Watching Porn With My Friend Pt2

Jeff and I were still silent from what had transpired. I was still lying on my stomach nude and the wind from the ceiling fan was making me chilly due to the sweat on my back and Jeff's load that appeared to be slowly leaking out of my worn hole. My heart was still pumping pretty fast even though it had slowed down from its previous pace. I glimpsed over at Jeff and he was still nude lying on his back, his limp penis was now about 3 inches long and the tip was wet as could be. I stared at it for a minute in disbelief about what had just happened. Suddenly Jeff broke the silence.

"What you wanna do now?" he asked.

"Umm I don’t know, I think I’m gonna take a shower" I said as I lifted myself up and reached for a towel

"Wait one second" Jeff said as he sat up on the edge of the bed.

"I want to see somethin...come here let me look at your ass," he said eagerly.

Something told me to deny his request, but that brutal fucking he had put on me put me into almost total submission, I backed up and felt grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart. He leaned down to get a better look and I put a slight hump in my back so he could see it all.

"That’s so hot!" Jeff said and gently kissed my left cheek then slapped me gently on my ass.

"Go take that shower I want you to be clean because we are gonna have some fun today" Jeff said

I didn’t know how to respond to that I just walked to the bathroom and turned on the water.

One minute after I got in the shower Jeff walked in and got in the shower with me. He didn’t say anything but he began washing my back and helping me wash. He would wrap his arms around me from behind and kiss me gently on the neck from time to time. This made me feel awkward but I didn’t know how to tell him to stop...I had already crossed that line, I thought to myself. We finished up and dried off. I put on all my clothes and Jeff finished up to.

"Give me a kiss," Jeff said as he walked to me.

"Ay look this is cool and all, I liked everything so far I’m not gonna lie but I don’t feel like kissing a man on his lips yet. It just doesn’t feel right, nothing against you but this is all new to me “I said.

"Well...that’s cool man, I understand. Look, I want you to come over to my friend’s house tonight there will be weed and drinks and everything. It will be fun.

"Sounds good, what time?"

"It starts at around 7 but I can’t go until 9 or 10. I’m gonna go home and I will call you and we can go together," he said

"That’s fine give me a ring," I responded as I followed Jeff to the door.

"Call you then" he said and walked off down the street to his house.

I went back inside and had a huge boner thinking about getting fucked by his big dick. My ass started getting hot by itself for no reason. I yearned for a dick. I was shocked, I felt bad but I was horny at the same time and I knew I wanted to be fucked even harder next time. I was confused. As I thought of the day’s events, I drifted off to sl**p and was awoken by my telephone ringing.

"Hello," I said half way asl**p.

"You ready?' It was Jeff.

"Naw man, I went to sl**p. Give me a minute I’m gonna shower and get dressed”

Still sl**py I returned to the bathroom for another shower. I have, and always will be, a really clean person. I lathered up my body and began feeling on my own ass as I tried to wake up. As I lathered up my ass crack with a washcloth, I moved the cloth out of the way and began massaging my asshole. My cock rose quickly and touched my stomach as I leaned forward and slowly pushed my soapy middle finger all the way into my ass. I thought of Jeff's big dick. It smelt good, it was hard, he was cut, he had perfect sized balls and a cute ass. I calmed myself down and finished up my wash. I went to my room and started picking out clothes. Due to being horny as hell I threw on a pair of white Speedos as my underwear because I knew Jeff and I would be fucking later...I was sure of that, next a wife beater. I threw on a light green collar polo and some slightly faded jean shorts. Urban apparel for the most part. I stepped out the door and drove over to Jeff’s place.

He was standing outside with a big smile on his face. I smiled back.

"Ay homie, check out what I got," Jeff said as he took out a joint and began to put a light to it.

"Nice. Where did you get that?" I asked as I eagerly waited to hit the weed.

"From my homeboy in’s some Canadian grown shit... cough… cough… Damn - this shit is good!" Jeff said as he tried to regain his breath and pass me the joint. I took a deep hit that burned the depths of my lungs and immediately sent me into a coughing spell; I stopped coughing and hit it again. I was high as could be. We didn’t have to smoke the rest as we were toasted.

Jeff put out the joint and left it in the ashtray. We were mindless; it took us about ten minutes longer than expected because Jeff forgot where the house was. We finally made it. I heard the music from the street and as we entered, I noticed it wasn’t a very big get together and that everyone there was a male. Older males anything between four and ten years older than Jeff and I were.

