I Knew Her Secret

I had a serious crush on the postal lady, I would wait on her until I saw that she was coming and then I would either make up some reason to go outside and exchange words with her or I would watch naked from inside of my house. I know it sounds perverted but I just couldn’t get enough of her. Her name was Marla. Obviously, she wore the whole postal get-up with the blue shorter than usual shorts on a daily basis. Usually the post ladies when they wore shorts they would come to the knee, Marla’s came to the mid thigh and were very tight and revealing. She was African-American and had sugar brown skin.

Her hair was usually in a ponytail or a bun, her hair was coarse and came to about her mid-back and her makeup was always light, she had natural beauty about her with no cosmetics. She was about my height which is 5’9 and had a very athletic looking figure with track runner legs and hips. Her breast seemed about average from what I could see but I could never get a spectacular view of them due to the bag of mail d****d over her shoulder and the postal jacket or layered shirt she was usually wearing. I would check for a panty line everyday, some days she wore regular women’s panties, some days she wore a thong or bikini cut. She always took time out of her day to talk to me if I was standing outside and she never acted weird so I assumed that there was a possibility of maybe hooking something up with her in the future someday. I had switched from just watching from my window to filming her from the window, she had no clue, I had tinted house windows to keep my house cooler during the summer so there was basically no way to see in unless u put your face directly up to the window.

On one particular day my fantasy changed drastically. Usually my garage door was left open and my car would be pulled in the front. This day my garage was closed and my car was inside, I hadn’t been outside either for at least 2 or 3 days either. I was watching Marla go down the other side of the street and then I waited to film her as she made her way up my side of the block. When she got 2 houses down from me I noticed her looking around more than usual. She dropped the mail off at my neighbor’s house and stopped and looked around once again, she looked on the side of my neighbors house, then made a step in that direction and then appeared to change her mind and head towards my house. “I wonder what is wrong” I said aloud to myself. I had a huge row of bushes that covered the left side of my house near my kitchen window. Marla made a move for the side of my house, now she was out of my sight. I ran to my kitchen window and took a look outside, Marla had set her bag down and was unzipping her shorts. Oh wow I thought to myself, shes gonna pop a squat and pee on camera, I cant believe it.

However, Marla did’nt squat, she pulled down the front of her light blue postal shorts and then her white panties, reached deep in between her legs and pulled out a cock that was about 6 inches limp. I was completely shocked. I dropped the camera, but for some reason I continued watching. Marla finished up draining the weasel and tucked herself back between her legs and carried on delivering the mail. I had a million thoughts going through my mind now.
That night I couldn’t sl**p. I was curious, so curious I began browsing shemale websites. I found myself becoming extremely turned on, and ended up grabbing the 3 seconds of footage I had of Marla whipping her cock out and jacking off till atleast 4 o clock in the morning.
The next day when I saw Marla approaching I went outside and struck up a conversation with her, very straight forward. I had to let her know I liked her so maybe I could see her as soon as possible.

“Hey Marla, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” I said trying to get this show moving as quick as possible.

“No you haven’t but thanks, where is this all coming from? I see you out her almost everyday for a year or so and you’re just now telling me this?” Marla replied curious of my intentions.

“Well I didn’t want to cause complications, you deliver my mail and I didn’t want you to get your route changed because of me.” I responded

“That’s sweet of you, look here’s my number, give me yours too and I will call you sometime, maybe we can get a drink” She said very optimistically

“Sounds good, but how about after you get done with your shift you come over here and let me make you a drink before you head home” I said after we had exchanged phone numbers.

“Hmmm I don’t know. 95 percent of the time I would say no but since I have talked to you many times in the past I trust you and I will agree to meet you here, I will be back at your place at 5 30 pm.”

I went back in the house and began preparing for Marla’s return. I took a shower and cleaned up my place. Then I turned on some music to set the mood and put some different alcoholic selections on ice. The time passed very quickly and at about 5 20 my doorbell rang.

“Hello there Marla, come on in what can I get you to drink, I have wine, rum, gin, vodka and beer?” I said trying to be as hospitable as possible.

“White wine?” Marla ask

“Why of course, glass of chardonnay coming up!” I responded

I began making small talk with Marla as we both began drinking our beverages somewhat quickly, I took no time beating around the bush, I let her know how I felt from the start.

