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[Story] me and my aunt again

Sorry it’s been a while since I have written anything but iv been having college exams but I hope you enjoyed the pictures in the mean time sorry for cutting out my aunts face but I don’t want her to be recognized . Any way am going to tell you about another experience I had with my aunt. It was late in September 2011 and I was sat in the college library and felt my phone vibrate so I checked it and it was a message from my aunt and it said are you going to your cousin ? Birthday party tonight? I replied that I was and was she going? She replied back within a couple of minutes saying she didn’... Continue»
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[Story] aunt and me

Hi am 20 years old and am about to tell you a true story how it came about me and my auntie fucking regularly. its started in early 2011 my auntie suggested to her s****r my mum that she has a few jobs that need doing around her house and asked if I would be interested to make some money when am not in college. I agreed to help out. I got a text message of my auntie couple of days later to see if I was free to come around so she could go through what need to be done. I said yes and walked the 10 minutes it takes to get to her house. I got a message back telling me to use the side entrance so t... Continue»
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