"Jeff, everyone here looks pretty old," I remarked.

"I know, these guys are all either in or out of college," he said back smiling.

"It's all guys here too," I said again nervously.

"You think that’s a coincidence? Here have a drink.” He gave me a big cup of trash can punch. I nervously began drinking it pretty fast. Within minutes, Jeff and I were separated. I began looking for him, as I went out back I noticed from a distance that Jeff was sitting on some guys lap. I must admit I was a tad bit jealous but I just went back inside and got another big cup of punch. I sat down on a couch all alone when all of a sudden a very large black man sat down directly next to me.

"Hey what’s your name?" this large man asked. He was about twenty-six or so old, 6'4 250-265 at least. He was clean shaven except for a small moustache and a little chin hair. He had a low well-kept haircut. He was dark but not very black, just had a nice shine to his dark brown skin. He was wearing a grey tank top and white khaki shorts, a white polo hat and some strap on sandals. When he sat down his shorts rode up to above the middle of his very thick thighs. There was a very nice sized bulge in his shorts, I was secretly impressed.

"Eddie, how about you?" I said back.

"My name is Tank" he said back in a very deep voice.

"How did you get that name?"

"I play football for ____ University. They say I run over defenders like a tank" He said and giggled.

I laughed but didn’t respond, I was feeling the effects of the drink and weed.

"I saw you came with Jeff. How do y'all know each other?" He asked curiously, as he spun his body towards me and put his arm around the couch behind me.

"We are best friends I known him forever" I said kind of timidly.

"Are y’all together?" he asked bluntly.

I froze for a minute shocked and scared by the question.

"Umm no, what type of question is that?"

"You wanna smoke some weed?" Tank answered ignoring my question.

"Ya sure?" I said as I was still nervous.

We walked around the side of the house and sat on a bench. It was very dark. Tank passed me a blunt and signaled for me to light it. I lit the weed. As we smoked, Tank spoke once again.

"So you and Jeff aren’t together? Do you mess with guys?" Tank asked bluntly, as he held in the weed.

"It's a long story Tank." I said starting to get horny.

"Would you mess with a guy like me?" Tank asked again very bluntly.

"Wow, Tank I don’t know man! I mean you are great looking and all that but I am new to this" I said stumbling over my words.

"Sit up here on top of the air conditioning unit" Tank said. I did it. While sitting on the big unit I was about Tank’s height now. He leaned in and began kissing me on the neck as I was smoking the last half of the blunt. It felt real GOOD as he worked his way up to my ear.

"I know you are a younger guy, but I won’t hurt you, we will have a great time...think about it" he whispered in my ear in between gently sucking on my neck. He unbuttoned my pants and began rubbing on my cock. I was stiff as could be. Since I didn’t resist, Tank pulled my Speedos and shorts down to about the mid-thigh level and leaned over while standing up. His mouth covered my entire penis while it was rock hard. He had me on the verge of cumming in less than three minutes.

"Ok Tank...let’s do it," I said as I blew the last bit of smoke out.

"Let's go across the street to my place, I wouldn’t want to get caught up over here," Tank said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the unit. I pulled up my shorts.

I nearly tripped as I walked across the street to the small house across the way that seemed empty. I followed Tank back into a simple looking bedroom with a large bed with a white comforter. Before I could turn around Tank grabbed for my shirt and pulled off my polo and then my shorts leaving me in just my wife beater and white Speedo s.

"You got a nice phatty on you youngster!" he said as he gently played with my smooth meaty cheeks, he pulled my Speedo up into my crack and sat me down on the edge of the bed. He began massaging my neck and the back of my head so I began unzipping his shorts while he stood in front of me. To my surprise, he was wearing a white jock strap underneath his shorts. I kissed the large semi-hard imprint and then proceeded to pull down his jock strap. It wasn’t intimidating enough for me that this man was probably two and half times my size but his cock and balls were equally intimidating. Seemed to be at least a very fat uncut seven inches semi-hard with balls the size of chicken eggs.

"Wow Tank, that’s thing is big!" I exclaimed.

"Suck it Eddie," Tank said, grabbing his cock in one hand and pushing my head towards it with the other. Right before I put it in my mouth, he pulled back.