“Marla I have to be honest, I have had my eye on you for a while now, I just recently gained the courage to ask you for a date”

“Aww how sweet, you should have told me sooner, I’ve always thought you were a cute guy. Your also obviously successful and not married either, those are all the things women are looking for in a man. However, I will let you know, Im not your usual girl, so your gonna have to take some time getting to know me if you really like me” She said giving me a hint about what she didn’t know that I already knew!

“Oh believe me Marla, I am very open-minded and understanding. I don’t think it will be difficult at all to learn you, if you knew me you probably wouldn’t even think that” I said trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

We continued talking mostly about me because Marla seemed very interested and tried to switch the topic from her self as much as possible. As we were talking a song came on and I could see Marla vibing to the beat.

“Would you care to dance with me Marla?” I ask standing up with my hand extended

“Ok but no funny stuff” she said and stood up

We began grooving and moving slowly at first with a lot of distance between us and then naturally we got closer and closer and closer until our bodies were rubbing up against each other. Next thing I knew she was rolling on her add up against my cock and my cock was responding by getting harder than a brick. I leaned in for Marla’s neck and began whispering things in her ear.

“You are so sexy Marla, you are my fantasy” I whispered

“I think we should slow down, this is moving fast and there are a lot of things we should talk about before we go any further.” She said

“Marla, can I be honest with you without you being upset?” I said as she began to take a defensive posture.

“I know ok, I know about you, you don’t have to tell me” I said sounding like a complete idiot because I was only thinking with my dick and said the first thing that came to mind.

“What is that supposed to mean” She took a step back and look worried or frightened.

“Its ok, please relax Marla. I like you for what you are no matter what” I said trying to steer her back on my track

“This is weird, please tell me what you mean!” Marla said appearing to get mad

“Ok, let me see how I can put it, I been watching you walk up and down my block for a while now right?” I asked looking for reassurance

“Ya” she said calmly

“Well there was one time I happened to look out of my window when you used the restroom and I know, I know about you. But its ok, I think its great I am extremely turned on by you” I said hoping I could bait her in

Marla turned her back to me and put her head down, almost appearing to by crying but I heard no sound.

“Marla are you ok” I said getting up and standing behind her

“Ya, I just don’t know what to say right now” Marla said still looking away from me standing in the middle of the front room

“Don’t say anything in that case” I put my hands on her sides and began pecking on the back of her neck, she didn’t move, she didn’t turn around of anything. She just sat there with her arms crossed and head down, but not stopping me at the same time. I began caressing her gently and slowly waiting for her to tell me no, she never did. I slowly moved my pelvic area closer to her round rump that was secured in blue post office shorts. I began to grind my heavy penis and balls against her rump, she didn’t grind back but she didn’t resist.

“Are you ok with this Marla? You aren’t saying anything” I asked now genuinely concerned.

“If I wasn’t don’t you think I would said something by now” she replied quickly in a low voice.

I got down on my knees and I reached around to the front of her shorts and unbuttoned and unzipped them, I pulled off her shorts which peeled off of her so tightly that they pulled her white cotton bikini cut underwear with little flowers on it down a tad bit in the back revealing some of her ass crack, I quickly pulled them up to where they gripped tight around Marla’s apple bottom. I began kissing her ass on the panties and on the skin and then I moved to the backs of her legs and then her lower back. I gently slid her panties off from the backside as she began to put a hump in her back to help me out, I was glad she was finally being responsive. Her balls appeared to be pretty big from the back, I really couldn’t see her penis well from my vantage point, but I already knew what she was carrying was far from small.

“Im going to eat your pussy Marla, is that ok with you?” I asked knowing she would say yes.

“Umm hmm” she hummed not sounding very interested at all.

I grabbed each soft cheek and spread them apart slowly. As her pretty puckered up she pussy appeared I began blowing the cool air from my mouth on to her dark brown pleasure hole. I had never ate ass, sucked dick or done anything of this matter but yet for some reason I was completely willing to with her. I knew the fact I was half way d***k helped me, but Marla was beautiful and there was no denying that. I licked my finger and began messaging her asshole gently, she was warm and became moist rather quickly after I inserted my index finger in her. As I worked up a nice amount of moisture I made a decision to eat her out. I leaned in while on my knees and began licking her from the back while she was still standing in the middle of the front room. I licked just like I licked pussy, did the A, B, C’s and all that, as she began grinding into my face and holding her hand on the back of my head. I to became even more aggressive and hardened my tongue up and began thrusting it in to her rectum as far as I could get it. She began trying to scoot forward and get away, but I grabbed the fronts of her thighs and held her in place forcing her to take the tongue lashing I was giving her.

