The Taunt

She was somewhat tall, with long, sexy legs and thighs. Long, blonde hair that went down past her close to busty boobs. Pretty face, and perfect horglass figure. She was my own cousin and 6 years older than me. I was almost 14, in the peak of puberty. I saw her at least 2 times a week, and each time she teased me more and more without even realizing it. I always made sure to be behind her, though I could easily outrun her in a second. I always invited her swiming, so I could see her in that tight, string bikini (I once got a small glimpse of hair when she was wearing it, too). And, each time I hugged her, I turned around when letting go so I could feel the side of her soft tits. If I was watching tv on the couch with her, she would lay down, putting her sexy legs across my lap. I also loved the panty raids. Usually she forgot to pick up her dirty underwear from her bathroom floor, so i would always get to them first. I'd put them on, or lick them, I even cummed a little on her bra once. I've tried spying countless times, but it never worked. But none of these experiences compared to moves I pulled. I bumped her boobs while playing marco-pollo. I touched my dick to her ass trying to walk past her. And my favorite- tickle fights. So many grabs.... Though I'm older, more mature now, I'd give anything to fuck Hannah....
73% (6/2)
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4 years ago
wonderful but discribe her better then try that when your both drunk but grab a hand full of pussy