"Naw patient," he said as he began slapping me gently in the face with his huge cock. He finally let me have his it, on initial entry I took him all the way down to the base and left my mouth on it for about 8-10 seconds. My chin was pushing down into his huge sack and my nose was buried in his jungle of pubic hair. As I pulled up, he got extremely hard, extremely fast. I began sucking hard and fast as globs of precum began to spew out.

I went down to his balls while I jerked off the chapel hill sized sausage in between his legs, I could barely fit one of Tank’s testicles in my mouth at a time. I went back and forth on them. I leaned in deeper underneath Tank and began licking under his balls on his taint. He quickly spun around and bent over a little bit. He had a HUGE ass! I couldn’t believe it I had to remind myself that this man is a college football player. [lol]

I pulled his massive meaty basketballs apart and took a stab at licking ass for my first time. He had a big pretty asshole. He grabbed the back of my head quickly and pushed my face into his manly split with much f***e. My tongue was lodged in him but I couldn’t breathe because my entire face was covered in ass. He let go and I fell back on the bed.

"Put your head on the edge of the bed," Tank demanded in a gentle voice.

I did so and then he immediately scooted backwards and sat on my face with his asshole directly on my mouth, I sucked and licked on it for dear life! I felt like I was gonna pass out at one point cause I could barely breathe! He stood up and the scent of man was all over my face at this time. I wanted more. He had quickly grown to almost ten inches! I returned to sucking and jacking him off with one hand and massaging his huge balls with the other, spit and precum was running all down my hands and lap. Tank had to pull me away quickly.

"WOW! Whew! we got to slow down, I almost damn your good Eddie,” Tank said then demanded, “Get on your stomach!"

He violently pulled off my wife beater and white Speedos that had been pulled up in between my ass crack for the duration of the sloppy blowjob and face sitting. He leaned in with his face and licked my ass a few times and then spit a huge glob of saliva on my red-hot asshole. With no warning, I felt the weight of his huge prick begin to thrust inside me. I let out a quiet yelp into the pillow and within a minute, I was stretched out to Tank’s enormous girth as he started to find his rhythm. He began pouncing on my ass at a nice steady rate stopping every couple of minutes to kiss the back of my neck.

After what seemed to be at least ten minutes of being drilled laid flat on my stomach, Tank spun me over onto my back quickly and stuck his huge bare black lumber log back into my now sore ass. As he began fucking me once more he leaned in to kiss me and I was so high, d***k - d***k on Tank’s dick that I didn’t care that we were deep French kissing. His tongue was huge like everything else on his body, he sucked hard on my lower lip as he thrust in to me harder and more violently. He leaned all the way back on his knees and began long stroking me. His huge hand wrapped around my cock vertically and horizontally almost completely covering its existence as he began stroking me. Within less than a minute of him jerking me off and fucking me at the same time I shot a huge rocket of cum all over my stomach and chest. As Tank continued, never letting let up, he wiped his hands in my nuts, on my chest and put his cum-soaked hand up to my mouth.

"Taste your cum!" Tank demanded. I did as I was told and licked all my cum off of his huge hands. He then began fingering my mouth with his large sticky index finger.

"Ahh I’m gonna cum,” he said as he pulled his big hard bare dick out of my ass. He stood up quickly, basically pinning my shoulders down with his knees as he held my mouth open with his left hand. He shot huge loads of thick white man glob in my mouth almost filling it up completely!

"Now swallow Tank’s load," he said as his balls rested on my chin and his horse cock lay limp down my right cheek.

I once again complied.

"You forgot some Eddie," Tank said taking his dick and putting it in my mouth while draining its last drop.

"yummy Tank...I want seconds,” I said. I couldn’t believe I was talking like this to a man but I was lost in sex. Actually, the thought of drinking all Tank’s cum made me so horny, I began fingering myself again this time alone as Tank stood up and began to wipe off.

"That was great Eddie, we gonna have to do this more often, but I got to get back to this party its nothing but 12 30. You can come back here or sl**p here whatever you want.”

"I want you to fuck me again Tank,“ I said while laying naked and sniffing the jock strap he had been wearing. I was sprung. "...don’t leave that was the best ever" I requested.
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2 years ago
great story but why is it alwaYS A BLACK GUY DOING THE WHITE GUY?