‘Letme see that dick” Marla blurted out, out of nowhere

“Come get it baby, I thought you were gonna be quiet all night” I said as I got up for a moment then sat down on the couch where we had our conversation as we drank earlier that night.

“Yumm” She said as she spun around, I could now she her front side, her cock was pretty hard and uncut but not standing erect, just full of girth and length coming in at about 9 inches and 6 around, she had pubic hair but it was not growing wildly, she just wasn’t a hairy person. She still had her shirt on from the post office.

“Take your shirt off for me Marla I want to see your tits” I said now stroking my 7 and a half that was standing at attention already. She did this fast and unleashed her large very natural looking b cups not one second after she went down and took my whole cock down to the balls which she now had a firm grip of.

“Ahh wow, go easy Marla, whew” the velocity of her blow job was something I had never felt before, she didn’t suck my cock, she took control of my cock. In less than 1 minute of rapid sucking I has enough, I felt a nut coming and I didn’t want to disappoint her by coming early.

“Marla, stop Im gonna cum if you keep it up baby, let me see yours.” I said as I helped her get on her feet.

“Your getting used to this very quickly, you sure you haven’t done this before” she said with a smirk on her face. She was now standing tall, her penis hanging off to the left hand side, she put both her arms abover her head and began putting her hair in a ponytail because it was previously all laying straight down. As she did this I responded and moved in for her cock.

“No, this is my first time and Im loving it.” As I finished this sentence my mouth was wrapped around her succulent growth, the scent was a new scent but not a bad scent at all, I liked it, my mouth began to fill slowly with salty clear liquid, her thick sauce only made me hornier and hornier. She would pull her dick away from me from time to time and make me beg for it. Afterwards, she only let me continue the meat market buffet for about another 2 minutes and then she pulled away leaned in over me and started kissing me. Marla was on top of me as I laid on the couch.

“I need to know something” she said to me.

“Is it gonna only be us together? Or are you doing this to fulfill a fantasy?” She asked looking me deeply in my eye. I could feel her wet erect penis up against my stomach.

“I want to be with you, only you” I told her, and I meant it. With that being said she reached over in to her purse and grabbed a bottle and a condom, she raised up some and put the condom on me. Then next she squirted what was in the bottle into her hand and oiled up her backside. With no hesitation she lowered herself on to me, she was very tight and very hot, her warm ass-pussy gripped my dick like a vice grip as she began to slowly move up and down. Marla started off slowly and began working up a quicker pace, her hefty unit was dripping all over the middle of us although she was yet to reach a climax. Her juicy bottom would make a deep clap every time she drove her weight down on my hot cock. The music from the stereo had cut off and we were screwing to the sounds of our bodies bouncing off of each other.

“Marla Im gonna cum!” I told her as I could no longer hold back, she jumped off my cock and kneeled down along the side of the couch pulling my condom off quickly right as I erupted like a volcano shooting globs of white bullets that were mostly landing on my stomach and Marlas hand as she jacked me off at a high rate of speed. I laid there motionless just overlooking Marla’s beautiful body.

“So what did you think of your first time baby” Marla said as she took her hand and rubbed it on the mess I had made on my lower stomach.

“It was amazing. You have to stay the night” I demanded nicely

“Ok daddy, sounds like fun, at this rate your gonna have me moving in soon” Marla joked.

We took a very romantic shower together which mostly involved deep french kissing and lathering each other up heavily with soap, I couldn’t help but notice that Marla was making a move for my ass in the shower with her hands. However she stopped and we got out and dried off and prepared for bed.
As we laid in the bed together we started discussing some of the realities of being in a relationship together and what we would both have to be willing to compromise with.
In the middle of our conversation I switched gears and ask Marla a question that had been on the tip of my tongue all night

“Does it hurt to bottom Marla?” I asked while already laying on my stomach thinking about how it would feel if she did me too.

