESSSS she said" and I just lost it. I came so hard, that my vision went foggy, I could feel my cock throbbing inside her and I kissed her deeper and more sensually, while shooting the biggest load of spunk I have ever shot! As soon as the spunk hit her cervix she orgasmed, her whole body shaking, just like earlier, only more intense. Her eyes closed, and she pulled my tightly against her while I unloaded my balls deep inside.

We stayed locked together for about ten minutes, my cock going soft inside her and my spunk running out around it. After I pulled out, she kissed me again, "thanks" she said "that was incredible, that was my biggest fantasy, but please don't tell Claire" I agreed and she stood up and went to the bathroom. Claire was still asl**p and I picked up the camera from the bed and took it back downstairs. Amy slept over on the couch and Claire and I were still asl**p when she slipped out the following morning.

After breakfast Claire said that she was going shopping, and she would see me later. "You should have a look at the tape from last night. We can chat about it later. " she said as she went out the front door. Chat about it later I though, hmm, maybe we can. I sat down at the table and opened up the screen on the camera, I found the last file and selected play. As I looked at the screen my eyes widened and the bl**d all drained from my face. There on the screen was perfect video of Amy and I fucking ourselved sensless on the bedroom floor! The shot was from above and the only person who could have done it was Claire. She had sat on the bed the whole time and watched us. Filming every minute.

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1 year ago
Grt story... very sexy.. ;)
2 years ago
love the story, i nearly came in my pants it was that good!!
2 years ago
i need to join in ;)
2 years ago
2 years ago