Car Ride Home

I had just finished my freshman year at college and had to drive 8 hours back home. I had already took 90% of my stuff home two weeks ago so all that was left was a couple of suitcases full of clothes. I threw them in my car and got on the road about 5:00 pm. The drive was pretty boring. Just a straight line for hours. About three hours into my drive I see a girl on the side of the street trying to catch a ride.

She was a pretty girl. About 5'0, petite but with a nice, round butt that you just wanna grab and some B cup boobs. She was wearing some short jean shorts, a tank top with a,flannel shirt that was open and some sunglasses. She had black hair and tanned skin and a backpack on. I guess I should describe myself. I'm a 5'8 black guy. Sort of athletics with some abs. I don't have a bbc though. My dick is sort of average, 6.5 inches and sort of thick. I'm friends with a lot of girls but I'm not really sexually experienced. Anyway, I decided to pull over mainly because I needed a quick break and I was bored. I stopped in front of her and said hello. She told me that her car had broken down about an hour ago and since we're in the middle of nowhere she couldn't get help. She was going in a different direction then me but I told her to get in anyway, plus she said she pay me.

"So what's your name," she said. "I'm Dante" I say. "Well nice to meet you Dante, I'm Kayla and thanks for the ride." I tell her it's no problem and when start driving. Her destination is about two hours away from mine but in another direction. We started talking and she seemed really cool. She talked about a bunch of stuff, and since I'm shy I just listened and didn't talk to much. It was getting late and we were both tired. So I pulled into a parking lot and we decided to just sl**p in the car for the night, her idea. So I go get a couple of blankets out of my trunk and give one to her. I let her have the backseat and I was going to layback the front seat. She decided to take off her shorts and flannel shirt. "Don't look" she said while laughing. "I won't" I say, "As long as you don't look at me." I decided to take off my shorts and was just sl**ping in my boxers and a t shirt. I had peeked in the rear view mirror and saw she had a nice purple thong. I instantly got hard. She told me goodnight and she went to sl**p. I couldn't. I had a raging hard on and needed to take care of it.

I pulled the blanket over me and pulled my boxers down and started to slowly jerk off so I wouldn't make noise. All I was imagining in my head was me fucking her and her screaming my name. I saw her twitch a little and decided to stop for a second. She was still sl**p so I kept going. It seemed like it was taking me forever to cum. I kept going until I heard her say "You having a good time there."

I instantly froze up. I was so embarrassed. "You don't have to stop. In fact, it turns me on a little. We're you thinking about me?" All I did was nod my head. "Well keep going." I couldn't believe this. I had to pinch myself to make sure I want dreaming. I kept stroking, slowly because I was still a little in shock. I saw that she was rubbing her pussy and sticking a couple of fingers in. Her moans were so damn sexy. I was getting close and started to groan a little. She said she wanted to watch me cum. So I turned around and after a few seconds I came all over the passenger seat. She asked "Was it good?" "Amazing" I say. I was about to clean up my cum with a napkin when all of a sudden Kayla gets up a licks it off the seat. Shen then swallows it, every little bit. I sit there with my mouth open. I couldn't believe what just happened.

"Yummy!" she says. "I would like to get it straight out the source though haha." I ask her what was she implying then she starts to kiss me. She starts stroking my dick while kissing me. I feel her I'm too nervous and probably couldn't please her. "Shut up. Your dick is nice and I'm really horny now because of you so you have to take care of it." I was still nervous but I was willing to try. She started kissing me from my neck, then my stomach, all the way down to my dick. She pulled me in the backseat and started sucking my dick. She teased the head, licking it, then every few seconds he would take me in her mouth. Then suddenly she took my whole dick in her mouth. It felt AMAZING. While doing that, she even liked my balls. When she came up her mouth was all sloppy and there was spit all on my dick.

"You almost made me choke" she said giggling. "Now it's your turn." She leans back, took off her thong and opened her legs wide. I took off my shirt and kissed her legs down from her calf to her thigh, then I did that with the other leg. She was biting her lip so I took off her tank top and bra squeezed those tis while kissing her. I sucked on her nipples, which were pierced. I took a risk and slapped her boob, she screamed a little but the loom on her face said she liked it. I then went down to her pussy which was soaking wet now. I put two fingers in and began fingering her. Her moans were getting louder and her body was beginning to move more. I took my fingers out and began to eat her out. I was licking her pussy like a mad man. Then all of a sudden she squirted all over my face.

"I forgot to tell you I'm a squirter. Sorry." I didn't mind, it turned me in more. I licked all the squirt that I could up and kissed her so she could taste herself. Then I flipped her over on her stomach. She said she liked it when the guy took control. I pushed my dick in her wet pussy and she let out a sexy moan. I trapped her hair and began to pound her from behind. I was giving it all I had and she was moaning so loud. "Fuck me, oh my god, fuck me." I let her hair go and grabbed her shoulders still pounding her. I stopped because I didn't want to cum so fast. She turned around and slapped me and pushed me down and began to ride my cock like a porn star. It felt so good. I grabbed her boobs and she rode me for another few minutes. I then flipped positions with her and started fucking her missionary. I was looking right in her eyes as she was moaning then she squirted again. I didn't stop because I was so close to cumming. She said she wanted to swallow it so I began face fucking her. She didn't stop me and it was getting so sloppy When I was close I put my whole dick in her mouth and then came. She played with it in her mouth for a little then swallowed it.

Then we heard a knock on the window.

My first story, let me know if guys want me to do a part 2.

Thanks for reading.
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Thanks for reading
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Nice story!