“Honestly, yeah it does until you get used to it, it takes a lot of time to be stretched out properly and sexed slowly to truly enjoy the pleasure of taking it” she responded honestly.

I sat there thinking if I should do it or not when Marla chimed in again.

“Why did u want me to do you” she said as she slid her hand into the back of my boxers shorts and began working her fingers slowly in between my crack, of course I spread my legs open enough to make sure they fit.

“Im not sure but it seems like it would be fun, and I could tell you were making a move for it in the shower not too long ago.” I said now grinding my hips into the bed and back into her fingers

“Hold on baby, Im gonna take care of you” Marla was only wearing a white t-shirt that hung long on her, she was completely nude besides that. She pulled my boxers down to my mid thigh and cracked my bubbles open, she wetted up the entrance with her tongue for no longer than about 2 minutes and reappeared by my side. Then, she began the process of breaking me in. As we began to make out she began to work fingers in and out of me, I became lost in lust and really couldn’t tell u how many she had in me anyway. Nothing really hurt, it was just I had to control my breathing and muscles in my ass to make sure it didn’t lock up and cause discomfort. She poured lotion all over my ass while I laid flat on my stomach, she began rubbing her cock in between my cheeks slowly and applying her body weight on top of me as she grinded against my buttocks. Her long pipe was sliding along the outside of my asshole and felt really good.

“Im gonna go in slow baby, if it hurts tell me and we can stop or take a break” Marla said which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

She put her legs on the outside of my legs and began to slowly push inside of me. I gasped deeply and let out a quiet moan as her thick head penetrated my virgin ass. She leaned over on top of me and began sucking on my neck and kissing my ears, this took the attention away from my asshole as she gave my time to get used to the feeling. Slowly she began just working the tip into me, after a while the pain slowly faded and it became somewhat pleasuring to me.

“How much you got in Marla, it feels like a lot?” I asked worried about the condition of my ass.

“Not even half yet, its gonna feel better, Im gonna go slow.” She responded

I began fading out again, the feeling inside of my ass was driving my crazy and I couldn’t escape, she had me trapped between her gorgeous legs. Some time passed and then after a lot of pain Marla spoke.

“Ahhh there we go” Marla said.

“What happened I ask?” curiously

“You popped, its gonna feel better now” Marla explained. And she was right, slowly the sex became better and better and better! With in 10 minutes I was grinding back, I knew what all the hype was about. I wiggled my way out and got on my knees with Marla still inside of me. She began picking up her speed then she would stop and grind I felt her pubic hairs grind against my smooth ass crack as she was in me ass deep as she could go. She would stop and let me work her cock with my ass by myself, I would push then rotate then push again trying to get every little bit I could inside of me. My cock was swinging hard below and dripping like a broken faucet. I lifted myself up to where Marla and I were stomach to back but both of us were on our knees on top of the bed. She was sticking me slowly and every time she reached to jerk my concrete like penis off I declined knowing that one or two tugs would cause me to cum and I wanted this to continue. I was becoming a little slut and I knew it.

“Marla let me get on my back and you get on top” I asked

“Ok baby go ahead” she said as she slid out of me I finally realized how deep she actually was. It was amazing and I couldn’t believe I could take 9 inches of a fat cut sugar stick like that, I kinda got a kick out of it.

Marla got up for a minute and walked over to the restroom where all of her dirty clothes were, she picked up the pair of white bikini cut underwear she had on during the day. She walked over and got back on top of the bed she then leaned over on top of me took aim again with her big love muscle and slid in between me extremely wet ass cheeks. I heard that “squishy” sound every time she went in me. She took her panties with her hands and made sure the crotch and ass was right up to my nose then with her hands free, she pinned my arms down up above my head and began slowly thrusting inside of me. Every time I breathed I smelt her scent on her dirty panties, every time I opened my eyes I saw her face, every time I listened I heard her screwing the hell out of me. All senses were being stimulated. My ass was so wet it might as well be called a vagina. She flipped my legs over to the same side and began fucking me with my legs together, on my own free will I huffed her panties like it was the only oxygen in the room.. She was now gliding out of me in and out very smoothly, I had opened up to her size. She was going up inside of my rectum deep every time she pushed in, her balls were slapping against my butt cheek aggressively. The sex was pushing me to do and say things I would have never usually said and then it came.

“Marla I want you to cum in me!” I yelped

Marla didn’t respond, she slipped out of me and put me back on my back then she pulled off her condom quick and got right back to business. I discarded her panties on the side of the bed and then she began tongue kissing me deeply and our hands were interlocked together.

“Here it cums!” She said and right then I felt hot shot after hot shot in rapid succession bouncing off the inner walls of my anus. Marla seemed fascinated after she came in me, she leaned her head in to get a better view of my asshole and began to play with my ass a little bit to see if her load would drip out. I was officially turned out!

My cock stood at attention still but now raging and needing a release. Marla seeing that I was erect loaded up her mouth with salvia and put a wet coat all over my 7.5 of stone.

“Now its your turn my love” she said as she laid flat on the bed with her legs completely spread wide open. I got up and felt the warm cum oozing down the insides of my legs as I positioned my penis over Marla’s ass. Literally I felt the nut coming the second I slid inside of her from the back, her ass was like a hot furnace and my cock was in no condition to be trying to hold back now. I held off for as long as I could which was probably like 30 seconds and realizing I was gonna cum I began pounding her ass like a jackhammer until I shot the biggest load I think I have ever shot in my entire life.

“Ahhhh!! Oh my! Baby! wheeew!” Marla gasped out loud.

It was barely 1 o clock in the morning but we were worn out so we went to sl**p nude and not even under the covers.

I woke up before Marla and got breakfast prepared. I woke her up with a cup of coffee and fed her breakfast as we talked about how fast we were moving. It was definitely scary but we just were always on the same wavelength. She got all dressed up in her postal outfit and we began kissing and cuddling while standing up out near the kitchen area. Since there was over 2 hours before she had to be at work I told her I didn’t feel confident about how I had been sexually the previous night because both times I came quick. She told me it was no big deal that we had all the time in the world but I had to make up for it right then, I took control and spun her around with her back facing me. She put her hands over the counter in the bar area in the kitchen and I yanked down her post office shorts and white panties down to her upper thigh, making sure to reach to the front to make sure her cock was out and about. I looked down at the beautiful asshole in front of me and bent down and licked it about 5 times and finally spit directly on it. She was fully clothed except for the lower half of her postal outfit being pulled down around her thighs. I began to work her over from the back. I was getting the best of her this time around the block like I knew I would, she couldn’t hang with my morning wood I thought to myself. As my fresh meat began to create a large amount of pre-cum the lubrication of her ass no longer relied on spit.

Her cock was flapping in between her unzipped shorts and her stomach, I could hear it making a lot of noise in her mid-section as I slammed into her from the back. I began stroking her as I grinded deep in her stomach, I grabbed her balls and her dick all into one unit in my hand and then she immediately stood up at full height and pushed her ample bottom in to my crotch with much f***e. I leaned in and began making a new hickie on her neck and at that very moment she shot a couple ounces of hot cum all over her unzipped shorts, her stomach and all over my kitchen floor. I knew this because my bare foot stepped in it as I to began to come to my own climax.

Although Marla had already came and slumped back over the bar area counter I had something I wanted to send her off to work with. I thrusted in then out and then all the way in and held it there as I began shooting cannon shot loads inside of her on my first two nuts, then I pulled out for what remained in my nut sack and shot that all over the inside of her ass crack and asshole. As I regroup from loosing large amounts of sperm, I spread Marlas wet cheeks and looked into Marla’s crack and noticed her ass was cum covered and my nut was even dripping down across the back of her pouch-like balls. I grabbed her panties and pulled them up back around her waist. I leaned over and kissed her and she was still shaking a little bit from the massive orgasm she had. I rubbed my hands on the outside of her panties which were now damp and shoved my fingers into her asshole gently through her panties, they immediately became soaked. The I pulled up the blue shorts and zipped the front of her shorts for her, I gave her a gentle slap on the ass.

“You can go home and change, but I want you to leave that in you all day Marla!” I said in a demanding voice.

“Ok daddy I will, can I come back over tonight.” Marla agreed then ask

“Most definitely but this time you better bring a bag of clothes with you” I replied.

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